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Yuri was left in the chair across from Flynn's desk, and Flynn took a few minutes to finish the sheet of paperwork he had been doing when Yuri had originally been captured and dragged into Flynn's office. Finally Flynn sighed.

"Yuri... How many times are we going to be sitting here, with an impending ten days of prison hanging over your head...?"

"How many times am I going to have to fish you out of fallen mounds of paperwork?"

"That was once... This is a repeating process..."

"What did I even do this time? I don't recall anything I've done in the past week that calls for prison."

"Think hard... Really. Really. REALLY HARD." Flynn said slowly, glaring at Yuri.

"I can't actually be put in prison for re-decorating the council chamber could I?"

"Yuri..." Flynn said as though talking to a child, "You literally smoked the council out of the chamber, during a meeting, and 'redecorated' it with..." Flynn held back any sign that he found the next line humorous. "With, Rainbows... And Unicorns... With sparkles..."

"Well maybe if they're happier people they'll stop taxing the lower quarter, besides they're probably all thanking some higher power for the break, honestly, what could be more boring than a day or more or sitting in a stuffy room, with a bunch of other annoying people, and killing time making new reasons to take more money from everyone else, and covering up the mistakes of said empire..."

Yuri had hit a chord, and both of them knew it.

"I know. But you still shouldn't have done that." Flynn said, gritting his teeth.

Yuri rolled his eyes, Flynn never gave anything up! Although he did feel a swell of pride deep within him; the pride was covered up by his frustration.

In the end though, Yuri lost and Flynn had sent him to prison for ten days. Yuri entertained himself by using the same ball he'd made during his first stay in the dungeons and threw it up and down until he was completely bored.



"I'm sorry, give me... a..." Flynn wheezed as he sat up, face red and tears in the corners of his eyes.

"Uhm... I just came to bring you a few reports." Sodia said, placing the stack on the desk.

Flynn continued to try and return to normal and Sodia left while Flynn was muttering and still chuckling every few seconds.

"... What in the world has him muttering about Unicorns, Rainbows, and that horrible book series called my little pony?"

Unbeknownst to her, Yuri had, as a joke, gotten the entire 'My Little Pony' series for Flynn's birthday that year... And so Flynn was one of the few soldiers who'd understood who all of the unicorns had been on the council chamber walls... Other than himself, anyone else who knew and had been turning red, Flynn knew had a young daughter.

Ioder walked past her with something suspicious under his jacket. But since he was Emperor she ignored it and calmly continued walking.

Ioder entered Flynn's office.

"Flynn, you do have my little pony book eight, correct?"

"Yes, I do." Flynn said, taking book seven and pulling out the eighth book.


"No problem. They're actually pretty entertaining, that one should get you through the next council session."

"Hopefully Yuri will pull another prank… I think I'll go and get him out of prison tomorrow morning. Honestly, I don't even really need to be there, I'm not able to say much…"


What can I say? This was suppose to be a scene for another ToV story, but when I was prewriting it, it totally evolved into... THIS... I don't what THIS is! It just sorta happened... I hope you got a laugh out of it though!