march 2009. PLEASE NOTE! This is not the full chapter. This is just a teaser plot bunny that bounced into my mind after posting chapter 12.


The Karawong

by Zuzanny

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Thomas blinked up through the blur around him as he felt he was being dragged along by two men, one on each arm. His head pounded, and the jirking momentem made him want to hurl all over the place. He wasn't exactly sure, but he may have been dragged into a small room or a cell, where he was held upright my the two eitherside him, and approached by someone with white hair.

"Well, well, well," Came a voice from the white-haired man, and Thomas's vision shifted as his chin was lifted by this man's fingers. "One of the Guardian Force's Elite?" He snorted. "Or not so Elite. Tell me, 'Guardian Force'," The white-haired man's grip on Thomas' chin tightened painfully making him wince and try to pull back. "Where is my property?"

Thomas frowned with confusion. "Wha-?"

The man tilted Thomas' head back painfully far and ground out. "Where. Is. My. Raven?"

Thomas' mind finally cleared, and his eyes widened. "Prozen!" He gasped with horror, before becoming determined. "Do what you want, but there is no way you can make me talk."

Prozen chuckled at Thomas' bravado, and stepped back, turning to look over his shoulder at the sound of heavy footfalls and low reverberating growl that signaled the black organoid endering the room. "Is that so? What do you say, Shadow?"

Shadow clomped over to Thomas, stepping far into his personal space and leaning down to sniff at his throat. Thomas pulled against the arms of his captors as he felt the black organoid's hot breath slowly steaming against his neck sending shivers down his spine.

And Shadow growled...

To be continued....