Prototype3: "Here is the next entry of Kamen rider. This time I took the aspects from a Gundam serie to make it seem more interesting. I hope you like mecha, because this'll be interesting."

The sunsets in crimson colors. At the orange colored sky above the ocean, the clouds started to moves around strangely. And out of nowhere, a red beam giving electricity plunge through a cloud. Another beam shoots out of a cloud, but appears to be stray shot.

A green beam was shooting back to the spot where the destructive beam was shot from. Another red beam was shot in response of the attack.

Close up, a white blurring figure swoosh by. The figure shoots the red beam from its beam weapon to take down a black blurred figure. The black figure shoots the green beam to do the same thing.

Two flashing light of white and black clashes throughout the sky. The white figure stops and aimed his beam weapon toward the figure with enough distance. His weapon charged before firing. The red beam almost hit the figure, but the black figure flew downward and the beam missed him.

The white figure thought the enemy has been terminated, but the upside down face of the figure came up in front of him. Soon, the figure kicked the white one and sent him tumbling toward the ocean. The white figure fell in the ocean and sinks.

The black figure stood there before turning around and leaves, thinking the battle was over. However, it stopped when a blood red glow appear on the surface of the water. He turns around to see what was going on.

The water sinks in and shoots upward as a red glowing figure came out of the water. The blur was gone and we see the white figure, but its armor seemed to have split open, revealing the red parts and giving off red particles. And, his white head was a shape of a grasshopper. His eyes were red and two antenna extends from the holes on his head. The mouth plate splits down and gives off the same red particles.

The white armored being grabbed a white handle from the top of its jet pack and pull it out as a pink color beam extends. The being swinged it to the right and thrusts forward toward the enemy.

Just when gap was about to close, the white armored being frozed and titles appears.

(The title 'Kamen rider Ichigo Kai' appears with the head of the armored grasshopper's head appeared behind it as a logo)

Prototype 3: "Kamen rider is the property of Toei and IS is the property of Izuru Yumizuru. Enjoy the show."

Episode 1: "The blood stained rider"

It was a bright and beautiful last day of summer. The sun was bright and the skies were clear. It was enough for the students of the IS academy to forget the incident that happened during their school trip.

One boy in particular name Ichika Orimura was strolling on the streets to go to the grocery store to get ingredients to make lunch. Ichika had short blue hair with a slim, but trained body. He is the first male pilot around the world to pilot the 3.5 Generation Offense type IS, the Byakushiki.

The store door's open for him as he made his way through. Ichika got pumped up,"Ok, time to make lunch. Now, let see here..."

After 23 minutes, Ichika had a cart full of vegetables and meats. Ichika had one more ingredient to get more. He needed to get a bottle of soy sauce, since he when out of it. Ichika found the soy sauce section and spots the last bottle of soy sauce on the shelf.

It was Ichika's lucky day and just when he was about to reach for it, a hand grabbed the last bottle. Ichika blinks and looked at his left. He sees white short hair boy putting the bottle in a plastic bag.

The boy wore a red and white pattern collar shirt and blue jeans. He also even had a watch on his left wrist. The boy notice Ichika looking at him and asked,"Is something the matter?"

Realization hit Ichika and he stutters,"Eh, ah, no, um..."

The boy smiles before taking out the last soy sauce and gives it to Ichika. "Here you go," the boy said politely.

Ichika felt a bit surprise, but tries to be nice,"Um, no, I mean you got it first and..."

"It's ok, I'll go to another store and get one," the boy said grabbing Ichika's right hand and putting the soy sauce in it.

The boy lets go and said,"Well, have a nice day."

This surprise Ichika much that the boy would give him the last soy sauce bottle out of kindness. The boy grabs his bags and leaves Ichika. But, not before Ichika asked,"A-Ano!"

The boy turns around to answer what he wants. Ichika smiles,"My names Orimura Ichika. What's your name?"

The boy sees Ichika wanting to know his name and smiles,"Kyo, Matsumoto Kyo, it's great to meet you Orimura Ichika."

With that, Kyo leaves. Never before that Ichika felt like he was taking something from another. However, he notice it was past lunchtime and he needed to get back.

(Kyo's POV)

Giving up that last bottle out of kindness will earn him a scolding from his mother. Nonetheless, Kyo feels great about what he did. The boy stopped for a minute and head down a grassy hill off the sidewalk. There, he lays down and relax for a minute.

Kyo rest his hand behind his head,"Ahhh, summer days like this one will be great with some cool adeventures."

Then, Kyo heard some giggling in the distance. He turns his head to the left and see a couple laughing after the male told a funny joke. Kyo looks at them with his cheeks bulging. He close his eyes turns away.

"Hmph, I doubt I'll ever get a girlfriend," sighed Kyo.

Unbeknownst to him, someone was standing behind him. Kyo notice the sunlight blocked and opened his eyes. He saw a girl. She had short silver hair and gold eyes. She wears a pink shirt with a long brown skirt.

Kyo recognize her and sits up. He turns to see her,"Miyako-chan!"

Miyako smiles and asked him,"Is everything doing fine?"

"Y-yeah, I was just chilling before going home," said Kyo laying back down. But, he just sighed instead of relaxing,"Oi, Miyako, how was the academy?"

Miyako didn't expect him to ask him that and answered him,"Um, it's fine. I mean, the incident happened and all, but I'm completely fine."

Kyo sits up and grabs a soda from his bag. "Hai."

Miyako looks at it and back to Kyo,"Eh, really?"

"People who are talking nervously are hot," Kyo smiled,"So, here."

Miyako smiles and takes the soda and twist the cap off and drinks. She sighs in relieve,"Aaah, it feels good. You were right."

Kyo smiles before laughing. Miyako laughs, too.

The door opens and Kyo comes in. "I'm home, mom!"

The boy went into the kitchen and puts the grocery on table and notice his mom was not in the kitchen and wondered. He heads upstairs and opens her mother's room.

"Mom?" Kyo asked as he slowly opened the door. The room was empty and his mom was nowhere to be seen. Kyo looked into the bathroom and she was not there.

"Mom? Hm?" Kyo notice a note on the bed and reads it.

"Kyo, your father and I are working late," Kyo reads the message,"I left a bento for you. You can heat it up on your own. Love, Mom."

Knowing his mom is not home, Kyo sighed in relieve to avoid his mom's scolding.

Meanwhile somewhere at a local IS museum, Kyo's mom and dad were in an underground lab.

Kyo's mom had black hair and Kyo's dad had white hair. Mom was setting up an OS on five IS that they creating in secret.

Feeling tired and anxious, Kyo's mom asked her husband,"Dear, Kyo need to know sooner or later of who he is."

Kyo's dad sighed,"Milsha, we know we can't do that. Kyo...Kyo is still not ready to face the fact of his true identity."

Kyo's mom stops typing and begged,"But, dear..."

"No!" Kyo's dad yelled,"He is not ready yet. Give him time."

What was Kyo's dad keeping a secret about and what was special about the IS that they were making and...what are they for?

The lazy Kyo rest his head on the desk after school ended and was stuck with cleaning the desks. He so wanted to go home and check if his mom is home. She hadn't came home yesterday even if she said she was working late.

"Mom, where on earth are you...?" Kyo mutter as he planted his face on the desk. Kyo stood up from the desk and look out the window. He walks toward it and touch his hand on it while looking at the sunset.

He remembers a sunset like this when he was kid. It was blur, but he remembers what the sunset looks like. Suddenly, a memory pops in with two figure fighting. A young Kyo was behind a door, seeing the fight.

This bad memory made Kyo irritated and he scratched his head and falls back on his chair. Kyo calms down while saying,"Everything in the past is such a blur. It's better to not remember it and move on to the future."

Ring! Ring!

The iPhone rang in his pocket. Kyo grabbed it out of his pocket. His mom was calling him. Kyo accept the call and greeted her,"Hello?"

"Kyo, where are you now?" she asked with concern in her voice. Kyo was a bit suspicious of her tone of voice,"I'm at the school. Is everything all right, mom? You seem...worried."

Her voice stood quiet before responding,"Kyo, don't come home. Head to the museum. I'll be waiting, so come ok?"

The museum? Why would she want Kyo to go to the museum? Kyo asked her,"Um, ok mom."

But, the phone call was hung up. It was odd that his mom was calling suddenly to go to the museum. Feeling excited to go to the museem with his mother, Kyo decided to go.

Kyo heads downstairs and in the lobby. He opens the door and leaves the school. He walks through the entrance and heads to the museum. Kyo runs as fast as he could.

When Kyo runs at the end of the wall, he bumps into someone. Kyo falls back on his bottom. He grunts in pain, but notice he bump into someone. Kyo got up and help him up.

"Gomen, I didn't mean to," Kyo apologized as he pulled the man up.

The man assured to him,"It's fine. Eh? Kyo?"

"Huh? Ichika-san?" Kyo recognizing the guy he met at the grocery. Ichika smiled and greeted him,"Hey, its good to see you again. But, why were you running? Did something happen?"

"Eh? Ah, no, it's just I have to get to the museum, but," Kyo muttered,"But, I have no money..."

Ichika realize Kyo was desperate to go and smiles. He pulls out a ticket pass and asked,"Hey, I want to thank you for the other day, so I have an extra ticket pass. If you like, I'll let you come."

Hope was brought back and Kyo asked,"R-really?"

Ichika nods positively,"Yeah, as a gratitude for giving me the last soy sauce bottle."

Kyo smiled brightly,"Thank you very much!"

Milsha was soon slapped by her husband.

"Why'd you involve Kyo in this now?!" Kyo's dad scolded.

Milsha sniffs as she shed tears,"Because...I can't keep it a secret any longer, Raddin! I hate keeping secret from our son!"

"Milsha..." this shocked Milsha's husband. All Raddin ever wanted was Kyo to live a good life. A life where there is no conflict and disorder. But, he can't keep Kyo in the dark forever. No world can be clean of conflict and disorder.

"Follow me," Raddin ordered his wife. They walk up the steps to one of the 4 completed IS.

The parents pass the four to a white one that is docked in a cage. This IS seemed different from the others. The IS had a bat like helmet with a black boomerang shape visor on the mask. Above the visor, what two iron ring holes that is capable of shooting arms were white and the claws were black. The legs were white with the foot being black, too. On the sides of the feet were white emerald shapes. The shoulder armors has hidden booster under it. It also had a skirt armor. Also, it has a booster pack on the back. But, the odd thing about the IS is that it has odd lines that seems to mean that separable.

Milsha didn't seem to be surprise at this. The IS was not very powerful looking . It was rather plain.

Raddin was typing on a terminal while talking to his wife,"Do you remember our son dreaming to become a hero like in those tokusatsu shows."

Milsha didn't understand what he is getting to,"What do you mean?"

Raddin finished typing and looks at Milsha with a serious look. Milsha blinks before realizing what he meant.

"No!" Milsha denied,"Kyo is not ready with that sort of thing!"

Raddin wish it didn't have to be like this, but he has no choice. He never wish to involve him in this.

"I wish, but Phantom Task will kill us even though," Raddin explained,"That's why giving him this IS will protect him."

"But, even if you give him an IS, how will he fight? They obviously have more power than that IS," Milsha telling the possibility.

It does seem the IS can't last a minute to one of Phantom Task's best personnel, but Raddin picked that IS for some reason.

"Trust me, it will see Kyo through," Raddin promised her.

Kyo awes with his star turned eyes at a chocolate parfait. This was his favorite desert. A bit of drool came out of his mouth. "Oh, yum," Kyo drooled.

Ichika and Kyo were at an ice cream shop while waiting for the museum to open. Ichika had a parfait, too.

"Um, Kyo you know I could've payed for it," Ichika sweatdropped.

Kyo smiled,"It's fine. Come on, let's chow down!"

The mouth watering boy grabbed a spoon and soon started gobbling down the delicious desert. His eyes were glittering wih joy.

"Aaah, parfait is the best..." said Kyo as he takes another bite.

Ichika has no word to say, but he laughed. Kyo stops eating and asked,"What's funny?"

"Well, you're kind of a strange guy," Ichika explained. Kyo tilt his head in question.

"Eh? How so?" Kyo wondered. Ichika put his spoon down and thinks. He looks at Kyo,"Well, you're nice. You like chocolate parfait so much that you drool a lot."

This made Kyo feel embarass of his personality and likings. He flushed while rubbing the back of his head. "Oh, really?"

"Yo, Ichika!" A voice shouting his name. Ichika and Kyo sees a man with long scarlet hair tied with a bandana.

Ichika recognize him as his friend and shouts back,"Hey, Dan-san!"

"Who is he?" Kyo asking Ichika. Dan went over to the two and greeted Ichika,"Hey, Ichika, it's been a long time!"

Ichika nodded,"Yeah, it has. Oh, by the way, meet my new friend, Matsumoto Kyo."

Dan sees Kyo and greeted him as well,"Hey, Kyo nice to meet you, too. I'm Gotanda Dan, but please call me Dan."

"Hi, Dan," Kyo said in a blank voice.

Dan looks at Ichika and ask about him,"Where'd you find this guy?"

"I met him at a grocery store and gave me the last bottle of soy sauce," Ichika explain,"I was nice enough to pay him back wth a pass to the museum."

Dan now know that Ichika was going to the museums and smiled,"Hey, me and my little sister are going there. It's about opening time. Why don't we all go together?"

Ichika loved the idea,"Sure, let's all go. Right, Kyo?"

"I don't have a problem with that," said Kyo smiling in agreement.

Then a female voice called for Dan. Ichika sees Dan's little sister, Ran running around looking for him. Ichika waved his hand,"Hey, Ran!"

Ran stops and sees Ichika before her face fluster. She runs to her crush. Ran stops and pants after running a lot.

"I-Ichika-san, I didn't know you were here!" Ran blushed.

Ichika smiled at her,"Why wouldn't I be?"

Then Ichika notice she was wearing ocean color jacket with short pants. This made Ichika compliment her,"Wow, you great in that."

Ran's face turned red and she stutters,"Oh, Ichika, you're too k-kind."

At perfect timing, the PA system announced,"The museum is now opening."

The announcement was made and Kyo got up from his seat and said,"It's opens. Come on, let's go."

Kyo went ahead while Ichika was asked by Ran. "Um, Ichika-san, who's that?"

"Oh, that's Kyo," Ichika said,"He's a cool guy, so hope you get along with him."

Ichika and Ran runs and catch up with the excited boy. Dan, however, could catch up the three.

Kyo awes as he looks around the exhibits. They're was some old models of the IS including the weapons. Kyo never been into the museum for a long time and sees new stuff that he had never seen before.

Ichika comes up behind him and asked,"Having fun?"

"Yeah, it's been a long time since I went to the museum," said Kyo while looking through a glass case that had a Yukihira type 1 weapon in it,"My parents would usually take me here when I was kid."

"Must have been good times, I bet," Ichika said smiling, but his expression changed into a depressed face,"Good times."

Kyo notice Ichika's change of expression and asked what's the problem is,"Ichika-san, is everything ok?"

The boy didn't notice his face change and said to Kyo,"Y-yeah, just thinking some of my friends."

That's when Ran came up behind and grabbed Ichika by the left arm. Ran asked him,"There's a elevator that goes up to the top of the building, wanna go?"

Ichika seemed to like that idea and complies,"Yeah, you wanna come, Kyo?"

"Sure, Ichika, why-" but Kyo stopped his sentence when he saw his mom in a professor coat looking for her son. Kyo then, made up an excuse,"On second thought, you guys can go on ahead, I'll catch up to you."

Kyo runs past the two and that leaves Ichika wondering what's the matter. But, he was soon pulled by Ran when she is finally alone with Ichika.

"Mom!" Kyo shout for his mom. Milsha sees Kyo running toward her. He stops and asked her,"Mom, where were you? I was looking everywhere for you."

Milsha stutters,"Y-yes, I know."

Kyo smiles before taking his mother's hand and said,"Let's go, mom. There's a lot of exhibits here today."

But, Milsha suddenly slips her hand out of Kyo's hand. The boy turns to his mom and asked,"What's wrong, mom?"

"Kyo, I'm sorry to bring you here on a short notice, but I didn't come to look around the museum," Milsha explained.

Kyo didn't understand what was going on,"What do you mean?"

What was going on? Kyo thought his mom was here to look around, but she brought him here for another reason. Milsha told him the reason,"I brought you here to keep you safe."

"Safe? Safe from what?" Kyo asked.

But, soon he got his answer.

Something shaded Kyo from above. He looks up and sees a figure falling toward the ceiling window above him. Kyo stood there before realizing. He pushes his mom down on the floor and the figure smashed through the window.

Rubbles and pieces of wood flied everywhere. This was shock to everyone in the museum. the figure turns out to be an IS. It had a spiderlike appearance, but it's abdomen had metal stitches on the back with a lot of battle scars.

The helmet of the pilot was cracked and her stomach had white bandages wrapped around. The pilot laughed,"Hahahaha, that's right run away in fear!"

Kyo coughs out dust and sits up and rubs his head. He sees his mom unconcious and shakes her,"Mom! Mom!"

The pilot of Arachne Repair sees Kyo trying to wake his mom up. The pilot recognize that boy and crawls toward him. Kyo sees the IS moving towards him and got scared, but didn't leave his mom.

"Yo, boy," the pilot greeted politely,"It's been overdue, where are the 4 N-IS?"

Kyo didn't understand what she meant,"Um, what?"

The pilot grabbed Kyo by the collar and lifts him up. Kyo grutns as he was lift up. The pilot was getting impatient,"I told you, where are they?!"

"Eh?!" Kyo doesn't know what she is talking about.

It appears he doesn't know and the pilot raises her right claw hand. "Looks like you don't know, but too bad you're still going to die!"

"No!" a familiar voice yelled. The pilot was soon tackled by another pilot of the IS, the Byakushiki. Ichika smashes her into a wall. Kyo was lucky that she let go or else she would've drag him along with her.

Milsha's eyes flutters open and she got up from where she was. Kyo notice his mom is awake and goes to her. "Mom!"

Kyo hugs his mom and told her,"Come on, we have to leave!"

However, Milsha grabbed Kyo's wrist and said,"Follow me."

"Eh? O-Oi!" Kyo was pulled away and he was dragged into a phone booth. Milsha pressed down the numbers while Kyo was asking her,"Mom, what are we doing in the booth? I mean, we can call for help outside and-"

But, he couldn't finish his sentence when the entire phone booth soon fell through the ground. The booth was sliding down on a rail while Kyo was screaming in terror.

The booth stopped and Kyo was left shaking. Milsha got out of the booth while Kyo just fell out. The boy shakes his head to get rid of his dizziness.

Kyo got up and looks around. He was in a corridor. Kyo follows his mother as they made their way through the corridor.

Kyo couldn't believe his eyes. He was in laboratory that under the museum. He seen a lot of labs in movies, but not an actual real one. Milsha walks down the steps leading to one of the 4 IS.

Raddin was finishing the OS on the fifth IS before seeing Kyo and Milsha. He got up from the chair and said,"Kyo, you're here!"

"Yeah, dad," Kyo said whiling looking at the IS,"Dad, what's going on? Mom and I were attack by some spider IS thing. And also, why do you have a secret lab and never told me about it?"

Raddin sighs in regret before explaining to Kyo,"I'm sorry, Kyo. We hide all of this from you, but please understand that we did this for your own good."

His own good? Dad and mom had been gone for most of the time and Kyo was told that this was for him? Kyo just shook his head and sat on a table. "I don't understand what you're trying to tell me."

"What I'm trying to tell you is," Raddin bit his mouth before he spits out the answer,"Is that, you're a..."

"... A cyborg," Raddin answered him in a quiet voice.

Kyo stood like that before saying,"I already know that."

"I know you're surprise and-hold on, you knew?!" Raddin's eyes widen in shock,"H-how?!"

Kyo got off the table and explained,"Well, when I shower, I start to feel 'tickly' and when one time I got my arm stuck in a the sink and I pulled it off of my socket."

"And, you didn't bother to tell us this because...?" Raddin asked with his left eyebrow twitching.

"Well, I didn't want to freak you out as well," Kyo shrugged.

Raddin felt stupid for worrying his ass off. Kyo loves his father reaction. But, his eyes suddenly fell toward the white IS. Kyo got off the table and walks over to it. He inspects and asked his dad,"Oi, what's this IS?"

Raddin looks at him and said,"This is suppose to be your own personal IS."

Kyo turns and look at him in shock,"Eh?! Did you say my 'own personal IS'?!"

This shock Kyo to the core. Ichika was the only male to pilot the Byakushiki, but having Kyo pilot that IS could make him a second one. Kyo just rubbed the back of his head out of nervousness.

"D-Dad, as much as I want to have an IS," said Kyo nervously,"I just...can't. I mean, as much as I want to, I can't..."

But, Raddin walked over and grabbed Kyo's hand and place it down on the IS's hand. Then, a bright light appear on the suit. Kyo didn't understand what was going on as his own body was being engulfed.

Kyo had his eyes closed,"Am I...not dead? Huh?"

Kyo notice he was in the darkness, but could see his own body. Then, an two orange rings appeared below and abovd him. In front of him was an orange target cursor. An image in front of him pulls up and he sees he was looking at the ceiling.

"What the..." Kyo tried to move, but his body was in a stationary state.

"Good afternoon, ready for combat operation," a computer female voice (Voiced by Cynthia Marucci). The voice came out of nowhere and Kyo asked,"W-who are you?!"

"I am the battle AI of this unit, I am known as Battle Awareness Nerve System or BANS for short," the AI explained herself,"I detect that you are the pilot of this unit."

Pilot?! Raddin made Kyo into pilot without him coping. Kyo tried to make up an excuse,"Listen, I don't want to be a pilot! My dad just went and made me one!"

The AI, however, didn't follow,"Even if free will or not, you are the pilot of this unit."

"Well, can you make someone else a pilot of this unit? complained Kyo.

"You're father has locked the unit to your biometric data," the AI explained,"The lock can not be open without his command."

Kyo groan in frustration. His father made decision that he doesn't want. But, he didn't have time to frustrate when he heard warning bleeps.

The AI warned Kyo,"Enemy units are approachig this vicinity. I recommend avoid battle and escape."

"Wait, what about my mom and dad?" Kyo asked.

"You're parents are not a prime directive," the AI spoke coldly,"You're father has gave me orders to keep you safe from the enemies."

"Not a prime directive?!" Kyo yelled in anger,"Come on, who cares if its not a prime directive!"

The AI answer him,"You're reason to help them is illogical."

Kyo grunts,"I don't care! Grr, how come I can't move?!"

"You are currently dock inside the cage unit," Bans explaining the cause,"It restricts your movement and interactions."

After that explanation, an explosion was heard in front of him. Kyo wanted to see what was going on. But, an IS came up in his view. Kyo grew pale.

The IS wasn't manned, but had a feminine shape. It had three arms behind the back. The left shoulder had a cannon inside. The IS looks closely at Kyo.

"B-BANS, what do I do?" asked Kyo in a terrified voice.

BANS tells him the suggestions,"Since we currently dock in the cage unit, you can't perform any action. But, you still can fire the Vulcan Guns."

"Vulcan what?" Kyo never heard about that type of weapon before.

"Vulcan gun is the sub weapon hidden on the head that shoots bullets at a rapid speed ," BANS explained,"Do you want me to show you?"

"Um, BANS, theres an enemy in front of me, what do yuou think?!" Kyo yelled.

BANS took that as an order,"Acknowledge, firing Vulcan Guns."

Suddenly, the white IS shoots blue bullets at the enemy IS. The IS was hit in the face and the head was obliterated completely. It stumbles back before falling off the ledge.

Kyo sighs in relieve, but sees another one in front of him. BANS fired the Vulcan Guns again, but the IS started punching the white IS in the chest.

"Warning! Chest unit taking damage, unlocking cage unit," BANS warned. BANS had the ability to disengage the lock and never told Kyo!

The four bars on the body splits before launching toward the IS like missiles. They impaled the IS on the leg, stomach, shoulder, and face. The IS fell backward on the ground dead.

Kyo slips out and fell on the ground. He got up and shook his head. The boy awed at himself.

BANS now introduce to the IS name,"This is a unit created in secret. This is the Neo IS, KR-0 Ichigo Kai."

"Ichigo Kai?" Kyo wondered why that's the IS name. But, no time think, the place was on fire and could go down in any second.

Kyo looks around while his scanning system was active. No humans were detected in the vicinity which means either his parents were dead or escaped. "Dad! Mom!"

"I detect no human in sight, they are either dead or eacaped," BANS explained,"But, there is a high possibilty of escape. I detect no body in the area."

Kyo was just glad that they may have escape. He turns to the left and sees the 4 IS missing. Kyo looks around to see if they were on the floors somewhere. Then the ceiling was giving in.

"The ceiling is giving in, we must escape this facility," BANS warned Kyo.

Kyo nods,"I know. It's just, I'm worried about mom and dad and-"

"Incoming enemies are moving onto our position, I suggest avoiding battle," BANS warned.

But, it was too late. Three more IS smash through the ceiling. The ceiling was about to collapse. One IS flies toward the Ichigo Kai.

Kyo scream in terror, but soon got serious. His booster pack activates and he thrusts toward it. He grabbed it by the shoulders and pushed it toward the other IS. He flies upward toward the hole while pushing them.

"Leave me alone..." Kyo muttered before yelling,"I SAID LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOONNNEE!"

The boosters hit to maximum speed and the flames grew larger. They surface through the floor and flies up to the sky.

Ichika looks up and asked himself,"What is that?"

Arachne Repair looks up and see the white IS and the unmanned IS separate from each other.

"What the hell is that? Oh, well doesn't matter, all units destroy it!" the pilot yelled in anger.

"No!" Ichika flies toward the enemy IS. Arachne just kicked him away. Ichika smashes through a pillar.

The unmanned IS materializes long rail guns. Kyo froze in terror to see those.

BANS then announced,"Imminent danger rising. IS-D system activate."

The Ichigo Kai's visor glowed blue. The lines on the armor started to glow red. The IS fired the rail guns and white electricity beam were shoot toward him.

Time slowed as Ichika mouth the words 'Look out!' and the Arachne Repair's pilot grinned fiendishly. However, before the beams could even hit they were suddenly deflected off to other directions.

The enemy pilot was shock,"Nani?! A 2nd shift?!"

"Whoa..." Ichika awed.

From bottom to top, the armor started to separate. The legs separate in sideways revealing the red component. Four additional hidden boosters under the rear skirt. The upper body part began to transform as his booster pack begin to folded out and reveal two more boosters. And two white handles emerges on top of the booster pack. The stomach part on the upper body separates in half upward. The chest separates from each other and reveal the same red component. Reaching to the head section, the helmet spilts in half with the visor still on the upper part of it. The lower part places itself above the chest and the upper part bents back and connects on the back of the neck. What was inside the helmet was a grasshopper-like head. Two antennas extended from the head. The eyes glowed red and the mouthplate splits downward revealing the same red component.

The transformation was complete, revealing the true form of the Ichigo Kai. Kyo opens his eyes after realizing he isn't dead. He notice the orange rings turned blood red. "What...?"

"All limiters are released. Transformation complete," BANS announced,"SEC is now active. Launching Beam saber."

The right saber on his pack raises before launching. Kyo caught the saber in his right hand and a pink beam extends up to 3 and a 1/2 feet. The enemy IS converges onto him.

Kyo notice one in front of him getting closer and tries to fly away. However, the enemy fired the rail gun. Kyo sees the beam in front of him and through instinct, he swings upward and totally cut the beam in half.

Kyo grabs the IS by the shoulder and stabs it in the stomach and moves upward and cuts the monster into two pieces. They exploded. The blood red IS flies out of the smoke while leaving behind a red line.

"What's going on?! The shield should've protect it, but it just cut through it like paper!" the pilot was shocked that one of the best machine made by Phantom Task was easily destroyed. "Grr, I guess no choice, but to take it out myself!"

Arachne Repair flies up leaving behind Ichika. Ichika got up and yelled,"Stop!"

He flied up to catch to the hot-headed IS. The unmanned IS kept firing the rail guns at the blood red IS, but Kyo was faster for them to aim.

The enemy IS had a lock on him, but suddenly disappear in a blur. Then, he appear in front of one's face of the two. The last thing the IS saw was a saber to the face and destroying the vision. Kyo pull his saber out and cut the machine in half.

It exploded and the last one kept an eye out. But, soon it got stabbed from behind and Kyo grabbed the head and ripped it off completely. Red oil sprays from the neck area and covers the Ichigo Kai's body. He kicks the IS off the saber and slash downward and the IS was cut down. It exploded as well.

The smoke disappears and the apex IS was panting in motion of Kyo. The pilot threw the head away. Kyo pants and BANS tells him,"All unmanned IS has been destroyed. Warning, a manned IS is now approaching your position with another IS."

The Arachne arrived and stops in front of Kyo. Ichika stopped below them.

"Oi, who do you think you are?! Huh?!" the pilot yelled at him.

Kyo saw her as threat and told her in a metallic voice,"Listen, you just lost all of your units. Just leave and you don't have to see me again."

"Huuh? A boy is piloting it?!" this surprised the pilot.

"You got a problem with that?!" Kyo shouted,"I destroyed three IS, I suggest you leave. Now!"

The only answer the pilot gave him was the eight legs on the IS raising up and started shooting multiple beams. "Don't screw with me!"

Kyo clicks his tongue before flying up. He moves around to avoid getting shot at, but he was still getting nonetheless. His shield energy was lowering from 2000 to 1993, 1988, and keeps on going.

"Tch! I can't avoid getting myself hit more! I gotta fight back!" Kyo flies toward the IS and slash downward, but the pilot dashes back and kicks him away.

He was thrown back a bit, but his booster manage to stop him. The Arachne flies up to get some distance, but Kyo wasn't going to allow her and flies after her. His antenna retracts to their holes and the same blue energy bullets shoots out from the two holes.

The IS was getting hit and her shield energy was lowerig gradually. She turns around and flies toward Kyo. "Don't think you have the upper hand!"

The legs on her IS soon grabbed her enemy's leg, arms, and shoulders. Kyo struggles to move and tries to hit her with the beam saber, but he was immobilized.

The pilot laughed,"Hahahahaha, Try your best to get out of that! In meantime, I'll enjoy torturing you!"

"I won't let you!" Ichika yelled as his Yukihira activates with a blue energy blade coming out. The pilot turns her head and sees Ichika slice three left legs.

Kyo's left arm was free and BANS launched the left beam saber. He caught it in the left hand and sliced four legs on his right arms. His upper body was free and he slashed his sabers in a cross.

Kyo sliced off all her legs and the pilot was left defenseless. He tackles the pilot and pushes her toward the ground of the city. They collide on the ground and created a big crater.

The pilot choked blood and cough it all over her visor. Kyo raised his right saber to strike her down. The pilot grunted as she cough out more blood,"What are you waiting for?! You're a coward to kill me?!"

"You brought it upon yourself! You didn't listen to my warning!" Kyo yelled as he put his left saber on his pack and grabbed the pilot's neck.

The pilot was choking. "Why don't you just finish me?!"

"I will in fact! Uaaaaaaa!" Kyo shouted as he thrust his saber toward her face. But, he stopped the saber just an inch from her face.

The pilot opened her eyes when she felt intense heat in her face. She didn't understand why he stopped,"Why'd you stopped?"

"Because..." Kyo got off of her and flies up,"Because I'm not like you! I don't kill for fun! You can lay there and think about what you done. I'm leaving."

His boosters goes to full throttle and Kyo stormed away from the injured and shattered pride pilot.

The injured pilot clench her hand in anger before repeatedly yelling while hits the ground,"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!..."

"Matsumoto Kyo, why did you fail to destroy the target?" BANS asking Kyo about his mercy to the pilot.

Kyo didn't expect her to ask him that,"What do you mean?"

"That pilot will cause many problems in the future," BANS explained,"Termination of the pilot will cease problems in the future."

Kyo was shock to hear that BANS telling him to terminate her, in other words, kill. "But...BANS, she doesn't have a chance against me now. Also, is killing always the answer?"

BANS stood quiet before answering that question,"...Do I have to state several reasons why?"

"Don't bother!" Kyo snaps at her.

Bleep! Bleep!

"Incoming IS in front of us," BANS warned. Kyo looked and zoom in on the object. It was Ichika in the Byakushiki.

Kyo stopped and stay where he was. Ichika stopped as well. The two pilot stared at each other with their heart beating faster. Ichika don't know if he is the enemy and Kyo doesn't want him to think he is one.

"Autumn said you were a boy, is that true?" Ichika demanding the truth.

Kyo swallows his spit and answered,"Yes."

"Where is she?" Ichika asking another question.

"She's...she's down there," Kyo answered again.

"Did you kill her?"


Once again they stared at each other. Kyo wanted to break the silence and tell him who he is,"Ichika, it's me. It's-"

"IS-D system has reach its time limit. Ichigo Kai will now revert back to its normal state," BANS interrupting Kyo when the system's time is up.

The red components on the armor turned dark, including the eyes. The armor started to close back up and the helmet on the back of his neck and above his chest comes back together to masked the head.

The IS was back in its normal form, but Kyo suddenly feel exhausted. He soon passed out and his booster stopped firing. Kyo now fall with no propulsion to keep him in the air.

Ichika was surprise that he suddenly deactivate his booster and dives after him. He manage to catch up qnd grabbed his hand. Ichika himself up and lands gently on the ground. He lays the deactivated IS on the ground.

Ichika kneels down and looks at him. That's when the armor glows bright and disappears. Ichika was shock for what happened next.

"Kyo?!" this shock Ichika a lot. The boy he met was inside an IS and not only that, but he destroyed three rail gun holding IS.

Kyo was snoring while muttering,"I like some...chocolate...parfait..."

Ichika just sighed and smiled,"Well, at least your alive."

"But, seriously, what the hell is going on?" Ichika asked himself.

Autumn was on a bed with bandages around her body. She grunts in pain as she injects morphine into her left arm to stop the pain for now. Autumn pulled it out and threw it away.

"So, you're saying a white IS came out of nowhere and destroyed our best IS?" a figure in the darkness questioned her.

Autumn shouts in anger,"That guy just underwent into a 2nd shift and destroyed them. How is that even possible?! No normal IS can shift that easily!"

The figure comes out of the darkness. The woman had long blonde hair, red eyes with a mole under her left eye, with a beautiful body and large bust. She place a hand on Autumn's face and said to her politely,"Try not to get angry. It'll ruin your beautiful face."

"Squall..." Autumn's face was red.

Squall smiles as she caress her hair. "And, don't worry. We have 4 of Neo IS with the 4 best pilots. He doesn't stand a chance."

Unbeknownst to them, a girl with long black hair and wears a cloak was behind a door listening to them. She walks away after hearing enough.

This pilot defeated Autumn? The girl asked herself how a single pilot like that boy could defeat her that easily. The girl just smirk fiendishly.

It was dark. Nothing shining or anything is seen. It feels like its death and also, feeling numb. But, voices are heard in muffles.

Then, a bright light pierce through and opens through the darkness.

Kyo's eyes were half open and he had a gas mask on. He stood like that for a few second before fully opening his eyes in realization. He sits up and removes the mask off him. He breathes in air rapidly and soon breathes slowly.

"It was all a dream," Kyo rubbed his face. But, notice something on his arm. He removes his hand off his face and sees white wristwatch on his arm. It had a black metal strap with white stripes on the sides. The watch had an LED clock with the date below it.

Kyo got off the bed and carefully put his feet on the floor. He walks slowly and opens the curtains. It was broad daylight. Kyo walks back, but soon slipped and fall back on his pulse monitor. The pulse monitor fell to the floor as he fell. He grunts in pain and the door to the room opens. A nurse comes in and she gasp in shock.

The nurse yelled out,"Get a doctor! The patient is awake!"

A cup was being poured with green tea. Kyo was offered a cup of tea by the nurse. He takes it and thanks her,"Thank you."

The boy takes a sip before drinking all of it to quench his thirst. Kyo pants after drinking it and wipe it off his mouth. The nurse takes his tea cup and put it on a cart.

"Um, nurse how long was out for? I can't seem to remember," Kyo asked.

The nurse looks at him and said,"You've been in coma for 2 weeks. A friend of yours took you here."

"Friend? Wait, are you talking about Ichika-san?" Kyo asking since Ichika is the only one.

The nurse nodded,"Yeah, he checks on you after school. It's past school hours so he should be visiting. Also, I think I see a girl with him. She seems to be checking on you, too."

"A girl? Hmm, it could be Miyako," Kyo thought to himself,"That girl is always worrying to much."

Then the door opens and two familiar faces were seen. Ichika and Miyako sees Kyo awake and they boh gasp.

"Y-yo," Kyo sweatdrops nervously. Miyako burst into tears as she ran and jumped on top of Kyo. The boy was surprise, but got glomped.

Miyako was crying on his shoulder. Kyo was very confused. "Um, Miyako-chan, is something the matter?"

Miyako moves away and looks at him,"You...idiot."

They now talk and explaining the past event...

"...and, that's how it all happen," said Kyo finishing the story.

Miyako looks down in sadness," don't know where your parents are?"

Kyo shook his head in response. With his parents missing, how will he live without them? And, the IS he has with him...why did it change? Also...why did he killed those IS in cold blood?

Kyo scratched his head in frustration before laying his head on the pillow. The door then knocked. Kyo said,"Come in."

The door opens in response to his answer. Kyo sits up and sees a woman with log black hair and a formal white shirt, with a black business overcoat and matching skirt, a green tie, stockings and high heeled shoes.

"Are you Matsumoto Kyo, I presume?" the woman asking Kyo if he is the right person.

Kyo doesn't know this woman, but responds," Yes, I'm Matsumoto Kyo."

The woman stood there looking at him before introducing herself,"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Orimura Chifuyu, I run the IS academy."

"Pleasure to meet you, too. Wait, did you say 'Orimura'? Are you a sister to Ichika-san?" Kyo recognizes the last name.

Chifuyu raised an eyebrow,"I see you know my little brother. It was nice of him to bring you back after your little 'show' has ended."

"Show?" Kyo tilted his head. Chifuyu picked up the TV remote and turns the TV on. The news was on and the text below says 'IS attack'.

The newswoman speak the report given about the IS attack at the museum. Kyo bit his lip at that. After the news ended, Chifuyu turns the TV off.

"The reason I'm here is to make you a student of the academy," Chifuyu said while crossing her arms.

Kyo's eyes widen a bit,"A student at the academy, but... why?"

Chifuyu sits on a chair,"We saw what your IS change into and that got some companies interested in you."

"You're kidding me, right?" Kyo asked in disbelief,"You know, I just been through a lot and stupid things tend happen afterwards. They can have the stupid IS, it's not like it matters."

It was silent in the room until Chifuyu broke up the silence with a sigh,"Listen, I understand you don't want to attend a school that is only for girls. But, you need to think straight. Phantom Task will come after you."

"Phantom Task? You mean, the guys I fought was Phantom Task?" said Kyo now knowing the organization's name.

Chifuyu nodded,"Yeah, Phantom Task is an underground organization that steals nation's IS worldwide. After seeing your 'stunt' that you did back in the city, they'll probably come after you and try to take your IS away from you."

"Great, just when IS companies weren't bad enough," Kyo crosses his arms.

Chifuyu sighed,"I know, you don't want to become a pilot, but your path has been chosen. Also, the academy can protect you from any government. But, however, Phantom Task will have no problem breaking in through force to steal it. Seeing your performance, I'm quite amazed that a male like you have great piloting skills despite it being your first time in combat. It could be useful if Phantom Task were to attack."

"B-but..." Kyo looking down. But, Miyako holds his right hand. He looks at her and sees her smiling athim as if everything was going to be okay.

"Kyo, I know you hate going to an all girl school, but staying there is the best option," Miyako said,"Don't worry, I'll make you my special lunch like in elementary school."

Kyo never saw Miyako this desperate to let him come to the academy. He wanted to not get involved, but his performance has caused a lot of organizations to come after him. Kyo sighed in defeat.

"So, where do I start?" Kyo asked Chifuyu.

The Ichigo Kai's foot steps on the platform and lock it in place. The white IS now had a white shield and a gray color Beam energy gun. In front of him, the doors opened.

"You made a good choice, Kyo," Chifuyu voice was heard.

"All weapons are online, catapault is ready to launch," BANS explained to Kyo.

Kyo takes a deep breath as a text in front of him appears saying 'Stand by'.

"I'm sure you can do it," Chifuyu's voice was heard again.

Kyo bends down a bit to get ready.

"I'm sure your father is proud of it," Chifuyu finishing her sentence.

Kyo made a serious face and announced,"Matsumoto Kyo, Ichigo Kai, I'm moving out!"

The boosters fires and he pushed himself forward. As soon as he was outside the locks on his feet unlocks and he launches in the air.

This starts a new journey. What holds in the future for him?

(Kyo raise his gun up before aiming it forward)

Another Day Tomorrow

yami no naka de nemutteiru dake de

konna ni muboubi ni kizutsuitari mayou tabi

Answer Must Be Somewhere

tsuyoku tsuyoku iikikaseru you ni

kimi no namae yobitsuzukeru

miugoki dekinai you hosoi PIANO sen ga

sekai no sumizumi made harimegurasareteru

sore wa tsumetaku hada ni kuikonda totan ni

dokoka de shikakerareta TORAPPU wo ugokasu

te wo nobashitara sagashiteta asu ni todoki souna no

yubisaki ni wa fureteiru

Another Day Tomorrow

Kinou he wa kesshite susumenai kara

me wo tojita mama hashiridaseba soko wa mirai

Answer Must Be Somewhere

watashi no koto dare yori mo shitteru

watashi dakara shinjirareru

Prototype3: "Whew! I gotta say to myself, that was a long chapter. Hope you people enjoy, because there's more where it comes from. And about Ichigo Kai's design, form and weapons were completely based off and inspired by my favorite Gundam, the Gundam Unicorn. The weapon he used was the Beam Magnum and the shield. There will some name alter in the weapons, but hope this doesn't rip off too much. Well that's all, ciao!"

(More text below)

KR-0 Ichigo Kai

Pilot: Kyo Matsumoto

Weapons: Beam sabers X2, a white shield, Vulcan Guns, a Beam Magnum.

Type: Unknown