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Written by: Breezbox and Usagipegusus

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Kagome slowly opened her eyes after a couple of hours of fitful sleep.  Blinking, she rose to a sitting position, running hand over sleep-laden eyes.  She stretched lightly, and gasped slightly when an unexpected pain in her neck stopped her from stretching any further.  Her slender hand went to her neck to try to ease the pain.  'I must have slept on it wrong,' she though, rationalizing the pain in her neck.

How long had she been asleep, she questioned herself feebly as she recalled the days' events.  Her hand stopped in mid-stroke over the sore area on her neck as she remembered the rather unpleasant incident with the wolf youkai. 

Recalling the icy waves of fear that had raced down her spine when Inuyasha was in danger, she had been relieved when her ruse had worked it's magic on Kouga.  Her joy was short lived however, when she realized that they were going to have to leave the hut and look for the others.  The big problem was accomplishing this.

Kagome felt uneasy about taking the sick youkai outside of the hut, but they had to find help.  Besides, it didn't seem as if Inuyasha had much longer to wait.

This decided Kagome turned around, her gaze solely focused on the fitfully sleeping half youkai in the darkened corner of their small shelter.  Kagome emitted a small groan of frustration due to their unfortunate lack of alternatives as she rose, moving toward the inactive figure in the corner.

She gently lowered herself by Inuyasha, reaching a hand toward his forehead, half expecting him to rise and tell her again how "fine" he was.  The heat emanating from his body was so intense; she almost yanked her hand away on instinct. 

'He's burning up!'  Kagome thought; alarm gracing her soft features.  Swallowing the rising lump of fear welling up inside of her, Kagome desperately tried to keep calm.  Panicking would not help their situation.

With shaking hands, Kagome reached out to the hanyou, shaking him lightly.  "Inuyasha?"  She rasped out through her suddenly dry throat.

The half youkai continued to remain inert, his shallow breathing his only sign of life.

The lack of response that she received only served to intensify her trepidation.  Gulping once again, desperately trying to keep her calm, Kagome reached out to him once more.

"Inuyasha?"  She repeated again, a little louder.  Unfortunately, it still did not generate a response from the half youkai.

She pulled her shaky hands to her face in mute horror, a rush of terrible guilt assailing her. 'Baka!' she berated herself,  'How could I have slept knowing that he needed to be watched?'  She yelled mentally.

'I should have…should have…' her berating thoughts trailed as she realized that, his condition would have worsened no matter what she had done.

Whipping at the tears of fear and frustration that had started to form at the corners of her eyes, and taking a long deep breath in a attempt to calm her racing emotions down, she reluctantly pulled her gaze to the pale hanyou; trying to decided her best course of action from here on.

Kagome was left with two options: she could go for help, leaving Inuyasha helpless, or she could stay with Inuyasha while his condition worsened.  Both were very bad alternatives, she admitted bleakly, but she had to choose one.

Abruptly, the door of the small hut crashed open, startling Kagome from her deep, contemplative thoughts. 

With a gasp, Kagome's head whipped around quickly to see what had happened, immediately recognizing the four familiar faces, Kagome nearly sobbed her relief.

"Thank God…" She whispered, relieved that burden wasn't just hers to carry anymore.


Unfortunately, Kagome realized as she stood by while Kaede tended the sick hanyou, her relief was short lived.

"So…you guys weren't able to find any help for Inuyasha?"  She asked even thought she already knew the answers.  Their telltale expressions were answer enough.  "What happened?"

Heaving a weary sigh, Miroku proceeded to do just that.  "Well, once we found our way to the healers cottage, she diagnosed Inuyasha and sent us on our way to find the cure."  He began.

"Unfortunately, the healer turned out to be a fake…" He trailed off, certain that Kagome could draw her own conclusion.

Kagome merely stared at a spot on the floor as she took this in.  So they were back at square one?  Where would they ever find a healer in time for Inuyasha?  Kagome though worriedly while millions of thoughts swarmed around in her head.

A grunt for Kagome's right took her out of her stupor.  "Kaede-bachan…"

She turned to Kagome, a distressing expression etched on her old features.  "This looks bad."  She started,  "It seems as though his disease has worsened dramatically."  She stated, looking once more to Inuyasha. 

Kaede was right; Inuyasha did seem to have worsened dramatically.  Before the incident with Kouga, he seemed sick but not near the extremity that it was now.

"Did anything happen while we were gone?"

Still contemplating Kaede's theory, Kagome was about to mutter an absentminded no, when the memory of their previous encounter with the wolf youkai made itself known in her mind.

"Yes.  We had two unexpected visitors…" Kagome replied, starting the story off


"Sesshomaru and Kouga?"  Sango asked incredulously, now thankful that none of them had attempted to kill the half youkai.

"I think the sudden rush of anger that Inuyasha probably experienced, began to drain his health away quicker."  Kaede reasoned.  She turned to Kagome.  "It's a good thing he wasn't fighting…he would have not survived this long."

The nearly forgotten kitsune, sat quietly, watching the shallow rise and fall of his hero's chest.  Shippo had always thought of Inuyasha as his very strong, sometimes annoying older brother, so it was strange to see him in this weakened state.

He gulped down a sob and he tried not to think of Inuyasha dying, but the though kept running unbidden through his head.  Shippo tried unsuccessfully to blink back his tears, telling himself that he needed to be strong for the others, but it was all to much.

Kagome was just about to inquire about their next move when Shippo's shrill wail broke through the air, turning all their heads in the direction of the distraught kitsune.

Kagome moved over to Shippo, moving him on her lap, all the while whispering soothing words and patting his head comfortingly. 

Once Shippo's wails turned to small sniffles, Kagome reassured him.  "Shippo-chan, Inuyasha will be okay.  He's a very strong person."  She convinced him, while trying to convince herself of the very same.  The anguished look in her eyes showed her own uncertainty.

Seeing her friend's obvious distress, Sango moved over to Kagome, putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder.  "He's going to be fine Kagome-chan."  Sango said with certainty, giving Kagome a spark of hope.

Unbeknownst to Sango, her sudden movement bought her tempting behind close to the delinquent monk's hand.  The severity of their situation almost over took his perverted urges.  Almost.


Sango's screech cut through the air, making Kagome and the others, cover their ears on instinct.

Sango turned around angrily, muttering choice words as she turned around ready to make the monk pay.  When her hand was mere centimeters away from Miroku's face, an unmistakable voice stopped her.

The new voice made all of their heads turn towards the door.

"If you're seeking help for the hanyou, bickering like children is not an option."  Stated the familiar voice.

Four pairs of eyes flew to the figure residing in the doorway.

Kagome's gasp of surprise was the only sound heard within the now quite hut as they looked upon the face of Kikyou.


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