Chapter 1

Third POV



"Annoying" A brunette said as she opened her hazel eyes and found out that the alarm clock was smashed into pieces.

"Hell no! Now I have to buy another one."complained the brunette. "And today is the day I'll leave this place and study at a shool called Alice . Who carers anyway" She said and then lied down to sleep again.


The door was destroyed and standing there was a raven haired girl with amethyst eyes. She looked pissed and threated"Mikan, wake up, pack your things now or I will throw your precious Ipod away"

"Okay, I'm up I'm up. Don't throw my things away."She said and got out of the bed.

Yes. Her name was Mikan Sakura and the one that had amethyst eyes was Hotaru Sakura.

After Mikan packed her things, she got down stairs and was greeted by none other than Anna Sakura- who had pink bubble gum hair and sapphire eyes, Nonoko Sakura-who had midnight hair and blue eyes, Sumire Sakura- who had black curly hair and green eyes, Misaki Sakura, who has red short hair and red eyes.

"Good morning Mikan." Anna, Nonoko and Misaki said

"Good morning pig" Sumire said

"Well good morning to you too, Per-"

"My name is not PERMY, you hear that?"Sumire exploded

They weren't sisters but they treated like ones. And since that happened, they stayed with each other and shared last name, Sakura. The things they only had the same was the emotionless eyes and face.

"Did you just yell at me, PERMY or you want to die soon?" Mikan said in dangerous tone and sweetly sick voice that made everybody shivering

"Of course not, Mikan" Sumire said and sank down to her seat

"Now, everybody is here, right?"Hotaru said and all she got was nods."So we'll go now. Say bye bye to this house"

So everybody got out off the house and took one last look before entering a car that has parked since a while ago.So much for memories

"I can't believe we are going to study in the most academic school for genius." Mikan said

"Well, since we are ones already."Anna said

Everyone looked at her confusedly

" Oh, come on. We all have IQ over 300 and we learnt how to defense ourselves eventhough we spied on it." Anna explained.

"Whatever" they said in unison and turned back to what they're doing ( As for everbody to know, Mikan is sleeping, Hotaru is fixing her inventor, Anna tries to look for another poisonous recipe, Nonoko tries to find another dangerous potion, Sumire is busy fixing her nails ad Misaki is listening to her Ipod.)

"I hope this school will be good…"