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The Void King


With a heavy heart, Shu made his choice. He felt no hesitation, no regret in his actions, and calmly proceeded with what would appear to most as a joint suicide. In fact, he felt oddly…at peace. The resolve he felt to carry out this final action had brought everything into a striking, profound kind of clarity. This was what he had to do. His last farewell, his repentance for all the harm he had caused in his ignorance and foolishness. A single, immeasurable gift to the world that only he could grant.

The Apocalypse Virus would vanish, and along with it, it's fated harbingers, Adam and Eve.

He wasn't scared at all.

Shu felt the Voids as they came to him, both familiar and unfamiliar, the metaphysical 'hearts' of every infected child in the world. It was like all those people stood with him. Through them, he felt the pain, joys, and sorrows of what seemed to be the entirety of humanity. It was awing, beautiful, and made him want to cry…but he didn't. Couldn't. Wasn't even sure he was capable anymore.

Inori was in in his arms, close enough that she seemed almost to be one with him as the virus crystals crawled up their embracing forms, encasing them. A crystal statue. Perhaps it would be crushed when the GHQ base crumbled around them, or maybe it would stand for the rest of eternity. A sentinel. A reminder to the people of what they had suffered and survived. A memorial for those that hadn't.

Shu closed his eyes as his face was consumed, and darkness overtook him. Calm. Ready.

Then he found himself opening them again. Staring into the white emptiness and surrounded by the whirling strands of power and DNA and who really knew what? It was a place he recognized, nothing more than an illusion really, but one he shared with Inori. She was there, floating before him, looking healthy and whole like she'd never been broken and possessed by the insane remnants of Mana and the virus.

She smiled at him. Offered a cat's cradle, the guilty crown, blood red and glowing.

"Take it."

Without thinking, he reached for it. Didn't entirely understand the impulse to do so. His fingers brushed hers as he stared into her eyes. Then he stopped. Reached past her outstretched hands and grasped her shoulders, pulling her to him, into the circle of swirling strands as if in some hope they might bind her to him so she could never leave.

"Shu?" She gasped, quietly.

"Please, Inori, don't leave me." Because that's what she meant to do, he could tell. She hoped to give up what remained of her life to save his. "I won't let you die alone. I can't. So please…"

"Shu…" She shifted, tried to get him to look at her, but he only tightened his grip. "You have to live Shu, for me, for your friends, for Gai and Mana…"

"If anyone deserves a second chance it's you, Inori." Shu argued. "I know the other's are waiting for me…but this is my choice. It's selfish, I know, but I finally feel like I've done what I was meant to. That despite everything, this is the right thing. The virus is gone, the Voids are all right here with me, and with you…I'm complete."

There had always been something missing. Some integral part of Shu's being had been absent from the majority of his life, whether it be his memories, his true calling, or a loved one… But now he was finished. His memories were painful, but complete. His loved ones were dead and at peace or alive and safe now from the virus that he had eliminated at the cost of his body. Maybe he hadn't managed to be the Adam that Daath had wanted, bringing about a new age…but he had created his own miracle, and instead cleansed the world of the Apocalypse.

And now…he was ready.

"Let's go, Inori, together…to whatever end awaits us."

He didn't know what exactly she saw that convinced her: his resolve, his peace, his love. But she nodded. Smiled again, beautiful and sweet and on the edge of tears.



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