Two years later............................

Scott sat in his office going through the mail from the previous day, he had been too tired to go through it when he got and just threw it in his brief case to scan over at work. It had been a quiet day at Winslow, but most days seemed quiet with out Amanda running around the halls.

The following September he had gone back after Amanda left rumors were running ramptant and he had teachers at him left and right wanting to know if it was true. The fact that Harry was no where to be found and no one knew where he was just fueled them, eventually Scott had broken down and told Steven the full story, it wasn't something he was proud to admit. But now Amanda was just another forgotten name to most, Lousia asked once and a while how she was but Harry never had an answer besides the odd phone message she purpose left when he was working or the postcard he didn't know. She lad lied, she said she was coming back but she didn't, September came and went that year and all he recieved was a message in January saying her and Harry had recently gone their seperate ways and she couldn't come yet.

Now as he flipped through the mail one envelope caught his eye, one posted from Paris. He picked it out and left the rest on his desk, he recognized the writting, it was Amanda's. Quickly he opened it and pulled out a sheet of pink folded paper.

Dear Dad,

How are you? Me, I've been good, probably better now than ever, being here has been the best thing I've ever done. I'm in Paris now, I've been here for about seven months and I love it. I guess I should explain what I've been doing for the last two years huh? Well you know I went to Spain, we were in Barcelona, an absoulute beautiful city. Eventually Harry and I decided to stay, we took small jobs to support ourselves. For a while it was good but we decided to go to Naples in Italy, so we packed and made our way. We were happy there, it was nice there, I worked in a cafe for a bit. We spent Christmas there, it was goregous, it snowed and I swear I was in heaven. Then Christmas came and went, a couple of days after New Year's Harry and I got in a horrible fight, I left that night and stayed in a hotel. I was toren apart, all I wanted to do was get out of Italy, I couldn't be in the same country as him, it hurt alot. I had some extra money, remember that envelope mom sent me when I graduated? Probably not, but anyways apparently some distant family member died and I had some inheritance from them so she sent it to me. So from there I went to Greece, I basically wanted to get on the first flight I could from there.

So by some miracle I ended up in the perfect place. Greece is amazing and my luck just fell into place there, I got a small place on the beach by the Mediterranean and a job at a busy resort. They loved the fact I spoke perfect English and since it was a hot spot for vacationing Americans and English, so I waitressed there and did some work at the check-in desk. I loved it there, you would not believe how amazing it is to walk through ruins and buildings built thousands of years ago. I spent a year in Greece until I met a man named Christian Salvatore, he ran a small modelling agency, he was staying in the hotel. He continiously bugged me to come to Paris with him to work, at first I blew him off but he was persistant about it. Finally I agreed, but I was only going to Paris for a few days to see what it was all about. So I went and it turned out to be legit, well I was there a local fashion store wanted me to model for their current line. I quit my job in Greece and with the help of Christian I got set up in a nice little studio apartment. I worked quite steadily, Christian made sure I always had enough money to make rent, pay bills and have some pleasure cash. At this point I was sure Harry had gone back to America, I seen no real reason for him to stay in Europe and I hadn't thought about him for a long time. A few months after we departed I considered getting a hold of his cousin to see if he was back but I held myself against it.

After about five months I was doing a late morning shoot in Paris by this romantic fountain, it was a good day other than the fact I had on this annoying big white floppy hat that the stylist refused to let me take off because she'd have to redo my hair. So around lunch time Christian and I went to grab a coffee, the coffee in Europe especially these parts is like liquid heaven, it makes Starbucks taste horrible. Well the two of us are in line, chatting about small things like what were doing that weekend, the weather, stuff on TV, then I looked up. I was speechless, there he was, standing behind the counter, there was Harry. As we came up to the counter, he didn't recognize me, I guess it was the hat, you really couldn't see my face. It was comical in an ironic sort of way, Christian quickly shot off his order in French and I could tell Harry was struggling to understand. I debated in my mind to look up and see if he recognized me or not, I didn't really want that pain back but after Christian kept bugging me to order I finally asked him what he had ordered. He looked at me as if I were crazy but told me, so I did it, I pushed the hat back a bit and looked up at Harry. He definately was about as stunned as I was even more, I gave him our order, he really didn't know what to say, we were both silent. Nothing more was said and I hustled Christian quickly out of the cafe and back to the shoot. All I could think about all day was the fate, of all things, of all places, I found Harry.

I guess curiousity and those lingering feelings that had somehow in a matter of hours found their way back to me made me do it, but after the shoot was done and I got rid of that stupid hat I went back to the cafe. I wasn't sure if he'd still be there or even if he had been there and it had all been a fragment of my imagination, but he was there, wiping tables. I stood back a bit still fighting with myself to say anything but I found his boss yelling at him in French, the only words he spoke in English were his insults for Harry's lack of French. So I went against what I knew was right, I went over and told his boss where to go. I guess I went a little far cause Harry got fired and I got thrown out, ironic huh? I've gotten the guy fired on two continents now. From there we went to another cafe and talked over coffee, and from what started out as coffee grew into a night of skipping around from all night cafe to all night cafe until morning.

I'm sorry I haven't written more, or called, but I never knew when I was going to be somewhere long enough and I never really knew what to say. I think about you a lot, I miss you even more, I miss Boston. I will be home soon, I promise, but this really has been good for me. In some ways I needed this, I needed to be on my own and explore myself and the world, it's made me a better person. As I promised I am safe, in good health and well off. I hope things at home are good, have you met a woman yet? I hope so dad, I really think you underestimate yourself with women, Cate was never good enough for you, she didn't appericate you. I suppose there is nothing left to say, I will try to write soon, maybe I'll call but I think everything we need to say needs to be done in person. I love you.


Amanda Jane Senate


I'm sorry I didn't mention it in the letter, I didn't know how to say it, I know you don't want to know it. That night when Harry and I met back up and spent all night out, we eloped that morning. We went to city hall and got married, it was meant to be, we both knew it had to happen. Fate brought us back together and we both did love each other, I don't think we ever stopped. I'm sorry you couldn't have been there, I know I took something important and sacared from you, but I hope you will understand. I tried to do the next best thing, we purchased a camera before and had a picture taken moments after. Remember I love you dad.

Sighing Scott set down the letter on his desk and picked up the envelope, inside was a picture of Harry and Amanda smilng brightly. The morning sun was shining on them, Amanda was wearing a pale pink sundress and her face was framed in curls, she looked happy. Slowly Scott folded the picture in half, setting it on the desk with Amanda facing up. 'She married him' thought Scott, the door opening shook him from his pity. Looking up he seen Lousia walking in with a few folders in her hand, she stood at the door for a moment noticing Scott didn't seem in a good mood.

"Scott are you okay?"asked Lousia softly as she shut the door behind her and walked in. She took a seat across from him as the desk.

"I'm fine,"mumbled Scott.

"No you're not, now what's up?"asked Lousia. Scott inhaled deeply and looked at Lousia.

"Amanda married him."

"What? Amanda married who?"asked Lousia. Scott motioned to the picture on the desk. Lousia curiously picked it up and unfolded it. After looking at it and immediately recognizing who Amanda had married she set the picture back on the desk.

"So we now have a Mrs.Senate too,"said Lousia.

"I don't know why,"said Scott shaking his head.

"I take it you're not happy?"asked Lousia.

"Would you be?"asked Scott.

"Scott, she married him and I hate to say it but at this point you can't do much about it,"said Lousia softly,"I bet she'd want you to be happy for her, happy that she met and married someone she loves and who loves her, a guy who doesn't hurt her and cares for her."

"But him?"asked Scott.

"She's your daughter but you really can't pick who she loves and who she marries,"said Lousia.

"In some religions I could,"said Scott.

"Scott, you don't have to like Harry, but you do have to love your daughter,"said Lousia.

"Why couldn't he have just stayed with Ronnie?"asked Scott,"This whole thing never would've happened."

"Because no one likes Ronnie, to stay with her you'd have to like her,"said Lousia,"Scott I think you should go home for the day, you have no appointments and you've had a huge hit today." Scott nodded in agreement, Lousia stood up made her way to the door.

"I'll make sure everything is taken care of,"said Lousia as she stood in the hallway,"And please, try to look at the good side of things."

Once again Scott was alone in his office, he picked up the picture again and looked at it. She had always made it clear that she loved him and he was always first to her but still to him she could've married anyone but Harry. Picking up the letter as well Scott slipped them ito his brief case, he decided to take Lousia up on her suggestion and leave for the day. Quietly he got on his coat and left the building for his car.

At home he slowly put away his stuff and made his way down to the kitchen with the letter and picture. As he walked in he noticed the light on the answering machine blinking, walking over he aimlessly pushed it and went to the refridgerator.

"Hey Dad it's me, just checking in. Everything here is good, I'm okay, hope you're doing okay, nothing too stressful. Well I gotta go, love you lots." Scott looked over at the machine as it rewound the tape, his gaze then went to the letter that sat stationary on the table. Closing the fridge door he walked over to the machine to replay the message, to hear her say she was okay again.

The End

Thank you for reading you guys, I hope you all read the sequel!