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Part X

In years to come Vic would always think back on this as the night where she finally learned the difference between having sex and making love.

Yeah, maybe the whole concept was a bit cliché, like some "She's never felt this way before" tagline from a shitty Lifetime movie, but there was no other way to describe the intense body mind and heart experience she'd been sharing with Walt for the past several hours.

It brought back hazy memories of all those similarly outmoded things her mother used to say, like "When you find the right man you'll know it." Gorski hadn't been it. Vic had known that much even while the whole thing was going on. She thought she'd found it with Sean, and things were good for a while. Ultimately sex became the only thing about their relationship that worked, and after that it was always tinged with an edge of bitterness.

When Walt had taken her by the hand and led her into the cabin, she hadn't been quite sure what to expect. It had been a weird sort of deja vu, hearkening back to some of the dreams she'd had recently. Maybe someday she'd tell Walt about those, although reality seemed to be doing a pretty damn good job of trumping those fantasies and rendering them obsolete.

Since they passed over the threshold into the bedroom, their activities had ranged from gloriously tender explorations straight through to what could only be described as out-and-out hardcore fucking, which had come as a bit of a surprise in Vic's opinion. Even her mental imaginings of Walt had been holding out on her, and his injuries didn't seem to be hindering him at all. She'd tried to treat him to a break, get him to let her drive for a while, but he'd enjoyed her thorough appraisals of his body so much that she'd ended up flat on her back with her arms pinned above her head and Walt looming above her as the bed frame thumped against the wall from the force of his thrusts.

That had been a revelation in a certain sense, the way he had overpowered her and how violently she had wanted that— the chance to relinquish control and let Walt be the strong one. Maybe it was because this didn't feel like a struggle or a contest the way sex sometimes had with Sean, or maybe it was just that she trusted Walt so completely that she could let him take charge. All she'd been able to do was stare into his eyes and whisper affectionate encouragements as he drove them to another shattering climax.

As with all things where their relationship was concerned, this new intimacy seemed to function as an instinctive partnership. In those quiet in-between moments where their breathing slowed and the sweat cooled sensuously on their heated skin, Walt held her and cherished her in a way Vic had never even known she needed. It was new for her, desiring that closeness, and she wanted him to feel it in the way she curled against him and stroked her fingers from the hollow of his throat to his shoulder and everywhere else she could reach. Walt communicated his understanding by holding her tighter and running a hand through her hair as he kissed her forehead.

What they were doing right now did not qualify as one of those moments of tranquil adoration; this was something else entirely. Walt was kneeling back on his heels, the tops of his thighs between Vic's legs and one of his arms wound around her ribcage just below her breasts to hold her against him. Her back was flush against his chest, her head lolling onto his un-bandaged shoulder as he rolled his hips to bury himself within her repeatedly. His other arm encircled her waist and reached across to her opposite hip, anchoring, bracing her at just the right angle to receive him.

It was so good, she couldn't contain her small noises of pleasure. She released several breathy moans and a whisper of his name which seemed to spur him on even further. Walt placed an open-mouthed kiss on the side of her neck behind her ear, groaning as her hand gripped his forearm where it was slung across her torso. She arched back against him as the rhythm increased slightly, gasping at the sensation of his fingers sliding downward and inward from her hip to rub— oh God— just there in tandem with the deep and unrelenting penetration.

The sensory overload built rapidly, and Vic's other hand flew up to dig into the hair at the back of Walt's head and hold him to her as the movement of their joined bodies became frantic and turbulent. She choked out an ecstatic curse word, skin tingling as she ground down to feel him swelling hard and scorching inside her. One of Walt's hands had shifted slightly, molding over a breast with his thumb pressing into the edge of her nipple. His fingers moved restlessly, adding another level of delicious friction.

Walt's mouth was wet and hot against her ear as he growled in that low rumbling voice. "Vic… let it go, sweetheart. Mmmph... Love you so much—"

Those words out of his mouth sent her spiraling, body tensing and tightening as they skyrocketed to the heights of pleasure together again. Walt's hold was fierce as he surged within her and around her, strong embrace mirroring the sensual act of possession occurring below.

Collapsing on top of the already rumpled bedclothes with their limbs tangled and hands wandering and stroking, Vic continued to push her hips against Walt's in an attempt to prolong the sparks of pleasure and maintain that intense connection. She hummed with satisfaction as his hand dragged up to push a few wild blonde locks away from the side of her face. Shifting slightly, she shimmied her body upward and turned it more fully toward his. Walt was laying mostly on his back, eyes momentarily shut and an unguarded smile gracing his features. That expression of elation just made Vic want to do the whole thing all over again.

They had landed diagonally across the bed, pleasantly comfortable and well-accommodated with the exception of Walt's left foot hanging over the edge. He didn't seem to mind, exhaling luxuriously and settling his splayed hand at the small of Vic's back as she draped herself across his torso and chest.

Eventually, Vic regained her voice. "Holy shit, Walt. You are full of surprises, aren't you?" She kissed his chin, sighing as he gathered her closer.

"I guess I just needed to show you how I feel."

"You told me, too."

His eyes were open now, intent and velvet blue. As she peered down at him Vic suddenly knew that he was saying it again right then, only with his Longmire-patented lack of words. Maybe he'd been telling her that he loved her with that look for months, longer, and she'd simply never realized. She reached up to kiss him again, soft and slow, snuggling into his embrace and hoping that he could see that message in her eyes too.

All of this felt so natural, it was easy to forget that this was only the first time they'd been together like this. Was this going to be their new normal, or was it a one time deal? Vic didn't want to let the doubts creep in, but she had wanted this for so long that it almost seemed too good to be true. It was easy to float along in this bubble of bliss when it was just the two of them, but what about the outside world? There were so many problems awaiting them beyond the walls of this room, so many obstacles standing in the way of their happiness.

There was her pending divorce, which was one hundred percent guaranteed to get uglier before it went away. What if Sean found out that she and Walt had gotten together? Would he try to convince his lawyers that she'd been cheating on him all along? Not that she cared about alimony or the house or really anything like that... she'd just prefer not to have her name dragged through the mud, or Walt's name for that matter.

The distractions and dangers for Walt were even more worrisome, especially with his habit of withholding information and not asking for help with anything. Henry was still in big trouble, and there was the matter of Martha Longmire's murder still hanging around Walt's neck like an albatross. Could he ever be at peace, or truly give all of himself in a relationship with such life-altering details still evading his reach?

Even an average shift at the office was fraught with tension these days, what with Branch acting more unhinged by the day and his obsession with David Ridges interfering with the daily operations of the Sheriff's Department on a more and more frequent basis. Ferg was feeling the pressure, too, especially with Walt and Vic teaming up and giving him the menial jobs on nearly every case. How would the other two deputies react to such a change in her relationship with Walt? Would all that apparent favoritism begin to look like something else? She could lose what legitimacy she had left in her colleagues' eyes if Branch and Ferg decided she was just some chick that screwed the boss...

Vic didn't want to think about these things, not now, not in the midst of what should be a perfect moment here in Walt's arms. But if there was anything she'd learned from all the shit that had hit the fan in the past two years, it was that keeping it all in was just a recipe for disaster.


"Hmm?" He sounded barely awake, and she felt a stab of remorse for disturbing his hard-earned peace.

She whispered, pressing her face into his neck. "Are we really gonna do this?"

His body tightened, betraying an increased alertness. One of his hands slid up to her neck and urged her face upward so she was looking right at him. "What d'you mean?"

"Do you really think we can be together? So much has happened and our lives are still so… fucked up. Can we actually make this work?"

He was touching her face again, the same way he had at the hospital. "You've got me, Vic." That was what he had said. If they had each other, could that be enough to see them through all the trials to come?

Thoughtful but oddly confident, the affection behind his gaze made her insides feel all liquid and fluttery. "I don't know what'll happen, Vic. I'm just a man and Lord knows there's nothing I can promise you, but…"

His fingers were warm on her face, other arm still holding her tight. Walt made a very pleasing picture as he paused in his speech; tousled hair, solid body, perpetually unshaven face. He radiated sincerity and sensuality in equal measure from his position sprawled beneath her, and Vic wondered once again how she'd been lucky enough to end up here.

"…I don't think I can stop being in love with you now that I finally let myself start. That make any sense?"

How could he make everything sound so utterly uncomplicated? That was the same way she felt in a nutshell, only expressed with a level of eloquence she'd never achieve through a lifetime of trying. "Yeah. Yeah, it does."

Vic felt herself smiling, undeniably content almost to the point of euphoria in the simple knowledge that they loved each other and they would both fight their damnedest to make it through all the hardships that lay ahead, together.


The end! I considered adding an epilogue to this to sort of wrap things up, but nothing was working and I decided that the big potentiality of what is to come actually worked quite well as an end to the story. After all, we've all got Longmire S4 to look forward to now, so speculation is the name of the game!

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