"Ten galleons says you can't do it!" came the taunting voice of none other than Ron Weasley.

"I can too. And, besides, where would you get ten galleons from?" Hermione tossed her brown hair back, and glared at Ron. "Besides, you haven't even told me the bet!"

"Ok, if you're going to force me to go to this - extra credit summer school course, I at least get to have a bet going. I bet that," Ron thought a moment, and then grinned in delight, "I bet that you can't set up the two most unlikely people at summer school this year."

"Hmmm, sounds easy enough." Hermione grinned, and held out her hand. "Deal."

Ron shook it, grinning as well. "Only, this is one thing you'll never win."


Dumbledore smiled as he looked around the Great Hall. There was only one table, as there weren't that many students. He cleared his throat, "I'm pleased that all of you have come for this month long extra credit program."

A few of the students, who desperately needed the extra credit, sighed, and a few who were there just because they were bored, rolled their eyes.

"Now, since there is such a small group, I have taken the liberty of preparing a new area for you all to stay. I'll be showing you that in a minute. Ah, yes, and for those of you who like to play Quidditch all summer, we will be having weekly games - more on that later."

At this, a couple of students looked a bit happier. Hermione looked around, trying to figure out who'd be the most unlikely couple.

Well, there was Hannah Abbott and Justin Finch-Fletchley. . . but they were already good friends, so that wouldn't be a very unlikely couple.

Further down the table was Lisa Turpin and Terry Boot . . . they would have made a very unlikely couple - had they not already been a couple.

"Harder than you thought it would be, eh, Hermione?" Ron grinned, pleased with himself.

"What's harder that she thought it would be?" asked Harry, who, to escape the Dursleys, was taking this class. Hermione looked at Ron; one of the unspoken rules of the bet was no telling ANYONE.

Hermione thought quickly to get out of the little mess. "I wanted to get seats closer towards Dumbledore to hear him better - and well, Ron's teasing me since I said earlier that here would be perfectly fine."

Harry, who could hear Dumbledore perfectly fine, decided Hermione was just nervous about classes and let it pass. "I can't wait for the Quidditch matches," he said rather happily. "I'm glad we have something to look forward to!"

Hermione nodded absently as she continued looking at all the students. There were a couple of second years, but all three of them were girls. 'Hmm, perhaps a second year paired up with a seventh year would be quite unlikely, but also quite . . . ' Hermione shuddered a little, and went back to looking at the students. Sitting way down at the end, with no one near him, was Draco Malfoy.

'Hmm, Malfoy and anyone, cept for Pansy, that would be unlikely. But, who to subject to the horribleness that is Malfoy?'

"If you will, follow me," called Dumbledore, after he finished announcements, "I'll show you to your dormitory before the evening feast."

The students got up and it was obvious they were staying in groups of their house-mates. 'I bet Dumbledore wants to promote friendship and stuff,' Hermione thought as they were led to a large room, the common room, which had pale green walls and bright peach carpeting. It actually looked rather right. There were green chairs around the room, with peach pillows and whatnot.

"This will be your dormitory," explained Dumbledore. "Up those stairs are the three boys rooms, one for 1st and 2nd years, one for 3rd, 4th, and 5th, and one for 7th and 8th. The same goes for the girls rooms, which are down that staircase."

Everybody nodded, looking around.

"Well, I'll leave you to get settled in, and dinner shall be in one hour and a half, don't forget."

Dumbledore made his disappearance, and everyone stood around. For about five minutes, and then they all went to check out their rooms. Hermione nodded to Ron and Harry; indicating that she would meet them in the common room after they got their stuff put away.

"huh, not too many 3rd years, or 5th years here," noted Harry. There were seven beds in the room. Ron choose the blue one under the window, Harry the green one next to it. Seamus, Terry, Justin, Malfoy, and a fifth year neither Harry nor Ron knew picked the other random beds.

Meanwhile, in the girls 3rd,4th, and 5th years room, Hermione was looking around at the girls there. Lisa, Hannah, herself, a 3rd year, and two 5th years. She didn't know enough about the 3rd year or 5th years to decide if they should be paired up with someone.

This was harder than she expected!


Sitting down at the table in the Great Hall, Hermione looked over at everyone again, and sighed.

Ron turned to her, while Harry was busy talking politely to Colin Creevley, and said, "So, Herm, have you decided who're you going to get together yet?"

"Not yet," grumbled Hermione, "But I'm working on it!" She looked around, "Why do I have to choose TODAY?"

"Gives you a month to work on it. But, tell ya what, if you need to, you can always pick a new couple. So . . . you have until the end of today, right before we go to bed to decide, or I win by default."

Hermione sighed, but nodded. Harry turned back, since Colin had finally decided to go talk to someone else. "So, when do we get to know what classes we have to take?" he asked.

"I think they're passing that out now," said Hermione.

"So how exactly is this working out anyway?"

"Well, they have three sets of every class; regular, advanced and accelerated. Based on your year is how you get into which set," Of course Hermione knew this; she studied the pamphlet to death before coming here.

"So, since we're in 4th year (Or will be when the official term begins anyway) which classes will we be in?" asked Harry.

"Oh, advanced, I'd say," Hermione replied. "We only take three classes a day, thought, ti should be so easy!"

"Easy for you to say," muttered Ron.

The three of them received their schedules just as the food appeared on the table. Harry skimmed over his schedule. Which was the same as Ron's, and almost the same as Hermione.

"Hermione, do you have extra classes or something?" Harry groaned, looking at her schedule.

Hermione nodded. "Only three, though," she said.

Ron banged his head against the table, although he took care not to get his hair in the food.


It was now rather late at night (ok, only nine, but most people were already in their rooms). Hermione stared into the fire. 'This is going to be the hardest decision ever!'

She heard a shout from upstairs, "Damnit Potter, why'd you put your stuff on MY bed!" came Draco Malfoy's voice.

"I told you! I didn't mean to! I TRIPPED, and I didn't realize there was still stuff there!"

"Get some eyes, than!"

Hermione listened to the fight, hoping that it would be stopped before it came down to cursing each other - that was the last thing needed! To be kicked out on the first day!

Luckily, she heard Seamus and Ron talking to them and breaking up the fight. 'That's good. It really isn't that good that Harry and Draco are fighting already! That's going to be quite annoying.'

After awhile, everything was generally calm and peaceful as most of the students were now sleeping. However, Hermione heard someone come down the stairs. Without turning around from the fire she acknowledged, "Hey Ron."

"So?" Ron asked, pointedly. "Who's the lucky two that are going to be paired up by you by the end of the month?"

"Can I have five more minutes?"

"Nope, gotta tell me now, or lose ten galleons."

Hermione thought quickly. She was smart; she could come up with a win/win situation. "Ok, I'll tell you the couple I'm thinking about, and then, if you think it's unlikely enough, I'll begin right away. If not, can I have five minutes to think of a new one?"

Ron nodded. "Sounds good. So, who is it?"

"Ok. Umm, I was thinking. . . Makato and Greg." She said, referring to a pair of 6th years.

"What! Those two!?"

"So that makes it unlikely, right?"

"Hermione, they are very unlikely to go out, but even I can think of better pairs than that!" Ron waved his arms around to prove his point.

It didn't work, but Hermione shrugged anyway. "Fine, fine, five minutes."

Ron fixed his eyes on the clock.

'Ok, well, obviously that's not good . . . there has to be two people no one in the world would suspect. . . and. . . '

"Times up!" announced Ron.

"Ok, got it," said Hermione confidently.


"Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy."

Ron fell over.