Hello everyone and every-birdie. I'm li43101 (pronounced Lee-43-1-O-1 for those that are curious), and I decided to throw caution into the wind and do a Hatoful Boyfriend story. Since I want to get this story started, I'm going to keep this brief and get on with it. But first:

Warning: This is my first Hatoful Boyfriend story so the canon characters may be a bit OOC. Also, I'll be going off the manga for some parts of this story while other parts are off from the game. So be warned, there will be a lot of references to the manga.

Disclaimer: I only own Hinata Mori, her mother, and Daichi Shizuka (as of right now, there will probably be more in the future). All other characters belong to Hato Moa.

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Mori Hinata, or Hinata Mori to those in the Western world, was a very normal teenager. Her mother and friends calls her Hina for short. She was 15 turning 16, and she lived alone with her mother. She worked during summer to help pay the expenses alongside with her mother, and she used to work part-time at a maid café. She's very proud of it, as she was quite good at her job. Her father's been missing for a very long time, so she doesn't remember much about him. Other than that, her life is normal, and she's just an average girl. Well, as normal as it could get.

You see, Hina goes to St. Pigeonations Academy. What kind of a name is that, you might ask? Well, it's normal considering that most of the intelligent population now consists of birds. A virus called H1N1 something to do with making birds smarter, along with killing humans who had no immunity against the virus. That is a story for a later date, though. For now, let's go to Hina's last day of her freshman year, when her life changed forever.

Back then, Hina had black-rimmed glasses, short brunette hair, and pale skin due to not going outside of her home a lot. It was morning, and Mori Hinata paid no mind to the noise going around her in class 1-2. It always got noisy before the teacher entered the room… but the noise level at that point was ridiculous. It's never been this loud before, and she would be surprised if the class didn't get a noise complaint. Hina figured it had to do with it being the last day of the year. She silently wrote in her journal, occasionally wincing when the noise got loud to the point where it was slightly painful.

Why is it that she got stuck in the loudest classroom in the entire school of the school year? Couldn't she have gotten room 1-3 instead? She heard that there was another human in that class, a girl like her. A boy who works at the maid café at the school, Kawara Ryouta (or Cooline as he's called there), is friends with her, and is also in that class. Most everyone else is of avian origin. For some odd reason, though, a reason that the government is still investigating, a lot of birds have turned into humans. They still had bird DNA, but they now were even more human-like. Hina never really paid attention to the news to see if they had found anything. Besides, it's highly doubtful that they can change the former birds back to birds. They have no clue how the change could happen, so it would be difficult to reverse it.

Soon the teacher entered the room, and the class immediately fell silent. He was a man in his early to mid-thirties. He had short black hair and dark grey eyes. He wore a black coat over his white-collar shirt and black tie, and wore blue jeans and black dress shoes. He was average height for someone his age, and he was a little feminine looking. This man is none other than freshman teacher Shizuka Daichi, and despite his dark colors he's a very nice and helpful person. Or at least, Hina thinks so. He's almost always found smiling.

"All right class, sorry to keep you waiting. I had to wake sophomore teacher Nanaki Kazuaki again. Anyways, I know you're all excited because it's the last day of the year, but please keep in mind that this might be the last time we're all in the same class together. I certainly won't be with you all next year, so let's make this day memorable," Daichi said. The class erupted in chatter again, causing him to sigh. He then looked over at Hina, who was sitting in the front row next to the windows. She had looked out there when the class erupted in noise again. And, as usual, not a single person talked to her. This is perfectly explainable though, as she doesn't talk much. Daichi walked to her. She looked away from the view outside and looked up at him when he came up to her.

"Hello Mr. Shizuka," She said politely with a slight nod. As per usual, Hina doesn't talk a lot. Daichi was used to this though, along with a lot of other teachers.

"Hello Hina. How is your mother doing?" He asked, sounding concerned. Hina smiled.

"She just got out of the hospital. She's doing well now," She answered. Daichi smiled as well, sighing in relief.

"That's good. Say, want to get some ice cream with me after school ends? I know that the café is letting you have today off. Consider it my treat," He said. Hina smile grew before she nodded. Daichi always seemed like a father to her. He was a great friend of her fathers. Ever since her father left, he basically took his place and helped her and her mother with expenses and other things. Just talking to him always brings Hina up from the dumps.

Everything changed when it became break time. She had headed to the cafeteria, which is something she doesn't normally do. Her mother, Ms. Mori, always made her lunch, even if there was something in the cafeteria that she would like. But, truth be told, she wanted to try some of the food out for once. It was how she decided to begin getting out of her comfort zone. When she arrived though, she saw that there was a bunch of commotion at one of the tables. It took some time, but she managed to get a look at what was going on, only to be left befuddled. There was a human sized fantail pigeon, wearing a freshman's uniform, having a temper tantrum.

"Coo cooo!" He yelled. Due to being around a lot of birds most of the time and due to having taken a class in it when she was young, she learned how to speak in 'coos.' She roughly translated it as, "This establishment lacks pudding!"

Ah. She's heard about him. This must be Okosan, the famous track running and pudding loving fantail pigeon. It's hard not to hear about him. A boy around her age, with blue hair and red eyes, was holding him from behind to keep him from rampaging. Hina recognized him, he was Kawara Ryouta, or Cooline at the maid café. Okosan must be a… friend of his. That's the best way she can put it now. In front of them both was a girl with short brown hair and blue eyes. She vaguely remembers Ryouta saying her name. Tosaka Hiyoko, right? She wasn't too sure.

"Okosan, calm down!" The girl yelled. Yup. The pigeon was indeed Okosan. Hina stood there for a few seconds before looking down at the paper bag she had in her hands. For lunch, her mother had made her melting rich pudding, as a way of celebrating her getting to the end of the year. The opened the bag and peered in, seeing that it was still okay. She looked up and saw that Ryouta was starting to lose his grip on Okosan. At this rate, if the bird gets loose, it's going to be a massacre of foods and possibly tables in the cafeteria. Hina walked up to the three silently.

"Um, excuse me? Did I hear something about this establishment lacking pudding?" She asked, to confirm what she heard. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at her. Hina was kind of surprised by this. That was easier than she thought it was.

"Oh, hi Hina. Hiyoko, San, this is Mori Hinata, a freshman just like us. Remember, the girl I said that worked part-time at the maid café with me?" He asked. The girl slammed a fist into her opened palm.

"I remember now! Ryouta always told me that you were a rather shy yet very kind and helpful girl. I'm Tosaka Hiyoko! And this is Okosan. Please forgive San, he really likes pudding," She said. Hina shook her head.

"It's alright. I was only asking this because I have melting rich pudding. Want to have it Okosan? I wanted to get something from the cafeteria anyways," Hina said, holding out the paper bag. In a blink of the eye, the paper bag was gone, and Okosan was sitting down, eating it. Hina blinked, trying to register what just happened.

"Okosan is on the track team, and let's just say that there's a reason for that," Ryouta explained.

"I… I see," Hina said, stunned. She knew that he was fast. But she didn't know that he was that fast.

"Coo coooo! Coo cooo coo? (This pudding is delicious! Did you make this yourself, Hina?)" Okosan asked, already finished with the pudding and now looking at the short brown-haired girl. Hina blinked again, making yet another rough translating in her mind quickly.

"No, my mother made it," Hina answered. She's not surprised that Okosan loved it. She makes great food.

"Coo cooo! Cooo! (Okosan is now re-energized! Okosan will now run!)" Okosan exclaimed before he ran out of the cafeteria in a distance, leaving a trail of dust as evidence of his being there. Hina blinked once again.

"… Is he always like that?" She asked Ryouta, unsure of how to feel about this.

"Afraid so. You'll get used to him if you're around him a lot. And since you gave him pudding, you might not have a choice," Ryouta said.

"Okosan might even make you run with him. And trust me, being pulled along by a human sized pigeon as fast as Okosan isn't fun," Hiyoko remarked. It sounded like she was speaking from experience.

"I see… I'm sure I can handle it. My mother said that I should probably start exercising during time off from school to keep myself in shape," Hina said. After that, she found herself walking out of the cafeteria with Hiyoko to her right and Ryouta to her left. And the entire time they walked, Hiyoko fired questions at Hina. Hina answered them the best she can, always respond with a question herself and getting a response immediately.

"So, Hina, where do you live?" - Hiyoko

"Uh, I live in the town. My house is a block away from Ryouta's. Where do you live Ms. Tosaka?" - Hina

"I live in the wilderness a little way outside of town. After all, a high school girl can survive in the wilderness! Also, just call me Hiyoko!" - Hiyoko

"Okay Ms. To- I mean, Hiyoko." - Hina

"What are your parents like?" - Hiyoko

"Um, I don't really remember much of my father, since he left my family when I was 4. My mother's a kind woman, but she can go a bit overboard sometimes. It's actually because of that that she got into a car accident because of a speedy driver hitting her car. She's okay now though. What about you Ms. - I mean, Hiyoko?" - Hina

"My parents died when I was little. Ryouta and his mom took me in before I left and made myself a home in the wilderness." - Hiyoko

"I see... Sorry." - Hina

"It's alright. Anyways, do you like udon?" Hiyoko

"Um, I've never tried it before, so I don't know. What does it taste like?" - Hina

"It tastes delicious! You should try it out sometime!" - Hiyoko

They reached her class, and they departed ways. But before departing, Hiyoko gave Hina her email address. When she entered her class, she told Daichi about what had happened. He smiled and said the words that would change her life forever.

"Be friends with her, Hina. I have a great feeling that girl will be exactly what you need to break out of your shell."

When she had gotten home that day, the first thing she did was get onto her computer and emailed Hiyoko. Since then, Hina, Hiyoko, Ryouta, and Okosan – whom Hina learned is called San for short – have hung out. They all did different things when alone with Hina. She and Ryouta worked at the maid café, Hiyoko would teach her things that she learned from living on her own and different types of food that she recommends that Hina try, and as expected San made her run with him. It turns out that she was a better runner than she expected.

Without a doubt, meeting Hiyoko, Ryouta, and San in the cafeteria that day changed Hina's. In fact, if it wasn't for them, she would probably still be an antisocial girl who sat in my house all day whenever not at school, never seeing the light of day unless she had to go get groceries, go to work, or go to school. Her skin wasn't so pale, her vitality and endurance increased thanks to Okosan and Hiyoko, and upon Hiyoko's request she had let her light brown hair grow to waist length. She's even started becoming friendly with other kids and birds her age, and the people of the town. Of course, not all of it was without a cost. San did cause her to trip on accident once, causing her to twist her angle and break her glasses. She wasn't allowed to run for the rest of the break, and she had to get new glasses. She personally liked her new, teal-rimmed glasses. An unusual color, but I like it because it's unique.

Soon, the group of four will be starting their second year at St. Pigeonations. Hina had to admit, she was anxious about meeting new people. Still, she promised herself to go at it with her head held high, and a lot of confidence. She was excited to see what kind of adventures her and her friends would get into.


And there's the end of the chapter! Are the canon characters a little OOC? This is my first time portraying the Hatoful Boyfriend characters, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.

Anyways, in the next chapter, Hina get introduced to Kazuaki (officially) and Sakuya. This is going to be fun.

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