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The battle with Pain had ended and was time to find the puppet master that controlled them. They were able to find the hideout and Naruto wanted to speak to the man alone. The miko and demons agreed as this was his fight to finish. Though, just because he went in to speak to enemy by himself, that didn't mean that, they couldn't hear everything that they were saying.

The said puppet master name is Nagato master of the Rinnegan eyes. From his story he had great hate towards Konoha village as leaf ninja's killed his parents during a nation war. Then he met Konan and Yahiko. They were all orphan children because of the war. It wasn't long till they ran into Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. Jiraiya took them in and trained them for three years earning Nagato's trust. When he left they made their own organization to stop the war and tried to bring peace. The leader of Amegakure, Hanzo, lead them in a trap with the help from Danzo and killed Yahiko. That was his second pain and was full of hate once again towards the leaf village once again.

Kagome couldn't help but feel sorry for him as she has seen from first hand in what killing a love one can do to people. Naruto understood him too though he still couldn't forgive him. But seeing that Jiraiya had left his quest for Peace to Naruto he's willing to do the same and not kill Nagato. It took some time but Naruto was able to win over Nagato and for his reward Nagato used Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth. Suddenly a statue appeared in Konoha. When its mouth open Kagome felt all the souls that have been taken was released and returned to their bodies.

That was not all as Tenseiga started to pulse. Both Kagome and Sesshomaru noticed this and decided to walk into the hideout as the pulse was getting stronger. When they came was near Naruto she saw that it was Nagato that Tenseiga wanted to save. Even after all he has done she still believed in second chances. After giving the demon lord a pleading look Sesshomaru unsheathed the sword. When Konan saw him approaching she was going to attack him till Kagome stopped her.

"Don't. Just watch he's going to bring him back." Kagome said

Sesshomaru stop near by the dead Nagato and saw the demon underworld carriers around the body. With one slice he destroyed the carriers and returned the ninja's soul. The color of Nagato's face and hair started to come back and started to breathe. Both Konan started to tear up when Nagato opened up his eyes.

"What…how…?" Naruto said awe.

"Tenseiga, the heaven sword, is known as the sword that can save 100 souls. But it can only save a persons' life once." Kagome explained and smiled down at Nagato.

"But why? Why save me?" Nagato asked

"It was not my attention human. It was Tenseiga will." Sesshomaru stated as he sheathed the sword. "As well as my sister's will."

"It would seem that because of your last act Tenseiga believes that you deserve a second chance in life." Kagome said

"I wouldn't have cared if you have died or not but if you tried to kill me or my sister again I will be your death." Sesshomaru glare before exiting out of the hideout.

"Sorry about him but he's very protective of his pack. Once he sees that you mean no harm and show that loyal to him he might just light up a little." Kagome said with a smile.

She held out a hand towards the red headed ninja and he just stared at her for moment. He had thought that she would be just like her father but he could sense that she was pure and kind; the opposite of her father. So he took her hand as in fate. If Naruto trusts her so will he.

Once they were all out of the hideout they went back to gather Pains body. Konan used her paper jutus to cover his body.

"So this is Yahiko, I presume?" Kagome said

"Yes. This Tendo Pain was created from his body." Konan said

"So what are you guys gonna do? I'd hate to think you'll go back to the Akatsuki." Naruto asked

"No. We'll are leaving the Akatsuki." Nagato stated and then looked at Itachi. "What about you Itachi?"

Naruto gasp when Itachi took off his mask.

"I'm staying with my mate. I go where she goes." Itachi stated "Be careful though, Madara will be after you."

"Same to you. Good luck." Nagato said

"The same to you two as well. And don't forget that if you need any help we'll be there for you." Kagome smiled

Nagato gave the young priestess a small smile before bowing to her and leave with Konan.

"Um, Kagome why is Itachi Uchiha with you and why did he call you his mate?" Naruto asked

"I'll explain to you on the way back to the village." Kagome said

The walk back gave her enough time to explain to Naruto with everything that happened when they split for the Sasuke mission. He was still a little wary of the rouge Uchiha but was willingly to give him fate since Kagome has fate in him.

After a few more steps Naruto was now reaching his limit and could no longer stand. He was about to fall till someone caught him.

"Kakashi sensei." Naruto smiled

"Just stay still. I can carry you." Kakashi said and looked over at Kagome and her companions. "It's good to have you back Kagome."

"It's good to be back." Kagome smiled

When they reached towards the gate and they were greeted by everyone in the village. Cheering both Kagome and Naruto.

"They have all been waiting for you two return." Kakashi said as he set Naruto down.

Everyone headed towards them; congratulating them and asking questions about the enemy. Kagome stayed near Sesshomaru and Itachi as she believe this was Naruto's fame. Both Kagome and Itachi couldn't help but smile at the scene before them.




After the big celebration Kagome believed that it was time to clear Itachi's name. Right now, she along with Itachi, Sesshomaru, her friends, Kakashi and Naruto where in the Hokage's office with Tsunade, Shizune and Yamato. After reviling Itachi he began to tell his side of the story of what happened that night and why. With his powers he was able to show how Danzo, with the elder councils support, backed him in the corner and gave him no choice but to annihilate his whole clan. After some time and seeing it with their own eyes they believed that they had enough evidence to take down Danzo and the elder council and to clear Itachi's name.

"Is it true that it was on yours and the elder's orders that Itachi Uchiha slaughtered the Uchiha clan?" Tsunade asked with a glare.

The elders gulped nervously but said nothing.

"Don't forget if you lie, I'll know." Kagome glared

"Itachi you fool. I didn't think would ever tell the truth." Danzo said "Never thought that you'll say anything just because of a woman."

"So it is true." Tsunade glared

"Self-sacrifice. That is the meaning of Shinobi. Never to see the light of day. Distinguished servants of shadows. That is the true figure of shinobi since ancient times." Danzo explained "It was not just Itachi, but many shinobi have died so. This world could not function. Just on ideals and pleasantries. It is thanks to them that peace has been maintained. I doubt that any of you will understand. Itachi for you to tell this you truly betrayed Koh…"

He didn't get to finish his sentence Kagome punching him in the face.

"You bastard! Don't you dare say he betrayed this village! You are the one that been betraying this village so you can rule it yourself." She said as she activated her Sharingan. "With both of my powers I can see what you're truly after and why? You want to be Hokage because of your rivalry with the third Hokage. And…I can see the eyes the of the Sharingan that you've stolen."

This shock Tsunade and the elders.

"As the true heiress of the Uchiha clan I won't let you take advantage of them for your own selfish goals." Kagome hissed "And they will be put to rest and reunite with their bodies and soul."

"Why you little…" Danzo glared

He was about to make a hand sign but Kagome already beat him to it.

"Reaping Bind!"

The next thing he knew Danzo was no longer in control of his body and his arms were spread out. He tried to use the Sharingan's that he had but nothing was working.

"This is my mothers' Jutsu. No Gen or Ninjutsu can be use against it as there is nothing that can defeat the Reaper himself." Kagome said

Suddenly Danzo felt him right eye and arm being slice by an unknown force. He yelled as he could feel the eyes of the Sharingan disappearing from his body. Everyone in the room could see the souls of the eyes breaking from Danzo body and being taken by the Reaper. When the Jutsu was done Danzo was released and fell down to the floor.

"Now their souls are in peace." Kagome said

"As for you two and Danzo you are under arrest for the slaughtered the Uchiha clan." Tsunade said

With her orders the Anbu Black Ops took them always. They were going to be punished for what they have down.




After a while everyone in the village were told the truth and Itachi no longer had a guard to keep an eye on him. After a few more days a summit was called upon the five nations Kage's.

Then there was the bad news as this happened. Apparently Sasuke was send by Madara to kidnap the eight tail beast; know has Killer Bee from the Land of Cloud. Shinobi from their village came to talk to the Hokage about it and she quickly called for Kagome and Itachi.

"Sasuke did what?" Kagome said in shock

Itachi sighed in disappointment as he should have seen this coming.

"Kagome, do you think that you can tell for sure that Killer Bee was taken to the Akatsuki?" Tsunade asked

Seeing what the Hokage was thinking. Kagome concentrated on her miko powers and located this Killer Bee man. Since the tail beast is a demon and that there are no longer demons in this world it should be easy. It took some time but she was able to locate Killer Bee and it seems that he was safe from the Akatsuki.

"He's safe and nowhere near the Akatsuki. Actually he's pretty close to the Clouds lands now." Kagome said

"WHAT?!" The two young Cloud members said in disbelief

The older one sighs in annoyance with sweat drop. It seems that this was normal for him to do.

"Thank you for your help, Lady Priestess. We'll send word to Lord Raikage. But what is to be done with Sasuke Uchiha?" Samui asked

"Let Kagome and I talked to him. I'm pretty sure that he's being brainwash by the true leader of the Akatsuki." Itachi said to Lady Tsunade. "I know Naruto what's to bring him back himself but I think its' better that we do it."

Tsunade agreed and placed the task on to them.