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Echoes in the Passageways
By Yours Truly


Confused azure eyes blinked up at him from the pale face of his friend, and Aragorn found himself unable to respond. Not being capable of coming up with any explanation for what had just happened, he just stood there, with an arm steadying Legolas' suddenly weak body.

"Aragorn, what happened?" Legolas asked, more anxiously this time when he received no response to his previous inquiry.

What *had* happened, Aragorn wondered.

He had talked with Legolas for a long time earlier in the night; remembering the Elf' meeting with his parents which had taken place long years ago and discussing the past, until they had parted company and the Elf had gone into his bedchambers.

His mind elsewhere, Aragorn had found no rest in his bed, so he had risen once more and gone to do some of the extensive paperwork of the duty he now held. Thus, obviously, when after hours of working and while still a considerable time away from the dawn he had heard running steps inside the castle walls, he had been alarmed. Rising from his comfortable seat he had walked outside the room, to find himself a few feet away from a frantic looking Legolas, who looked to all as if he were running from a Balrog.

But the Elf had halted his run, as if exhausted or perhaps confused, for the Elf had looked around himself and back towards the way he had come like he didn't know what he was doing. Perhaps he didn't. Next thing Aragorn knew, Legolas was stretching an arm towards him with an expression of wonder and relief the former ranger could not explain. He seemed awed to see him standing there, when they had parted company no more than a few hours ago. The bizarre conversation that had ensued was still far too complex for Aragorn's already baffled brain to even try to make sense to, and all he knew right now was that Legolas was in his arms, looking at him with an expression of building panic that Aragorn knew he should try to remedy, however he could.

"Aragorn…what…?" Legolas was saying when the human snapped out of his thoughts, and he realized the Elf was struggling to get free of his hold of him. Releasing his hold, Aragorn was taken aback when Legolas turned from him, his eyes wide, as if ready to flee in the other direction.

"Calm down, Legolas, it is me, all is well" Aragorn said softly, surprised at the calmness in his voice. All was not well, but what was amiss, the human could not explain.

Legolas turned back and looked at him warily, his voice cold when he spoke "What is going on?"

"I know not, Legolas, something just took place" Aragorn gestured vainly with his hands, trying to explain what he didn't understand himself "And I'm not sure what it was" he finished wearily, when Legolas just stared at him

"Neither am I, if you do not tell me… how did I get here?" Legolas questioned, his eyes loosing their wariness as he searched for answer he did not held.

Aragorn sighed and shook his head, indicating the room he had vacated earlier with his right hand "Let us get out of this hall, we can talk more comfortably in here"

Legolas nodded and walked ahead, taking a step into the room before freezing entirely, causing Aragorn to bump into him. Taking a hold of the slim shoulders, Aragorn walked around the frozen figure to face the Elf, and found Legolas' eyes had widened considerably, their blue depths traveling through the room's every corner. The Elf went past him and moved towards the main desk, sitting down on the chair and looking around him.

"What is it, Legolas?" he questioned as he moved closer, trying to identify what had caused this reaction from his friend.

"The room" Legolas stated, as if it were obvious "This is the library, is it not?"
Aragorn just nodded, confused as to where this conversation was leading.
"I've never been here before" Legolas said softly "Yet I dreamt about it tonight"
"You dreamt?" Aragorn repeated, his eyes meeting those of Legolas "Without knowing what you were dreaming about?"

Legolas shook his head, and his eyes became troubled "I dreamt, Aragorn, and I had no control. I was someone else and I was in this place…although it looked slightly different…I could not wake either, I believe it was akin to mortal's dreams…but I know not how it came to happen" Legolas shook his head and stood up from the seat walking across the room towards where some tapestries hung on the wall. "This wasn't here…there was another tapestry in its place…and that" his pale hand pointed towards two swords that hung over the fireplace "those were not the same swords I dreamt about"

Intrigued and slightly worried Aragorn studied the things Legolas pointed and found a disturbing connection. Turning to meet the blue eyes again he walked towards the far wall and placed his hand over the tapestry the Elf had signalized "For one, this belonged to Denethor, Boromir's father and the steward of Gondor, for this is the standard of his family" pointing towards the swords over the wall, "And those swords…" Aragorn sighed sadly "Are replacements for the old ones that used to hang proudly in their place"

"Replacements?" Legolas questioned him softly, seeming to notice his mood change "Why replace the others?"

"The old ones were used for bloodshed" Aragorn explained him "And in an attempt to cover the facts, the one that exploited them hid them from public view, stole them you may say" His eyes closed and re-opened, something hidden in their depths "A thief and a murderer made use of those swords, staining even what the weapons represented" and turning to walk to his seat, Aragorn said no more.

Understanding and sympathy dawned in Legolas' gaze, and he let the subject go, hearing what was said and what remained unspoken "So I dreamt of the past, then?" Legolas asked softly, "How? I had never been to Gondor before"

Aragorn shook his head and remained quiet, before studying the Elf carefully "I am not even sure how you dreamt"

Legolas moved towards the glass doors of the balcony, looking through them as he had done in his dream, this time inside his own body "Neither am I, my friend" He sighed "And I am not sure I wish to know"

"What do you make of what happened?" Aragorn inquired after a moment of silence "Do you even remember it?"

Legolas shook his head and turned back to face him, his eyes clouded with worry and confusion "Nay, I do not…I shall need your help with that. The last I can recall was parting your company and laying down for some rest…" A small smile came from the Elf then "The next thing I know I'm in your arms and you're staring at me as if I had turned into Saruman"

Aragorn barked out a laugh and shook his head at the Elf "Surely I was not…I was not horrified, like I would be if you suddenly turned into an evil wizard, I was merely…"
"…Stunned?" Legolas supplied and the human nodded
"You can say that" Aragorn sighed "It is not every day a composed Elf Prince like yourself makes a mad dash through the castle in the middle of the night, and then speaks to me as if you had not seen me in years…like you were someone else, actually"

Legolas blinked at him for a few minutes before raising a delicate eyebrow "I did those things?"
"You did" Aragorn confirmed with a nod
Tilting his head to the side Legolas narrowed his eyes "You are not teasing me, are you?"
"I am not Legolas, I do not make these kind of jokes" Aragorn held up his hands and shook his head
"Any longer you mean," Legolas smiled at the man, but it soon dissolved back into a frown of confusion "Spoke as if I were someone else, you say? I was someone else in my dream…what did I tell you, exactly?"

"Terribly confusing things, as a matter of fact" Aragorn stated, leaning back in his seat "You…or whoever, wanted to look at me, as if you had not seen me in years…then you mentioned something about not thinking I was capable of handling your true identity when I questioned you on that…and finally you said I should keep you close, the real you close, because whoever that was and I would need your help"

Both eyebrows went high into Legolas' forehead as he listened and he sat in the nearest seat available "'keep me close'?"
"Those were your words" Aragorn nodded "But that was not the most confusing part of that little exchange"
"It wasn't?" Legolas asked flatly, surprised it could get any worse
"It wasn't" The human confirmed, "It was the fact that you marveled at being an Elf"

Legolas' expression at that would have been hilarious to the man, had he not been expecting such a reaction, and had this situation not been so bizarre. It still managed to draw a small smile from the corner of his lips when Legolas' bewildered gaze met his "You are telling me" The Elf began "I did not know I was an Elf?"

The human shook his head and Legolas fell back into his seat, eyes turned up towards the ceiling "Elbereth, I am finally insane" Legolas sighed and Aragorn shook his head

"Then we are insane together, my friend, because I could have sworn that out there, it honestly wasn't you in some delusional state…but someone else entirely"
"Do not worry, Aragorn, your sanity has fled long ago, that much I already knew" Legolas smiled humorlessly "But I was the sane one out of us, now we are in trouble"
Aragorn grinned to the now slumped figure of the Elf "If you were the sane one, we were already in trouble" but wiping the grin from his face he sat up straighter "But seriously, Legolas, that was not you"
"Who then?" Legolas sighed, meeting his gaze
Silence met his question as Aragorn pondered its answer, but Legolas spoke again "Perhaps it was just something left from the dream…"

The dream. A dream. Elves did not often lost control over their slumber, and they could certainly not dream of things they were not familiar with, like humans sometimes could. "Who did you dream you were?" he asked after a while.

A shake of the golden head was his answer "I…I am not entirely sure, Aragorn"
"Tell me of this dream you had"
"Please, Aragorn, I am sc-…I am troubled enough with this whole thing, do not push me for answers yet"

The slip of his tongue was not lost on the human and his gaze turned sympathetic. He stood up from his seat and walked towards his friend, kneeling in front of him and placing a friendly hand on his knee. "Whatever this is, Legolas, we are in it together, for I have already been involved"
"Aragorn, it may be nothing…"
"I do not think it's nothing," admitted the man "you were conscious, Legolas, your eyes were clear…if not for the fact they weren't exactly blue"
Legolas blinked at him.
"They were grey, or so I saw them" Aragorn explained at the blank look "and don't pull that face on me, I am serious"

"Look," said the Elf flatly, leaning down and pressing his forehead to the man's "You've got them up close now, and trusting in every time I've glanced into a mirror, I am highly certain my eyes are blue"

Aragorn pushed him away with a grin and shook his head "I know they are, you fool, but earlier they weren't"

Legolas sighed and leaned back into his seat "I hold no answers"
"And I can't help you with that, if you do not tell me about this dream of yours" Aragorn said gently, taking in the way the Elf adverted his eyes

"I can't, Aragorn, don't ask it of me…not yet"

The human sighed and nodded after a while, rising to his feet and extending a hand to his friend, who took it with a frown of confusion. "Join me for a walk?"
The Elf smiled and extended his arms towards the door, bowing with mock reverence "After you, my King"
"Very funny" said the man, pushing the Elf towards the door "Now just walk, your Great Highness Prince of Mirkwood"
"Ugh, don't do that" whined the Elf as he walked alongside the man towards the gardens
"Your Highness and Princeling, Legolas Thranduilion, the youngest and fairest Elf of the entire Royal House of the now re-named Greenwood The Great"

"Now you are getting it!" Growled the Elf, not caring about the noise they made so early as he chased the human, who ran towards the gardens and was quickly tackled to the ground by a laughing Prince, much to the amusement of the present guards.

"All right! I got it, get off me!" Laughed Aragorn when Legolas proceeded to mock strangle him with no force behind the grip in his throat. The Elf grinned and stood up, dusting off his clothes with false derision
"Look the things you have me doing, rolling on the ground like I was a filthy ranger or something" he complained with a sigh and had to jump back to avoid the kick aimed at his legs, laughing all the while.

He offered the man a hand up, and had to bit back his laughter when the saw only the right side of Aragorn's face was dirt-filled while the other side was clean. He said nothing of it, containing even his smile and turned to walk further into the gardens, winking over his shoulder at the guards when Aragorn walked ahead of him, oblivious to his present state. It was harder not to laugh when the guards were doing so behind their hands, but he managed.

"What did you want to talk about?" He questioned the man after a while of comfortable silence, and Aragorn turned to face him
"What do you mean?"
"I know you, your walks are merely means to an end, what is it?" Legolas said with sidelong smile
"And I thought I was being subtle" sighed Aragorn dramatically "I will have to hone my methods"
A snort of laughter came from the Elf "You have the same methods since you were fifteen, now spill it"

Aragorn turned serious and sat on a nearby bench, the Elf following his example.
"I am worried, Legolas, about this dreams, about the fact you dreamt at all…the fact that it somehow seems linked to me as well, rather than to yourself"
"You do not know that for certain," said Legolas, turning his gaze to the sky "perhaps it involved me only, rather than you. Perhaps it was not Gondor's library that I dreamt about, after all it was slightly different…"
"Decorations change, Legolas, that is no major difference, or do you tell me your father's throne room hasn't changed a few thousands times since I've visited it last?"
"That is different, my father is rather eccentric"
"Like father, like son" At the glare he got for that, he almost grinned again, but remembered matters at hand "So tell me of your dream"

"Aragorn, no" said Legolas, angry now as he turned his eyes on the human's "I've told you before, and I'll tell you again, I am not ready to speak about this further, it troubles me greatly"
"I know it does, my friend…but shouldn't you discuss it with someone?" his tone had gone soothing trying not to anger the Elf further
"I will" The prince assured him, "Not now"

The human sighed and gave up, nodding "Alright then, not now…but when you do…I am here if you need me"

The Elf nodded and turned back towards the stars, stifling a yawn.
"You are tired?" asked Aragorn, having detected the action
"If that was a mortal dream, I know now why you humans are always so tired, it was no rest to me" explained Legolas, with a sidelong glance at Aragorn's dirt stained face.

The human frowned slightly, but said nothing of it, only stood up again and helped the Elf up with him, walking back towards the castle past the guards who bit their lower lips and whose' shoulders shook strangely. Legolas winked at them when he walked past them and heard a chuckle escape the younger one, and saw the other man hit him over the head. He almost laughed himself.

When the man stopped, Legolas glanced up and saw the human was entering his own bedchambers, so he followed. Aragorn sat in a chair by the bed and Legolas raised an eyebrow, to which the human only shrugged "If I go to bed now, I will only succeed in waking Arwen, since I will find no dreams tonight" said he as a way of explanation "But you should sleep"

After a moment's hesitation, the Prince shrugged, stepping out of his boots and going under the covers still in his clothes, while Aragorn watched him distractedly
"Good night, Aragorn"
"More like day, now, but good night either way," said the man "Sleep well"
"I hope so," Legolas whispered to himself but the man heard it, and he placed a gentle hand in Legolas' brow

"I'll be here if you need me"
The Elf merely smiled, and soon his eyes went vacant in Elven dreams.

Aragorn sat in the chair, awake long after that, and saw the first rays of sunlight stream through the binds in the windows, his thoughts troubled over the friend who now rested peacefully.

Or so the man thought.

To be continued.

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