Title: That's Not What I Wanted ((Pending)).

Rating: PG-13/R Overall

Summary: Harry is in a very serious relationship, with the man he loves more than anything. But a problem arises while at the Dursleys. A mad godfather, pissed werewolf, and scared witless relatives on the way.

Warnings: Slash, MPREG, Teacher/Student relationship (over age of consent), Nasty, VILE Language by a certain someone who needs to be dragged out into the street and shot.

Disclaimer: -.- ARGH. I hate these. Oh well, everyone else does too. Disclaimer is on my Bio Page so bugger off.

Chapter's Rating: High PG-13 for language

**Begining Notes**: My first ever slashfic with Harry being with someone other than Draco. So naturally, I am petrified of posting this. If no one likes it I'll deem this as a failure and put it in my trash bin. ^.^ Just because this idea's been rolling around in my head for some time. ^.^ *pounds the evil plot bunnys into dust* *dust bunnies attack* ARGH! ^.^

PROLOGUE: Saying Good-bye Is Hard

"But I don't want to leave you." He said softly, voice cracking with raw emotion as his lover wrapped him in a warm embrace, kissing his forehead.

"I don't like the thought of you going back to them either, you haven't been feeling well lately. Speaking of which, have you seen Madam Pomfrey about that yet?"

"Nuh-uh," Harry shook his head. "I must have just had the stomach flu. It's gone now. I think." Harry shrugged. "I'd rather stay." He sighed.

"But Dumbledore refuses to let you stay here. He *insists* that it is safer there," he said, running his thumb accross the boy's face, wiping away the tears that had pooled from his emerald eyes.

"But why can't you keep me safe. You have magic..." Harry said hesitantly, recieving a scoff for that statement.

"Harry you honestly think Dumbledore would make you stay with the Dursleys if there was anywhere safer?"

"Well..." Harry stared at his lover's hands. Pianist fingers, thin and long; a part of strong, loving hands.... "No." Harry said, wanting to pout, but didn't want to be chided for it.

"Exactly. I'll owl you as often as possible, and I'll be here, waiting for you when you come back to school." Haary smiled. That was always a constant.

"Allright. I'll miss you though. Promise to be careful when...?" Harry trailed off.

"I promise I'll be careful when he calls me. Now get going or you'll miss the train," Severus said softly, kissing Harry's cheek softly.

"Bye," Harry said, kissing Severus one last time, and headed off to the horseless carriages, ready to board the train back to the Dursleys once again. At least this would be his last summer. Seventh Year was just around the corner now.

CHAPTER ONE: Finding Out

Harry sighed, staring out the train window, watching the countryside pass his sight. He noticed someone walk into the compartment out of the fcorner of his eye. Looking away from the scene outside, he turned to the person who entered.

"Malfoy," he said, acknowledging his presence. Draco rolled his eyes, sticking his hands in his pockets and strolled over to Harry, sitting next to him.

"How was your," here Draco was very dramatic, "woeful good-byes?" He said, batting his eyelashes and getting backhanded on the arm.

"Haha," Harry said bitterly with a sigh. "It ended too soon." Draco made a weird face like he didn't know what to do, and awkwardly patted Harry's back.

Draco and Harry had been forced to work together in Fifth Year on a few big projects, and away from all of their friends, they found out they could stand each other. Sort of. Draco was Harry's first kiss, and Harry was Draco's first real confidant.

Ron and Hermione, chattering away walked into the compartment, and Ron did a double take.

"What the bloody-? What? I mean...?" he babbled, more than a bit shocked to see Malfoy's arm on his best friend's back, in a brotherly way. Draco thought quickly a moment, and put his arm around Harry's shoulders, hugging the boy closer.

"Do you mind? I'd like some time to be with my boyfriend; *alone*." Draco said with a smirk, causing Ron to freak out. His face turned red with fury and embarrassment as he mouthed wordlessly, trying to get his voice back. That didn't take very long at all.

"What?! What do you mean your boyfriend?! You're *gay*?! What the-? MALFOY?! Ah..........." Ron shouted, flailing his arms and passing out into a dead faint.

Draco sniggered as Harry rolled his beautiful green eyes, pushing Draco's arm off. "That wasn't funny Malfoy," Harry said exasperated, trying to wake Ron up as Hermione stood shell-shocked, yet the words processed.

"Malfoy? So you two... aren't... *together*?" she asked cautiously. Draco sniggered as he shook his head 'no'. "Well that's a relief. I know how you are Harry... but well Malfoy's just a *bit* extreme." She was almost amused at the situation.

"Just wanted to scare the weasel. 'Hope you feel better soon Potter- just try not to think about it too much. See you later Granger." Draco said, walking out of the compartment with a jump in his step and a sadistic grin on his pale face.

"I have no idea how you can possible stand that boy Harry," Hermione said, closing the door and stepping around Ron to set her books down on a seat. She kneeled next to Harry, smacking Ron's face as the redhead came to slowly.

"Lots and lots of practice," Harry muttered as Ron finally opened his sky- blue eyes. And promptly began to scream.

"OH HOLY MERLIN HOW *COULD* YOU HARRY?! *MALFOY*?!" Harry shook the screaming Weasley, then cut him off when he realized shaking wasn't going to help. The most it would do was kill off a few of Ron's brain cells. Not that they were used too often anyway.

"RON! Malfoy and I *aren't* dating!" he yelled, causing Ron to stop and blink at Harry.

"You're not?" he asked in disbelief.

"No, we're not. We're barely even friends, so don't worry." Harry then realized he said the wrong thing.

"YOU'RE PRACTICALLY FRIENDS WITH MALF-" Ron then realized that he couldn't scream anymore. He couldn't even talk. And Hermione had her wand out, looking very smug. Her that is. Not the wand.

"Thanks Herm'," Harry said, visibly relaxing. He still wasn't feeling very well and he sat back on his seat, wiping the beads of sweat from his forehead and ruffling his hair with a sigh.

"Harry?" Hermione asked carefully. "Are you allright? You look a bit... pale... and sort of greenish I think," she said softly. Harry nodded, then looked back to Ron.

"Malfoy and I are just over hating each other, but we're not exactly friends either. We just talk sometimes Ron, it's nothing really. I'm not dating him." Ron looked relieved, and Hermione took off the charm.

"Whew, so you're not gay then," Ron said with a stupid grin on his face, but frowned when Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Whoever said I wasn't gay?" Had Ron been any *more* pathetic, he would have fainted again. Instead he babbled mindlessly and Hermione slapped her forehead, pulling him over to a seat and gently pushed him onto the plush material.

"You're WHAT?" The redhead asked faintly, nearly not believing his ears.

"Gay," Harry said flippantly, staring out the window, wishing he was back at Hogwarts; back with Severus.

Ron's emotions morphed quickly from shock to horror and anger; he fumed, turning red, "You're a *pouf*?! You're a bloody pouf?" he exclaimed in disgust, and Hermione gasped in shock that her boyfriend would ever be so... discriminating.

"Ron!" she said loudly, thouroughly disgusted with him, as she stood up in his face, her own twisted in an expression that could only be described as a pure rage.

"No Hermione." Harry said calmly, standing up slowly. "No. I see how this is. I'm going to go." Harry's voice was a near-whisper as he made his way out of the compartment, feeling hurt.

"Oh Harry!" Hermione, clearly distressed that she hadn't done something. "I can't believe you would say something so horrid to Harry," she scolded.

"Hermione! I can't believe you're not completely grossed out. I can't believe I was friends with... with that cocksucker!" Ron spat in a wild fury. Hermione brought a very fingernail bitten hand up to her face to cover her mouth as she gasped in shock, then used her other hand to pull at her ring finger. She tore the ring off, throwing it at Ron's forehead as she ran out of the compartment after her best friend.

Harry was in an empty compartment that he had somehow managed to find, and sat on his knees staring blankly at the lush scenery. It was mile after mile of green grasses, and beautious animals, all seeming like they belonged; they did belong.

"Potter?" a voice said cautiously. Harry, eyes dull and not full of their usual vigor, turned around to face the inquirer.

"What do you want Zabini?" Harry said with a groan and a sigh. He was not up to dealing with a bitchy Slytherin. The auburn/brown-haired Slytherin smirked, twirling his wand carelessly.

"I heard Weasley further down in the train say you were gay. Is it true?" he asked gleefully. Since Draco Malfoy had tamed down a bit, Blaise Zabini had taken over the job of being a prick. Or at least a prick to Harry. Harry didn't think Draco would *ever* stop acting like an ass in general.

"What of it?" Harry asked in a calculating tone. He pushed his glasses up on his face with a finger as they began to slide down his face.

"You are, aren't you?" Blaise laughed a hard, cold laugh. "Good to know, Cock-Boy."

"You really *are* rather pathetic," Draco sneered by the doorway. "Resorting to childish and rather idiotic names? I'm ashmaned of you Zabini; really, I am. Get out," he said coldly.

"What, are you Golden Boy's lapdog? That's probably wh-" He rambled on, looking smug, not even realizing that a very pleased looking brunette had her wand pointed at him and he was no longer actually saying anything. That is, no sound was coming out. Blasies said something more, and appeared to be pleased that they weren't saying anything back to him as he smirked and made his way out.

Hermione giggled and Draco rolled his eyes. Harry just stared out of the window some more.

"Let's go Mudbl- Granger." Draco said, motioning to the door. "We wouldn't want Captain Grouchy Points to say something *mean*," he said sarcastically. Hermione gave Draco a Look, and smiled sadly at Harry back as she left. Draco scoffed and left as well.

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