Hey guys! So I'm looking for this old story. It's at least 2 years old. It's rated M. It's basically a suspense story where Sam and Freddie are kidnapped and brought to a prostituition camp, Sam being forced to become a prostitute and Freddie a camp guard. Sam ends up getting kidnapped as well. Griffin becomes a guard and Carly becomes a head guard, but becomes pregnant with Griffin's baby, which is a major camp violation, if she gets caught, she will be killed. Meanwhile Sam & Freddie are given an assignment outside of the camp, but at this point are so brainwashed that they don't try to get help. They eventually come to their senses and decide to try and escape, but are caught and brought back to the camp. The story has a one word title I believe, and I think it starts with a V. The word describes a popular saying about surviving in the camp.

I know this is kinda hard since it's so old, but please try to find it for me. It's really an excellent story that you'll likely enjoy as well. It kinda reminds me of the hunger games series. Thanks guys, love you.

XOXO, Kristi