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She was an oddity.

Even among the Uchiha clan, especially those of her older brothers.

"What are you doing?" Itachi asked, watching with slightly softer eyes that he rarely ever showed to anyone other than his younger siblings, "Imouto?"

The four-year-old frowned up at him and Itachi found himself somewhat amused that her abnormal blue eyes flashed with an anger that honestly reminded him of a defiant kitten, "No, go away!" Kagome hunched even further over the dirt.

Itachi knelt down, well aware of the fierce glare his tiny little sister was throwing at him, but he didn't let it bother him as he eyed the scribbles Kagome was scratching in the dirt.

"Go away, Tachi!" Kagome huffed again and Itachi glanced at her, finding himself rather irked that she always refused to call him 'Nii-san' or any other variant of the word, and always insisted on calling him by his name (mostly since 'Tachi' wasn't the full version).

"Haha-ue is worried," Itachi said smoothly, eyeing the word that Kagome had scratched over and over again in the earth and he could not help but to frown, "Who is Higurashi Souta?" His voice hardened and his question sounded more of a demand.

"My real brother," Kagome answered childishly, not even flinching when Itachi's eyes glinted an angry crimson red in response, "Tachi and Sasu aren't my real brothers!"

"We are of the same blood, the same clan," Itachi found himself irritated that his dear sister refused to acknowledge him and Sasuke as her siblings, "The same parents, Imouto. What are you if not Uchiha Kagome?"

The blue-eyed girl shook her head furiously and began to scratch the name 'Higurashi' in the dirt with a fervour he had never seen before from the child, "The pretty lady said Kagome is here because of punishment."

Itachi raised a brow, listening rather intently as she babbled on and on about the beautiful woman who appeared in her dreams and told her strange things that didn't seem to make much sense.

'Shikon no Tama?' The prodigy thought, 'Youkai?' He had to wonder if she had possibly taken the bizarre details from some book she had come across, or if she was just making up some fairy tale, "You need not worry, Imouto," Itachi interrupted, "There are certainly 'demons' scattered across the lands, but they have been sealed away and cannot get to you."

The youngest Uchiha stuck out her tongue at him and abandoned the word 'Higurashi' for the more curious scribbles of 'Inuyasha', "Kagome has to finish her punishment before seeing her real family again."

Itachi resisted the urge to sigh and placed a calloused hand on her head, forcing her tiny body to rest against his stomach, not relenting when she began to struggle, "You are Uchiha Kagome," He stated firmly and she shook her head again, "You are my Imouto. I will not allow any to 'punish' you."

Perhaps if he used his Sharingan on his sister, he could find out the identity of this 'pretty lady' and slay her for daring to put the idea that he and Sasuke were not her brothers.

Kagome was his dear little sister and always would be.

No matter what.