Dearest Friends

Summary: A compilation of friendship one-shots between any two of the Titans. There will be no pairings, but there is a slight subtext in some.

Rating: T, for blood and slight gore.

Disclaimer: Let me get back to you on that one...Nope, still don't own it.

Chapter 1: The Maze - Beast Boy & Robin

"No!" Robin shouted, slamming his fist against the wall. He looked around, but the only opening was the way they had come, and that was a considerable distance to backtrack.

Beast Boy exhaled heavily, holding Robin's wadded up cape to his side. He leaned against the blind wall for support, resting his head against the cool stone and closing his eyes. The green boy looked absolutely exhausted-and it was no wonder, since he had put himself between a dazed Robin and an attacking creature. Robin managed to stun it with a birdarang and carried Beast Boy away as quickly as possible, but the damage had been done. Robin's cape would have to do as a make-shift bandage for the huge gash in the youngest Titan's side.

"Beast Boy," Robin said, lowering his voice. He put a hand on his shoulder, and Beast Boy slowly opened his eyes. "Just let me carry you, okay? You're in no condition to-"

"No," Beast Boy said hoarsely. "I'm fine...I jus' need...a li'l break."

Robin sighed at his stubbornness and helped his friend sit gently and lean against the wall. "Don't go to sleep," Robin said in a warning tone, and he received a small nod in acknowledgement. For the thousandth time, Robin tried his communicator. "Titans, come in! Titans!" Only static in response, as he expected. He rubbed his face and tucked the communicator back into his utility belt, which was dwindling in supplies. Robin cast a worried glance to Beast Boy, and then at his cape. It was getting bloodier by the minute. If he didn't get him help soon...Robin cursed under his breath.

It had started out as an ordinary fight against Mumbo-as ordinary as that got, anyway. But just when they were about to defeat him, he pulled out a new trick. It was obviously something Mumbo had stolen, or been given, because even on his best day the villain could never pull it off. It transported the Titans to a huge stone labyrinth, full of dead ends and traps. To top it all off, the walls moved, rendering it impossible for them to find their way out. Raven had tried to use her magic to teleport them back out. And she succeeded, but not before they had been attacked by that weird thing. Robin and Beast Boy were pushed out of Raven's portal just as it closed, and they had been left behind.

Beast Boy's laborious breathing brought Robin back to the present. He knelt beside the changeling and gently moved his arm to take a look at his wound, but received a whimper of protest. Robin looked up at Beast Boy. He had managed to open his eyes again, but they were shining with fever, and he knew that he was dangerously close to falling unconscious.

"Stay with me," Robin said. He reached back to support the boy's lolling head, and pressed his other hand to his forehead. Even through his glove Robin could feel the burning fever. He struggled with his emotions, trying to remain calm as he had been taught. He was scared, definitely, but there was no way in hell he was letting his friend die!

"C-cold," Beast Boy whispered.

Setting his jaw, Robin positioned himself beside Beast Boy and drew him gently toward him. Beast Boy gave a sharp exhale as he was moved, but then relaxed and allowed himself to feel his leader's warmth, resting his head on Robin's shoulder. Robin could smell the coppery scent of blood, and felt the damp sweat in Beast Boy's hair on his neck.

"Don't go to sleep, Beast Boy," Robin said again.

Beast Boy didn't reply.

"Beast Boy?"


Robin's mind raced. He had to find a way to keep him awake. If he fell asleep now, he might never wake up again. "Hey, uh, how about when we get back to the tower, we have a big tofu dinner?"

"You-wuh...hate to..fu," came the strained reply.

"I've never tried it," Robin said. "There's a difference. Seeing how I'm so hungry I could eat anything, why not tofu?"

Beast Boy chuckled weakly, and shifted his head slightly. "Isn't it...weird?"

"What is?"


"Huh?" Robin frowned. "What do you mean?"

" grew up in...the circus," Beast Boy said, and Robin suddenly grew cold. "You would acro...acro.." He gave a short giggle before he finished, "bat!"

Robin didn't laugh. "I..I don't know what you mean, Beast Boy," he said a bit shakily. Did Beast Boy know what he was talking about, or was it just the fever? He couldn't know about his past-Robin was eight when his parents died, making Beast Boy at the most five. But even so, there was no way Beast Boy would know something like that.

"I get confus-ed," Beast Boy said. "My mom al...ways talked about the Flying...Graysons, but...I thought they...actually could fly. parents took me...and my brother to see you...and it was a circus...And it was cool."

"How did you know it was me?" Robin asked quietly.

"You smell...the same," he answered. Robin frowned. The boy's sense of smell was a lot more potent than he had originally thought.

They lapsed into a silence, Robin's mind reeling from this new information. If Beast Boy knew his secret identity, he could tell anyone at any time-but he hadn't, as far as Robin knew. Beast Boy had respected Robin enough to keep it a secret. Pride welled up in him for his little friend. He was really something. But then he was suddenly reminded that Beast Boy wasn't doing so well, and he helped him hold the make-shift bandage to his side until his coughing subsided.

Beast Boy whimpered miserably, and Robin felt worse than ever. He had to do something! But there was nothing he could do. The walls would move no matter what direction they went, and they would remain trapped. Moving Beast Boy would only hurt him more. Robin figured that if Raven and the others somehow managed to get back to the labyrinth and help them, it would be best to remain in one spot so they could be found more easily.

"Rob'n," Beast Boy said.


"Ya Af'ca, where...I'm from...if ya get lo-lost," he took a moment to catch his breath. It was getting harder to talk. "Ya...make a"

"A fire?" Robin repeated, simply to let Beast Boy know he was listening. Then he suddenly realized what Beast Boy was getting at. "Yeah, a fire! Beast Boy, you're a genius." Robin gently moved Beast Boy to lean back against the wall, and his eyes scanned his surroundings for anything he could use. When he didn't see anything flammable, he cursed and ripped off his shirt.

Beast Boy couldn't help it. He chuckled and weakly said, "Ooh la la."

Robin smirked at his attempt, but didn't pause in his task of wadding up the shirt and placing it on the ground. He pulled some flint out of his utility belt and struck it, showering sparks onto the red fabric. It took several attempts, but it did light up, and a thick putrid smoke rose from it. Robin only hoped the others had gotten back and were looking for them, and would come to the smoke.

"Just a little longer, Beast Boy," Robin said, returning to his friend's side.

They sat together for along while, with nothing to say. Robin rubbed Beast Boy's back in an attempt to soothe his body, and though Beast Boy didn't say anything, he was grateful for it.

"Hey," Beast Boy said.


"Thanks," he whispered. "And sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Robin asked, genuinely confused.

"For...getting...hurt," Beast Boy said. " 'sleep..." Then he went limp.

"Beast Boy?" Robin said, scrambling back so he could look at him more clearly. "Beast Boy! Wake up!" He shook him, but Beast Boy didn't wake. "Beast Boy!"

When Beast Boy woke, it was because of the burning in his nostrils. It was a familiar smell, and he knew that he hated it. Chemicals...sterile...doctors and hospitals! He gasped and bolted upright, but then winced at the pain in his side. Where was he?

He looked around and spotted a familiar figure sitting beside him. Robin was sleeping in a chair at his bedside, and looked rather uncomfortable. Then Beast Boy realized that he was in the Tower's med bay, and he visibly relaxed. He felt a bit embarrassed. Robin had had to take care of him when he'd gotten hurt, and though Beast Boy didn't remember a lot, he had a vague feeling he had let something important slip. Beast Boy studied Robin. He'd never really seen him sleeping before, but even with his mask on, his leader looked exhausted.

So Beast Boy let him sleep, and snuggled back down into the warm bed. He wasn't quite ready to wake up, either. Maybe when he woke again, Robin would look a bit better, too.

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