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{Yugi's POV}

School was over for the day! Finally! Took it long enough... Now Yugi was walking home with Tea, like they always did. Today, there was really nothing to talk about, so they were walking in silence, simply enjoying the warm sunny day.

After a while, Tea came up with a thing to do. "Hey, Yugi! Want to race to your Grandpa's shop?"

Yugi didn't say anything for a moment. //Yami, will you race for me! I'm not very fast...//

//No, that would be cheating. And besides, you never know, you might win.// Yami responded logically.

Yugi mentally sighed, then responded to Teas question by dashing ahead. "I'm winning!" He shouted back to her.

"Hey!" Tea ran to catch up to him. "Thats not fair!"

"Fair enough!" Yugi called back. "I'm-- Whoa!"

He stopped midsentance as he fell over. Tea ran up to him.

"Yugi, are you alright?"

Yugi sat up, brushing the dirt from his hands. "Yeah... I'm fine... That was weird, though..."

"I'll say it was! You never fall down!" Tea said, looking worried.

"That's not what I meant... Did you see the flash of light? That's what made me fall... It was a flash of light..." Yugi asked her.

"I don't know, Yugi. I didn't see any flash of light." Tea said uncertainly.

"Oh. Well then what could it be?" Yugi asked. He immedietly regretted his words, though, as Tea opened her mouth to respond. He could sense a friendship speech about to come forth, and he was just bracing himself for it, when suddenly.....He was somewhere else!

Tea stared at the place where, just moments ago, her friend had been sitting on the ground. "YUGI?!?"


{Still Yugi}

Yugi looked around him, trying to figure out what had just happened. //What's going on?// He thought to himself.

//This is strange...// Yami commented.

//Yeah.// Yugi agreed. He sighed slightly. This WAS very strange, but at least he still had Yami there with him... Wherever he was, he wasn't alone... Maybe he wasn't alone anyway....

"Hello?" He ventured. "Anyone here?"

A loud shouting noise came from somewhere high above him. "What in the world?!?!?!?"

//Wow... took the words right out of my mouth...// Yugi thought sarcastically.

He looked around, trying to find whoever had just spoken.

The person got closer and Yugi was able to see... a really big face?!?!?!

"Wha!!!!!" Yugi tried to take a few steps backwards and fell off of... whatever he had been standing on... and fell onto... whatever that was below it... It seemed like really big carpeting... which, strangely, made sense... seeing as he had just had an encounter with a really big person...

"Yugi, are you ok?" The voice asked.

Yugi stood up quickly, his eyes wide. This THING knew his name, too???

//Ok, I've done lots of strange things before... Battling in the shadow realm, mind shuffling, getting turned into a duel monster, getting my friends to stop fighting by offering them hospital food... but this is totally bizzare!//

//I'll say.// Yami agreed with him. //I wonder if she knows me too...// Yami seemed to be talking more to himself than to Yugi, so he turned his attention back to the person.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Oh, I'm Daricio." She said, grinning. "And this... is really weird..."

//Daricio... well, we know her name now...// Yugi thought to himself.

Yugi looked up at her. "How did I get here? Where is here?"

"Honestly, I have no clue... I was playing with my tin there, and I... well... Here, let me show you by doing the same thing again..." She did so, bringing her finger down and pressing gently on a white square painted on the corner of the box... tin... whatever...

Suddenly there was the flash of light again. Yugi blinked.

He was standing in the streets of Domino again. Tea was staring at him.


"I don't think there's TIME to do that, Tea! Daricio's going t-" His words were cut off by another flash of light as, apparently, Daricio hit that square again.

Yugi sighed and stopped trying to talk to Tea, realizing that he was sitting on that tin again.

"Did it work?" Daricio asked, looking excited.

"Yeah, but do you realize-"

Daricio grinned. "This is SO cool!!! I wonder if it will work with my OTHER tins!!!"

The color drained out of Yugi's face. "Wait!"

Daricio didn't hear him. She was already across the room, pulling stuff off of a shelf.

Yugi shook his head. He was starting to get a headache from all this...

//Let me talk to her, Yugi.// Yami suggested. Yugi nodded. They switched.

"Daricio!" Yami called out. She looked over, then came back, holding a few other tins in her hands. She set them down, then sat down.


"I still don't get it... What's going on???"

"I don't know... But if you don't get it, that would be because I haven't told YOU anything yet.... I've only been talking to Yugi before!"

Daricio turned to her tins and started shuffling them around. Yami was staring at her.

"How... how.. how..." He stammered slightly.

"How did I know that you guys switched?" She finished for him, not looking up.

Yami nodded.

"It's obvious! You're about two inches taller than Yugi!" Daricio looked over, grinning at Yami's shocked expression. Yami just stared.

//I TOLD you that you were taller than me.// Yugi said.

//So? That doesn;t mean I have to run races for you...// Yami replied.


"Now then, let's try these other tins!!!" Daricio exclaimed. "Hmmm... which one?..... hmm... I wonder..."

She pulled one from the bottom of her little pile and set it on the top.

Suddenly, Yami thought he knew what was happening... He looked down at the tin that he was standing on. It had his picture on it with the Dark Magician behind him! He realized with a start who must be on those otehr tins... his and Yugi's friends...

He watched Daricio, unable to do anything, as she pressed the square on the tin.

Yami saw a brief flash of light, and then suddenly, HE was on the other tin! He looked around... when he looked off the edge, he could see the tin he had just been standing on.

"Cool." Daricio commented. "If I set this one here, and that one over there and press the square, I can transport you across the room!"

"Don't. Please. Don't." Yami said, looking at Daricio seriously. Daricio looked at him with a disappointed frown, then shrugged.

"Fine, I'll try more tins!" She pulled another tin off of a shelf near her and set it on the floor next to the other tin. Now Yami could see clearly who was on it.

It was Seto Kaiba.


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