Jade was about to pop in a movie when Dean asked something that had everyone staring at him.

"Say that again?"

"Is it possible to visit these other Earths Gabriel mentioned, or do you have to be an angel?"

"Dammit Dean, I told you to drop this! It's not like we can..."

"Actually it's possible, but we would need approval from three arch angels, or Dad," interrupted Gabriel.

Dean suddenly grinned. Sam looked defeated. He had hoped Dean would just initiate a prank war like usual.

"Well I count three arch angels and a seraph," he said.

Gabriel perked up, before he looked at Jade.

"Fine, but this counts as our vacation. Ever since Redemption I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop before I made another Raziel movie," sighed Jade.

She could retire now and never have to worry about money again with how much the Secret Angel series had netted her. She had doubled the amount in vaults from where it had been first year!

"Since that's settled... Where should we go?" grinned Gabriel.

And that sparked off another debate that lasted hours. Fortunately Crowley showed up in time to get the general gist and throw his two bits in.

"I say X-Men!" said Jade.

They had agreed on Marvel, but not where in the Marvelverse.

Sam and the others sat on the outskirts waiting for Dean and Jade to make up their minds.

"Iron Man!"

Sam had enough.

"How about we just do the Avengers and be done with it? Don't the X-Men eventually join that group anyway?" he asked.

"We know that. But we're trying to figure out which movie to jump in first," said Dean.

Sam glared at them both.

"Iron Man, because there is no way in hell we'll pass for mutants and that way Gabriel gets to screw with Loki's head once we get there," said Sam flatly.

That and he wasn't about to deal with a chick who used storms as her mutant power. Even if Wolverine was the best sorta hero in the entire group.

He wasn't good. He wasn't evil. He was himself and damn what people thought about him. Pretty much a more rugged and grumpier version of Jade.

"Which Iron Man?"

"The first one of course! We can buy a ton of stocks with the cash you have here and really screw over Stane!" said Dean eagerly.

"I don't think that kind of cash would carry between worlds," said Sam exasperated.

"It does, but you have to fill out a form with Yuuko-chan to get the card," corrected Gabriel grinning.

"Yuuko-chan?" said Jade.

"Time-space witch. She lives in Japan," said Castiel.

"I have her number," offered Gabriel.

"Luc, hand me the phone. The sooner I fill out that form, the more time we'll have to screw everyone over on our vacation," said Jade.

That got a cheer out of Dean and Gabriel.

Lucifer kept his silence, though he did have one question.

Like how they were going to deal with an inter-world transfer in the event the Asgardians happened to be using their Bifrost bridge at the same time. From what he saw that thing could possibly interfere with their method of jumping worlds enough to cause problems.

It was something that would bite them all in the ass later, because one of the three groups would end up in the wrong time.

Yuuko Ichihara, the Time-Space Witch. Also a known expediter when it came to applying for an inter-world card that would allow someone to access their money on any planet, realm or dimension. There were some requirements though.

One had to have the right aura or magic-type to power the card itself, they had to have enough currency to make it worthwhile, and here was the biggest requirement... Yuuko had to like them.

Yuuko was a finicky person by nature, and getting on her good side long enough to apply for the damn thing was tricky enough.

Fortunately for Jade, Yuuko also happened to be a huge fan of her Raziel movies, particularly the main character's personality.

"So we good?" asked Gabriel, leaning against the fence.

Jade held up what appeared to be a plastic credit card. She also had a new bag around her shoulder.

"What is that?" asked Dean.

"Goody bag. I paid Yuuko enough so she could afford some seriously high class liquor and promised to give her tickets to the next movie when I finally get around to making it."

"Wow...she must really like you to give you this stuff," said Gabriel, looking through it.

"She said the way I screwed over the European branch of the MoM amused her so much she had to do something to repay me for it," said Jade.

Ever since Jade took herself 'off the market' when it came to marriage and had publicly denounced England's magical society, there had been several big events.

For one thing, the pure bloods were no longer in control of the Ministry. They had been thrown out by the first gens, and the place had undergone a complete overhaul. Several laws were already overturned and many more were under either revision or were about to be rejected outright.

The goblins were planning another rebellion because several kept trying to get their greedy hands on Jade's fortune. Fortunately since a majority of those idiots had no idea she had changed the vault name, their attempts were very unsuccessful. There was a reason why Jade only kept a quarter of her real fortune in the hands of Goblins. They, thankfully did not take this fact personally.

The biggest one, in fact the only thing Jade actually took note of, was that Hogwarts was finally becoming a respected school again. After being ousted as Headmaster, McGonagall learned from the mistake Dumbledore made and actually asked the first gens for advice. Students could now take their A-levels and get into college whether they were first gens or not. The teachers had noted an increase in the legibility of the papers handed in with the addition of actual English classes. Snape himself had been removed from the school and was currently facing several charges for all the damage he inflicted on his students.

His caustic personality and cruel remarks caused a good deal of resentment towards him, and several barristers who had graduated while he was teacher were more than happy to take him down several pegs.

"Holy crap, is this what I think it is?" asked Sam.

"If you're asking whether Yuuko-san gave me several copies of psychic paper so you no longer need a fake badge, the answer is absolutely yes. Apparently the Doctor is real, he just lives several dimensions over and occasionally comes by to visit Yuuko for tea. She's agreed to hand him my address once we get back," said Jade.

"Sweet. I so want his autograph," said Sam grinning happily.

"You and me both," said Jade amused.

"What's psychic paper?" asked Dean.

Jade took one of them out of the bag, and then flipped it open. Dean read what it said.

"Married and completely out of your league."

A few seconds later it changed.

"Agent Danielle Black, FBI."

"It basically shows anything you want. So if you want people to believe you're FBI, Secret Service, hell even Homeland Security, all you have to do is keep that in mind and it will create a fake badge for you. Complete with seals and everything," said Jade.

"Doctor Who uses it to get into places he normally can't, and even makes fake invitations," said Sam.

"Useful," said Dean.

"Watch this," said Sam smirking.

"Federal Booty Inspector? Sammy, you dog!" said Dean proudly. He knew he would corrupt his brother eventually!

"So we're all set?" asked Jade.

Hati and Skoll were in special pet carriers that were shrunk and put into Jade's bag. They were under a sleeping potion in case the travel got too rough.

Fenrir, Sleipnir and Jörmungandr were all going to be split up between the three groups.

For the first group there was Gabriel, Jor and Sam. They would be the ones leading the other two.

For the second was Lucifer, Jade, Fenrir and the two hell hounds. Hedwig would follow them once they landed and Jade sent the signal. She rarely let her master out of her sight after being reunited with her.

The last group was Castiel, Sleipnir and Dean. Because Cas was the lowest ranked angel in the group, he would have to follow the first two. Or as Dean called it, followed their slipstream into the alter Earth so they didn't get lost. Apparently traveling between worlds took an enormous amount of energy, more than time travel could.

Between all three groups was a bag containing whatever they would need to blend in or survive long enough to find the other two. These bags were carried by Sam, Dean and Jade respectively.

Crowley had wished them good luck and told Jade to keep the idiot brothers in line. It wasn't clear whether he meant the hunters or the angels, but Jade was of the opinion he meant both.

Now they all agreed to go to the first Iron Man movie. It offered the highest potential for fun.

Besides, it would give Jade more time to buy most of the Stark stocks and really annoy Tony later.

"Ready and waiting. By the way, I hope none of you are upset about the quick stop," said Gabriel.

"If you mean visiting the twins you had with Sigyn, I'm fine with it. It's about time I met them anyway," said Jade.

Gabriel had, more or less, adopted Jade as his 'daughter'. It was mostly because the kids had adopted Jade as their 'little' sister and Jade had accepted the idea. So Gabriel effectively became the closest thing she had to a father.

Thing was, he really, really didn't want to run into his ex-wife. Sigyn held one hell of a grudge and she had a good aim with her throwing knives. She was still pissed he took so long to tell her his real name.

And going to see the twins meant he risked running into her.

Jade had assured Gabriel she would distract the woman while he made a run for it. What she didn't say was how long she would give him.

"Hold on tight kiddies!"

There was a whoosh that felt very different from apparition, and when they landed Dean was sick to his stomach. That was infinitely worse than a damn port key! Sam wasn't much better.

"Easy boys! Try not to hit us with that," said Gabriel.

"Do you hear an idiot outside brother?"

"Can't be dad. He knows mom likes to pop...in...Holy crap, brother look who's outside! Talk about brave!"

Jade snorted in amusement. Clearly Narvi and Vali were well aware of Sigyn's anger towards their father.

"Vali! Narvi! Guess who I brought with me!" said Gabriel loudly.

The twins came out of their house to find the group. They took one look at Gabriel, but their their focus was entirely on Jade. Mostly because out of the siblings, they were the last to meet her. Hel had given them a discription.

"So this is our new little sister."

"Welcome to our messed up family, Jade," said Vali.

"Or should we call you Raziel?" grinned Narvi.

"Either one is fine. Want some blackmail on Gabriel?"

"Only always!" they laughed in unison.

Jade smirked, then handed over several photos. She had these prepared once Gabriel mentioned seeing the twins first.

Gabriel took one look at a few of them an paled.

"You didn't..."

"I have here every peace of blackmail I've gathered on Gabriel for the past two years."

"Evil," said Gabriel.

Narvi and Vali grinned at her.

"You're going to fit in just fine little sis," they said.

"Dear god, it's like dealing with Gred and Forge all over again," shuddered Dean.

"Who are Gred and Forge?" asked Vali.

"The Weasley twins. Known pranksters and the current owners of the Secret Angel Store...which sells Weasley's Wizard Wheezes when Crowley's not there to get on their case," smirked Jade, "Want the address?"

"Will we be obligated to behave?"

"You can stay at my house, but I'll give you a list with pictures on who you can't prank if you want to really have fun. Just be warned, Crowley can give as good as he gets if you get him really riled up," said Jade.

"I think we've unleashed a monster," said Gabriel to the others.

"What was your first clue? The fact she pranked us when Famine affected her or when she started that prank war last month that had all of us cringing when she did that laugh?" deadpanned Dean.

Jade had, upon watching the original Slayers series, copied Naga the White Serpent's laugh. While Lucifer loved Naga's outfit, that laugh creeped him the hell out!

"So where are you guys heading anyway?" asked Narvi.

"Marvelverse. Specifically the Iron Man movies," said Jade.

The twins winced.

"Watch out for the bifrost. Last time we went to one of the Marvel alters, it knocked us off course and we had to wait for the time line to catch up before we could leave again."

"Wait, I thought this sort of thing had to be approved by three high ranking angels?" asked Dean.

"For an angel to go yes, but if you're not from the heavenly sect Dad belongs to, then all you need is knowledge of how to travel through the Yggdrasil. One of the Loki's from that side of the universe showed us the old paths," said Vali.

"We may have altered that timeline though..." said Narvi sheepishly.

"That's why their called alternate universes. If god didn't want things to be tweaked, then he wouldn't have allowed for the multiverse theory," said Jade.

"Good point," said Vali.

Gabriel cackled evilly.

"I so can't wait to mess with Fury and Loki," he said, rubbing his hands together like an evil villian.

"And to think, people once said Lucifer was evil before I slowly started to change their minds," said Jade rolling her eyes. The twins cracked up.