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Chapter 1

Bella was asleep but her dreams felt real, there was two Native American women standing in front of her and they were beyond beautiful to be real. The one on the right had blue paint under her eyes and across her cheeks. Her hair blacker then a raven's wing's it was pulled into a braid hanging down to her hip with feathers tied into it. Her dress was made of a white buffalo's skin hanging down to her knees and her boots matched. She wore a necklace with a glowing crescent moon that matched the moon in the sky and glowed. Her eyes were steady as they watched Bella breathing heavily; not speaking just watching.

The one on the left was almost the opposite but still russet colored skin like the other. Her hair was wild and untamed almost as if she didn't brush it. There was a headband holding it out of her face that had intricate designs of the sun on it. She wore no face paint but wore warmer colored clothing that looked like fox fur and deerskin dyed red to match. Her dress went to her feet but had a slit running down the side to her bare feet. The necklace was a sun that felt warm and it reminded her of Jacob. She smiled at Bella as those thoughts crossed her mind.

"Isabella Swan." the woman on the left spoke to her smiling.


"We are here to help you with a difficult decision that will alter not only you but the world as you know it."

"What do you mean?"

"We speak out of turn sister we haven't even told her our names." The woman on right said sternly.

"Oh! Of course how silly of me, I'm Mahveen."

"And I'm Miakoda."

"Nice to meet the both of you, please call me Bella."

"Well Bella, we've been sent to you to show you the consequences of your actions and what will happen to you on each path you might take." Miakoda said in a strictly professional tone.

"Am I dreaming?" Bella asked herself.

"I assure you we are real, but yes in a way you are dreaming." Mahveen explained.

"Oh, great I've finally lost it and just after I got Edward back." Both women looked like they had been singed at her words. She looked at them confused, who or what were they. "So what is it that you're supposed to show me?" Bella asked getting impatient.

Miakoda took a step forward and was in front of Bella getting annoyed with the childish behavior she was showing towards them.

"We will come to you in a day's time, each of us have something different to share." Miakoda scowled at her.

"Sister pleaseā€¦" Mahveen spoke. "Don't mind her she's very upset with our task she can only see one side of the story and she doesn't like how it plays out. I have faith that you will choose the right course, which of course I have seen."

"Umm, alright." Bella gulped back her fear and looked them both in the eyes.

"When you wake up do not forget us young one, we are not a dream and we will see you soon."

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