That Certain Urge

Chapter Ten

Both players went out for a brief paddle around the pool to regain the requisite composure to resume the game. As the second hand commenced, both players had their game faces back on.

However, one had a very sly grin on her face while the other scowled and looked very, very serious. "Professor, you lied to me," Hermione leaned back and sipped her margarita which had magically refilled.

"In what way, Miss Granger," Snape asked.

"I believe that in the last few minutes of the last forfeit, you exceeded the limits as per your noted measurements."

"Belief and fact are two different things. I suggest a factual confirmation the next time the opportunity arises."

"You're absolutely right. I'll make sure to take advantage of the next opportunity. I believe the next hand is your deal," Hermione moved the cards across the table.

Snape took a long pull of his margarita and then shuffled the deck expertly. He dealt one up and one down card. Her up card was a four of diamonds. His was the king of diamonds.

Snape took a look and decided that his first bet should be "I raise you a full body rub with oil, all over."

Gent: Finally, the offensive is on the march.

Prat: She can touch me, can't she? Can't she?

Wolf: Hands, boy, hands!

Prat: Let her touch me!

Hermione gave him a slow, sizzling look before saying, "I bet you anything edible on any one part of my body."

That bet had his Board drooling over the possibilities. Snape had her measure now and he was going to be relentless. He dealt out two more cards apiece one up and one down. One up for her was the eight of diamonds while his up card was the queen of diamonds.

Gent: This hand is interesting.

Prat: I've lost track. Do we want to win or lose this hand?

Wolf: I don't care anymore. I can definitely be creative with the edibles.

Gent: Keep sharp, boy!

Prat: A body rub wouldn't be bad.

Wolf: Too subtle. Keep the rub for later. Edibles can be strategically located for maximum effect.

Prat: Edibles it is then.

"I see your edibles and raise you several oiled up, full body slides up and down your body with liberal hand use." Snape offered.

Gent: Thank you.

Wolf: Finally!

Prat: Hooray!

"I see your rub and slides and raise you edibles of your choosing from my bag of goodies to be applied on your body or mine in an area of your choosing and in the manner of your choosing."

Prat: Ah .. ah ... please.

Gent: In the manner of our choosing, does that mean that -

Wolf: Yes! Application by tongue, mouth, lips, hands, fingers, hers, ours ... the mind boggles. Very creative of her.

Gent: What has she been reading for research?

Snape dealt the last open card to each of them. Her up card was a six of diamonds. His up card turned out to be the five of diamonds.

Snape made his bet "I raise you fully oiled, body rubs with five minutes of hand action followed by ten minutes of hand, tongue, lips and mouth of variable pressure, speed and suction used within the context of outercourse."

Hermione pondered that for a moment before saying, "Professor, outercourse is so vague. It could be anything from fondling to petting to anything without actually committing the act in any position."

With a smirk and glittering eyes, Snape responded with, "True, Miss Granger. However, if you win, you will find out soon enough exactly what I meant. And if I win, I promise to show you the extended version outside of a fifteen minute time limit. Would that be acceptable?"

"Quite," she replied. "Shall we?"

They both flipped their down cards simultaneously. Her cards read four of diamonds, five of diamonds, eight of diamonds, six of diamonds and, finally, a seven of diamonds - a straight flush. His cards were revealed to be the king of diamonds, the seven of diamonds, the queen of diamonds, a two of diamonds and the five of diamonds - a flush. Straight flush conquers a plain, old flush.

Prat: Can we still do the edibles thing later?

Wolf: Payback time.

Gent: Better hurry, lads, still have to oil her up.

Prat: She has such lovely skin. Don't you think?

Snape motioned Hermione to the top ledge and placed a cushion behind her head.and collected an irridescent purple bottle from one of the small floating slabs of marble. He ran an appreciative hand down her body rubbing oil from her peaks to her valley then he let her rub oil over his shoulders and chest. The oil's scent was both heady and arousing tingling everywhere it touched. He slid against her full out chest to chest, belly to belly and thigh to thigh. His lips kissed her soft flesh.

Prat: So responsive. She deserves all the pleasure we can give her.

Gent: Men, move out! Find that spot and drive her to madness!

Wolf: Don't settle for anything short of a hoarse scream.

His hands made her all too aware of her femininity. Her hold on the cushion turned into a death grip as her body yielded to the combined pleasures brought on by the oil, his kisses and his supple, knowing fingers.

Wolf: Do we want her squirming, aching or throbbing?

Gent: All of the above.

Prat: I second that.

His hands had done their very best and was now, per his forfeit, due for replacement on the ten minute mark. Under lidded eyes, she watched him move into a new position. As he worshipped her, the rest of her body was graced with bold caresses and gentle squeezes spreading the provocative oil as he went.

Wolf: Ah, got it. Let's see if she takes it as well as she gives it.

Prat: Touch me, touch me, please.

Gent: Show no mercy! Dive!

He bent to his mission with the concentration and zeal he brought to anything he felt worthwhile. He cavorted in her hidden delights uncovering and exposing her nubile body to sensations she'd only read about. Her body's arching reactions told him all he needed to know. But he wanted so much more from her. With only a few minutes left, he held her hips still and went at it with a vengeance determined to not relent until he had proof of her satisfaction. To his concentration and zeal, he now added his knowledge and experience.

His agile fingers competed with his probing tongue time and time again - thrust, parry, flick, block and thrust again. This dual assault left her blind to everything but sensation and need. A need that her lover was fulfilling and creating all at the same time. Her need was building ever higher, coiling tighter. Her fulfillment when it came brought her every nerve and thought to a knife's edge of awareness. He brought her over the edge into soaring free flight before time ran out. He gorged on her satisfaction. Waste not, want even more.

Wolf: A job well done if I do say so myself.

After the candle flickered twice, they lay in each others arms for a while gathering their strength for the next hand. Both contemplated what to do with the edibles later on and set about playfully exploring future locations for said edibles as well as testing out possible application methods. These actions, however well intentioned, led to another round of mutually satisfying vow breaking.

Prat: A little honey goes a long way. Save some for later.

Gent: Well, she's willing, we're willing and she's no longer a student. I see no impediment to further, more serious explorations.

Wolf: Willing and incredible muscle control. What more could I ask for?

Prat: There is more to life than sex.

Wolf: Name me one thing.

They lay entwined with his arms about her and her head on his chest. Every caress became an expression of need. Every sigh was a wish to fulfill and every kiss was a promise. Waste not, need more.

"I'm sorry for teasing you in NEWTs class by the way," Hermione confessed. "Severus, this .. you .. all this was not what I expected,"

"What did you expect?" Severus stroked her hair relishing the feel of her against him.

"Nothing of this scale," Hermione propped her elbow on his chest and looked at him as if seeing him for the first time. "Look at this place. I really didn't think you had it in you."

"Am I living up to my promise, you think?" Severus asked. ""I have never helped make a memory before."

Wolf: Eeeyuh! It's getting seriously emotional over here. Wake me when they're ready to go hormonal again.

Gent: To play or not to play that is the question.

Prat: What choice does he have but to give up already. Where is he going to find someone like her again?

"This is unbelievable," she pointed out. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Hermione," Snape said. "We're even now. No more proving the other wrong or better prepared all right."

"In that case, I propose we start fresh." She extended her hand. "Hi, I'm Hermione."

He shook her hand. "Severus, pleased to meet you.

Hermione trailed a finger down his jawline. "So, tell me what is this man Severus all about?"

"But first tell me, what you were doing with the Femme Squad?" Snape asked. "McGonagall, Hooch, Pomfrey and Pince."

"I don't know if you want to know, Severus, it was practical advice mostly."

"Do tell. I made a promise to myself to repay them for all their help. Details would be most helpful."

"I wanted to know how to please a man, especially how to do certain things the best possible way."

They continued to talk about her mentors interspersed with intense snogging sessions and practical demonstrations of what Hermione had learned. After some time that proved neither restful or calming, they returned to sit across the table from each other. The brush of the heated pool's waters heightened their awareness and inflamed their already sensitized flesh. The game stood between them and had to be settled.

Hermione asked a good question. "What happens if we don't complete the game or suspend stated in the rules but go do the consequences anyway?"

"Theoretically, we will continue to be drawn to each other to finish the third hand." Snape answered in measured tones his eyes never leaving hers. "We may have to find ways to pacify the effects every now and then, if ... if that is what you want, Hermione."

"I see." Hermione commented. "It could prove distracting, couldn't it?"

"Yes. Neither one of use can afford to be distracted. It could prove fatal." Severus looked down on the cards. "We should end it. We have the one memory."

"Is the one enough for you?"

"Hermione, it's what we agreed on."

"It's not always necessary to accept what's on offer, especially if there is a chance for more."

"Is there more?"

"Ask and find out."

Snape took his time forming just the right words. "Will you make more memories with me? Do you want to?"

"I would love to."

Snape took the deck of cards and made his way towards her. Just before he reached her, he tossed the cards high into the air overhead. Amidst a shower of clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts, Severus pulled Hermione into his arms and nuzzled her neck. "I seem to have misplaced the cards."

"And I didn't bring an extra deck."

"Too bad, this postpones the third hand. Indefinitely."

"I have no problem with that. This heat is getting to both of us. I believe a change in venue would be beneficial, Professor."

"I completely agree, Miss Granger. Let me introduce you to a lovely chaise lounge right over there ..." Severus led Hermione out of the pool. "It has the most interesting pillows."

Gent: Wolf, wake up. It's the main event.

Wolf: This one is not going to like it slow for very long.

Prat: Pace yourselves, men. There's still 20 hours left to go. I don't want to miss anything.

Wolf: Ah, now, we find out if all our exercising was worth it.

Gent: To life, wonder, laughter and passion!

On the Hogwarts Express returning to London, Hermione Granger smiled a secret smile. She fingered the two shrunken Tantric pillows in her robe pocket. Severus had created the pillows to be akin to a pensieve capturing all the impressions and feelings of the person lying on it. The perfect home for the perfect memory.

Her introduction was sweet, gentle and unhurried. Their time together was full of frenetic passion mixed with tender affection and shared laughter. It was just as he had promised.

Last night they had strolled in the moonlight hand in hand and spoke of what ifs. Nothing was certain. Nothing was guaranteed. The only thing she had was a certain urge to fulfill a few promises of her own when the time came, god willing.

She said she would come back. He said he would be careful and wait.

They'd write letters. They would get to know each other.

For now that was enough.