Hi everyone! So this plot gripped me some years ago and finally I had to write it down. I don't understand why this hasn't been done before, as this seems to be the most natural way to bring characters from another fandom into the Harry Potter universe. But as far as I know, it hasn't been done in a DMC+HP crossover until now.

I did my best to keep the characters consistent. My first published crossover, so no flames would be nice. This story was a great journey for me, I laughed, cried, became sad, became excited and et cetera. I hope this will be the same for you.

Also, the idea of Dante being Aberforth's grandson is actually borrowed from FaeryMage's 'Of Wizards and Demon's: Hogsmeade's Devil Hunter'. I recommend everyone to check it out because the story is awesome.

For now, it's just the Prologue, but I hope to update fairly regularly, so you guys won't have to wait long should you choose to.

Disclaimer: I do not own DMC, and nor, for that matter, Harry Potter series.

And, here we go!


A wizardry School.

Dante had yet to come to term with that concept. For one thing, and that was a strong reason, he didn't appreciate his mother being called a 'witch'. The word itself sounded evil, and he repeatedly shut out the voice in his head that reminded him he had no way to complain, being half-devil and all.

Son of a demon and a wi- scratch that, magical woman. Dante supposed that was ample reason for his and his twin's eccentrics.

Thinking of Vergil always brought that pang in his chest that three years had done little to sooth. In here, the orphanage, he was looked upon as either the spawn of the devil himself (teachers and bullies), or a superhero (bullied children). The only exception had been his brother, the only child equal to his talents and sheer power. And he had to go and kill himself in show-off of heroics.

Yeah, he never thought he'd say it, but he missed the brat.

Your sheer idiocy never ceases to amaze me, brother. Sentiments cannot-

"Shut the hell up, Verge." Dante growled to the monotonous voice in his head, and then realized he had spoken aloud.

"Sorry?" his roommate frowned at him.

"Nothing." Dante waved a hand dismissively. Their room was in the second floor of the old orphanage, with cracks and holes in the ceiling, plaster peeling off of walls. Dante absent-mindedly studied the faded gray of the plasters. Once it must have been white. Like their cottage in the small, quiet village at the foot of the mountain. The sun used to shine over the red tiles when he sparred with Vergil in the lawn. Late afternoon, the diminishing rays would fall on the armchairs just beside the flower beds, his father would be standing straight with his hands clasped behind his back as he analyzed their moves, and leaning forward on one of the chairs, hands gripping the handles in excitement and shouting encouragements would be his….

"Okay there, Tony?"

Dante shook himself off, angrily wiping at his eyes. Fool that he was to even think of such things…"Fine. Just got carried away."

A sympathetic look. Everyone here were orphans, they understood the pain memories caused. For some reason, that bothered Dante. Sympathy helped when one wanted to move on, not when one wanted to just lock himself away and hate fate for placing him in this position. They all thought they understood. Dante knew they'd never understand. They'd never know what it was like to be different and then having the only persons who knew taken away forever.

And he knew nobody in the wizardry world would understand him either. Not completely, they were humans. But he also knew he had to strengthen his powers, be it magical or demonic, in order to survive.

Which was why he had said 'yes' to the giant guy that came this morning.


Dante frowned as he did a back flip effortlessly, but failed to get the sword in a straight arc in mid-air. He was deep inside the 'mini-forest', as Dante had taken to call it, behind the orphanage. It was a new moon night, so no chance of being seen, but only a half hour until dinner began. He had to get this move right before then. A shadowy demon was lurking about the area, one that he was going to hunt down tonight. This one never got down in the ground, so he had to use moves in mid-air.

Getting a half-arc before he was down on the ground, he was going up again when he heard motorbike in the vicinity. A second later, his superior hearing clearly heard the words, "I have a message for Tony Redgrave."

He swung himself up through the branches of the tallest tree, crouching behind some leaves. He looked down.

A giant was talking with the head of the orphanage. It seemed to be male, with big beards and a baggy overcoat, holding a big umbrella. The headmaster was just up to its stomach length, so a fitting thing to compare its height was the growing apple tree beside it.

A demon was Dante's first guess. He gripped his sword, ready to fight if it came down to it. His mother had already given her life for him; he wasn't going to let any more people die in his place.

A moment later, he let out a sigh of relief. Demons capable of assuming human form wouldn't give out letters in his name. And that was exactly what that giant was doing.

"I'll send for him." The headmaster was saying. "He's in the hostel."

Dante jumped all the way down, landing in a crouch. He had to be back in the room.

Dante was still panting as the woman walked into his room.

"There's a gentleman looking for you, Tony." She said. "Come with me."

Gentleman, Dante mentally scoffed. Maybe I could call him that…if I was a dinosaur back at Jurassic Park. Haven't this guy ever heard of razors? No, check that, this one needs a sword…one as big as Rebellion.

But no way I'm gonna lend him…

He stepped through the entry to the Headmaster's office to see an interesting sight.

The headmaster was staring in horror at his broken desk, and the giant was waving his hands frantically.

"Didn' mean ter do that, lemme fix it, c'mon, stand aside…"

The headmaster clutched a broken piece almost in a protective way, eyes wide as saucers. He was sweating.

Dante was having too much fun seeing their stern sir so cowed to just barge in, but the woman beside him interrupted them by announcing Dante's presence.

The man looked so relieved. "Ah, Tony, come right on in." he said. "Mr. Hagrid, this is Tony Redgrave."

The giant – Hagrid, smiled in what he probably hoped would be reassuring.

"Rubeus Hagrid." He said, holding out a hand. "Keeper o' keys an' grounds at Hogwarts."

Dante raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms silently. The giant withdrew his hand, looking a bit disappointed. Dante didn't care. He wasn't going to break his hand over this.

"This is fer yeh." Hagrid said with a small smile, handing the letter out. Dante flipped it open, scanning it quickly.

Dear Mr. Redgrave,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Professor Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

There were some papers attached. It described the things he'd need to take.

"I'm going to a wizardry school?" Dante asked in disbelief.

"Of course. And I'm 'ere to get yeh the things yer gonna need."

Dante scoffed. "And why would I wanna go?"

The giant looked really surprised at his words. "Why won't yeh? Yeh don't wanna learn magic?"

"That's what they're gonna teach me? Sorry pal, I don't do pointy hat-tricks."

Now he looked angry. "Yer a half-blood, right? Yer parents never told yeh that yeh need to learn magic?"

Dante pointed a finger at him. "My parents are dead, dude. Maybe they-" he stopped mid-sentence.

"Did anyone named Eva come to this school? Some 20 years ago?" he suddenly felt guilty for not remembering his mother's maiden name. It was something along the lines of 'Dunderbore', impossible. 'Dumbertone'? Not likely.

The giant stared. "Eva Dumbledore?"

That's what it was!

"Yeah, yeah! Dumbledore! You knew her?"

"She was a good friend o' mine. Died some three years ago."

Dante snorted mirthlessly. "Believe me, I know. So she was at that school?"

"Yeah. But….what's that to yeh?"

"She's my mother."

The giant looked…really looked at him for the first time.


"Sir, can I talk privately?" he asked his teacher with as respectful as expression as he could muster. He had to get this guy alone for a while, and cocky words wouldn't get him there.

The headmaster hesitated, looking uncertainly between the boy and the giant sized figure. Dante gave him a reassuring nod, and he stood from his chair, leaving the room with a simple "I'll be right outside."

"Dante or Vergil?" the giant finished.

"Dante. Vergil's dead." He said bluntly, "You don't know that your friend's family's been burnt to the ground?"

To his surprise, the guy's eyes grew moist. "I though' yeh were all dead…" he said. "No one knew yeh survived. Not 'ven yer grandfather."

Dante's heart skipped a beat before starting an erratic pattern, breath coming out in short inhales and exhales. He forced himself to take a couple of deep, steadying breaths.

"I have family? A grandfather?"

"Yeh. His name is Aberforth. An' a great Uncle. Albus Dumbledore. He's the headmaster in Hogwarts, and the finest wizard o' the century."

"Brilliant." He muttered. "And this whole time, I thought I had nowhere to go."

He hadn't meant to say it as seriously as it came out, and he certainly hadn't meant to set the guy off. But the giant burst into tears and gave him a hug that squeezed the life out of him. Dante bit his lip. If he was a human, he would've had a broken bone or two by then.

That umbrella could've come in handy now, he thought, as teardrops soaked into his hair.

Finally, he pulled back, and simply breathed for a moment. The giant looked apologetic.

"Eh, sorry."

"Forgiven." He gasped out. He stood, pushing the hair out of his eyes. "Count me in." he said, gesturing to his letter.

End of Flashback

The choice was made, no going back. He'd have to buy some things, and then, on September 1st, he'd be off to London. Giant hadn't said why he was going to a school in London, but he guessed it was either that there was only one wizardry school, or it was because his mother's uncle was the Headmaster, or because he was actually born in England.

Maybe this would be an improvement, maybe not. He'd wait and see.

Dante threw his coat towards the hook in the corner, not bothering to check if it had flown true, he never missed. Then he lay down fully dressed on his bed and waited for his roommate to fall asleep so he could go finish the shadowy demon running amok.

Next up: Dante at King's Cross and introduction to Hogwarts!