Intersecting Lines Book 2

01 Introduction

Hi and welcome to Book Two of this story.

Intersecting Lines Book Two is a continuation of my first posted story, Intersecting Lines, which grew significantly larger than I had ever imagined when I started out; 100 chapters in all.

I realise that may seem a bit daunting to new readers so I thought I should provide a really short synopsis of Book 1 to help ease you into this story.

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles, about seven months after moving from friends to lovers, have taken a secondment in Los Angeles to give their relationship a chance to grow far from Boston and the often hostile attention their relationship has brought; Maura to take over the Medical Examiner's role for the Los Angeles Police Department and Jane as a detective assigned to the LAPDs Major Crimes squad, under Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (The Closer).

There they meet Natalie Dearing, the LAPDs new media manager and her partner Anastasia Romanov, the newly assigned FBI Liaison Officer to the LAPD. During the next several months a friendship grows between them which in turn expands to take in Brenda Leigh Johnson and her close friend Sharon Raydor, the head of Force Investigation Division, the section that investigates officer-involved shootings.

With the help and active encouragement of all four, Brenda and Sharon build upon their friendship; both are single and lonely and are encouraged to act upon their potential as a couple, Sharon having previously been involved with a woman. Overcoming their misgivings and fears, Sharon and Brenda have embarked on a relationship while working together to investigate a series of suspicious shootings at the hands of two detectives, members of the LAPD's Robbery / Homicide squad.

During their time in Los Angeles, Jane and Maura were instrumental in closing several major cases, including a deranged sniper; a drug-cartel linked mass shooting and a car bombing at the LAPD Annual Ball. Following an invitation from Deputy Chief Johnson, they have decided to stay in Los Angeles and build a new life for themselves there.

Intersecting Lines Book 1 ended at midnight on New Year's Eve, when Jane proposed to Maura in front of their closest friends, Olivia Benson and Alex Cabot (Law and Order: SVU) visiting from New York, Anastasia and Natalie and Brenda and Sharon.

If you would like some backstory to Jane and Maura and Olivia and Alex getting together, please read my short story 'Hearts on the Shopping Block', which deals with that specific event.

Other stories dealing with the people of 'Intersecting Lines' can be found in my series of short stories posted as 'Intersecting Lines; Possession and Passion' and a new series I am about to post, 'Intersecting Lines: Drabbles'.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you decide to join me on their journey.