Hey Guys! This isn't a new story unfortunately, however I think some of you will like this. When I was writing previous stories people always had something to input (which I appreciate very much) and seeing as I am having a bit of writers block right now I had an idea.

I want to have a contest to see who gets think come up with the idea for my new story!

It can be a plot line for either Les Miserables or The Mortal Instruments as I do write both (if you want to see a different story done you can submit that as well and if I know the book/movie/Tv show etc.. I will consider it)

So all you have to do it tell me in a short private message what you want the story to be about. You can give me vague details and what you would like to see happen in it, or you can give me more details about what you want to happen at the end. I will still be taking writing liberties however to try to make the story mine but i will still be keeping all of the suggestions that you submit.

If i pick your plot then you will receive a private message and we can continue to work out details, you will also receive the chapters via private message before I post it on the website.

So I'm going to pick the winner on Halloween ( Friday October 31st) and will tell the winner on the same date.

So in all honesty this really isn't a contest because you guys don't win anything but I will promote your Fanfiction page and stories throughout the story that I will be writing.

Ohhh and by all means feel free to want a themed plot (like christmas or halloween! but p.s christmas is chill and i like it)