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Yami paced the room, deep in thought. Yugi was asleep; Yami didn't wake him with Daricio's news because he wanted him to get as much sleep as possible before the dueling tomorrow. Somebody had to be awake then...

His footsteps didn't make any sound against the floor of the Airship's carpeted floor as he went back and forth and back and forth. Idly, he made his way over to the mirror off to the side of the room and stared unseeingly at his transparent reflection.

Aren't you there yet He thought to Daricio impatiently.

"It's a half hour long car ride, Yami. Mom says we'll be there within the next ten minutes or so." Daricio answered, sounding just as restless as he was.

Yami sighed. I know. He said resignedly. I just wonder what Bakura has to tell us...

Daricio mentally nodded, then went back to staring out the car window.

Yami's attention returned to his reflection. Bored, yet unable to sleep from the tension all around them, he unconsciously studied his features, as well as those of the darkened room around him.

Slowly, his mind began to shift to other subjects, trying to distract him from the time left before he could possibly get some answers.

As his thoughts fell upon the vision that the Millennium Rod had shown Daricio, he began to let all the details she had conveyed to him sift through the not many facts that he knew about his past life in Egypt.

The fact that she had seen Kaiba's past self there seemed to hit a right note; Isis had mentioned the same thing. The fact that he was playing with them if he would eventually be against him seemed a little odd but, on further consideration, could be deemed valid.

Past forms of Joey and Tea being friends with the Pharaoh's son sounded right as well; after all, the past was repeating itself, so it made sense that many of the same people were allies.

Daricio's past self's presence continued to befuddle him, though. After all, how could the two of them be in the same room playing together as children if they were in two completely separate worlds?

Unless... unless the two worlds were one at one time...? Yami's eyebrows furrowed as he contemplated this. What kind of event could have happened that would split a world into two? And why?

Yami sighed. Maybe he'd ask Isis in the morning. Perhaps she'd have answers regarding Bakura, too.

His thoughts turned back to the white haired boy, and Yami began to silently pace the room again.

They had already known that Bakura had a body in Daricio's world, but they never had been sure entirely what had happened to bring him crossworlds.

Yami had an inkling of a suspicion, though, that Radley had something to do with it, especially if the worlds had been connected in Ancient Egypt.

Somehow, in the split, the tomb robber's spirit had remained with the rest of the Millennium Items and yet his reincarnation had gone to the other world...

This could mean that the reverse is possible, too... Yami thought to himself. Perhaps Priest Seth's spirit is in Daricio's world even though his reincarnation, Kaiba, is here...

Yami shook his head. This was getting far too complicated.

Speaking of the other spirit in this world, though, Yami suddenly wondered what had happened to the thief when Bakura went to Daricio's world after being sent to the Shadow Realm.

Had he gone with Bakura, or was he still trapped in the Shadow Realm? Or maybe... perhaps he had taken refuge within the Millennium Puzzle?

Yami blinked, then disappeared into the Puzzle. Quickly, he walked to the center of the dimly lit first floor.

"Tomb Robber!" He yelled, looking up into the depths of his complex soul room. "I know you're in here! I need to speak with you!"

His voice echoed for a moment, and then everything was silent. Yami frowned. I'll have to look around. Yami Bakura isn't exactly the type to come when he's called.

He started up the first set of stairs, looking around as he did so. "Tomb Robber!" he called again.

Again, no answer, though he thought he caught some movement out of the corner of his eye.

He searched for a little while longer, shouting for him now and then, but didn't find anything.

He sighed, heading back to his soul room door. "Fine," he called over his shoulder. "Your loss, Radley!"

He headed back into Yugi's soul room and almost collided with Daricio.

"We're at the hospital." She said, grinning in slight relief.

Yami nodded. "All right, let's go."

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+Daricio+ (A little earlier)

Daricio stared out the window of the car as they drove towards the hospital. It was dark outside, and a soft misty rain was falling.

Everybody in the car was quiet. The only noise was the near-silent whisper of the tires against wet pavement.

Daricio watched the dim scenery go by without really seeing it as a thousand questions floated lazily through her head. Her eyelids began to droop from the exhaustion of all that had happened that day.

She let her blurry eyes go to the sky where a single tiny star was shining through the clouds of the moon-less night.

Slowly she smiled, and she began to mouth the words of the ageless children's rhyme.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight..." she breathed. The star went out of focus, making it seem brighter to her tired eyes. "I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight."

An idle thought crossed her mind that "tonight" doesn't technically rhyme with "tonight," and her wandering attention was caught by the little star that continued to grow brighter.

She blinked slightly, trying to bring it back into focus and get the light to return to its normal pinprick, but still it continued to glow until it even chased the clouds away.

The sheer blinding light caused her to look away and she gasped inwardly. The hot desert sun shone down on her and the few others around her. She was no longer in a car, but riding a horse, something she had always loved doing.

"Atemu, over here!" One of the others, a boy with sandy blonde hair called. It took Daricio a second to realize that they weren't speaking English, but Egyptian.

Looking around, she saw a teenager who could only be Yami on another horse toss a round disk to him.

"Give it back, Jonu!" A teen girl, the only one not on a horse, called in annoyance, obviously having fun even though she was being teased.

"No way, Teana!" He laughed. "Dari, catch!" He threw the disk over the top of Teana's head straight towards Daricio.

Daricio grinned and moved her horse forward, standing up in the saddle slightly to catch it, then threw it off towards the last boy in the group.

"You have horrible aim, Jonu!" she yelled, laughing at the look he gave her.

"Dari!" Teana complained, running towards the last boy. "Seth!"

Seth threw it back to Atemu who laughed and tossed it down to Teana.

Jonu and Seth groaned. "Aw, come on! Ruin all our fun, why don't ya?" Jonu whined.

Atemu grinned at them, offering Teana a hand up onto his horse. Teana stuck her tongue out at him childishly and ran to Dari's horse, swinging up onto it behind her.

"Catch us if you can!" Teana yelled.

Dari grinned. The horse reared for a second, then Dari pushed it as fast as it could go. Faintly, she could hear the others' calls as the two girls rode off, laughing merrily.

"Dari! Teana! Dari! Dari! Dari!"

Dari's grin couldn't be wider. Playing with her friends always made her feel better, no matter what sort of things had gone wrong before.

Sighing, she looked up into the familiar desert sun. She blinked as the Eye of Horus began to form around it and the light itself began to fade.

"Dari! Dari! Dari! Dari!"

Slowly, Dari brought her horse to a halt, staring up at the dimming sun. Rapidly shrinking, it was soon the size of just a tiny pinprick. Then all around her, everything went dark, but the Eye of Horus still remained.


Daricio blinked, shaking herself. "Hmm?"

"You fell asleep." DVD said, giving her an odd look. "We're here."

Daricio blinked again, glanced up at the twinkling star in the still cloudy sky, then climbed out of the car. 'What an odd dream...' she thought to herself. 'Very odd. I mean, come on... Yami being called Atem...whatever it was...'

As she walked into the building, shaking her head to clear it, she mentally headed into Yugi's soul room to find Yami and almost collided with him as he was headed out.

"We're at the hospital." She said, grinning in slight relief.

Yami nodded. "All right, let's go."

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+Mr. Gice+

Mr. Gice pulled his small briefcase up on the only slightly larger table that was in the corner of the room that Joey was currently sharing with Tea, Serenity, Duke, Tristan, and himself. Inside, were some of the prototypes for his RWC.

Quietly, he lifted out the foam bottom and began pulling out different cables and equipment that he had brought along in case his device needed to be repaired.

At the moment, though, reparation was not the adventure he was beginning. Carefully, he got up onto the table and tugged the security camera loose from the wall a little.

Turning it to the side, he opened it up and unplugged a few wires, substituting them for some of this own, connecting the simple machinery to his screen. Then he climbed down and began flipping through the different rooms.

He had wanted to do this earlier, to make sure no cheating was going on, but there hadn't been time, and he didn't particularly want everybody on board to know that he was doing it. Now, when everybody was sleeping, was the perfect time.

Scanning through a few rooms confirmed that most everybody was asleep. Only three or four rooms showed signs of activity, and most of these were random workers and engineers keeping the blimp on course.

As he looked around at the different areas, he was careful not to do any peeking into any of the girls' rooms. After all, he wasn't some kind of pervert.

Viewing Yugi's room, Mr. Gice smiled as he watched a near invisible form, viewable only because of Mr. Gice's screen capabilities, pace back and forth across the floor.

He watched for a moment until the form, obviously Yami, disappeared. Then he flipped over to a room where, according to the security system, a computer was in use.

Mr. Gice smiled at the sight of Mokuba curled up in a chair, Kaiba's trench coat draped over him as a blanket. Kaiba himself was the one on the computer.

He seemed to be studying the Egyptian text on the Ra card. Every now and then he'd mouth a few of the words aloud, but every time Mr. Gice tried to lip-read him, it was obvious that he was reading in the ancient language rather than in English.

Mr. Gice frowned, wondering when Mr. Kaiba learned Egyptian. Being a scientist, he disliked the idea of magic in a world of technology, but after the 'visions' that Kaiba and Daricio had had during that duel, it was hard to deny it.

Kaiba, of course, seemed to have no appreciation for the sudden gift of tongues that he had concerning the language, or for any of the other magic displayed during this tournament.

Mr. Gice shook his head. He'd come to his senses eventually. Even if you didn't want to think of your life being controlled by Destiny, as Mr. Gice himself did, such odd things existed whether you called it 'magic' or not. There was really no other way to explain it.

Kaiba sighed and leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes and rubbing his neck, which was sore from staring at the computer screen for so long.

A quick glance at his own security screens, however, showed Kaiba a very sideways view of the room that had many people scattered sleeping all over the place. He sighed again, looking up at the security camera in his room.

"Mr. Gice, go to bed. And leave my security system alone."

Mr. Gice grinned, saluted the sideways camera in his room, and turned off his monitor, shutting down Kaiba's whole security system as he did so.

He could have sworn that he heard Kaiba's groan from all the way across the blimp.

Whistling cheerfully, he found a comfortable place on the floor and went to sleep.


Bakura stared up at the ceiling of the hospital room, still trying to figure out how he had gotten there.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't mentally connect with Radley. The only time that had ever happened before was... Well, it hadn't ever happened before...

The only explanation that he could think of that fit the situation, including what the nurse had told him about him being in a coma for several years and the stiffness of his body, was that he had somehow crossed worlds again, as he had when he first went to where Radley was.

And even that explanation made little to no sense. If that was true, then there was nobody in the entire world here who knew him... After all, as far as he knew, he had no relatives, and his parents were both gone...

He found himself growing slightly frustrated. He had just been getting onto better terms with Radley. Things were just starting to look up for him! And now he had to start his life over again!

The door to the room opened and Bakura's expression immediately lightened and he pushed the tears that had been coming away. He didn't want anybody else to know that he was feeling bad...

A doctor entered the room and Bakura sat up, giving him a questioning look.

"You've got some visitors, Ryou." The doctor said, smiling.

"Visitors? But... "

A girl about Bakura's age pushed past the doctor and ran to the bedside. "Bakura! I'm glad you're ok!" she cried, giving the now very surprised boy a hug.

The doctor smiled and left the room.

"Um..." Bakura blinked, pulling the girl off so that he could look at her. "Daricio?"

Daricio nodded, grinning. "Hey. I'm not sure exactly how, but you somehow ended up in my world..."

"I... see..." Bakura said slowly. "I think."

He noticed another girl and two boys file into the room. "Who're they?"

Daricio looked over her shoulder, then turned back, "Oh, that's my sister, Shells, and my brothers, DVD and Jrj." She introduced.

"Nice to meet you." Bakura said politely. He looked back at Daricio. "Good to see that you made it back ok, Daricio."

Daricio smiled. "I was more worried about you, actually. From what we could tell, you and your yami were just on the losing end of a duel with Yami Malik..."

Bakura nodded. "Yeah, the dark duel just basically sent us to the Shadow Realm when we lost. Something pulled me away from Radley, and when I next opened my eyes, I was here..."

"Yami says that sometimes the Shadow Realm acts as a link between worlds. He said he thought that that might be what happened." Shells put in.

Bakura smiled at everyone. "I'm just glad that I didn't get pulled somewhere where I'd have to be completely alone..."

The doctor came back in with Daricio's parents just then.

"Ryou, the Joness' and I were just talking..." The doctor began, "Are you sure that you don't have any living relatives?"

Bakura blinked again. "As far as I know." He answered. "Why?"

"Because, since you're perfectly healthy according to our tests, we're not really allowed to keep you here at the hospital. But in order for you to go, I need to sign you out with a family member, since you're not 18 yet..."

Bakura shifted his gaze to the floor. "So in other words, there's really nowhere I can go." He said somewhat dully.

"Not necessarily." Daricio's mom said, smiling. "That's what the doctor was just talking to us about. We have a game room that we could convert into an extra bedroom..."

"We've been thinking about it our whole way up to the hospital." Daricio's dad added. "And we've decided that, if you'd like to, of course... we could take you in."

Everybody in the room that was under the age of 18 very suddenly had wide eyes.

"You... You'd adopt me?" Bakura asked.

The two nodded, smiling.

Bakura's face broke out in a grin. He climbed out of the bed and hugged the two adults. The rest of the kids came in to hug Bakura as well.

"I guess it's settled, then." The doctor said, looking pleased at the outcome. "Ryou can get into his normal clothes, and the rest of us can go and take care of the paperwork."

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