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Loki didn't know what to do with himself. So he just sat on a common park bench; still in New York, but a distance away from the place in which he confronted Jack. Loki hurt; he had a influx of mixed feelings, but that strongest was the pain caused from causing his son to hate him so much. So he just sat for hours. Brooding.

The brown eyes of the god glittered with unshed tears. He wore another's form, a young man, nicely dressed and attractive by Midgardian standards, with the common human coloration of brown hair and eyes. The park was empty from the mortals escaping the icy winds, heavy snow and darkening sky so Loki let himself feel, away from all the prying eyes. He hurt, he always hurt, but this time he had no one to blame but himself.
The god itched to immerse himself in chaos, to let other people feel the same soul-crushing misery, but he resisted; Jack's anger was fresh in his mind. If he were to cause more trouble for the humans, his son would probably resent him even more. Maybe the child would be on the other side of the battle field. Maybe it would be Jack to strike him down.

He was Jack's Thor; he hurt the one he thought he loved without realizing it before it was too late. He let himself be influenced, he let himself be a puppet. There was no one to blame but himself. Loki had no excuses, no defence; The green eyed god didn't know if their relationship could ever be fixed, but Loki was willing to try. One step at a time; the first being no deathly chaos and explosions. But... if the Avengers attacked him he would have to defend himself; perhaps it could be done with no fatalities and minimal property damage; maybe making the Avengers seem more like cause of destruction. It would make them believe he wasn't weak; Stark probably told them all of his moment. They were probably laughing.

Loki moved from the frozen bench to walk down a icy street. But then Jack was his son; he probably wouldn't be bamboozled by a half thought out farce such as that. Loki couldn't let his pride ruin this further. He would watch and wait; he wasn't Thor, he wouldn't rush in with his emotions guiding him instead of good sense. Maybe he would save orphans from burning buildings, or give to those without the supplies to survive. The Avengers would certainly get a kick out of that; SHIELD would likely hold the children captive and confiscate the given items making the actions a bit moot.

Loki's green eyes moved to the sky, Midgards different constellations were a fine distraction from his brooding. The sky was as dark as the polluted city sky could be and the stars were little pinpricks peaking through the smog. The Midgardians were clever in their machines and factories, but that was not worth the cost of losing most of the sky and every other natural place on Midgard.

That was when Loki saw a curious sight. The stars didn't became clearer, but golden ribbons of sand came into Loki's sight. The sand was fluid; constantly shifting into beasts like dolphins, brontosauruses, and other Midgardian shapes that Loki was unfamiliar of.
He touched one of ground level streams and was effected by the magic; it send a jolt of contentment, restfulness, and happiness through Loki's body while giving him the overwhelming urge to just curl up on the grass and take a good long sleep. It was magic; extremely different than Loki's, but magic all the same. It was magic of pure light with the purpose of manipulating the unconscious's thoughts into something happy while also making one sleep. The magic was powerful and the large amount of sand going through the air only showed mastery and ability that only an age old being could have. Which was definitely not human. Loki assumed it was the work of one of Midgard guardian spirits; for who else would put so much effort just to give a mortal a pleasant dream?

Then an idea crossed his mind; maybe this spirit would be willing to answer some questions about the years he had missed of his son's life. It might not help anything, but Loki felt as of he needed to know.

Unfortunately, Jack had a fair bit of knowledge about New York, so Loki wouldn't be surprised that every single spirit kept themselves updated on Midgardian events. He would be recognized, perhaps even attacked, in his true form or put to sleep if he took the form of a mortal that the gold seidr sought. Loki found his solution by letting this hair turn light, his face grow hairy and moulding armour shapes and colour that wasn't his own; something that an true Asgardian warrior would wear. A shiny target with a obnoxiously bright cape. He took the shape of his bro- Thor.

He then began following the trails of golden sand, toward the epicentre of magic. It led upwards and into the sky so Loki pushed off into the air with great strain on his magic.
The sky trail lead him to one window of a three story building. It was closed, but the glittering gold magic went through the glass as if it was a harmless beam of light. Loki balanced on the perilous ledge of the the tall Bildungsroman and peered in the window. The room was brightly coloured and depictions of unicorns covered nearly every surface. A strange short golden man stood in front of a pink bed; magic flooding from him as he watched a small golden unicorn prance above a sleeping child's head.

Loki could feel immense power radiating from the spirit's small body; angering the spirit was as good of an idea as provoking the Hulk. Loki gave a hard rap to the window; a blunt and brash tactic that would have been done by Thor. (Except the real Thor would have likely accidentally broken the window.) The little gold man jerked in startle, but recovered quickly to focus his his golden eyes on the intruder.

He was quite confused by Loki's presence, but wasn't outright hostile. More like curious. The spirit's sands began to form shapes over his head. The forms of Mjolnir and thunder storms took shape among others. The spirit was apparently not a talker.

Loki took a deep breath in to get enough air to talk at Thor's volume. "Greetin-"
The shapeshifter barely got out a word before the spirit's sands started frantically shifting into images that depicted sleep. The small man also pressed a finger to his lips in a shush and moved it into hand signal that was universally know as 'just one minute please.'

So Loki waited, leaning on the building with magic supporting his whole weight. It didn't take long for the spirit to finish and the little man came out of the building with a flourish of sand. He gestured that Loki should follow him as he moved to solid ground.
Loki wasted no time, "Greetings spirit, I am Thor of Asgard and I have some questions about the spirits of Midgard." Loki could feel a head ache coming on from his own voice.
A question mark appeared over the spirits head so Loki elaborated. "This realm is under my protection now, squiring knowledge of other protectors would be most helpful." A nod. "I am most grateful, could you tell me of the 'Guardians'?" Jack mentioned that word; mentioned that what he was now, perhaps it was something on Midgard.

The spirit lit up at that, his sand formed five figures, two being quite familiar; one being the little man standing before him and the other being Jack. "I have encountered the thin child, he has been culprit in many acts of mischief in the city of New York." The little gold man gave a soundless chuckle; he appeared to be on good terms with his son. "What knowledge do you have of him?" Sand sculptures of snowflakes, balls for snow, laughing children, and flying happy dolphins were shown. None of it was at all useful in the slightest and while these symbols appeared the small man's attention drifted. It was on the tendrils of sand in the sky. There was likely nothing else useful to gain from this spirit tonight. Or any other night, since he doubted this friendly spirit would give vital personal information about a friend to a stranger. As much as Loki loathed it, if he wanted anything of substance he would have to find an enemy of Jack (tricksters usually had those) or make some friends. The former sounded a lot better.

"I thank you for the information, man of sand, I will not keep you from your nightly duties any longer." The little man looked at Loki a bit peculiarly before returning to the air. That was a venture that didn't get Loki anywhere. It just told him that Jack still retained his love for dolphins and was part of a small order of spirits.
Loki kept Thor's form and walked away from the gold sands; it would do him no good to have his cover blown.

The air began to chill as he walked down the empty streets. It usually wouldn't affect someone like him, but it wasn't natural. Loki didn't change his speed, but he was now hyperaware of his surroundings.

He noticed little things such as shifting shadows and imagined figures at the corners of his eyes. This was Seidr meant to create hysteria; to create fear in every heart in could reach. Loki turned into an alley and stopped. Looking straight ahead Loki spoke. "I know you are there, reveal yourself."

The shadows answered back, "Well, well, well, I never though you would be back after that New York fiasco." The voice had a icy accent very much like Loki's.
"Whatever do you mean creature?" The shapeshifter turned around to see a grey skinned man with a imposing straight figure.

"I can see through you Liesmith." The man said coolly with a shark toothed smile. There was certainly a resemblance between the spirit's and his mannerisms; it was like looking in a darker unpleasant mirror.

Loki took his own form. "Ah yes that form is far preferable, it's one I'm much more familiar with, the children can't get your face out of their nightmares." A scowl from Loki just made the spirit laugh. "It's a very pretty face, by human standards, but all the children make it rather grotesque stained with the blood of their heroes and families while split by an absolutely inhuman grin. They like to exaggerate things you see."

"Is your only purpose to mock me creature?" Loki was tiring of this spirit fast. He was the monster children should be afraid of, but he didn't particularly want to hear it.

"No of course not, I am also curious about what you were asking the sandman." This shade was too nosy.

"Is this any of your concern creature?"

"It very much is; I can be of assistance, silvertongue." The tall dark man had a manic look in his eyes.

"What could you do for me?" Loki was wary of whatever he had to say. This spirit made his skin crawl with his very presence.

"I could convey information a lot better than the sandman."

"What what would you want from me for that?" Information was very tempting, but Loki had a feeling doing a favour for this creature would be quite... unpleasant.

"Nothing at all, I could be quite friendly... occasionally; especially to the one who created enough fear to feed legions of nightmares." There was something, but Loki could figure what it was later. Now it was time to get information against his better judgement and base instincts telling him to run.

"Tell me about the Guardians."

"They are a loathsome and selfish group, it's an exclusive club chosen by the man-in-the-moon to manipulate the children of the world. There is North; he is a large man who brides children with trinkets and is the self proclaimed leader. Next is Tooth, she hoards children's memories through their teeth and manipulated them by making them recall the past. Then Bunnymund, he's the last living Pooka, a race of giant rabbits. He forces children to yearly search for eggs, giving them temporary hope in beating the other kids in this competition. Then the Sandman, who you met, he gives people good dreams. And last there is Jack Frost." Finally the only one Loki cared to hear about. "He's the youngest member and is the odd one out. For the past three hundred years he was a lone spirit, such as myself, before he was reluctantly coerced into the Guardians. He constantly risks children for his own entertainment; his mind has grown as much as his body." Jack really hadn't changed much, it seemed he continued to be full of life even when being cast aside and alone. That was something Loki didn't have in common with Jack.

"This Jack, do you know more of him?"

"Why? You looking to convert him to assist you? I've already tried, he's very stubborn and I doubt you would be well received, out of all the Guardians he certainly has the strongest bond with children and you are well aware of how the children perceive you." Loki kept his temper even though the shadow man was really trying his patience.
"That spirit embodies mischief making him an interest." The greened eyed god delivered a lie easily.

The fear spirit eyes seemed to glitter with something that put Loki even more on edge. "The boy is much like you; his deepest fears are being forgotten and no one being able to see him; a side affect from being alone for many years."

Loki was not pleased with the spirit's comparison nor with the pain he felt for his son; so he expressed that in anger. "How did you acquire that information creature!"

The fear creature's smirk was sharp, almost predatory. "Please; how couldn't I see it, your fears aren't hidden well. I would recommend you stop internally brooding. Now could I continue?" The spirit took Loki's silent fury as cue to go on. "If you want to trap Jack or force him into one of you schemes, just threaten harm on a child; any would do, but if you want to make it very personal I recommend a child from Burgess, preferably one named Jamie Bennett."

This spirit definitely had a grudge against Jack, no person without one would offer up choice information without a price.

"Though... You may not have to do that. The Avengers have took a special interest in the young spirit and SHIELD is bound to get word. You do know what they do to unfamiliar creatures right?" Loki's blood went cold; they still needed him so forcibly taking information was ill advised. He saw Nick Fury's eyes, he was prepared to take anything much further just to get results, to do anything for the greater good. So if SHIELD got wind of Jack... Loki didn't want to think about it, but he would think he would do something stupid, heroic, and not at all good for him.

The creature gave a low chuckle and continued. "I still have a job to do dear Liesmith, I will have to bid you farewell for now. If you have need of me just call out my name, Pitch Black, and I will respond. I do owe you for traumatizing children and adults around the globe." And the creature faded away into the shadows and it felt as if a weight was just lifted from Loki's back. He could breath again without the feeling of wrongness in the air and the sick nervousness in his gut. The creature- Pitch Black was far more powerful than Loki realized when the spirit first approached him. The magic had slowly wrapped around his heart as Pitch talked and began to influence him with a increase in heart beat and strong fear for Jack. Pitch Black would never be a name voluntarily called.

It was a long day that really wore on Loki so he decide to sleep; something he had done at a fair less frequent rate than he should have done. He walked until he saw the bright letters screaming it was a hotel to the heavens in which he made his way to without hesitation. The ceilings and floors were covered with neutral colours of different shades; it was fair more relaxing on the eyes than the golden splendour that was prevalent in Asgard's castle.

"What could I do for you today sir?" The desk person asked.

"I would like a room, your best if you could."

"Ok, just fill this out and-"

"There is no need for that," Loki's eyes grew a brighter shade of green and the desk person's eyes went dull. "Give me the means to get a room and do the needed things in someone else's name... let's say Tony Stark's." Loki created a card in his hand and passed t over. "Do what you need and then buy yourself something nice."

The man passed over a card, "Room 210, on the second floor, sir."

"Thank you."

It took awhile for Loki to learn how to use the key card, but he got into the room eventually. It was clean but instead of exploring the first thing he did was spell the door so if could be only opened by him. (Or someone who could apply enough force (Avenger's monster for example) to 'break' the ward) The second thing was to look at the welcoming bed. His conjured clothing disappeared as he in ungracefully flopped onto the mattress. Every light in the room was quenched by a bleary eyed glance though the bright splendour (or better known as 'light pollution') of the city still ebbed in. The bed wasn't Asgardian silk, but that didn't matter much to Loki since he already started to nod off. He welcomed the oblivion.

Hours later the room seems to get darker as a figure came in through the window. It's eyes glowed gold in the dark as they turned to the sleeping god. A cloud of black particles flew from the shadow man's hand. They stopped above Loki's head and started to form shapes as his brow began to furrow. Loki appeared distressed in his murmurs, stained expression, and finger twitches and Pitch Black loved it. Such a secret creature brought to show his deepest darkest fears like any other being exposed to the nightmare magic.

The black sand showed Pitch the inner fears within the god's heart in detailed structure. And he wasn't at all surprised about how entertaining the fear of a 'god' was. His lips curled into a twisted smile; "That is interesting, to say the least." Pitch said smoothly to the twitching form of the man trying to fight off the spell holding him in sleep. "I don't imagine our dear Jack is pleased with this relation, or really anyone who he is on friendly terms with." Pitch let the nightmare grow bigger and bigger as Loki struggled. "You just gave me the means to take care of an annoyance. You have been such a help." Pitch gave a razor wire smile to the unconscious form of the god. He had one foot out the window as he released the nightmare. Loki's eyes opened to see nothing but the mirror across and a few speckles of black powder on white sheets. As he prepared for the morning he couldn't shake off the uneasy feeling in his gut, like something was going to go wrong.

Author's notes: I quite like Pitch and redemption stories about him, but I needed a villian. I don't know if he will be a larger part of the story or not, we will all see since I have no idea where I am going. But I'll get to the end. (eventually)