"When you think yours is the only true path you forever chain yourself to judging others and narrow the vision of God. The road to righteousness and arrogance is a parallel road that can intersect each other several times throughout a person's life. It's often hard to recognize one road from another. What makes them different is the road to righteousness is paved with the love of humanity. The road to arrogance is paved with the love of self."

― Shannon L. Alder







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Chapter 1

"Take it easy!" said the yukkuri reimu when Peach petted it on the head.

"So cute!" she commented with a smile.

"Three months, and you've managed to learn a lot-a about yukkuris!" Mario said to the president while looking around the yukkuri ranch they were in. Yukkuris of various types could be seen either roaming around the place happily or relaxing in certain spots. They were all having a fun time.

"Our scientists are very devoted to their studies," replied the president who had a large, bushy beard that made him look like a stereotypical Santa Claus. "Because of this, they were able to make yukkuris produce edible buns and thus created this ranch for the purpose of producing them!"

"Definitely a better choice of action then simply eating yukkuris!" commented Luigi. "I wonder why those people from the origin world never thought of doing this in the first place."

"Because most of them are sadistic and obsessed with yukkuri abuse," Link, who was standing nearby, reminded him.

"Why would they want to abuse such adorable creatures?" asked Zelda, who was standing next to him, while holding a chen in her arms. "How can they even bring themselves to abuse such cute faces?"

"Who knows? Some people are twisted and have strange obsessions…" replied the Hylian.

The president looked at his watch and said, "Didn't you say you're going to return to your world at 2:30? There's still about forty minutes left, so why not have something to eat first? I'll treat you to some delicacies made using yukkuri-harvested buns!"

"All right!" exclaimed Yoshi and Kirby while jumping up at the same time.

"You guys didn't eat any yukkuris while our eyes were away, didn't you?" Link asked them.

"Why would we eat cute and innocent living creatures?" asked Kirby with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah! Even big eaters like us know something about moral ethics!" added Yoshi.

"That's good to hear," said the Hylian.

"Right hook! Right hook! Quick! Give him a right hook!" Donkey Kong shouted at the television while punching the air.

"C'mon! You can do it!" said Diddy Kong with excitement while watching the television as well.

The two primates had their eyes glued to the television with excitement while constantly shouting and punching the air, and eventually, they jumped up in joy. "YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH! HE WON! HE WON!"

In the television, which was showing a boxing match, the referee raised the winner of the fight's arm into the air and loudly said, "Champion of the World Circuit: Little Mac!" The crowd went wild and gave the winner a round of applause.

"That little guy's really impressive!" commented Bowser. "He managed to beat someone much larger than him like Mister Sandman! That's not something you see every day!"

"You cannot judge a book by its cover," said R.O.B. "What matters most is the power you possess and your determination."

Back inside the Final Destination, Mario and those who went to the new yukkuri world they "established" three months ago stepped out of the trans-dimensional portal created by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, and the former was in front of the control panel for the portal when they stepped out.

"How are things there? Hope the yukkuris are loving it," said the Hand.

"They sure are!" said Mario. "Da people there are very passionate about-a them!"

"That's good to hear! Those poor things deserve peace after going through hell in their old world," said the Hand. "Oh, and by the way, you're back at the perfect time! I want to show you something Crazy and I have been working on for some time!"

"What is it?" asked Zelda.

"Let's go over and see them, shall we?" said Master Hand before leading the way.

He led them to a different room that had a few Alloys standing and walking around, not to mention Crazy Hand floating there for no reason other than expecting them to show up. "Took you long enough!" said the younger Hand. "I've been going crazy wanting to show you these guys!"

"What are you going to show us?" asked Pikachu, who was one of those who went to the yukkuri world.

"All right," said Master Hand. "Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you people to these three heavily customized Alloys!" He pointed to the far end of the room with all his fingers, and then three people came out from around the corner.

All three of them looked artificial in appearance, but they had different designs. The first one was a black-haired male wearing a red shirt and black pants, the second one was another male with light-brown hair wearing a blue shirt and black pants, and the last one was a woman with brown shoulder-length hair wearing an orange shirt and black pants.

"Heavily customized Alloys?" asked Kirby with a raised eyebrow.

"I call them…" said Master Hand, but he was interrupted by Crazy Hand.

"Avatars!" said the younger Hand.

"No, we settled with Miis," Master Hand told him.

"But mines sounds better!" claimed Crazy Hand.

"It's too much of a mouthful," said his older brother. "I want it short, simple, and easy to memorize."

"It's not as easy to memorize as you think, since some people are going to pronounce it as 'Me' instead of 'Mii' by mistake!" said Crazy Hand.

Ignoring his younger brother, Master Hand said to the Smashers, "We've been doing upgrades to three particular Alloys, such as improving on their appearances, A.I., and the range of activities they can do. As a result, Alloys with human-like appearances and A.I. are born! They learn and adapt to everything like a normal human would, and they even speak in languages you can understand!"

"That's good to know, since it's still hard to understand Alloys when they play charades with us…" said Link.

"Rest assure that you no longer have to worry about language barrier when communicating with us," said the female Mii in a voice that sounded like it came from a voice software of sorts. "

"They really can speak properly!" commented Yoshi in surprise.

"Yes," said the female Mii. "Master Hand has given me the name Gunner, and we will be serving you at your mansion from now on!"

"My name is Brawler," said the black-haired Mii. "It is a pleasure to be serving you more closely than before from now on!"

"Thine name is Swordfighter," said the one with light brown hair. "It is my greatest pleasure to be serving the famed heroes known as The Ones Who Smash."

"What's with the ancient way of speaking…?" commented Zelda.

"I had no idea beforehand how their personalities were going to turn out…" replied Master Hand. "They are named as such due to their fighting styles. Gunner specializes in using firearms, Brawler in close-ranged combat, and Swordfighter in… That one should be obvious…"

"So they're going to be living at our mansion?" asked Luigi. "Why's that?"

"Due to having more human-like A.I., they also developed the ability to feel emotions and such," explained the Hand. "There is not much to do on the Final Destination, so they are likely to feel bored not being able to leave this place after a while, so I decided that they should be treated like real people and thus go down there to live with you folks. Because they are mechanical in nature, they have no need for rest and food, but I've still designed them to be able to consume food like normal people."

"How is that even possible?" asked Kirby.

"Science!" said Crazy Hand out loud.

"What he said," said Master Hand.

"That doesn't explain things…" said Kirby.

"Is that implying that 'a wizard did it' is a more plausible explanation?" asked Crazy Hand.

"Fine… Science…" grumbled Kirby.

Mario walked up to the Miis and stretched out his hand to shake with them. "Nice to meet-a you! My name eez Mario, but I'm assuming that-a you know all of our names already."

"Yes," said Brawler while shaking hands with him. "Even though you may not necessary have memories of it, we all saw you when you were here on the Final Destination several times before and offered our support in certain matters, such as when helping with building the train for delivering the yukkuris to another world."

"You were there that-a time? Thanks a lot-a for da help!" said Mario.

"These three have been around when they were still Polygons, so their history with you people go way back," said Master Hand.

"Wow! That's a long time ago!" commented Luigi in surprise. "You mean they have been around before we all knew each other?"

"Yeah, these three are among the oldest of the Polygons," said Master Hand. "Over the years, they were upgraded into Wireframes, then Alloys, and finally Miis. Makes you people feel young, doesn't it?" Suddenly, something came to him. "I just remembered something… Aren't the Ice Climbers going to see their relatives about now?"

"Oh right! I forgot about this!" said Pichu.

"Then you guys better go and say good-bye to them fast," suggested the Hand.

No sooner after Master Hand said this, the Smashers were brought back to their mansion. Luckily for them, the Ice Climbers were still preparing their luggage, so there was still time to introduce the Miis to them, not to mention to everyone else in the mansion.

When the Ice Climbers were finally done, they carried their luggage to outside the garage, where the Blue Falcon was seen parked with its engine turned on.

"See you in ten days!" Popo said to all the Smashers who were present there.

"Be sure to give us a call on the phone or Skype when you get there!" Ness told him.

"I will!" replied the Eskimo.

After they were done saying good-bye, the Ice Climbers got into the Blue Falcon with Captain Falcon, who then drove off to take them to the airport.

"It's been a long time since they've left their homeland up north! Let's wish them luck going back!" said Peach.

"Yeah, which reminds me of my family in Podunk…" said Ness. "I should give them a call some time."

"By the way, Pit is coming back from Angel Land tomorrow, right?" asked Fox.

"Yeah, and he told us that Goddess Palutena is dropping by as well," replied Young Link.

"The ruler of Angel Land? Wow! What an honor to have someone of such a status to be here!" commented Link.

"We better clean up our place to make her feel welcomed, then," suggested Zelda.

"He also said he's bringing someone else, and he may be staying here," added Ness. "He didn't say who, though. He wants it to be a surprise."

"Really? We have quite a few spare rooms, so that's not a problem!" said Peach.

"You did a great job today, Mac!" Doc Louis said to Little Mac as they walked through the street, both of them wearing hoods in order not to grab attention.

Due to Little Mac being a rising star who made it to one of the top ranks of boxing in a short amount of time, he had become famous pretty much throughout the whole world, so his face was recognized by many people. As he had a large amount of fans, he would attract attention pretty much everywhere he went, so he tried his best to hide his identity. Famous people also want to have some quiet time for themselves after all.

"It's because of your coaching that I am able to come this far, Doc!" Little Mac told him. "Without you, I would never be able to come this far!"

"Your determination to become the best is what made you come this far!" Doc Louis told him. "If you didn't have it, you wouldn't have come this far, no matter how hard I teach you! Way to go, boy! So, what say we find a good place to celebrate?"

"I'm not sure if we'll be able to eat in peace, now that many people recognize my face…" said Little Mac.

"True, but it's not exactly a bad thing, is it?" said his coach.

Just then, they saw a large amount of people gathered up front, and they could hear the sound of police car sirens as well, so they rushed over to see what was happening.

After making their way through the crowd, Little Mac and Doc Louis came to a yellow line set up by the police to keep people from crossing any farther. The police was telling them to stay back, and Doc Louis wasn't able to get what was happening from one of the policemen, as he seemingly ignored his question, so he asked a woman standing next to him what happened.

"Someone broke into that place and started shooting people! He's holding hostages now, I believe!" she replied.

"That's horrible!" said Little Mac after hearing what she said, and then he turned to his mentor. "We must help the hostages!"

"This may be out of our league, Mac," Doc Louise told him. "Plus, even if I agree we should help, how are we going to get across this line and into the building? The police is gonna give us dirt naps before we step in there!"

"Then let's go in there from somewhere they aren't looking," suggested Little Mac.

Inside the chairman's room, Rath had the chairman bounded and knelt on the floor, while the former was seated behind the latter's desk. "You see, I am trying to save video gaming industry," Rath said to a negotiator on the phone. "This company has gone far enough with their disgusting on-disk DLC madness. It's time we consumers step forward and let them know that we will no longer be like sheep and mindlessly buy their bare-boned games that can only be expanded through extra cash. If ranting on the internet and signing petitions won't do, someone's got to resort to what I am doing right now!"

"That doesn't justify what you are doing!" the negotiator told him. "Even if you get what you want by doing this, this is not something someone with the right mind would do! Resorting to crime is not the answer to anything!"

"And let greedy corporations have their ways forever?! Where is the justification in our complaints never being heard by these corrupted and greedy businessmen who only think of making money and not caring about what customers actually want?! We customers have long been victims of bare-boned products and even poorly manufactured products!" Rath angrily replied. "Are you telling me that the only thing we should do is continue voicing our complaints in vain and hope for something that will never happen?! THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THAT!"

Suddenly, the door slammed open and grabbed the attention of Rath and the president, and Little Mac was seen standing inside the room, while Doc Louis was just outside. "Stop whatever you're doing at once!" said the former while in a boxing stance.

Putting down the phone and standing up, Rath said, "You're that boxer!"

"I heard what you said outside the room!" Little Mac told him. "Just because you don't like what this company is doing doesn't give you the right to kill people and take the president hostage! You are turning yourself into a criminal by doing this!"

"They are the criminals!" Rath angrily said while pointing at the president. "They force us to pay a large sum of money for contents already in the game but cannot be accessed right away! Do you realize how many people are angry about this and raised their voices against them?! They never listen to us at all! If words won't do anything, someone has to use action to make them change!"

"That still doesn't justify what you're doing, man!" said Doc Louis as he stepped into the room. "Let's say these people are bad for doing that, but you're making yourself far worse than them! At least they're doing something that doesn't warrant going to prison! You are! You think what you're doing will make people give you a round of applause? They're only going to give you looks of fear and say bad things about you!"

"I will be a hero for making Compac stop their DLC madness!" said Rath. "Gamers and people from all gaming sites and forums will praise me nonstop! Gaming you know it will change because of what I did! How is trying to stop a greedy corporation from taking any more money from customers a bad thing?!"

"Violence is not the answer to things!" Little Mac told him.

"Someone like you will never understand the pain and anger we gamers went through! If you're not going to agree with me, then get out of my sight!" Rath said while pointing a gun at them.

"Not until you let go of the president and turn yourself in!" Little Mac told him. "You may have already killed some people, but if you're willing to admit your mistake and turn yourself in, you may still have a chance in changing other people's view towards you! Please make the right decision now!"

Rath shouted at him to be quiet before pulling the trigger, but Little Mac and Doc Louis managed to dodge it. The former ran forward while doing so and leaped over the desk to punch Rath in the head, knocking him against the window at the back to make him pass out.

That night, Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Game & Watch, Falco, R.O.B., and Parry were in the living room, all of them looking at travel guides, brochures, and magazines.

"Any ideas on where to go during this holiday yet?" asked Luigi without taking his eyes off the magazine he was holding. "I think Pi'illo Island is a good place. The hotels there have comfortable-looking beds and pillows."

"I'm-a thinking of Delfino Isle," replied Mario.

"We've been there before," Luigi reminded him. "Why don't we go somewhere new?"

"They've got-a new attractions since da last-a time we went-a there," Mario told him.

"Still, wouldn't hurt to try somewhere we've never been to before…" Luigi told him.

"Bionis looks good," said Pikachu. "You know, that humanoid-shaped island that legend claims used to be living, but became dormant after a huge battle with the mechanical giant in front of it, Mechonis."

"Speaking of Mechonis, I suggest a holiday to that place," said R.O.B. "The synthetic yet life-like life forms there intrigue me, as well as its pseudo-mechanical landscapes."

"I have to agree that Mechonis looks pretty intriguing as well, so count me in if we're choosing that place!" said Game & Watch.

"Nah, Wuhu Island is where it's at!" suggested Falco. "Beautiful beaches, lovely sights of nature, and wonderful resorts! That's the greatest vacation spot since Hawaii!"

"I concur!" said Parry, who was perched on his shoulder and looking at his magazine.

"Here's another suggestion," said Luigi. "Dressrosa! It's the only place in the world where you can find sentient toys!"

"Yeah, that's amazing and all, but I'm still confused about how on earth they have a pirate as a king," said Falco.

"Well, Doflamingo eez one of da Seven Warlords working for da government, so he probably has da approval to be one," said Mario. "As long as da people of da country likes him, I guess eets fine…"

"How about we turn on the TV and go to the travel channel to see if they have any good suggestions there currently?" suggested Pikachu.

"Sounds good!" agreed Luigi.

Luigi reached for the remote control and turned on the television using it, and the first thing they saw was a news report showing Rath being taken away by the police, and he was angrily shouting, "SELLOUTS! ALL OF YOU! YOU ARE ALL LAPDOGS OF GREEDY CORPORATIONS! I DEMAND JUSTICE!"

"Tonight, the headquarters of the video game company Compac was attacked by a man named Pompus Rath," said the news reporter. "He casually walked into the place and took the lives of a number of people using a machine gun and made his way to the president's office to take him prisoner. While the police was negotiating with him, Little Mac, the recent champion of the World Circuit Boxing Tournament somehow got into the building and rescued the president."

The scene then switched to Little Mac and Doc Louis being surrounded by a crowd and constantly being interviewed by reporters about how they got into the place, how they saved the day, how they feel about the whole situation, etc.

The Smashers looked at the news report with wide open eyes in silence, and then Pikachu said, "Wow…"

"Things just got real…" said Ness, who was looking at the news of what happened on the Internet.

"Tell me about it…" said Young Link, who was standing next to him and looking at the screen with Toon Link. "I know Compac has made controversies regarding bare-boned games with lots of DLC, but seriously, killing people and taking the president of the company hostage just because of this…?"

"At least he'll get what he want," said Toon Link.

"Compac hasn't released an official statement regarding what course of action they will take because of this," said Ness. "It will be good if they change their ways, but still, that doesn't justify what that guy did…"

The next morning, most of the Smashers were at the dining room, eating breakfast. Dr. Mario was reading the newspaper while doing so, and he brought up the news yesterday.

"That wouldn't have happened if that company didn't do any of those impractical-sounding stuff in their games or whatever," commented Ganondorf while drinking coffee after hearing what the doctor said.

"Business is all about making money, so you can't blame them," said Dr. Mario while changing to another page.

"Doesn't mean you can try to force people to pay for contents that are already in a game disk, though," said G&W. "The problem with game nowadays is that developers rely too much on DLC to make money. They release games that contain limited amount of contents and then make people pay to obtain more stuff that enhances gaming experiences. Back then, what you pay is what you get, and people were happy."

"I'm not into games, so I can't really comment on why they would want to do something like that in the first place," said Dr. Mario. "And by the way, here's one about a criminal in America who built himself a high-tech suit or something to rob a bank, and guess who brought him down?"

"Somebody we know?" asked Falco.

"Yeah," replied the doctor. "Sonic."

"What's-a he doing in America?" asked Mario.

"Said nothing about that here," said Dr. Mario as he turned the newspaper around to show them a picture of Sonic giving a peace sign.

Suddenly, they heard someone shouting, "There is a bright light shining in from outside the door!"

All those who heard this quickly rushed over to the foyer and saw Brawler standing in front of the door, and sure enough, light was pouring in from underneath the latter. Despite being daytime, the light was still bright enough to sting their eyes.

The light died down after a few seconds, but nobody seemed to dare to open the door. Brawler eventually walked up to the door and opened it, and standing outside were three people—Pit, a beautiful green-haired woman, and a person who looked exactly the same as Pit, except his toga was black, as well as his hair and wings, and he also looked angry.

"Everyone, I have returned!" Pit cheerfully said to the Smashers while raising his arm.


Welcome back to my Super Smash Bros. series! It's been a while since I left this series intact. Now that we know all the new characters (barring potential DLC), it's time to get back in action!

During my absence, I've noticed that most SSB stories nowadays are slice of life and romance stories focusing on the "good-looking" humanoid characters, such as Marth, Link, Ike, Zelda, etc., and simple "fourth tournament" stories. I feel like in the past, this section had bigger focus on action and adventure stories, but it seems that those days are mostly gone for the most part…

I'm hoping that my return to this section will spice things up and "break the combo," even if I don't have a lot of ideas for future SSB stories yet.

As I said in White World, this story contains subjects that may potentially be controversial and offensive to some people. You have been warned.

I own Parry and Pompus Rath.

1. The Miis speak in the same kind of voice they use in Tomodachi Life.

2. Their appearances, in case you haven't realized it yet, are based off their respective 3D renders on the official site.

3. The Ice Climbers returning to see their relatives is a reference to their absence in Super Smash Bros. 4.

4. The name "Pompus Rath" is a play on "pompous wrath."