Natsu and Lucy's wedding was perfect. The same day they found out she would be having a baby they rushed to their parents and asked to move the wedding day to the week after they graduated. There was yellow and pink everywhere. Lucy wasn't afraid to admit she had cried while Natsu was saying his vows and Levy had to shush her. Her cheeks had hurt from all the smiling and laughing. It didn't feel like it was arranged because they both loved each other so much. They had gone back to Rio for their honeymoon and the second they got back to their house they began to set up a baby room. Lucy was ecstatic when they found out it would be a girl. Natsu had begged her to let him name her. He had decided on Nashi. They had painted the room light pink with yellow curtains and crib.

Lucy was surprised of how sweet Natsu was for the next nine months. He was always sweet but he never complained when she went into her weird mood swings and gave her so many kisses she thought he would run out. Despite the constant annoyance of Nashi moving and kicking Lucy was happy that this had happened. She couldn't wait for her little girl to come out so she and Natsu could officially be a family.

It was a spring Thursday and Lucy was on the couch eating peanut butter ice cream while watching Howl's Moving Castle for the millionth time when she felt it. Pain began to spread through her body and Nashi started than normal. She started to panic. The doctor had said the baby would be born any day now. Apparently today would be that day.

"Natsu!" Lucy screamed. "Nashi's giving me a hard time, I think she wants out."

Natsu practically fell down the stairs and ran up to her side. "Are you sure Luce?"

Another jolt of pain rocketed through her body, making her want to pass out. If this wasn't the right time then she didn't know when it would be.

"Yes! I'm sure!"

Natsu almost dragged her to their car and floored the gas pedal to the hospital. He kept muttering comforting words probably for himself instead of her.


Natsu was called into the room where Lucy had been for hours and found her holding a tiny baby girl with wispy pink hair. He slowly walked up to her bed and looked at his daughter. Lucy smiled at him and passed her to him before passing out. He smiled at her then looked at Nashi to see she had Lucy's beautiful brown eyes and cute nose. She was absolutely beautiful.

They took Nashi home the next day and showed her to her room. They were excited even thought Lucy was exhausted. The baby was so fussy and Natsu missed his 15 hours of sleep but Lucy was tired and wasn't going to wake her up all the time. Yet life couldn't get better. He had gotten Lucy to be his and now they were married. Next thing he knew he had a little girl too. Everybody loved Nashi. His parents adored her and Wendy would have kept her if Natsu and Lucy her.

A few months later it was Lucy's 18th birthday. Her friends had given her a surprise birthday party and invited Natsu's friends as well. Levy and Mira cooed the baby while Erza fawned over Jellal. Cana and Lucy shared a drink with Gajeel and Gray. They were thankful they had such wonderful friends and had a lot of fun. They had stayed up almost all night and Nashi wasn't very happy about that. They felt bad that they had to kick everybody out after the amazing party but Natsu doubted anyone wanted to listen to Nashi's cries anyways. The minute everyone left the couple went to bed.

After putting his baby girl to bed and taking a long shower Natsu lay down besides his wife. He looked at her and couldn't help but ask what was on his mind. He knew he was being stupid but it couldn't to ask.

"You said that the second you turned 18 you would get us divorced. Do you remember that?"

Lucy looked at him with a tiny smile playing on her lips.

"You're not going to do that, right?"

She giggled and pulled herself under the blankets and held his cheek in her small hand and said, "You dummy. Of course not. Our story may be abnormal and a little screwed up but you're always going to be mine."

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