Zuko sat in the window of the nursery, his infant daughter cradled in his arms, her twin already fast asleep in his crib. Ira slowly blinked her golden eyes at him as she wrapped her tiny hand around his finger. Already, at just a few months old, she had a mess of curly brown hair, just like her mother.

"Hi, princess," he whispered, gently stroking her cheek.

He kissed her forehead, and she smiled at him, melting his heart.

"I promise to be a better father to you," he said for the thousandth time. "I promise that I will love you with everything that I have in me."

Zuko turned at a sharp whimper from the nursery doorway. Tiny three year old Kurzu was clinging to the edge of the doorway, his big blue eyes brimming with tears. He gasped and tried to hide when he realized he'd been noticed. Zuko smiled softly, remembering stories his mother had told him about his and Azula's early years. He held his hand out to Kurzu, beckoning for the child to come closer. It took a while, but eventually he inched his way over, and Zuko scooped him up, holding Kurzu just as close as he held Ira.

"This is your baby sister," he whispered.

"No baby."

Kurzu refused to look, crossing his arms and sniffling.

"I know it's hard because you're not the youngest anymore," Zuko said, hugging his son tighter. "But these are your babies, too, you know. Your little sister and your little brother. They'll need your help, so you'll have to be a good big brother for them."

"No baby," Kurzu insisted.

"You'll have to teach them how to walk and talk, how to feed themselves, and how to pet the turtleducks."

Kurzu still shook his head, but at least he'd turned toward his sister. Gently, Zuko took Kurzu's hand and brought it toward Ira, and she grabbed onto this finger and put it in her mouth. Kurzu tried to resist a smile, but it slowly spread across his face, and he let out a little giggle.

"It tickle daddy!"

Zuko laughed, holding his babies close.

"Can you say sister?"

"Sister?" Kurzu mumbled.

"Now, say Ira?"


"Good boy."

Zuko leaned back against wall as Ira yawned and settled down. Kurzu still hadn't let go of her hand, and all was fine for the moment. He didn't doubt that they'd have to have this conversation many more times in the coming years and months. For now, though, his son was reassured.

"You will always be my prince," Zuko said, his eyes closed. "No matter how old you get, you'll be my little princes and princess."

Kurzu yawned and burrowed closer to him, and Zuko raised his temperature to keep them all warm. He sighed contentedly. They should really all get in the bed, but for the moment, he was comfortable just where he was.

A/N: Written in celebration for 100+ followers on Tumblr. Intended to be a series of shorts about Zuko's being a giant dork of a father. Besides, I needed some fluff after anime destroyed my feels this morning.