Chapter One

Prince Edward Island: 2014

It was a cool September morning, and Nigel Powell was sitting in his room, bored as hell. It was Sunday, so he wasn't at work. For most people, this would mean a day of leisure and fun. For Nigel, it meant twenty-four hours of being alone with his thoughts, and his thoughts were not usually very happy. Weekends like this were usually spent cooped up in his room, thinking about his life.

Nigel lived with his Uncle Mack. Mack was rarely ever home; he was usually off fighting the Enemy. It was a dangerous profession, and Nigel was always worried that his uncle would meet with a terrible fate, the same fate that his parents had already met...

Nigel's parents had the same job as his uncle: fighting the monster plants that had cropped up around the world. The Audrey IIs. These plants, supposedly from another planet, seemed innocent enough at first. They started out small and helpless. There was only one thing that could make them grow: blood. And the more they had, the more they wanted. The infestation had started in New York way back in the early sixties and, with help from the idiots at World Botanical Enterprises, spread all over the world. Fortunately, the Audrey II population had died down over the years because people realized that they wouldn't grow if they weren't fed. There were still a few of the plants around, however. They seemed to be able to sustain themselves on small animals. It didn't make them quite as powerful as human blood, but it worked. And that's why the world still needed Fighters. Nigel's parents had died in this job, and he wondered exactly how many others had lost their lives as well.

A strange sound from the basement interrupted Nigel from his thoughts. He stayed very still and waited for it to happen again. And then it did; a strange snapping sound echoed through the house. Nigel became very frightened. He was sure that he'd heared that sound before. No, he thought. It couldn't be what he thought it was. The snap sounded again. Nigel realized that he should probably check it out, so he pulled a flashlight out of his closet and set off down the stairs. Through the kitchen he crept, very quietly past the ugly flower-patterned wall. Down the stairs to the basement. He heared the snapping sound again, much louder now. Oh God, I thought they didn't grow here, he thought. Oh, please let me be wrong.

Nigel reached the furnace room. The room wasn't quite finished, and many of the floorboards were loose. Some could even be picked right up so that you could look into the crawlspace below. This is what Nigel planned to do; he was sure that was where the snapping was coming from. Sure enough, he heares it again, coming from right under his feet. He was terrified now, but he had to see what was down there. He bent down, picked up a floorboard, and looked into the hole. It was pitch black down there, and he couldn't see anything. It smelled really bad though, like something had died. He braced himself, turned on the flashlight, and shined it into the hole.

"Shit" he said. His worst fear had been confirmed. There was an Audrey II living under his house.