Chapter 1

Moans left hinatas mouth as sasuke continued to thrust deeper inside her.

"Will I ever get tired of you" sasuke groaned as he slaped her across her bare behind, responding with a moan as she felt pleasure and pain tingle her insides.

Hinata desperately tried to move away from him knowing that what they were doing was bad yet pleasing, she tried to get a hold of the pillows that were above her head but when she felt sasuke pull out she froze until he roughly entered making her whimper as he grabbed her hips and kept her in place as he continued to thrust.

She was on her knees as she gripped the covers under her until her fingers went pink. She was bare for him and him only because they had made a contract together. But there was not love included in this Contract.

1 Month earlier...

"Everybody stay together! Yeah" deidara sensei yelled as he rested his hands on his hips and pouted as his students continued to ignored him.

"They said to stay together and shut the fuck up brats!"madara sensei yelled across the room as he loosened up his to tight tie.

All students went quiet and looked at the two teachers who one stud annoyed while the blond stud embarrassed while the other teachers looked at the group.

"Now shut up and get to class!" Continued madara sensei as he started to light up his cigarette.

Today was the start of hinatas second year of high school but by the looks of it everything seemed like last year , the same teachers the same students and the same friends. Hinata entered her homeroom and saw that her history teacher madara was talking with the schools headmaster Minato while all the other students where making alot of noise as the other classrooms hinata had passed on her way.

"Oh, hinata over here!" Tenten called from the middle of the room where she sat on her desk. " Hello tenten , temari" Hinata greeted with a smile . " I've missed you so much shorty" temari said as she wrapped her arms around hinatas body. Hinata blushed as she gave a small smile and said " I missed you too temari"

"Yo-ho girls!" Said kiba as he made his way towards the girls. "Hello kiba" Hinata said happily. " why didn't you come play video games with me during sumer huh hinata?" Kiba pouted as he crossed his arm over his chest. "Summer cold" Hinata said with a light blush.

Kiba gave a small laugh as he ruffled hinatas hair. "Sorry I'm late!" Yelled a too loud naruto ad he entered the classroom. Hinata blushed red as she looked at naruto , he was in the schools uniform which was black pants and a t- shirt while girls wore a black knee length skirt and a white t shirt and yellow ribben.

Hinata has had a crush on naruto since middle school when he talked to her for the first time , hinata instantly fell in love with his wide happy smile his glowing deep blue eyes.

"Everybody settel down!" Headmaster Minato said as he held onto a stack of papers. " please chose you're seat and stay quiet there's someone I'll like you guys to meet"

"I'll sit in the front" Hinata said as temari let her go. Hinata sat on the middle row first sit, it would be easy to see the board.

Tenten sat behind hinata while temari sat behind temari and kina sat on hinatas right.

As soon as all the students sat and went quiet a man came in a white nurse coat entered and stud next to headmaster Minato and madara sensei. His hair was a raven black with a hint of blue but was bairly noticible and had dark black eyes that looked bored as he scaned around the room until his eyes landed on hinata that they went wide.

"Why are you here, you weren't supposed to be here" he whispered to himself.

" starting from today he will be our schools new nurse so if you don't feel good come to him, sasuke sensei would you like to say something " Minato said with a smile.

"Not one" he said in a dark voice that made girls squeal and giggle while hinata looked at him with curiosity as she felt she had seen him somewhere but couldn't remember.

As he continued to look at her with regret.


She shouldn't be here, he wanted to be far away from her. He swore he wouldn't come near her even if life and death put them together.