It was a beautiful day in Luna. It was a moment when queen Levana simply couldn't be happier. Emperor Kai had finally accepted the wedding alliance. He had agreed to marry her. He had said yes! And she was really, really happy!

Immediately she called her first thaumaturge, Sybil Mira. If there was a person important enough to know about this first, it was her. She answered the phone before it could even ring. Apparently, Sybil was that devoted to her queen.

"Your Highness-"

"I'm getting married!"


"Kai said yes!"

And then they screamed in sync like two thirteen-year-old fangirls (fangirls of Kai from the Commonwealth, of course).

"I mean..." Levana tried to be serious. "Tommorrow we're leaving early in the morning, for earth. Be ready."

"Of course, your majesty."

Levana went and sat in her room. All the mirrors were covered with white sheets, so that she couldn't see herself, but she knew she was beautiful. She had long red hair with fluffy curls, fair skin (just like every other Lunar, she always protected herself from the vicious rays of the sun) and her eyes were... brown? Green? Perhaps, a mix of both? She didn't remember. But, she had to remember- she couldn't simply change her glamour any time she wanted to. Not that she ever shut it down: she was always maintaining it, never to be seen without it in public, always there, like a firewall. All her life, all her grandeur, everything was based on deception.

Suddenly, a song came to her mind, and she mindlessly started singing along the familiar, old earthly tune.

I feel pretty

Oh so pretty

I feel pretty

And witty and bright...

And I pity

Any girl who isn't me tonight

She started dancing, spinning around gracefully. No one could see her. Her own room, the room of the queen, was private, as one of the few places in Luna without a monitoring circuit (this was a measure she intended to apply in earth as well, right after her coronation).

For I'm loved

By a pretty, wonderful boy!

The song ended. Levana slumped herself on her bed with a big smile on her face. Her grin only got darker, as she thought of doing something symbolic.

Levana got up, opened the drawer on her bedside table and took out a mini sphere, a glass miniature of Earth. She held it up in a small distance from her eyes.

She peered on the sphere for a moment, always keeping the same malicious look.

Soon. Soon, everything would be hers. No law would be able to stop her; none would have more power than her, and she would impose her own rules. Earth, as she knew it, was going to change forever under her government.

With a light, full of grace, flick of her wrist, she turned her hand so that the sphere was facing the floor. She let go of it; the glass shattered into a million pieces as it landed with a clash.

Then, suddenly, the ground started shaking beneath her feet. The moon was shaking. Earthquake on the moon. Levana fell down and held her head in her hands.

It felt like the earthquake was going to last for all eternity. This time it lasted for more than half a minute, unlike the previous time, which was only two days ago. That one was far less intense, and, of course, it was not mentioned in the earthly mass media. With all this mayhem there was in the last few days, she didn't wanna give any sign of weakness to the people of the earth.

When the earthquake finally stopped, Levana got up and inspected her room. Luckily, everything was in place. However, as she paced up and down, she discovered something weird when her heels started sinking in something gross and slimey. It was like someone had spilled orange juice on the floor. As she got closer, she saw that the liquid was orange. But it wasn't orange juice; it was egg yolk.

The queen felt utter confusion when she saw this. She couldn't understand where it came from. She kneeled on the floor, so far that the slimey thing wouldn't touch her fine royal then she made the connection. Her apartment was built right above the surface of the moon, and she was at the ground floor at the moment. Broken egg shells were under the tiles, and combined with the egg yolk... could it be?

Was it possible that the moon was an egg?

She screamed. Loud and desperate; desperately loud. So loud, that she didn't notice the sound of the spaceship that landed next to her, until a man got out of it and addressed her.

Now, about the spaceship... let's say, it just wasn't very common. It was... unique, weird. Which means... oh, whatever. The spaceship was camouflaged in the form of a police phone chamber.

It was a blue box.

"Stop screaming so much."

AN: So, yeah, this is the first chapter. Levana may be a little OOC sometimes, but always remember this is just a spoof. This fanfic takes place right after Scarlet ends, but obviously for plot reasons, Levana is still on the moon. I hope that you enjoy it!