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Happy 45th anniversary! Hello, Rider fan! Prototype3 here with a new chapter. A final chapter of this story, actually. Well, if you hadn't read the announcement before, this is the Season Finale. Everything is set for next season to start. You bet you're going to have your favorite characters from IS and Kamen rider making their debut in next season premiere. I watched Kamen rider Amazons and it was AMAZON-G. Get it? Because Amazing and Amazon...Aaaaanyways, I just watched Ex-Aid and it was EXCITING! But, I do have to criticize it's pacing in the first episode. But, might fix that in the upcoming episodes. Now, this chapter was a weird one because I had to scrap at least 6 rough drafts of this before landing on this one. And, it will feature an insert song that some of ya'll might be familiar with. Enough with the small talks. Get some popcorn or whatever and enjoy the season finale.

Riding off from the distance with a trail of smoke being left behind, a mask wearing rider riding on a high tech motorcycle arrives. His armor spilled in glowing red blood with the sun rising behind him. The mask of the rider has been reveal to resemble that of a grasshopper.

(Let's Go Rider Kick! (Original/Instrumental)

仮面ライダー カイ

His red scarf hangs back by the wind as he revs up his engine. The rider leaps high in the air before landing on the ground and kicking off the dirt. He comes to a drift and shoot the dirt off the ground. While doing so, he pulled out a familiar Beam Magnum from his backpack unit and aimed high in the air. He fires and shot down a target. He does so with more targets that appear with empty battery cells dropping. His ammo depleted and he drove forward once more. He drove around the training course poles that are in his way. Soon a ramp was coming his way. Twisting the handle to increase his speed, the rider soar through the air like an arrow with his backpack booster firing. He lands back on the ground and continue on driving. The holographic goal line in front of him appears and he pass through it. The text 'Course Complete!' appears.

Now, the rider hits a turning brake and kicks off a large cloud of dust as he came to a complete stop. The motorcycle's engine's sounds diminished and the dust clears to reveal the blood red Hopper.

(Music comes to an end)

The Hopper stood stationary on his vehicle, seemingly staring off into space. Until, a cheerful female voice announced,"Testing run complete! Well done, Kyo Matsumoto!"

The pilot of the new IS type, the Ichigo Kai, unhands the grips and looks up with a thumbs up,"Thanks, I worked hard on my cycle last night. Had to modify some systems, replace different modules and-"

"Matsumoto..." said another female voice,"Are you...wearing a scarf on your IS?"

Kyo gripped the scarf and said to the voice,"Hm? This? Oh, uh, well, Seno-chan said I might look nice with a scarf on. Do you like it?"

The voice remained quiet because he would ask a question like that to her. She took a moment before speaking again,"Um, y-you look great, but I think the scarf would prove to be a distraction in combat."

"Oh," Kyo felt his feelings hurt a little,"I...I gotcha...I'll get rid of it..."

"Good," the voice said,"Besides that, the test has gone well. You've definitely improved since your last battle."

Last battle...

Kyo could never forget about it. That battle definitely changed his life. The appearance of an IS similar to his and this thing about Neotypes along with Phantom Task holding his family in ransom of his cooperation with them. It was stressing him a lot and there so many unanswered questions he had about that day. But, it seems like the answers always flies away from him before he can even ask.

"Matsumoto, you went dead silent for a moment there," the voice spoke again,"Is something wrong?"

Kyo realizes he was zoning out and shook his head to get back into reality,"Mm, I'm good, don't worry."

"Ok, I'm just making sure," the voice said,"You're done here today. Enjoy your summer vacation. I'll see you next school year."

The cyborg nods to the voice,"Hai! I will. Thanks, Orimura-sensei."

"And, be sure to do your homework!" she yelled scoldingly.

"Yes, mom," Kyo joked.

He rev up the engine and swiftly turns his cycle around and drove back into the hangar.

Within the observation deck, a hand stopped pressing the PA button. The most admired and respected teacher in the whole academy, Chifuyu Orimura sighed and sat back on her chair.

The green hair teacher, Maya Yamada, saw her friend looking distress and asked,"Is something bothering you, Miss Orimura?"

Chifuyu rubs her eyes,"It's just...everything. This new IS threat, Phantom Task and the Japanese government nagging me about the secrecy of the satellite incident last year. There's never been this much work before."

Then, came a giggle from the assistant. Chifuyu notice it and asked,"What?"

"It almost sound like you're blaming this mess on Kyo," Maya giggled.

Chifuyu smirks,"Are you kidding me? He's the person unintentionally ruining the things I have perfectly organized."

"But, that's what get him to save a lot of lives today," Maya smiled remembering the good deeds Kyo has done.

"Maybe..." Chifuyu said tiredly.

It has been one year and the Japanese government has covered up the whole satellite incident to avoid panic of the world. Fortunately, the satellite was repairable and soon after a year, the satellite was was brought back up and this time it was equipped with better defense to prevent another attack. So, in the end, the good guys won.

But, not all the good guys...

The hangar doors open and the Ichigo Kia on the Cyclone Kai drove in and brakes to a halt. The vehicle's armor retracts back on the red components. The Ichigo Kai's armor move back into place to cover the components and his mask boxes the hopper's head. This is Ichigo Kai's base form.

Kyo cut the engine on his ride and fixed his wrists. Then, he heard a loud female cry calling his name,"Kyo-kun!"

"Hm?" his head peaked up in response to the voice and he was suddenly glomped around the neck by a silver hair girl. The girl laughed happily as she hugged her friend deeply,"You were great out there, Kyo! Best way to kick off the summer!"

"Thanks, Miyako-chan," Kyo smiles behind his mask.

"Oi, Boy-kun!" a female Spanish accented voice yelled out.

Kyo turns his head forward and saw the approaching Representative of Spain, Seno Salvotoro, with both hands on hips and a predatory smile. He sweat drops to see that smile again and waves to her,"H-hey, Seno-chan..."

Seno grins to hear the sheepishness in his voice,"I see you're wearing the scarf I bought for you and wore it during the test. Mm-hmm, you're definitely a Jinete Enmascarado now."

"Jinete Enmascarado? Ah, you mean 'Kamen rider'," Kyo remembers the term,"I've been wondering, Seno-chan, what is a 'Kamen rider'?"

"Oh, I'll be willing to tell you..." Seno...leans over on top of his vehicle and to Kyo's arousal, her shirt collar extends down a bit, exposing her large cleavage,"...if you want to come over at my place."

Kyo can see the seductive look on her face with plans on doing 'certain things' to him. He waves to her to not worry about it,"Ah, nevermind. I think I'll look into it myself later..."

"That's too bad," Seno pouted and leans off the Cyclone Kai,"Oh, well, you just lost an opportunity there, Boy-kun."

"...an opportunity of what?" Kyo was afraid to think what she was thinking about him.

Before Seno could speak, Miyako cuts in and said,"L-let's not go deep into that! Why don't we all just pack up our things and head on home for the summer."

"Y-yeah! Why don't we do that?" Kyo laughed nervously,"Let's all just go back to our dorms and pack up!"

"I just said that!" Miyako whispers to him.

"I know!" Kyo whispered back.

"Pssh, fine..." Seno said putting her hands in her jacket pockets and turns to leave.

Kyo sighed in relief,"Why does she always do that all the time...?"

"Well, I hope she quits that soon," Miyako puffed and mumbles to herself,"Always stealing the spotlight from me..."

Kyo didn't catch that,"Um, what?"

"N-nothing! Say how about we go to your room and I'll help you pa-" Miyako suggested, but Kyo cuts her off from there. "Nah, that's cool. There's not much to pack anyways." Kyo got off his vehicle and moves it with him.

"Wait, wait!" but, Miyako's attempt to stop him was ushered by the sound of the sliding door shutting,"Damn it..."

Opening the door in his dorm, the white hair NeoType name Kyo Matsumoto exits his room carrying two bags and a book bag. He finish packing just a few minutes ago and decided to make a quick stop by at his best friend's room.

He knocks on the door and some ruffling could be heard from inside. The door opens and reveals Tatenashi...wearing nothing, but a towel. Kyo almost blushed and quickly turns his head away,"Oh! Oh, I shouldn't have interrupted you guys, uh..."

Ichika rushes to the door with panicked look,"Wait! Wait! It's not what it looks like, she just happen to got out of the shower...and jump on top of me..."


"Ooh, Ichika-San, I didn't know that's what really happened," Tatenashi purred with her eyes narrowing toward Ichika.

Then, Kyo immediately slams the door and Ichika realize he messed up that last part,"Wait, wrong phrasing! Wrong phrasing!"

Afterwards, the two male friends were laughing as they were making their way to go home.

Kyo calms down,"Ok, ok, Houki really needs to soften up. Seriously, I think I can still see the bruise marks on your neck."

"Are you kidding me? The day Houki ever mellows is the day you finally get a girlfriend and start acting your age," Ichika smirks.

"Get out of here!" Kyo lightly hits him on the shoulder as they enter the waiting area for the tram to arrive.

They drop their bags near the bench and sat down. Kyo sat back and relax on the bench and Ichika did the same thing as well.

It went silent between them while they were waiting. Kyo needed to talk to Ichika about something, but feels like it wouldn't be good time right now. But, he won't be seeing him until Summer, so he might as well ask away.

Kyo sighs a little before he asked,"Um, Ichika?"

Ichika turns his head to Kyo,"Hm, yeah?"

He was hesitant, but spoke eventually,"Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead, bud," Ichika smiled.

Kyo had to be careful not sound suspicious or else Ichika might suspect. He takes a deep breath and spoke,"...if you were met with a decision that would change you and your life, what would you have done?"

Ichika was confuse at his question and laughs nervously,"What's with that question, man? Come on, it sounds as if something serious has happened."

"Ichika, really, tell me," Kyo was serious.

Ichika can tell he wanted a thorough and honest answer. So, he answer it like this,"Well...I don't know."

"Eh?" Kyo did not understand that answer.

"Well, it goes like this," Ichika explained,"I haven't been shot with a decision that could turn my life into something else. I don't have an answer like that, but if I'm going to be face with that kind of thing...there's going to be a dilemma."

"A dilemma?" Kyo still doesn't understand.

Ichika nodded to him and explains more,"You see, I'm just a 16 year old teenager and you just turn 17 a week ago, but I'm still a kid and so are you. I got drag into this mess like you did. It's all adult stuff and, I don't want to be met with a decision that could involve every love ones I have. You wouldn't want that, would you?"

Infortunately for Kyo, something like this has happen with his encounter with Phantom Task. Clearly asking advice from Ichika didn't really help at all. "No, I wouldn't."

"Well, enough with the serious questions!" Ichika stretch his arms wide,"Summer is here and I'm finally ready to hit the sack for good! No classes and no battles..."

"You still got homework, you know?" Kyo said with a quirked eyebrow which made Ichika flinch about it.

"Y-yeah, really wish my homework would work itself," Ichika joked, which earns another laughter by him and Kyo.

Then, the team arrived and the two boys got up. "Well, here's your stop," Kyo said while Ichika picks up his bags,"Stay safe, ok?"

"You should watch out for yourself, too," Ichika warned him,"Even if it is the end of the school year and Summer is here, doesn't mean Phantom Task or anyone will come after you."

Kyo smiles and nodded,"I will. Guess this is goodbye for now."

"Yeah, I'll see you next school year," Ichika said before spreading his arm wide,"Come here."

Kyo got up from his bench and gave his friend a hug. "I'll miss you."

"Don't make it sound weird, man," Ichika jokes once more and breaks the hug. He gives him one more wave of goodbye before boarding the tram.

The tram took off and Kyo waves at the leaving Ichika. The tram has left the station soon.

The smile on Kyo's face disappears and he now had a conflicted look. Ichika seems to live a very carefree life without easy decisions to make. Kyo feel envious of his best friend's life. Wish he had a life like that...

He falls back on the bench and rubs his head out of stress.

"Great, Kyo, you couldn't trust your own best friend about his problems and secrets involving with terrorists," Kyo thought and sighed,"Now, he still doesn't know I made contact with his hot little sister...huh, where did that one come from?"

His scheduled tram arrives and the doors open up for him. Kyo shook away his thoughts and scurries in with his bags. He took a sit down on the soft cushion and laid his head back on the window.

More secrets to keep behind the people he trust the most. But, how was he suppose to break it to them?

He wanted to think more, but it would just stress him more. Kyo just remain quiet to himself and waited to get back home...

Somewhere, unknown to anyone or to the world, inside a base, three familiar females walks through a poorly lit hallway. They walked until they find a metal door with two guards standing by.

They are revealed as Phantom Task's top infiltration unit. The blonde hair woman is the leader of the unit, Squall, the Golden Dawn. The orange hair woman is Autumn, the pilot to the stolen the 2nd Gemeration IS of the USA, Arachne. And, last, but not least, Madoka Orimura, a girl with a mysterious past that pilots the advance IS, Black Knight.

These three were visiting a certain prisoner that they captured during an incident. Squall hand signals one of the guards to stand down and let them pass. They followed her order and stands aside.

Squall opens the small rectangular peek hole on the door,"Rise and shine. Did you sleep well from our last 'conversation'?"

Inside a glass titanium cube, the father of Kyo Matsumoto, Raddin, was sitting against the glass. His white shirt was unbutton slightly and his gray shorts' fly was down. He was not wearing shoes. It seems like something has happen to him by Squall.

Squall comes inside and stands at Raddin's prison,"You know I was uncomfortable with doing it with a man. After all, I am into women only."

The only response was a hiss from Raddin,"Go to hell, you devil."

"Oh, how rude. And, when I'm being nice to you," she joked nonetheless,"But, men like you always play hard to get. You wouldn't be going through all this misery if you gave me what I want."

"What do you want?" Raddin found little strength to speak.

Squall smash her fist on the glass window to intimidate him. "I have been asking you ever since you first got here. I want those access codes to the biometric DNA lock."

"Why...do you need that?" he asked.

"Don't pretend to be stupid," Squall said as she leans on her back against the glass,"All the N-IS you given us so far all has Biometric DNA locks. That includes that special model for your son. And, I can't access the database with the lock in place. I'm going to ask you again. Give. Me. The. Damn. Access codes."

Raddin went quiet to hear that. Then, he got up from his spot and head over to the uneaten food on the table nearby. He lifts the foods tray and looks at Squall and threw the food into the glass. Food splattered everywhere on the glass and floor.

Squall watch the food slide and looks at Raddin who smash his fist now on the glass and told her this,"You listen here, you wretch. I will never do anything for you that will hurt my son! It's useless getting information out of me! With that, you are free to kill me."

Squall just stared at him with a cold glare. Seeing him still stubborn as ever, she smiled and turns her back on him,"Hmph, I believe I underestimated your loyalty towards your son. Well, I'm not going to bother with your wife because she doesn't know the codes. Goodbye, Mr. Matsumoto."

Raddin turns and sat back on his previous spot. He rest his head back and goes back to his lonely isolation.

Squall opens the door, but stops before exiting to ask him this question,"But, before I go, I want to ask you this one question."

Raddin turns his attention toward her.

She smirks as she said it,"Is that little boy of yours really your son?"

This cause confusion to Raddin,"What are you talking about?"

"It's quite amazing how he survived a bullet shot to the head," she said, surprising Raddin,"And, some good amount of blood still left in the Gobi Desert. So, I may have gotten curious about your boy and done a DNA check with his blood. And, I found some...interesting results."

Raddin was in deep thoughts about what she was talking about.

"You claims he is your son, but his DNA contains different chromosomes. Chromosomes that are not identical to yours. That is oddly suspicious, you know? So, tell me this: why does your son have different chromosomes from yours?"

Raddin refuse to answer that and was dead silent.

Squall wasn't expecting him to cooperate and decides to leave him. Closing the door, Raddin finally sigh to rid of his stress. He said this to himself,"Damn it...Kyo...please don't let them get to you..."

Squall and her unit were leaving the facility to head back to their base. Autumn heads up to her lover to ask,"Got anything we can use to swoon the old man's stupid son?"

"Don't call him that," Madoka growled a little at her.

"The hell you say to me, you shit?!" Autumn turns to her angrily.

"I said don't call him that," she said firmly toward the older woman,"If he was stupid, he wouldn't have survived so far now."

"He was damn lucky! He's only a kid!" Autumn said before smirking smuggishly,"Just like you."

They both got into each other's face with great intents of killing each other. Squall sighed once more that they were at it again. Then, she ask this,"Oi, M, what's your next plan with that boy?"

Madoka ignored the growling from her teammate to say,"I'm working on it. Since, he's out of that stupid school now, it'll be easy talking to him with no one to interrupt. And, besides, we got his mouth zipped. He won't snitch to anyone, not even my own sister and brother."

"That is the advantage we have, but convincing him would be a challenge," Squall smirks as they exited the facility onto the outdoor helipad,"He's a boy with a huge sense of righteousness. But, he is incredibly naive and easy to manipulate. A plan that M might know how to roll with."

Madoka can tell where she was going with this and a new plan comes up. A plan that could not possibly fail miserably. "I see." she smirked.

"I hope that you don't fail me like the last time," Squall said entering the helicopter,"Or you'll face the consequences."

All of them were seated inside and the pilot started the helicopter. It took off back to Japan to drop off the unit back to their base.

Kyo better watch out. An insidious plan to coming up and he isn't ready for what's to come.

Arriving back in his home town, Kyo stood before the un-open door of his house. He had mixed feelings about going inside. He wonders if Phantom Task is maybe lying and that his parents has escaped. And, returned home.

He reach for the door knob, but stopped completely. Kyo remembers the museum, his first time piloting the N-IS, Ichigo Kai, and the flames in the lab. His parents were gone after that. Should he open his door, Kyo's parent could be the living room, waiting for their son to come home?

Kyo was afraid to open and moves his hand away and slams his head on the door.


Kyo sighed that she keeps monitoring his vitals,"BANS, do you really need to keep track of my vitals and remind me every time?"

BANS remained quiet to that statement.



"Ah, forget it," Kyo was having a hard time making her understand the human thing. He stops being hesitant and opens the door to his home.

Inside, Kyo enters and looks around in the dusty house. It has been one year since he has last set foot in this place. Since he was not here for a year, this place quickly build up into a home for cobwebs and dust.

"Ah, man, one day I'm out of this house, it always get dirty..." Kyo sighed to himself before he tested that his parents might still be home,"Mom! Dad! I'm home!"

There was no response. Kyo was the only person in his house.


What was Kyo hoping for anyway? His parents wouldn't be here to begin with. Not with the idea of the bad guys following and demolishing their home. But, do they know where he lives?

"What was I expecting?" Kyo looks down as he stepped inside the dusty, old living room. He looks around at the dirty old sofas and the tv in front of him. He drops his bag on the floor and sits down on the sofa.

Kyo picks up the tv remote from the table and blew the dust off it. He waves the dust away and aims at the remote and press the power button. But, the tv did not respond to the signal.

He repeat the process two times before placing the remote on the table and goes over to the tv to see if it was connected. Kyo saw the plug still in the outlet. He's only been gone for a year and the tv was already breaking down? Well, he did have it for 6 years, so it must be inevitable that it would be breaking down.

He doesn't really feel the mood to watch anything right now.

Kyo opens the door to his room and drop his bag on the floor. He takes off his jacket and jumps on his bed. He put his hands behind head and got comfy in the sofa cushion of his mattress.

He smiles refreshingly,"Aaah, I forgot how soft my old bed was..."

Then, he heard a few crackle noise.

"Hm? Wha-" It confuses the boy greatly before his whole weight made the legs on the bed to break. The bed hits the floor and the result it broke through.

His bed fell on top of the living room table and breaks it as well. Kyo sat up at the random event that just happened and gave himself a few minutes to process what just happen.


Kyo's whole face cracks up into a smile and he fell back on the bed into a huge laughter. After a moment to relieve his laugh, Kyo wipes his fear away and sighs with a smile while looking at the hole in the ceiling,"Heh, goddamn it, I was not expecting that to happen..."

"Do you want me to call for a repair service?" BANS asked.

Kyo rolls off his bed and stands up while warming up with a stretch of his arms and legs,"Nah! It's about time I did some finessing around here for once. BANS, cue the montage."

(Quest for the Best by David Reilly plays)

Kyo dramatically puts on his cleaning apron, his dust mask, folds a bandanna on his head and prepare his broom stick. He stands in the living room that is infected with the filthiness.

He went into serious mode and thrust his broom in the air,"Let's do this! Hurra-"

However, he somehow trip on his own foot and fell forward,"-aaaaaaaaaaah!"

And, he face plant with the floor.

(Music comes to a break)


Kyo gets back up after lying on the floor and patting his clothes free of dust,"I'm ok! I'm ok! Nothing too worry about. Let's get back in action!"

(Music plays once more)

He begin sweeping the floor and dust the ornaments on the shelf above his fireplace. Kyo opens the windows and let the dust out.

Kyo went out the house to dump his trash in the trash can. He spill a bucket full of soap water over the kitchen floor. Then, he slides on air on cloth across the slippery floor while laughing happily, but screams as he crashed through his closet door, making a hole in his body shape.

"O-ok, I probably should keep it down," said Kyo inside the food closet before he made some slurping noise,"Mm, forgot I had some beef soup left in here."

Outside, Kyo splashed the windows with water. And, he jumps in the air and cleans off the water with a window wiper. It turns out he was using a trampoline to support him.

Now, he was top of the roof replacing the old roof tiles with new ones. Kyo was currently hammering own in until it flew off the roof. He watch it flies and accidentally hit an old woman walking on sidewalk on the head.

Kyo flinches,"Oops! S-sorry!"

Now, he finished cleaning the insides of his houses and was ready to clean up his Cyclone Kai. Kyo turns on the water and grabs the hose. He aims it at the vehicle, but the water pressure was so strong that he was aiming it everywhere.

"Doh, come here!" Kyo struggles to keep it straight and fails to notice it was shooting everywhere. It knocks over the trash can he had near the street and it spilt the dirty contents out in the road.

Then, when he turns around the hose flew off and slaps a nearby person in the face. Kyo clenched his hand gripped so hard that he stop the water from shooting out of the hose. He sighed that it was over, but notice the sunlight suddenly gone.

And, he hear some snapping noises behind. Kyo turns to be shock by the sheer large size of the build up of water. Within a few seconds, it burst open and spread water everywhere.

Kyo was lying on the ground after it exploded. He removes the piece of ripped hose off his face and sat up with a groan. Then, his eyes caught the glittering sight of the freshly cleaned Cyclone Kai.

He gets up and looks at it proudly with a grin,"Now, that's what I call instant vehicle make over."

"Welp, look likes I'm done," Kyo said turning and leaving to go back inside his house,"Time for me to hit the showers."

(Music ends)

After a good long shower, Kyo was out of the bathroom, drying his white hair with a towel. He brush some of his hair out of his face,"Ah, the house maybe old, but the hot water still work. Whew, with that out of the way, I think some grub should be in order."

He whistles as he made his way downstairs and goes for the kitchen until his doorbell rang. Kyo opens the door and said,"Um, who is it-"

Suddenly a microphone got thrust in Kyo's face. Turns out it was a female news reporter holding the microphone to his face with her cameraman recording everything,"Hello, this is Riko Mayami of TV Japan, I'm here today to ask you a few question. One of them regarding to the 2015 Satellite's incident. Would you please answer to me and the viewers that the object that flew into the sky was you?"

Kyo remembers that Chifuyu said to keep mission matters a classify restriction. No one can not know about the missions that took place.

"N-no, I don't think so," Kyo said before laughing nervously,"I was still at school during that day. You know, doing homework and stuff and hanging out with my friends. The stupid stuff. I mean, that kind of thing is for heroes, right?"

"Are you a hero?" the reporter asked.

Kyo took a moment to think back and shook his head,"No. No, I'm not. I told you I had nothing to do with it. Now, if you excuse me..."

"But, wait-"

The door slams and Kyo sighs that it worked out,"Reporters, I swear. Well, where was I? Ah, yes, eating."

However, before he could make one step, the doorbell rang again. Kyo turns and opens a door to meet a different female reporter who ask,"Kyo Matsumoto, can you give viewers your insights on-"

"No." Kyo said bluntly before closing the door.

He turns to leave and then...

The door bell rings.

Kyo opens the door,"What?"

"Hello-" another reporter said happily before the door slams shut.

Kyo tries to leave again, but it rang again. He opens it to see once again another reporter. Except it was more than one reporter. You could say at least around...20 or more. Cameras were flashing everywhere and a spontaneous amount of questions being slap into his face.

Microphones were everywhere as the reporters were asking questions nonstop. One question that caught the deeply annoyed and irritated Kyo's attention.

"Kyo! Kyo! Do you have a statement for the public?!"

Kyo growls and snatches the microphone out the reporter's hand and says to them and the viewers,"Yeah, I got one..."

And, he downright yell in their faces,"LEAVE ME ALONE!"

With that, he drops the microphone and slams his door again.

It was a quiet moment from the sudden outburst of the reporters before one of them press the doorbell again. This time they heard muffle screams of anger and Kyo comes out again to rip out his doorbell system out of the wall and slams the door.

Kyo sighs that it was over as he leans back on his door,"Ah, man. If this is how Ichika deals with problem like these after he got his IS, I'm starting to feel less envious of him."

He looks out the window and still sees them outside. Kyo groans loudly,"They never give up, do they?"

"Oh, well, as long I can't hear the doorbell, I should be ignoring them," he heads into his kitchen while ignoring the door knocks from them outside.

Kyo puts on a big smile because he remember that he still has some chicken katsu left. He opens the fridge door while saying,"All right, let's get to grubbing on-mrgh!"

He was not expecting a horrid odor to come out of his refrigerator and shoot him in the face. Kyo hold his mouth and nose to avoid smelling the horrible smell. He looks inside and saw everything in his fridge now spoiled and rotten.

Kyo quickly runs to a window and opens it to bring in the fresh air. He took a deep air of breath and sighed as he rest his chin on his hand,"Mou, looks like I got shopping to do."

(In the Orimura's household...)

After a long day of signing paperworks, Chifuyu returns home back to his brother and took a long nap while Ichika cooks her dinner. She was napping peacefully on her bed, dreaming of something...

She was dreaming of an old memory of her and Ichika at a younger age. She was a teenager taking care of her young youthful brother at the park. Little Ichika was playing with an action figure in his hand. He runs around and laughs happily while waving the toy around,"Let's go! Mazinger! Hahaha!"

Chifuyu was just smiling at her goofy little brother having fun. She notice he accidentally slipped and hits the ground on his face. She wince to see that happen. Ichika lifts his face off and show the scratches all over. His eyes swelled up with tears and he begin crying.

His big sister quickly rush over to his aid and pulls her brother into a hug. Chifuyu begin shushing him quietly,"It's okay, it's okay. Big sister is here for you..."

Her brother's cry has stopped and Ichika looks up at his caring sister. Then, smile before hugging her back,"I love you, big sis!"

Chifuyu smiles to hear that,"I love you, too..."


Chifuyu heard the voice of a young female and looks up. And, be met with the sudden feeling of fear and her eyes becoming hollow.

In front of her, a girl wearing a bloody white dress while she walks on broken glass in a cringing and blood way. Chifuyu couldn't say anything at the girl in front of her, but only saw that familiar, murderous grin on her face.

"Why did you abandon me?" said the voice in threatening and terrifying tone.

Chifuyu awoke when she has heard the girl's word. Then, she has a strong feeling nausea building up in her stomach. She rush out of bed to go into the bathroom and vomit up in the toilet.

Ichika opens the room door to find her sister,"Chifuyu-nee, dinner's ready and-"

Then, he heard his sister's sound of retching in the bathroom and quickly heads over,"C-Chifuyu-nee?!"

Soon after, Ichika was patting her sister's back to help her. Chifuyu looks like she was done and flush the toilet. She panted with sweat heads trailing down her face.

"Are you okay, Chifuyu-nee?" Ichika asked worryingly.

Chifuyu turns her head to her brother and glared at him,"I'm fine..."

For some reason, Chifuyu talked to Ichika in a cold tone. Ichika steps back for Chifuyu to get up and walks out the door. "Out of my way!"

"C-Chifuyu-nee! Where are you going?" Ichika going after her. He sees his sister putting on a leather jacket and opens the house door,"I'm heading out. Don't stay up for me."

"Wait! What about your din-" Ichika silenced by the loud sound of the door shutting,"What's her problem? She only acts like this on her bad days..."

Chifuyu enters her car and pulls out her iPhone to call Yamada,"Oi, Yamada, are you doing anything tonight?"

"Eh? Not really, but..." she was cut off when Chifuyu said to her,"Good, I'll meet you at the bar at 8. Don't be late."

Then, she hung up before Maya could answer. She needed to get drunk to forget about that dream. To forget about...her.

Meanwhile elsewhere...

Kyo was inside the grocery store with a cart full of vegetables, meats and snacks. He stops at the dairy section to pick out the milk. "Yummy fresh cow milk. Just the way I love it."

He notice a few murmurs behind him and turns to see some adults talking about him.

"Is that the guy who can pilot an IS besides the other one?" said a man.

"I heard he caused a lot of collateral damage in Tokyo" added a woman.

"I saw him on the news, fighting a giant robot thing. That boy almost destroyed half the city. Who knows what else he might do next. He could-ah! He's looking our way!" the man warned before all of them looks away, pretending to mind their own business.

Kyo shook his head and turns away and leaves,"Great, I protected their city and they're all looking at me like I'm the bad guy."


"Ok, in my defense it was only four. And, also I do know, it just wouldn't hurt to have a little appreciation for what I did," Kyo sighed before stopping to pick up a bottle of mayonnaise,"Awesome, they restock on the Kewpie mayonnaise! I totally love this stuff!"

After a few more items to pick out, Kyo heads over to a checkout aisle. He puts his items on the rolling platform. The cashier was reading a latest magazine of IS celebrities. She was currently reading an article of Kyo Matsumoto and his modeling pic. In the picture, Kyo was wearing a suit and tie while holding a cup of wine to his mouth and gazes at the readers with those pretty black eyes of his. She just sighed in delight to have a picture of him and wish that the real thing was here.

Kyo comes up to said cashier and asked her,"Excuse me, I'm ready to pay."

"Oh, sorry, I was-" then, she stopped with eyes wide and her heart hitting almost a complete stop. It seems like her dream has come true. His eyes were right there. Kyo blinks and asked her,"Hm? Is something wrong?"

Her face turned bright red with her stuttering,"I-I-I-I-I..."

Kyo notice she was getting red and saw the magazine with his picture in it. He smiles to see that his modeling picture made it to print,"Hey, that's me! Man, I look awesome at that angle! Don't you think I look awesome? I think I look awesome. Ah, before you forget, I'll do the autograph right now. Is that okay?"

"I-I-I..." it wasn't long before her heart couldn't take it. The cashier soon lost it and fainted and she collapse on the floor.

Kyo looks at the down female with a surprise look,"A-are you okay?!"

"Harasho~" the last thing she said before completely passing out.

"Huh?!" Kyo didn't know where that came from.

Then, he heard a loud cry nearby and turns with sweats flying.

It was his greatest fear of all time. Literally.

A girl screams loading as she points a finger at him,"Kyaah! It's that awesome pilot, Kyo! He's here in the market! Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigooooooossh!"

A fangirl.

Kyo became nervous of what this might become and he freaks out when an army of them suddenly appears and charge for him. He yelps in fear and quickly drops the necessary yens on the counter,"Keep the change, bye!"

He screams in fear as he ran out the market with his bags and the fangirl in pursuit.

And, Kyo has to survive the hellish journey of running back non-stop back to his home of sanctuary. If he can avoid the enemies known as the Fangirl force.

Somewhere in the darkness, a boy stands with his eyes close. He has dark purple hair and his upper body was topless. It seems like he was meditating in peace.

Then, a hologram text that reads 'Voice only' pops up and interrupts his moment of silence. The boy remain silent to the call.

"Nigo Kai's system has been recalibrate to the new upgrades," said the mysterious female voice,"But, I would not recommend using the IS-D system when you are in combat with-"

The boy spoke for the first time to cut her off,"The IS-D system is what gives me an edge in battle. I'll do anything to beat that obsolete model. Don't give me the details, just tell me...will I beat him?"

The voice went silent at that question...until it answer once more,"...it depends on you."

A smirk form on his face and the boy said,"Of course. It always does. My victory is assured in this battle. Kyo Matsumoto...prepare to join the scrap heap along with your outdated IS."

The red visors to Nigo Kai's glowed red to indicate the systems were online.

The HUD appears over his face along with the panoramic monitor activating and projecting the environment around him.

The boy opens his eyes to reveal their blood red color and smiles coldly,"Now...let's begin."

Down at the local bar at near midnight, Chifuyu and Yamada were having drinks and conversation with each other about their lives. However, tonight was different.

Chifuyu looked like she was sulking because she douse down three bottles of rum and was currently drinking her fourth. Yamada was feeling uncomfortable of her unusual over-drinking.

"Hey...hey..." she said in a low voice, obviously indicating she was heavily drunk,"Tell me...why does Ichika always wet the bed?"

Yamada doesn't know how to answer that. Chifuyu never a jokes something like that. "I...don't know."

"Because he's not potty trained! Ahahahaha!" Chifuyu laughs insanely as she bangs her fist on the table,"Oh, man, talking shit behind my brother is the best! Heh..."

Ichika sneezes before he could even touched his food. He feels as though someone is talking about him.

She gulps down the last of the rum inside her bottle and place it on the table. Chifuyu looks up with her vision blurry and she asked the barkeeper,"Hey, barkeeper! Bring me another!"

The barkeeper sweat drops at the the ridiculous amount that she was drinking,"M-ma'am, I think you had enough for one night. I think it's best that you-"

Then, Chifuyu grabs him by his shirt collar and pulls his face in with hers. There, she begin to threaten him,"Listen here, handsome. When I want a drink, I want a drink! I said give me another! Now!"

For once in his life, that barkeeper was legitimately scared and quickly search for his shelf to find another run,"R-right away, ma'am."

Chifuyu sits back down on her chair and rest her head on the table, looking at Yamada,"Some day, huh?"

A sweating Yamada nervously smiled as she drank a small cup of whiskey,"Um, yes..."

"Sometimes I don't get it!" Chifuyu begin shouting now,"That white hair...I forgot his name, what was his name?"

"K-Kyo, ma'am," Yamada feels like this is going to take a strange turn now.

Chifuyu belch a little and rest her chin on her hand,"Yes, Kyo! He's always doing better than me and the other pilots! Does he even need me to protect him from anyone?! He's making me look like a complete fool! And, every time, I try to do something right, Kyo jumps into the spotlight! Stealing the show! What is this? A tokusatsu show of some sort! What do you think, Maya?!"

The green hair teacher could only smile nervously,"You're not talking right, ma'am. You drank so much and now, you're heavily drunk. I think it's about time you stop and head back home."

When she looks at Chifuyu, Yamada comes face to face with her. The drunk woman was just dazedly staring into her green eyes, which made Yamada confused. She asked,"W-what?"

"You know...you're really cute," Chifuyu puts on a goofy smile and she begin touching Yamada's face,"Oh my, your skin feels soft like a baby! I'm so jealous~. And these..."

Yamada almost squealed when she felt a hand holding one of her breasts. Chifuyu had a perfected look as she was fondling them,"Holy crap, these feel amazing. I can literally bury my head into these."

The worst part for Yamada was to deal with her while trying not to get aroused. Chifuyu grips her by the shoulder and begin sliding her warm, moist tongue along Yamada's neck.

"M-ma'am, please..." Yamada tries to push her away, but her tongue felt so good.

Chifuyu traces her hand on Yamada's belly lowering it down...deep into the lower part of her...

But, then, Chifuyu feels something sick erupt in her stomach. She grips her mouth and goes away to find a bathroom. This leaves a red face Yamada alone and try to process what just happened.

"W-what was that?" she stuttered.

In the bathroom, Chifuyu flushes the toilet and panted in front of the mirror. She looks up with a pale look on her face as if she had death for dinner.

"God...why did I do that? I never...what the hell is going on with me..." she groggily said.

When she stares into the mirror, blood begin to seep down her head. This startle the teacher greatly and she felt his forehead, but feels nothing. Then, she heard a creepy giggle.

Her eyes widen when Chifuyu saw her own reflection grinning it own. She wasn't even doing anything right now. Her bloody mirror image place her bloody hand on the mirror,"Can you hear me? Why did you abandon me? Why did you kill me?"

"I...I didn't, I..." Chifuyu feels like she was going crazy.

"You picked him over me. You love him more than me!"

"Shut up...shut up!" Chifuyu yelled as she covered her ears to drown out her voice, but to no avail.

"WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME TO DIE!" the reflection yelled angrily.

Chifuyu lost it and drives her fist into the mirror and shatter it to pieces,"I SAID SHUT UP!"

The shatter mirror pieces fell on the floor with Chifuyu slowly falling on her knees with her bloody hand. She was alone in bathroom and it gave her the chance to let the tears welled up in her to flood out of her eyes.

"I didn't leave you...I didn't leave you..." she begin repeatedly said sorrowfully.

She remain in that sadden state and sat against the wall and sobs silently.

Maya heard the mirror shattering behind the mirror and knocks on the restroom door,"Chifuyu, are you okay in there?"

The door opens to her surprise and reveals a distraught Chifuyu limping forward until she collapses on top of Maya. Maya managed to catch her and slowly goes on her knees,"C-Chifuyu?!"

Looks like tonight gotten a bit worst in a hasty way. Chifuyu was very sick now since she just drank more than she could. But, what made Maya focus more was the tears still trailing Chifuyu's eyes. It seems like she is dealing with something that is causing her to cry.

Maya feels like this is where they call it a night. She doesn't want leave Chifuyu here nor she could drive because she was kind of drunk, too. She had to call Chifuyu's brother to pick them up.

She pulls out Chifuyu's iPhone and dials in Ichika's phone number and puts it at her ear.

Back home, Ichika was washing the dishes and stacking them like a tower. He whistles peacefully in the quiet kitchen. Finishing the last plate for the night, he stacks it up and stretch his tired arms in the air,"Oh, man, I wish these dishes would wash themselves..."

He was about to head upstairs, wash up, and sleep until home telephone rang. Ichika picks it up and answers it,"Hello, this is the Orimura residence. How may I help you?"

"Mr. Orimura? This is Miss Yamada," Maya said through the call.

"Huh? Yamada-sensei?" Ichika was not expecting to be called by one of his teachers from home,"I didn't expect to hear from you today. Especially at this time of night. Please don't tell me I got more homework to do..."

"Oh, nothing like that. But, I sort of needs your help. You see, your sister kind of drank a little too much and...well, point is she can't drive without getting pulled over by the police and even me," Maya sounded uneasy,"So, it would be much appreciated if you came over and drive us home."

Ichika leans on the wall while he says,"I would love to, but I don't have my license. Won't get it until three months."

"Oh, no. What are we going to do?" she was worry about walking home in the dark.

Ichika tries to think of a plan and comes up with the best one that comes into mind. He answers back,"I know a guy."

"Kaoryu-chan, you dare betray my love for that samurai of the rivaling, Chousen Empire?!"

"You don't understand, my lord! It's unrequited love! I love him so much, but his tradition prevents him from loving me back. That's why...I want to go by his side!"

Kyo was watching a love/angst/drama/tragedy movie on his computer since his tv wasn't working. He sat in criss cross position with a large bowl of popcorn. He gobbles the snack with great anxiety of the suspense where the movie is going.

"You have stained our family honor and betray our empire! For this, I shall condemn you death!"

Kyo's eyes widen and he move his face closer to the screen.

"No, my lord! No-"


"Gah!" Kyo launched backwards when he saw blood splattered and threw his bowl in the air with popcorn a flying everywhere. He falls off his chair and onto the floor.

Popcorn floated down and covered the entire floor. Now, Kyo just lie there looking at the dark ceiling with his arm over his forehead. He picks up a popcorn on his shirt and consumes it.

His imagination took fold in his vision and those beautiful, cold eyes and that long flowing black hair. Kyo could never get her out of his head. He could never get...

The face of Madoka appears in his mind. Kyo realizes that he was still thinking about her and sits up while scratching his hair distressfully,"Ah, mou! Why does it have to be a bad girl that I'm crushing on?!"

His mind was now stressing over one girl. He suppose to see her as an enemy for keeping his parents hostage. But, yet, Kyo finds it hard to hate her. She was just so beautiful and not to mention, she is adorable when she's blushing embarrassingly. How on earth was Kyo going to deal with this hard love life?

His smartphone rang and Kyo dug into his pocket and pulls it out to see Ichika was calling him. He connected the call,"Hey, Ichika. You're still up during this time?"

"Yeah, just finished washing some dishes a few minutes ago," Ichika said,"How you been?"

"Mm, I'm doing okay," Kyo said,"So, what do you need?"

Ichika told him,"It's my sister, Chifuyu."

Kyo was confused of that only sentence,"...what about her?"

"Ok, Yamada-sensei called over the phone about my sister drinking too much. Apparently, she's too drunk to drive over and needs me to pick them up. But, I don't have my license and the only person I could think of..." Ichika awaited for Kyo to understand what he's saying.

"Don't worry, man. I'll pick them up," Kyo smiles behind the phone.

"Thanks, you are my lifesaver. Hey, think you can bring me along as well?" Ichika asked,"Wanna make sure Chifuyu-nee is fine."

Kyo nods to him,"Sure."

It was a good thing Ichika called him for support. What could go wrong?

"Whooooooooa!" Ichika held onto Kyo's waist as the Cyclone Kai was moving ridiculously fast.

Kyo wore a white with a black similar to his IS' head. Ichika had on a spare black helmet that Kyo had, but was not expecting the ride to be this intense.

"Whoo-hoo!" Kyo laughed out loud as he drove off a down hill and Ichika screams his butt off as he felt he was falling down. The Cyclone Kai landed back on the road with sparks flying off.

Kyo notice Ichika was holding on tighter,"Come on, lighten up, Ichika! We're almost there!"

"Oh, God! Please don't go faster anymore!" Ichika begged for this nightmare to end.

The engines and wind soaring pass them was so loud that Kyo couldn't hear what he said,"What?!"

"I said don't go faster!" Ichika yelled this time.

"You said go faster?!" Kyo misheard what he said.

"Don't go faster!"

Kyo grins and press a few controls on his onboard computer,"Well, why didn't you say so! Activating rocket boost!"

WHAT?! No! I said before I don't want to go fastERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

The Cyclone Kai hits an immense speed that is over 800 MPH! Ichika was having a hard time taking the force of the speed while Kyo was wildly laughing at the 'fun' ride.

"Whoooooooo! Hey, Ichika, don't you think this is fun?!" Kyo grins brightly.

"STOP! STOP! I'M GONNA GET WHIPLASH! PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" Ichika has tears flying out of his eyes.

"STILL CAN'T HEAR YA!" shouted Kyo and made the situation more hopeless for the poor Ichika.

Maya was waiting outside of the bar with the sleeping Chifuyu on her shoulder. She keeps on a lookout for Kyo and Ichika who were on their way.


Then, she heard the pleading cry of Ichika Orimura. She looks at her right and gawks at the incoming Kyo and Ichika. Ichika was still hanging on while Kyo waved at Maya,"Yo! Yamada-sensei! We're here...!"

Suddenly, Kyo lost track of where he was going and ram the Cyclone Kai into a car. This cause both Kyo and Ichika to slingshot forward and above Maya's head, whose mouth was hanging that they were flying above her head.

Kyo found himself flying into a lamp post. He hits himself in the stomach, which was painless to him, and held onto it. Then, he notice that Ichika wasn't around,"Huh? Hey, Ichika-san, where'd you go?"

He heard a loud crash that made contact with hard metal and a short cry. Kyo looks down and sweatdrops at Ichika. The boy has hit a fire hydrant...between his legs.

"I-Ichika-san, you okay?" Kyo asked nervously.

Ichika hugged the hydrant and looks up at Kyo with his eyes looking dark,"Does it...look like I'm okay?"

Kyo whimpers in fear of his voice and apologizes quickly,"I'm sorry!"

Yamada blinked before smiling and laughing nervously...

Now, Kyo was driving Chifuyu's car with Maya sitting up front with Ichika and the drunk Chifuyu seating behind. He sent the Cyclone Kai on auto-pilot back home, so he could drive this car. He rubs the back of his head and talks to Ichika,"Hey, Ichika, look on the bright side. You didn't lose your...jewels."

"Yeah, ugh, just need some ice and I think I'm square..." Ichika said sickly before laying his head back.

"But, seriously, your jewels didn't fall off. I mean, how is that even possible?" Kyo asked him.

Maya sweat drops,"Um, Mr. Matsumoto, there are females here as well..."

Kyo forgot she was there,"Oh, sorry. Kind of forgot you were there."

The car hits a red light and Kyo slows down to a brake. Ichika waits patiently and looks outside the window.

"It wasn't my fault..." whispered a weak voice.

Ichika heard his sister and turns to her. She was talking in her sleep. He asked his sleeping sister,"Chifuyu-nee..."

"I didn't kill you...I didn't kill you..." she said repeatedly.

He never seen his sister act like this before. Kyo notice Chifuyu's strange behavior as well and asked Ichika,"Hey, what's the matter with her?"

"I don't know. She never acted like this before in her life," Ichika said. It worries him because his sister was strong willed and her feelings were strong. Signs of tears falling from her eyes were evident enough to show her unusual behavior.

"Don't worry, I'll take you and Chifuyu home first," Kyo assured while a few people outside were exiting their cars, pointing at something in the air,"Everything's going to be-hm? What's going on?"

Kyo leans forward and look throughout the window to see a flying light in the night sky. Ichika comes up front to see it as well,"What is that thing? A rocket?"

"I don't think so," Kyo said with a serious look. What does the light in the sky mean?

Maya notice that object in the air was coming toward them,"Mr. Matsumoto, Mr. Orimura, the object is approaching towards us!"

"Huh? How do you know that?" Kyo looks at Maya.

"Trust me," Maya said,"I know what's coming closer and what's not."

Not questioning his teacher's judgement, Kyo unbuckles his seat belts,"It must be Phantom Task. Ok, we have to ditch the car. We have to get sensei out of here."

"Got it," Maya unbuckles.

"Right!" Ichika nodded and grabs her sister by the arm.

However, a purple beam fired from the air and hits a car nearby, exploding it. Kyo pushes Maya down as the shockwave cause the windows to shatter,"Hit the deck!"

"Kyaaaaah!" Maya screamed.

The flying object in the air moves into the city's perimeter and toward the street that they were in. The object's disengage its thruster and slowly landed in front of them. The unidentified object reveals itself as the mysterious N-IS machine, the Nigo Kai. The people around were screaming and running for their lives.

The machine stands up and its visor glowed red brightly. Kyo recognizes that machine from last year,"It's that purple N-IS."

The Nigo Kai shadows them and spoke to them in a computerized voice,"We meet again, obsolete."

Kyo yells at him,"What do you want from me?!"

"It's simple," Jack said inside the cockpit,"I'm back to finish the job. Finishing killing you!"

Jack crouch down and grips the car by the front,"I'm about to take you for a ride!"

His thrusters fired up and the Nigo Kai slowly ascends with the car in hand. Kyo shouts at his friends,"Everyone, hang on!"

It flew off in the air along with them. Kyo clenched his teeth at the velocity they are going at. The others were having a hard time enduring the wild ride. Nigo Kai flew up a building before making it to the top and drops the car off in the air.

"Brace for impact!" Kyo panicked. The car hits the roof front first and topples upside down near the edge. Kyo groans at the hard impact he made and was upside on the car's ceiling.

Maya was lucky to have put on her seatbelt and was still hanging on her seat. Kyo grunted as he spoke out,"Is everyone all right?!"

"Um, I think so," Maya said nervously.

"Ichika?" Kyo asked.

"I'm fine," Ichika was hanging as well with his slumbered sister,"So, is my sister."

"Ugh...stupid Ichika and his wet bed..." Chifuyu muttered with drool trailing from her mouth.

Kyo told this to Ichika,"Ok, Ichika, here's the plan: take out Byakushiki. Get Maya and Chifuyu as faraway as you can!"

"What about you?" Ichika asked.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be-" Kyo was suddenly grabbed by the leg and dragged out the car,"FIIIIIINNNNEEEE!"

"Kyo!" Ichika yells out.

Nigo Kai throws him on the roof and Kyo roll landed. He groaned loudly and looks up to the Nigo Kai approaching him while he heard the pleads from Ichika and Maya to run.

Nigo Kai grabs him by the collar and lifts him in the air. Kyo grabbed his arm to avoid getting his jacket ripped off. Jack scanned Kyo's body to know if he has the Ichigo Kai with him.


"Where's your tin man?" the Nigo Kai pilot mocked the cyborg,"Left it back home where all your trashes are?"

Kyo grunted as he held on. The car begin to slide slowly off the edge. Ichika was trying to reach into his pocket to get his IS out, but the seatbelt buckle was in the way. "Come on...come on!"

"Look, I-I don't know what you want, but please," Kyo knows the car is going to fall off,"Spare their lives. They have nothing to do with it."

Jack got into Kyo's face to say,"Does it look like I care about them? I could have just dragged you out of that car instead, but why not put you into despair before your death. What do you think? It's a nice touch to end the story."

The car was not veering the edge, hanging by the weight of Ichika and Chifuyu. Maya begin panting quickly in fear at the height that they are at. She really hate hanging near the edge.

"No, don't do this!" Kyo yells at him.

The pilot laughs darkly and his Beam Smart gun flips up on his right arm. He took aim at the car and charged the beam,"Oh, yeah? Watch me."

He was about to fire the gun with a sick grin until Kyo raise one of his legs and kicked him in the face before yelling,"NO!"

Jack let's go of Kyo from that kick and his beam fired off angle. It hits below the car and it flew off the roof, now plummeting with the passengers inside meeting their doom.

Maya screams in fear while Chifuyu remains unawake by the event. Ichika tries hard to pull out his IS. He clenched his teeth with desperation to live. Finally, he rips it out of his pocket and quickly slaps it on his wrist.

"BYAKUSHIKI!" Ichika yelled out. His IS responds and deploys onto his body. Now in full body deployment, Ichika rips open the car top with Maya and Chifuyu in his arms. He took off the falling car just in time before it made contact with the ground and explodes.

"Yes!" Ichika laughed in victory that he and his teachers made it.

Nigo Kai got angry for the kick Kyo made and aims his Smart gun at him,"You're gonna regret that!"

Kyo clicks his tongue in detest. He really regrets not taking the Ichigo Kai. But, it was replace with an astonish look when he looks up in the sky.

What was flying in the air with blue flames trailing was Kyo's personal white IS. The Ichigo Kai flew with great speed. It had the Beam Magnum along the housed-in EE generator shield in its hands.

Kyo smiles with hope returning,"Perfect timing."

Jack was about to proceed with his excursion until his radar alarm went off and the AI warned him,"ALERT. INCOMING N-IS. TARGET RECOGNIZED AS DESIGNATION: KR-0 ICHIGO KAI. IT IS ARMED WITH A BEAM MAGNUM AND A SHIELD THAT HOUSES IN A-"

"Ok, DELPHI, I don't need you to tell me what the damn machine is," Jack growled as he turns and aim his Smart gun at the incoming IS,"Just tell me where to shoot!"

"TARGET LOCK-ON CURSOR LOCKING IN TARGET..." said DELPHI as the cursor in his HUD locks onto the Ichigo Kai and turned red,"TARGET LOCKED. FIRE WHEN READY."

Nigo Kai fires the gun now,"DIE!"

The Ichigo Kai detect the attack coming and slows down and raise the shield up. It splits opens and reveal the EE generator. The Beam Smart gun's beam disperse when it hit the deployed EE field.

Jack lower his weapon with a shock look,"What?!"


"Well, why didn't you tell me?!" Jack yells at the AI.

The Ichigo Kai flies in and lands near the edge on top of the building. Nigo Kai was about to fire again until he decided to change target back to he defenseless Kyo,"I'll deal with it later. Now, you!"

Kyo knows why BANS didn't attack. He knows how to work out in this situation. First, he slowly walked toward Jack and soon, catch up in a sprint.

The Nigo Kai deployed the right beam saber and tried to cut his head off with a slash. However, Kyo ducks and slides under between Nigo Kai's leg. Jack turns around and yell,"No!"

The Ichigo Kai's cockpit opens up and Kyo quickly hops in. The chest armor closes up and the head pops over Kyo's. The HUD appears over his face with BANS saying,"GOOD EVENING, KYO. HAS YOUR NIGHT BEEN OKAY?"

"Very funny," Kyo rolled his eyeballs. He puts his Magnum on his booster pack and deploys his right beam saber into his hand and the saber emits from it.

Quiet at first, Jack started to laugh and said,"Hahahahaha! I remember how this play out the last time. I was, I don't know, destroying your weak, sorry ass until this naggy bitch interrupted when I had the chance to take you out."

Kyo growled behind his mask,"If you think last battle we fought didn't prepare for me for you, then you're sorely mistaken."

"Oh, really?" Jack pretends to sound surprise,"Well...let's see how prepare you really are. Huragh!"

Kyo was caught off guard when Jack fired his Beam smart gun. But, instead of the normal beam, it extends from the gun in the shape of a whip and wraps around Kyo's neck.

"Huh? Whoawhoa-WHOOOOOAA!" Kyo got pulled up into the air by the new whip-like beam. The Nigo Kai laughed as he lassoed the cyborg in the air. Then, he swung his arm down and cause Kyo to slam into the ground,"Argh!"

He did it again repeatedly about five times before lassoing him in the air again. Jack throws him off the building. The Ichigo Kai falls without no thrust and violently skipped off the ground like a rock and slides with rocks and tiles flying off. He comes to a complete stop with Kyo grunting,"Ugh, okay, I didn't feel that, but it's a habit that I look like I'm in pain."

Nigo Kai looks down at his target and smirked smugly. He jumps 200 feet off the building without using the thrusters and lands on his feet, sinking into the ground a bit. Jack approach his down target and got in him in his line of sight.

"Like my new toy? I did some upgrading to my unit. Now, the beam can solidfy and be use as an energy whip," he boasted at the boy,"Something that you can't do."

Kyo tried to get up, but Jack pushes him down with his foot. Nigo Kai aims the Smart gun again at him,"Now, hold still."

"Uh, BANS?" Kyo winces at the charging beam. BANS responds to him,"FIRING MAIN BOOSTERS."

His boosters fires up and Kyo flew forward on the ground away, making Jack stumble backward on the ground. The annoyed pilot of the Nigo Kai sat up and growls at the fleeing Ichigo Kai,"Annoying pest! You're starting to get on my nerves."

As soon as Jack tried to stand, the Ichigo Kai's war cry can heard and Kyo is seen boost dashing in the air toward him. He lands and begin throwing punches at the Nigo Kai's face, making sparks fly off.

Then, the Ichigo Kai's pilot finish it with one more punch into the face that cause Jack to turn his head away. Kyo was about to go for another assault until he saw the Nigo Kai moving its head back forward at him, unaffected by his attacks.

Jack merely brush his helmet which make spark fly off and mocks him now,"You think that would hurt?"

Kyo grunted and dashed onward with his fist thrust forward. But, the Nigo Kai merely raise his hand up and caught it. A dispute happens when Jack attempts to punch back, but Kyo caught his fist as well. Kyo fire his boosters and lift off with Jack into the air. The crowd below were awing at the two flying machines in combat.

Jack breaks away and punches Kyo away and grabs him by the neck and attempts to choke him,"I'm going to disintegrate you!"

"You wish!" Kyo wheezed before head butting him in the face and flew away from him to get more distance. Jack screams out angrily and fires his Vulcan at him. Kyo turns and raise his shield up to block the bullets. He returns fire with his Vulcan as well.

Jack fired his Vulcan until it overheats. Now, he summons a flat circle shape device in his hand and hurl it. The device sticks itself onto Kyo's shield and made a loud beeping noise. The confused pilot looks at his own shield and before he knows it, the device exploded in his face.

"ARRGH!" Kyo screamed as he falls with his left arm smoking from the explosion. Just when he was about to hit the ground, Kyo fired his boosters and miraculously stop his descent into the ground. He lands on his feet and look at his now damaged arm, which was black and brittle.

"LEFT ARM UNIT ARMOR DAMAGED. DETACHING ARMOR," BANS said as the armor on his arm pops off and reveals the exoskeleton and the inactive red component. Kyo looks up and saw Jack coming toward him,"This isn't working, I'm not even putting a dent in him."


"No, I can't. It's too powerful," Kyo shook his head,"There's too many civilians around. I can't risk missing a shot and taking out the population. I have to try and lure him out of the city."


Kyo nodded,"It'll do. Huh?"

Jack lands down on the ground in front of him and a car behind comes to an abrupt stop. Kyo got ready for his attack, but it came to a surprise when Jack turns around to the car and said,"Your kindness is your weakness, obsolete! You care more about the humans than yourself."

He picks up the car and lifts it in the air. The parents and their two kids screamed in horror when the terrifying tyrant was holding them in the air.

Kyo was enrage that this guy was willing to go so far as involving others into this battle. "Put 'em down! Now!" he demanded.

Jack smirks at him and said,"If you insist."

Then, he chuck the car at him. It startle Kyo that he would do that and raise both his hand to catch the flying car,"No! I didn't say to throw it!"

The car lands in his hands and Kyo puts them back on the road. The mother as the driver was panicking uncontrollably at the new machine that is similar to the purple one. She hit the gas pedal and ram into the Ichigo Kai. Kyo sweat drops and tries to tell her,"Wait, hold up! I'm not-"

His sharp fingers on top of car hood was scratching down and soon, Kyo slips off and went under the car,"No, no, no, no, no!"

He was getting his armor scratched on the concrete beneath the car. Kyo lifts the car up a bit so he could slip out under. He slides to a halt with sparks coming off.

Kyo groans and got up and rubs the back to his neck. Then, suddenly, Jack lands by and smack him away with a lamppost. The Ichigo Kai flew inside a truck container.

Jack drops the post and summons a bazooka similar to Kyo's and aims at the sky,"Enjoy the fireworks!"

He fires the rocket into the air and it flies off. However, the rocker veered and headed back to where Jack is. The pilot merely stands as the rocket makes its way into the container's hole and blow up the inside. The top blew off as Kyo ascends along with the explosion.

His boosters fires again and Kyo stopped in his ascendance. "Fireworks were great," he joked.

It was his chance to get away from here and hope Jack would follow. He turns away and kicked the afterburners and took off for the Northern Pacific.

"You don't think I know what you're doing?!" Jack yells at him as his boosters begin firing up,"You want me to come after you and leave these petty humans alone! That's fine with me! I'll follow you to the ends of the earth until you're dead!"

Jack took off and flies after the fleeing Ichigo Kai.

After dropping off Maya and Chifuyu somewhere safe, Ichika watched both IS flying away and gave a hopeful look to Kyo,"Be okay...Kyo!"

The Ichigo Kai wasn't looking too good. It was riddled with cracks and the left shoulder was gone. The visors was cracked, causing the HUD to be glitchy.

"BANS, how we doing on the Ichigo Kai?" Kyo wants an update.


"Transform the Ichigo Kai to Blazing Ichigo Kai!" Kyo ordered.


"Damn!" Kyo growled,"That guy really mess my machine up...wait, where is he?"

He looks around to find where the Nigo Kai is hiding, then soon, the purple N-IS appears from above and kicks the Ichigo Kai's back and drives him down.

Kyo grunted and spins in his flight, shaking off the pilot. The Nigo Kai's pilot smirks as he watch his prey recovering,"So, this is where you want your grave to be at. I think it's perfect."

The Ichigo Kai looks up at the Nigo Kai to ask,"Why are you doing to me?! What do you get out of this from killing me?!"

"I told you before, you fool," the Nigo Kai summons a beam rifle in his hand and aims it at the confused pilot,"You're obsolete. The NeoType race doesn't want a filth like you around. That's why you're better off gone."

Kyo clenched his teeth and grew angry at the arrogance of this guy. He grab the Beam Magnum off his booster pack and aims it toward his enemy,"I'm not going to stand around and let you do this to me."

"Well, I'm not expecting you to," Jack said,"Let's begin your final battle. Hmph!"

Jack fired first and Kyo boost up above the beam. Jack clicks his tongue before flying off into the clouds to use them as camouflage.

Kyo looks up into the clouds with a conflicted look. He clenched his left hand hard and looks forward with a determined look,"It's look like I have no choice...but, to fight."

His visors flashes stylishly before glowing. His boosters fires up and Kyo flies in after Jack to battle him.

The sunsets in crimson colors. At the orange colored sky above the ocean, the clouds started to moves around strangely. And out of nowhere, a red beam giving off electricity plunge through a cloud. Another beam shoots out of a cloud, but appears to be stray shot.

A green beam was shooting back to the spot where the destructive beam was shot from. Another red beam was shot in response of the attack.

Close up, the Ichigo Kai swoosh by and shoots the Beam Magnum to take down the Nigo Kai.

The purple machine shoots back with beam rifle,"Is that all you got?!"

"You're about to find out!" Kyo shouted as he dashed toward the incoming Nigo Kai before they both ascends into the sky where they battle is flooding into.

Two flashing light of white and black that is emitting from the two powerful N-Is clashes throughout the sky. The Ichigo Kai aimed his Beam Magnum toward Jack with enough distance.

The target cursor locks onto Jack and turned red. His weapon charged before firing. The red beam almost hit the Nigo Kai, but it flew downward and the beam missed him.

"Did...did I get him? Kyo thought the enemy has been terminated, but the upside down face of the Nigo Kai came up in front of him.

Kyo screams as he fired his Vulcan at him. Soon, Jack kicked the Ichigo one Kai sent him tumbling toward the ocean. The white N-IS fell in the ocean and sinks.

Jack smiles with satisfaction,"I got you."

The Nigo Kai stood there before turning around and leaves, thinking the battle was over. However, he stopped when a blood red glow appear on the surface of the water.

He turns around to see what was going on. "What?!"

(Into the Sky by Tielle)

The water sinks in and shoots upward as a red glowing figure came out of the water. The blur was gone and Ichigo Kai has been reveal to be in Destroyer mode. His mouth plate splits downward to reveal the red components and its eyes closed to indicate that the machine has finished its transformation.

"Don't think I'm going down that easily!" Kyo yells at Jack.

Kyo grabbed a beam saber from the top of the booster pack and pull it out as the beam extends. He swings it to the right and thrusts forward toward Jack.

The Nigo Kai reacted by dodging downward from the saber. Jack stops his booster from firing and allows himself to fall. He gain enough distance to re-fire them again and told his AI,"IS-D! Now!"

(And it's every time, you hurt yourself with knives! And I'm calling, calling out your name again!)

The IS-D text appears in his HUD and his system icons changes to the color yellow. From below to top his armor opens to reveal the glowing yellow components along with his shield. The head opens up and unbox the purple grasshopper head. The eyes closed up yellow and the mouth plate splits downward with the antennas extending.

Jack took on the stress of the stronger resistance of the IS-D system. Veins can be seen on his forehead and he coughs out blood from his mouth. He clenched his teeth with anger and yelled at the Ichigo Kai pilot's name furiously,"KYO!"

The Nigo Kai reach back on its booster pack and took out an emitting beam saber. He kicks his booster through the limit and flies up to Kyo.

(If you're holding, holding onto fear I knew The blind can open, let light shine through!)

Kyo screams back and swing his saber where it clashed with Jack's. They push away from one another and begin clashing sabers, ignoring the damages their machines were being inflicted with.

(And I say,"Why we can't stop all this sacrifice?")

Kyo suffered a large burning cut across his chest. He slash back and cuts off one of Jack's leg. Jack growls before yelling angrily and cut off Kyo's left arm. The antennas on Kyo's head retracted and fired the Vulcan. Jack got distracted by the bullet that is hitting his armor.

(I know that all the lies became the stone in your heart! I wonder how long you gonna survive!)

Kyo was clenching his teeth as he gripped his controls so hard on the trigger. BANS warns him,"POWER IS AT 8%."

(We didn't see our life's meaning.../Song cuts there)

Their heads butted with each other in a clash and inside their helmets, they were clenching teeth and glaring into each other eyes with unbearable anger.

Their IS' were crackling with electricities from the damages their taking from each other. Soon, some part on their IS exploded, resulting in more damage. An explosion took Jack's left arm away and another explosion that claimed Kyo's left leg.

"Errrrgh, DIE!" Jack push him away and switch to backhand style to stab Kyo. He horribly successfully plunge the saber through Kyo's saber and directly into his arm.

"Grr!" Kyo clenched his teeth with the fear of losing his arm and leaving himself without any ability to holding a weapon. He quickly kicks Jack in the stomach and drives him away.

Kyo looks at his melted beam saber and throws it away. His hand had a molted hole in the palm. "Damn it..."

Jack growled at him and throws his saber away to materialize another sticky bomb. "Take this!" he throws it at Kyo.

Kyo fails to slap the bomb away and it stick on his chest. He panics and tries to get it off, but it was completely hard to pull off. The bomb's beeping begin going faster to indicate it was about to blow.

"Grr! Ergh..." Kyo tries hard to rip it off. He has no choice left, but to resort to his last option. His claws sharpens and Kyo screams out and drives his hand into his chest armor. He peeled off the armor that is holding the bomb and throws it back to Jack.

Jack growled before yelling when the bomb nears him,"Curse yooooooo-"

The bomb exploded and sent out a destructive shockwave that knocked away the Nigo Kai. The last thing Kyo saw of the Nigo Kai was it pummeling through the clouds, never to be seen.

Kyo just watched there, looking at the clouds where the Nigo Kai has fallen and asked BANS,"Think he's still alive?"


"Then, how did he-" Kyo was cut off when suddenly he lost his propulsion and drops,"Whoa!"

"2% POWER," BANS said which was a little too late to say. Kyo fiddles with his left hand control to try and balance out the dying boosters on his pack. "Come on, come on!"

"Deploy air brakes!" Kyo yelled out.


"Uh, deploy parachute!" Kyo ordered next.


"Ok, well, what's available, then?!" Kyo begin panic as his boosters begin to go offline.

"AIR CONDITIONING FULLY OPERATIONAL," BANS said with the small fans in the helmet whirring now and releasing cool air onto Kyo's head.

This cause the cyborg to sweat drop,"Are you kidding me?!"

"KYO," BANS said his name.

Kyo blatantly yelled out to her,"WHAAAAAT?!"

It begin a silent moment between them before BANS spoke to him about this,"POWER DEPLETED."

Kyo's boosters flickers before it went out. He turns his head to look at his dead booster pack. Kyo looks forward with a sad look,"Oh, poop."

Then, he drops to the ocean.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Kyo was rolling backward in the air at high velocity. The sight of seeing the world moving forward above his head begin to make him feel motion sickness.

"Oh, God," Kyo feels like his dinner from this afternoon was going to come out of him any moment,"I think I'm going to be sick..."


Kyo was squirming around in the air in panicking manner,"The hell is Situational Syncope?!"


Kyo begin to feel lightheaded all of sudden and found it hard to keep his eyes open,"Ugh, I don't feel right. Why do I feel...so...so...bleh."

His eyes closed and Kyo has passed out completely in the cockpit.

"KYYYOOOOOoooooo..." BANS' voice grew deep before cutting. The eyes on the Ichigo Kai stops glowing and it remained stationary. BANS was turned off as well and has no control on the safety parameters of the machine.

The machine has crashed through the surface of the ocean. Heavily sinking into the ocean depth due to his heavy armor. Some pieces of armor sunk along with him. Water filled up his helmet, but he did not regain consciousness whatsoever. At some point, he will reach the deepest depth of the Pacific Ocean and the pressure will kill him.

It seems as though all hopes lost until a bright light projecting like a flashlight shines all over the sinking machine. A silver metal claw reach into the chest armor and rips it open. Kyo's chest was sighted and the mysterious humanoid grabs his jacket and drags him out. Then, after that, the figure turns the Ichigo Kai around to open a small compartment on the back of its head. The figure took out a memory card. Next thing, what has happen was the humanoid rips the booster pack unit off the back and stabs both metal claws this time to take something out. Ripping out of the back is the black box of the Ichigo Kai. The N-IS core. The mission was done and the humanoid kicks off the Ichigo Kai, to get push up to the surface.

It was not enough thrust to reach up. The humanoid activated the one thruster booster pack on the back. The flames burn underwater before taking off to the surface. A bright glow appears on the surface and the humanoid emerges out of the water and ascended to the sky above. Flames left behind a trail of slow fading light behind like a shooting star falling from outer space.

Kyo is seen on the humanoid's silver shoulder as he is being taken to someplace unknown. His eyes begin to flutter before he regain consciousness. Kyo smacks his lips and said,"Ugh, what a nightmare..."

As soon Kyo looks down, his eyes widen at the great height he is gaining. He screams loudly in fear before his brain circulation suddenly reduce and he was out cold with a pale look and some drool. In a comical way, of course.

It's a question where this newcomer is taking Kyo to. What will happen to him?

From that point, Kyo was never seen again.


In Spain...

Seno was carrying a bowl of vegetables to the dining table where her family was residing at. Her father, a well built brown hair man, was pouring some champagne into three glasses. The mother was beauty with the same long red hair that lays on her shoulder. Seno lays the bowl on the table and took a seat,"Your vegetables await."

"Ah, nice and shiny," the father complimented and smiles at his lovely daughter,"That's what I expect from my sweet hija."

"Papa..." Seno blushed, showing a more girlier side of her personality.

"Oh, dear, you never compliment me every time I wash your vegetables," the mother smiled before she grinned, the same murderous grin worn by Seno,"You never do."

The father sweat drops at her dark aura and tries to calm her down,"I-I always praise your ways of cleaning. Really, I do."

Seno giggles at this small fuse between the two of them. Seno's father picks up a glass of champagne,"Well, anyways, Seno, how was your school year?"

"It was great!" Seno smiled brightly,"I had a lot of fun and people to fight! I even learned a lot of new things that Japanese people do."

Seno's father smiles at her cuteness and passes the champagne to her,"That's to be expected from every school you've been to. But, I was surprise when you put up a picture of this boy next to our family picture. I must ask: who is that Asian boy?"

Seno blushes before closing her eyes with a smile. She looks at the shelf above the fireplace and shows a picture frame with Seno holding Kyo around the shoulder with a bright smile while the white hair cyborg had an uncomfortable look,"He's my fíance."

This made the father smile, proud of his daughter,"He is? Is he worthy of your love?"

"Of course, we battle each other in great angst and ecstasy," Seno did not hear the words coming out of her mouth,"He was a wild beast, waiting to get the steam off on me. And, I must say, it felt like heaven. The way he swings his beam saber around like that in the air."


This cause a bit of an awkward scene between her parents. Her father and mother sweated at the thought of what she said and became nervous.

"Our little girl grow so fast..." Seno's father breaks down in tears with a smile to hear what happened,"If she had done it with him, then-"

It became apparent what that means. If Seno did with him, then that would means...

Seno's father yelled out suddenly,"Wait, if she had done it with him, then she'll be carrying his child!"

"EEEEEEEEEEH?! Where the hell did you get that from?!" Seno felt embarrassed of what he said, showing the first time that she's ever embarrassed about something.

This begun a huge misunderstanding and large argument ensued. It went on for a while until their home phone rang. Seno quickly got up to exit the argument and went to get the phone,"Damn it, we had this argument since I broke up with my last boyfriend. Ahem, hello, who might this be? Oh, wait, Kyo did you called? Please tell my parents that I have not 'done' it with you and-"

"Ms. Salvotoro, this is Orimura."

Seno freaks out by the sound of her teacher's voice. She was expecting to hear from her so soon and was hoping it was Kyo. Nonetheless, she greeted Seno and smiles nervously,"S-sensei, I didn't know you'd be calling. About the whole Kyo thing, let's pretend I never said that. Ok?"

It went silent from that sentence and it made her feel uneasy. Seno spoke to her again,"Um, sen...sei?"

Chifuyu spoke again, but in a more grave, and mournful voice,"Seno, what I'm about to tell you, isn't going to be easy for both us."

Seno had this sick feeling in her stomach. She feels like someone she knows could be missing or better yet, dead. She wanted that feeling to go away. "What is it?"

The news was given to Seno in the best way possible, but nothing could prepare her for it. Seno froze in place when she heard of what happened to Kyo. The champagne she was holding in her hand slipped off and shatter on the ground. She was horrified beyond everything and can't bare the news she has heard.

Kyo hasn't been seen or heard from for three weeks...

Somewhere in the slums of Kamagasaki...

A drunken man is seen walking out on the streets after doing some heavy drinking. He blindly walks into a dark alleyway alone from the public's eyes. He stumbles through a few trash heap and kicking away some rats, to hear a small sob nearby.

He tiredly wave his head around to find where that sob is coming from and saw a girl sitting with her head down in front of some trash cans. She crying for unknown reasons alone in this dirty alleyway. The man maybe drunk, but his head is a little clear. He limps near the girl and pats her by the shoulder,"Oi, oi, are you okay?"

She was still crying.

"You shouldn't be out here. You could get hurt."

Then, this made the girl quit her crying.


He continues to meddle in with his pats until the girl finally stopped sobbing and became quiet. The man notice she has gone silent,"Little...girl?"

The girl remained quiet as she only turns her head to face the man. When the man saw her face, he completely freaked out in horror before stumbling backward on top of some trash.

The girl's face was complete bandaged, except for her left eye which narrow upward in a creepy way. She made a chilling moan to the man that strike fear into his soul. Then, the disturbing thing that has happen was that her head literally twisted upward and she falls on her back and stands with all 4 limbs. Now, she crawled toward him like a mangled up spider. The man quickly got on his feet and ran off to get away from her and into the crowd. He screams out loud,"Someone, help!"

But, not even his scream could reach out to the loud crowd. The girl was closing in behind him. The man was about reach for the exit out of there, only to feel something impale him from behind. He coughs up blood and slowly looks down to see a bloody spear made of bandages protruding from his stomach. The man trembles in pain to see a spear coming out of his stomach. He finally gave into fear and tries to scream out until a bandage suddenly wraps around his mouth, silencing him. More bandages wraps around his arms and legs and drags him back into the darkness. His muffled scream can be heard as he is dragged away.

Then, back in the darkness, a female voice says a chilling statement in an odd, radio tone.

"I will kill you."

The sound of ear wrenching slashing noises and flesh splattering has indicated the man's death. Blood flows from the darkness as the girl walks on top of it. She stops to conceal herself in the darkness. She moan while looking up in the night sky.

There was a brief twinkle in the sky that flickered in the darkness of the sky.

The girl made a low growl noise to display hate and spite when she knows what the twinkle was.

She once again said,"I will kill you..."

This time...her voice echoed throughout the night...


(Be Somewhere by BUZY is played as the ending song for Season Finale)

Another Day Tomorrow

Yami no naka de nemutteiru dake de

konna ni muboubi ni kizutsuitari mayou tabi

(Based on the original series by Shotaro Ishinomori)

Answer Must Be Somewhere

tsuyoku tsuyoku iikikaseru you ni

kimi no namae yobitsuzukeru

miugoki dekinai you hosoi PIANO sen ga

(Crossed over with story by Izuru Yumizuru)

sekai no sumizumi made harimegurasareteru

sore wa tsumetaku hada ni kuikonda totan ni

dokoka de shikakerareta TORAPPU wo ugokasu

(OCs property of Prototype3)

te wo nobashitara sagashiteta asu ni todoki souna no

yubisaki ni wa fureteiru

Another Day Tomorrow

Kinou he wa kesshite susumenai kara

me wo tojita mama hashiridaseba soko wa mirai

Answer Must Be Somewhere

(Mech designs based on different mecha series)

watashi no koto dare yori mo shitteru

watashi dakara shinjirareru

onegai shizuka ni shite NOIZU wo kakiwakete

jibun no kokoro no koe mimi wo sumaseteru kara

minna no mae ja itsumo sugata wo kakushiteiru

arinomama no watashi ga katari hajimeteiru

(Thank you FF readers for your positive feedback)

saa tsutaete yo kouru sono kanjou ni makasete

kono machi made mo ROKKU shite

Another Day Tomorrow

yami no naka de nemutteiru dake de

konna ni muboubi ni kizutsuitari mayou tabi

Answer Must Be Somewhere


tsuyoku tsuyoku iikikaseru you ni

kimi no namae yobitsuzukeru

mada dare mo itta koto no nai michi ni chizu wa nai kara

fuan ni makesou ni mo naru

Walk My Way, Long And Winding

tsukarehatete taoreteshimau hi mo

kore kara iku saki ni hikari nado mienakutemo

Answer Must Be Somewhere

watashi no koto dare yori mo shitteru

watashi dakara shinjirareru!

(Song cuts from there)

(Kamen rider Ichigo Kai/仮面ライダー カイ)

(East coast of Japan)

The small tides crash on the surface of the sand. The seagulls chirps as they soar in the sky. The sea salt smell filled the morning air.

Standing before the ocean itself, a mysterious boy with black messy hair in a business suit looks out at the endlessness of the sea with a glaring look. The two IS that against one another has ended with both machines disappear, never to be seen again.

Kyo, the second male to pilot an IS, had been reported missing for weeks now. No traces of him were found and his IS was long gone. However, that was not the only thing that made the boy feel conflicted. During those past weeks, there has people going missing and murders taking places. And, the missing people's relatives, families and friends...were all found dead as well. Whoever is kidnapping the people, are silencing anyone connected to them. And the mysterious murders? The victims found were cut up to pieces and their remains were wrapped in bandages.

Was there a connection between any of them?

Investigations were taking place and results found no connection.

All these occurrences has been happening ever since both the Ichigo Kai and Nigo Kai have disappeared.

His train of thoughts were interrupted when his senses picked up something from afar. The boy looks up at the sky and saw a twinkle. Something was approaching earth. It was them.

The boy cannot allow 'it' to enter the earth and do whatever mission it was sent here to do.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out what appears to be a gold version of Kyo's closed IS. He pulled up his right sleeve and place it on his wrist. Putting on a cold and dark demeanor, he said,"Henshin..."

The watch read his voice command and a deep robotic voice said,"V3."

This cause the watch to unleash a powerful blue shockwave that blew up the sand the water all in the air. The shockwave went on endlessly until it instantly died down and a blue glowing figure stood in the boy's place. Raising a gold dragonfly style head with blue glowing eyes and blue component inside his split down mouth plate.

His eyes glowed brighter than before as the glowing figure suddenly took off, leaving a sizzling spot on the ground.

He leaves behind a blue fading trail as he disappears off to above...becoming a twinkle in the blue sky.


Well, that was a wrap. Did you like the surprise I had at the end? I feel as though I'm revealing 'him' sooner than expected, but screw it. I would like to thank you all for the support you gave me and thanks for hanging on 'till the season finale. Next season is going to blow your mind...probably I don't know. Things will be changing and I hope you got the will to keep on reading. I really appreciate you guys for reading my stories and I was nervous when I first published it. Two years fly past quickly, huh? Since this season has come to end, I think I'm gonna take a break from this story and focus on my other entry, Kamen rider Reaper. Reason why is because writing 6 rough drafts and scrapping them and making news one can be pain in the ass, especially for my mind. But, don't worry, I ain't giving up. Like the the text said above...Kamen rider will return...

Love you all! Goodbye.