Scott Guber had just settled down on the couch after a long day of work. It was thre second day at school and already things where in aray, he has new students with new attitudes, summer conflicts that had arisen in students and the new wave of "bad apples" who would be soon flushed out in the winter but he still had to deal with them for he time being. He picked up the TV remote and flicked on CNN to find out what else was going on in the world today hoping someone else was having a tougher day than he had. Sighing he leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he washed his hands over his face.

The chiming of the door bell tore his attention from TV and his relaxtion. Creasing his brow he stood up and walked over to his front door, he wasn't expecting anyone. He pulled back the curtain slightly on the door and looked out the window, he sighed griefly as he seen Cate Windsor holding the arm of his struggling daughter, Amanda Jane Guber. Cate was his former ex-college sweetheart, they were inseperable and were together a year after graduation. Both were keen on becoming teachers and had close to everything in common, then Cate became pregnant. Scott had insisted they marry because it was the "proper" thing to do but Cate refused and after countless diagreements and arguements Cate had won her way and raised Amanda on her own. Though Scott tried to be a part of his daughter's life both of them had refused his presence which caused him just to give up.

He opened the door to the two women who were bickering quite loudly.

"Let go of me you fat cow,"barked Amanda squirming under Cate's hold.

"Cate, Amanda, I wasn't expecting you,"said Scott nervously.

"Here, I raised her for eighteen years, she's not my problem anymore. You take her,"said Cate pushing Amanda towards him. She dropped a suitcase and backpack next to Amanda.

"She is out of control and I don't want to handle her so you can deal with her, you are her father,"said Cate before turning and walking back down the stairs to her car. Scott was stunned not really knowing what to say since everything was coming so fast. He looked at Cate starting up her car and driving off, then at Amanda, he hadn't seen for three years and she didn't look happy with this "situation".

"You can come in,"said Scott moving aside. Amanda silently strolled into the house leaving Scott to pick up her bags and bring them in. He closed and locked the door then walked into the living room to find Amanda sitting on the couch frowning.

"Um, I wasn't really expecting this tonight,"said Scott awkwardly trying to find what to say to her.

"I'm not outta control, she's just pissed cause she walked in on a guy and me,"said Amanda.

"Okay,"nodded Scott.

"Do you have a bed or something? I'm fucking ready to pass out,"said Amanda standing up,"That bitch can really pull the energy outta ya."

"Pardon me?"asked Scott listening to his daughter's language, he hadn't been around to discipline her and correct her on the proper use of it but he never expected her to be so foul.

"You gotta bed? I'm tired,"said Amanda like he was retarded. Scott sighed and bit his lip, she was going to have to have the guest room. He never knew why he set that room up he hated people staying with them, just another person to interfere with his schedule and plus he enjoyed the peacefulness of a lone house.

"Yes, I'll show you upstairs,"noddded Scott. He turned and lead her upstairs and down the hall from his room, he opened the door to the guest room it wasn't much, an old rose wood dresser and vanity set his mother had given and insisted he put it in the guest room, and a simple box spring bed with a pale blue comforter set.

"Wow a regular Martha Stewart aren't we,"mumbled Amanda.

"I uh will bring your stuff up for you,"said Scott,"Do you want to be woken up at anytime?" It was close to ten o'clock and he really needed to be getting to bed soon his self.

"No I get up whenever,"shrugged Amanda walking over to the bed.

"Don't you have school?"asked Scott fully knowing she had failed the twelveth grade the previous year.

"No,"spat Amanda.

"No? You failed last year,"said Scott.

"So,"shrugged Amanda.

"Are you enrolled in a school?"asked Scott.

"I don't know, look I told you I am tired, can you let me get some sleep,"insisted Amanda.

"Yes, well we'll talk and get all our dealings together tomorrow evening,"said Scott,"I won't be around I suppose when you wake up, I leave at six am. Can I expect you to be home when I get home?" Amanda sat on the bed pulling off her runners then crawled on to the bed.

"I'll just hang out here for the day, you got food and cable?"asked Amanda as she snuggled under the covers in her sweats.

"Yes, everything in the kitchen is basic,"said Scott.

"Great, then here I'll be,"said Amanda.

Scott nodded and walked to the door.

"Turn out the light,"said Amanda.

Scott hit the switch and walked back to the living room in completely overwhelmed by what had just happened. Within ten minutes he was now living with his daughter. He walked down the stairs to the living room was and sat down on the couch. He was still in disbelief his life could change in a matter of ten minutes, it's not that it was a three sixty change but still it would become different with Amanda in the house. Knowing he needed sleep to he got up and grabbed her bags then made rounds shutting everything off then made his way up stairs. He quietly set the bags in Amanda's room then made his way down to his own room for what he was sure a disturbing sleep.


The next day Scott sat in his office to find some rationalization over his situtation, he was now stuck with an eighteen year old daughter who hadn't graduated and from what he had heard was a handful. Biting his lip he looked out the window, surprisingly it had seemed a calm day at Winslow High, no body had been sent to the office, though he probably wouldn't have even noticed since he had been so concentrated on Amanda.

"Scott," Scott turned to see Lousia standing at his office door.

"Are you okay?"asked Lousia,"I've said your name a few times."

"I'm fine just thinking about last night,"said Scott.

"Must be serious, it's got your head in the clouds,"said Lousia dropping some papers on Scott's desk.

"No my daughter got dropped off last night,"said Scott.

"You have a daughter?"asked Lousia like it was the strangest thing she had ever heard.

"Yes,"sighed Scott knowing he should never had brought it up. He wasn't too thrilled with the rest of the faculty knowing his personal life, it wasn't he was ashamed of it it was just he didn't want to be protrayed in a certain way.

"You, have a daughter?"asked Lousia asking again to make sure she heard things correctly,"How old is she?"

"Eighteen,"said Scott picking up the papers Lousia had delivered hoping she would get the message and leave.

"You have an eighteen year old daughter,"said Lousia sitting down across from him,"You've never mentioned her before."

"Well I exactly haven't seen her in three years. Not that this is really any of your concern,"said Scott briskfully.

"Lous, oh sorry didn't mean to interupt,"said Steven Harper, Winslow's principal sticking his head in the door.

"Did you know Scott has an eightteen year old daughter,"said Lousia before Steven could leave.

"Really?"questioned Steven walking in obviously interesting. He sat down next to Lousia and both looked eagerly at Scott for an explaination.

"Fine,"huffed Scott setting the folder down,"My partner in college became pregnant and she refused to marriage and as time went she and my daughter have both refused me until last night when they both ended up on my door step with my daughter being thrusted on to me as a problem. I at this point have no idea where her mother is or what the whole situation is." Steven just snickered and smiled at his colleague.

"What is so funny?"asked Scott defensively.

"Well from one father to a realitivly new one, it only gets worse,"said Steven.

"Just thinks, she's grown up Scott. She's not a baby you can mold, you're going to have to adapt to her,"said Lousia.

"Please, I'm trying really hard to look at the bright side of things here,"said Scott,"Oh hell there is no bright side, she hasn't even graduated yet."

"Then you'll want to enroll her,"said Steven,"You can bring her in tomorrow if you want."

"I'll see how things go tonight,"said Scott. Steven and Lousia both got up and walked out of the office, Steven stopped at the office door and turned back.

"Scott we weren't making fun of you, it's just, well I know what it's gonna be like,"said Steven.

"I know,"said Scott biting his lower lip and nodding.

Lousia rushed down the hall to Lauren Davis' classroom, as she entered she found Danny Hanson, Marylin Sudor,Ronnie Cook, Harry Senate and Lauren having a discussion.

"Lousia, hi,"said Lauren looking up from her desk.

"You will never guess this,"said Lousia like a school girl with gossip.

"What, the student body decided learning was a waste and are letting us out of our misery?"asked Harry sarcastically.

"No, Guber, he has a daughter,"said Lousia.

"Good one Lousia, Guber wouldn't even have a dog out of marriage,"said Danny. The group slightly snickered at Danny's comment.

"I'm dead serious, she's eighteen,"said Lousia.

"Really?"asked Ronnie raising an eyebrow still in disbelief.

"Yeah, he let it slip to me,"said Lousia sitting on a desk top.

"So what's the story?"asked Danny.

"College sweetheart, she's got pregnant and went bitchy on him, refused to marry him and the daughter is the same way,"said Lousia.

"Well Scott's in for a big surprise, you can't suspend your kids,"said Marylin.

"And, she's apparently going to be the newest student at Winslow,"said Lousia.

"How, she's eighteen,"said Harry.

"She didn't graduate,"said Lousia.

"Well there's good one for Guber, his own daughter didn't graduate,"said Ronnie.

"Yeah but not only will be have Guber running the halls we'll have his offspring in the classroom,"said Harry.