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'What the hell is taking her so damn long?!'  Inuyasha thought angrily for the umpteenth time that day, as he impatiently paced the length of the well.  It had been almost a whole week when since she had promised that she would be back in 2 days…so what the hell was she doing!?

Sango, Miroku and Shippo, merely stood by, watching their disgruntled champion pace back and forth by the well.

Shippo, who was also quite worried about Kagome's unpunctuality, jumped in front of Inuyasha's pacing form and voiced his concern.  "When is Kagome coming back?"  He asked anxiously, looking up with troubled eyes at the older half youkai.

"How the hell am I supposed to know?  I don't really care anyway, so…leave me alone!"  Inuyasha yelled, tempted to kick the little Kitsune but decided against it, not wanting to make his earlier statement a falsehood, as he plopped down on the soft green grass.

"Inuyasha, snapping at Shippo is not going to make Kagome come any faster."  Miroku said matter-of-factly, earning him a baleful glare and a growl for his efforts.

"Yeah," Shippo agreed readily.  "She might not be coming back because she doesn't want to be around a 2 timer like you!"  He finished dramatically, not noticing Inuyasha rise suddenly, or how he was drawing back his fist.  "Now she'll never come back!"  He wailed, realizing that he was probably right.

"Shut up!" Inuyasha snarled, bopping the unsuspecting Kitsune on the head with one balled up fist.

"Osuwari!"  Yelled an exasperated voice for the well, as Kagome slung her bag over the side of wall.

"Why you…"  Inuyasha trailed off, as he raised his head from the imprint that his face had made in the ground.

Kagome rolled her eyes, throwing both her legs over the side of the well before gently leaping off.  "Really Inuyasha, do you always have to bully Shippo-chan!"  She chided disapprovingly, catching the now squealing Kitsune whom was moments ago crying, returning his fervent hug.

Standing up, Inuyasha fixed Kagome with an accusing glare.  "What the hell took you so long?  I thought you said that you were only going back to take one of those "test" thingy's!"  Inuyasha berated loudly to no avail, his complaints falling of deaf ears as Kagome rushed over to Miroku and Sango side to greet them and give them the good news.

It took Inuyasha some seconds to realize that he was being disregarded.  "And we have to find Naraku and no "test" thing is more important…"  He trailed off looking at Kagome's joyful profile.  He should have yelled at her for not listening…but she just looked so damn happy about something right now.  Truth was, he was happy to see her too.  He had been more than a little angry with her for making him worry so much, and even angrier with himself for caring so much.  Seeing her pretty face again, almost always caused him to forget himself and his anger.

Kagome turned to face Inuyasha, taking his appearance in for the first time.  He looked no less surly than usual, but something was different…he looked a little pale to her. No…It was probably just her imagination.  "Inuyasha, I passed my test!"  She said, the proof in her hand, waving slightly due to the faint breeze.

Taking in Kagome's jubilant face almost made him smile in return.  Instead, he turned around, arms crossed and stated in a nonchalant voice that finding Naraku was more important than any test she would ever take and that they would start moving now.

A gentle smile slowly made it's way across Kagome's features.  She really should have sat him for his callous behavior…but he was only worried about her, and truth be told…it warmed her heart.

"I said are you ready to go?"  The irate voice repeated, breaking Kagome from her reverie.

"Hai."  She agreed readily.


Something was defiantly wrong with Inuyasha.  Their usually exuberant and perseverant half Youkai could not be found today.

Kagome looked over at Miroku and Sango, and also saw that they had noticed the change in Inuyasha also.  He had been lagging behind.

He was almost always eager and ready to guide the group to their desired destination, but not today.

Giving Sango and Miroku a look that said 'we should stop,' she hopped off her bike and turned to Inuyasha.

"Why the hell are we stopping?!"  Inuyasha yelled, already knowing that they had probably noticed his unusual lack of energy.  However, he was still reluctant to admit that something was indeed wrong. 

"Inuyasha," Kagome started gently, not wanting to offend him, but knowing he would take offense to anything that supposedly made him a weakling.  "Is something wrong?"  Inquired a worried Kagome, stretching her arm out, to try to feel the half ling's fore head.

Dodging her hand quickly, giving his unwavering offended amber gaze.  "No!  Nothing's wrong with me!  Do you think I'm some kind of weakling or something!?"  He demanded vehemently.

"See?  I knew bringing a weakling hanyou like Inuyasha would slow us down."  Shippo sighed dramatically, shaking his head for effect, and was immediately silenced by a quick pop to the head.

"Nothing is wrong with me damnitt so lets get going!"  Inuyasha said stubbornly, starting to walk once again.

"Well it's getting dark anyway, and I can see a little hut from here."  Miroku pointed out helpfully.

"Yeah, and, I'm kinda tired anyway."  Kagome admitted, emitting a soft but audiable yawn.

Seeing that Kagome was indeed tired, he reluctantly agreed to stop.  "But were only stopping because Kagome said she was tired, not for me!"  He said somewhat childishly, making his way to the small hut. 


The group made a fire within the small hut and quickly started to cook the fish that they had caught not to long ago.

Inuyasha sat away from the group, pondering his current position.  What the hell was wrong with him?  Truth be told, if they hadn't have stopped soon, he probably would have done something wimpy…like faint; he thought with a faint shudder.  He was loath to admit it but he had felt kind of weak lately, as if his energy was slowly being sucked away.  Kind of like the victims in that show, which had the five girls with the short fuku's banishing energy stealing monsters.

Even thought slight, the shudder did not go unnoticed by Kagome.  She gently put down her meager supper of fish and stood up, walking toward the stubborn half youkai.

Inuyasha was so lost in thought; it took him a couple of minutes to notice Kagome standing there.  "What?"  He ground out.

Kagome took a seat next to him.  "Are you feeling sick?"  She inquired for the second time that day, trying to feel his forehead once again.

Catching her roaming hand, he placed in back into her lap.  "Wench, I said I was fine."  He growled, crossing his arms defensively.

The others came over to see if Inuyasha was telling the truth or not.

"Inuyasha, you smell kind of…weird."  Shippo said seriously, not really knowing how to put the smell into words.

Inuyasha jumped up immediately.  "What the hell do you mean I smell weird, you dumb kit!"  Inuyasha yelled defensively for which he immediately regretted the action.  It made him feel worse.

Shippo's face screwed up into one of dislike.  "I meant, you smelt dumber than usual!"  He said moving out of the way, as Inuyasha headed for the door of the hut.

'I gotta get some air.'  Inuyasha thought as he quickly shot out of the door.  The air didn't seem to help much either, as the forest he saw in front suddenly turned into bright swirling colors.  Had he not been so nauseous, he might have actually thought it was pretty.

"Inuyasha!"  Kagome yelled when she saw he sway slightly, following him out of the small hut, with the others close behind.

The last thing Inuyasha saw was Kagome's panicked face before his world went blank.



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