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November 2002

part 1 (?)

by zuzanny


(secret underground location)

Prozen looked up from his desk as a young man with dark grayish hair was escorted into his cavernous office. The young man stopped in front of the desk, arms crossed and violet-grey eyes narrowed with suspicion.

"Ahh, Raven," Prozen smiled across the desk at his charge. He stood and motioned for the young man to sit. "how good of you to come."

"Get to the point, Prozen." Raven snarled. He hated the way Prozen always looked at him. Like he was a piece of meat or something. It was... unnerving.

"Sit, just sit." Raven did as he was told, watching every move that Prozen made. Prozen walked around him to a cupboard retrieving a bottle of red and two glasses. He brought them to the desk, poured two glasses and sat. "I've been rather impressed with your battle performance lately." Prozen swirled the wine around in his glass, looking at Raven with hooded eyes.

Raven refused to touch his wine glass. "And your point is?"

Prozen took a sip from his wine, eyes fluttering closed with pleasure. Raven made an impatient sound and rolled his eyes. Prozen slowly lowered his glass. "My point is that you have great..." Prozen's eyes wandered up and down Raven's body suggestively. "Potential."

"Potential?" Raven sneered, and pushed his chair back to leave. "Is that all? Can I go now?"

"Actually, no." Prozen took another swallow of his wine. "Sit back down, boy."

Raven glared, but did as he was told.

"My researchers have made an incredible breakthrough. I plan on creating a new organoid. A more advanced species than there has ever been. One that combines Organoid DNA with that of a human."

Raven wasn't sure he was liking where this was going, but leaned forward anyway. "I'm listening."

"I want you to participate in this project."

Raven nodded. "How, exactly?" Prozen smiled in his disturbed way. "So glad you asked!" He pressed a button on his desktop intercom. "Shadow." The door opened again, and in clomped Raven's organoid. He stopped just behind Raven. Raven gave Prozen a questioning look. "Shadow," Prozen said. "TAKE HIM!"

Shadow's chest compartments opened, shooting out cords and cables which wrapped around Raven's arms, legs and waist, even as Raven jumped away from them. They pulled him off his feet and towards the gaping chamber inside Shadow.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Raven shrieked struggling ineffectively against his organoid's hold. "Shadow! Let me GO! What's wrong with you?! DAMN IT!"

Prozen just laughed and sipped his wine, watching Raven's struggles with amusement. "My dear Raven, didn't I tell you? You have been selected as not only a genetic donner, but a host."

"No, NO!" Raven shrieked in terror as he felt the cords sliding up under his clothes, reaching for all his intermit place, coiling around his body.

"You should be proud. Through you a new race will be born. For the glory of the New Empire."

"DAMN YOU PROZEN!" Raven screamed as the compartment closed with him inside. Shadow made a contented, throaty noise. Prozen rose and walked over to shadow. He could still hear Raven screaming from with in the organoid. He grinned evily, and patted Shadow's chest plate.

"Don't worry, Raven." He soothed, although he knew he could not be heard. "It wont hurt for long."

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