'How are you feeling, Mr. Potter?'

Harry looked around as he awoke to realize he was still in Griphook's office, although a chair had been transfigured into a small couch, which he now lay upon. He swung his legs off the couch and sat up, blinking lazily. He saw an unfamiliar goblin standing just behind him. The air smelled somewhat like burnt rubber, and there was a charge in the air, almost like static on a dry winter day. He looked at the strange goblin in confusion and Griphook saw the question in his eyes.

'This is Gripshard, my son, and one of our healers. He has examined you and you seem to be fine for now, but there is a matter we must discuss after Mr. Black's will reading. However, we must be off as the reading starts in ten minutes. This way please.' With that, Griphook and Gripshard turned and strode out of the office door without checking to see if Harry and Tonks were following. The party of four took a circuitous route to a conference room. Upon entering they saw that the room was mostly full. All the Weasley's except for Charlie were present, as were several of Hogwarts' professors, a few ministry persons, and Remus, Hermione, and Neville and his gran. Harry looked around for a moment, then his gaze darkened as he noticed Draco and Narcissa Malfoy seating in a back corner of the room, looking as if they were sitting too near something smelly. He ignored them and continued to the indicated seat and sat down. A large door in the rear of the room opened with an ominous bang. In walked the largest goblin Harry had ever seen. He was almost five feet tall, and nearly that wide, although there was no fat to be seen. He had a greataxe strapped across his back at an angle. Professor Dumbledore rose from where he had been seated, out of Harry's view and spoke.

'Director Ragnok, you honor us with your presence, though I confess myself confused. I did not think this was an event important enough to warrant your observation.' The director chuckled, a very menacing sound indeed.

'Supreme Mugwump, if you think that the passing of a dark family into the light is not momentous in itself, then you should know that the fortunes involved here today would certainly ensure my attendance. Your attendance would be suspect if I did not already know that you are entitled a bequeathment. I trust that everyone here has been vetted by my staff?' He swept a long, dark look around the room, meeting the eyes of every person present. He met Harry's eyes and held his gaze for a long moment, almost as if he were measuring Harry, and then he gave a sharp nod and sat at the head of the conference table. 'Begin.' With that Gripshard sat against a wall, directly on the floor, and appeared to fall immediately to sleep. Griphook stepped up to the table and opened a long wooden box and withdrew several parchments. He laid one on the table and tapped it with a clawed finger. It unrolled and rose off the table a few inches, before an image of Sirius floated up out of the parchment and hovered, life sized, over the table.

'I, Siruis Orion Black, do hereby before these witnesses dictate my last will and testament. I declare that I am in full control of my faculties, as confirmed by veritaserum, and that I am of sound mind and judgment. This will does invalidate all other such documents, and as head of House Black, also invalidates any other claims to the Black Estate. First off and most importantly, the new head of House Black, hereby named Black of Black, is my named and blood adopted heir, Harry James Potter. No other lines of the Black family are eligible to be heir. The LeStrange line lost all eligibility when Bella was convicted of being a Death Eater. The Malfoy line lost eligibility when the senior Malfoy, Lucius Abraxas, attacked my heir with lethal intent in his second year at Hogwarts. As all the LeStrange's are in Azkaban, I hereby nullify the marriage contract between Bellatrix Black and Rodulphous LeStrange and request that the goblins retrieve the dowry from their vaults. As for the Malfoy family, Lucius gets nothing. Draco Lucius Malfoy shall receive a stipend of 200 galleons a month for his care as a cadet line of the Black family. Keep in mind, Draco, that Harry is now your Head of House, and he can rescind that stipend at any time he chooses. As for Narcissa Black, you have a choice, Cissa. If you stay with Lucius, I will issue you the same stipend as Draco, provided you prove that you are not marked by Lord Voldemort. If you decide to turn from the darkness, I will order your marriage nullified, and you and Draco, if he wishes, would become Blacks in name as well as blood. You will be cared for as a daughter of House Black. You have one month to decide. Please contact Griphook at Gringott's with your answer. The Malfoys are dismissed.' The image fell silent for a moment and all present heard the sotto voce swears and threats coming from the younger Malfoy. His mother summarily dragged him from the room. Griphook touched the parchment again and the animation resumed. 'To DMLE Director Amelia Bones, I leave the sum of one hundred thousand galleons to prepare for the coming fight. Gird them well, Amie, we need them ready. To the Department of Mysteries, I leave all the cursed and dark artifacts that were in the possession of the Black family. Please put them to good use or destroy them. Contact Professor Dumbledore to arrange for their retrieval.' Once again, the image paused as some people left. 'Now that we are down to friends and family, I can speed things up. All present who are not Harry, Remus or Tonks will receive a quarter million galleons, yes, Molly, even the kids. Hermione, you can have any books from Black Manor that have been cleared by Dumbledore or Bill Weasley. I am also including a library trunk which can hold several thousand books as well as normal trunk stuff. Ron, you are getting lifetime passes to the Chudley Cannons. What is coming next is quite personal so I request that all except Tonks, Remus and Harry leave. Thank you all. Remember me well.' At this everyone except those staying started shuffling around, preparing to leave. All of them stopped and greeted Harry and Tonks and then started ambling out the doors. Professor Dumbledore gave Harry a firm handshake, but said nothing, before leaving without looking back.

'Mr Potter, we will take a few minutes for you to compose yourself. What is coming next will likely be difficult for you.' Harry nodded and walked over to the head of the conference table. He nervously approached Director Ragnok and greeted him.

'Director Ragnok, may your gold shine and your ax cleave true. The houses of Potter and Black extend our hands to you in camaraderie. We hope that we can share a glorious feast over the bodies of our enemies.'

The large goblin threw his head back and laughed so loud that the sound echoed from the walls of the large stone room and Gripshard jerked to his feet in alarm.

'You have been well advised, Lordling. Never before have I heard a more goblin greeting from a human before. I see that my time was not wasted in coming today. Let us see what else your godfather had up his sleeves, then we can discuss issues of...mutual importance.' With that, the Director folded his hands on the tabletop and chuckled to himself while Harry made his way back to his seat and nodded his assent for Griphook to continue.