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The first file: New world, new life

Sub-file one: Leap

"- the hell!"

A desk chair clattered on the floor. Lari stared at the screen of his laptop with a mixed feelings of horror, curiosity and worry.

"She can't be…" The seventeen-year-old boy leaned closer to the screen and zoomed in the picture of 'Okiya Tsukiko' that had been the most recent discussion topic for two years now. Ever since Scarlet series actually. "She can't be…" He repeated and glanced at a photo placed a top of bookshelf. The latest photo of him and his sister Jade, taken two months ago before she left back to university. They had the same greyish blue eye color and the same sandy-blonde hair so it was clear to see that they were siblings. Jade was now twenty-one and had moved out two years ago, a bit after she finally regained her DC fangirliness back. Not that their parents had noted it at all. Lari was the only one.

But now was this case presented to the boy. Okiya Tsukiko had appeared all over the DC files. The original ones still existed and at first those 'Moon files' had been dismissed as fanmade creations. But to continue for so long and the style was exactly like Aoyama Gosho's.

What bothered Lari the most was the fact how much that 'character' resembled his sister. The hairstyle, lack of bodily figure, style of clothing… Heck, how many times he'd seen her to use that violet jacket that she refused to throw away?

Slowly, the teen lifted his chair back into an upright position and sat down. He inhaled deep and then let out the air that filled his lungs for a second. He stretched his fingers and began typing. Lari didn't care to brag but he was quite good with computers. Mean people would call him a hacker but personally he'd use the term 'unnoticed and uninvited visitor'.

And so the young man dove deep into the thread in DCTP concerning this Ghost Girl. He was surprised that Jade wasn't present on the conversation… Maybe she had managed to miss it by some stroke of luck…

The comments ranged a lot. Some thought it was an excellent addition to the series, some were skeptical. Some accused the Ghost Girl being a Mary Sue while the others defended her with all they had. Some were wondering was she a character made by Gosho or a fan creation. But as Lari went forward in the conversation(two years' worth of it!), he found that this 'Miss Mystery'(he hated that opening BTW) was found on the anime too. This had made the people on the forum more puzzled. Especially after Gosho denied in an interview of creating her.

"But the plot is still the same, no? So no need to worry. I'm personally also curious to know what she'll do next. *laughs*" The mangaka had answered.

"We know only the scenes from Conan's point of view… I need to find what's going on behind the scenes…" Another stretch of fingers and more rabid typing. Lari was on work now. He needed to know. He really did. For years he had tried to figure out what had happened with Jade but without any leads. And now he finally had one. Albeit this would lean to more supernatural side of the world but who cared if it would get him an answer.

The Lone Soldier started a new topic: 'The source of Moon Files?'

Links appeared as soon as he got it done.

"Thank you." Lari smirked. Thankfully Jade was still unaware of his username. He didn't want her to get to know these files.

The screen flashed and the boy found himself reading the Moon Files in Japanese. He had taken up the classes along once starting in high school and studied on his own too. Now he could quite well read the raw files online if he managed to find them.

"The files haven't reached Scarlet Series yet… Only up to Mystery Train… Interesting… New phone and identical to Jade's. Even that Totoro she bought from Paris… And K-chan's glasses still in use…" He mused, and clicked a link beneath the file in question. The computer showed yet another page. A one with password.

"Not a big deal…" Lari opened a black window and began typing his regular code he used on a simpler sites. He pressed 'Enter'. The window stayed open and the page beneath it the same.

"A tough one then? Fine…" The boy began exploring and poking around the site now. He noticed that the username, it was asking, was Yamato. "Yamato Ishikawa? Jade's OC? Sanjuu…"


And he was in. The page was full of files that no one had linked to the forum. Files centered about this 'Okiya Tsukiko'.

"If you've been granted an access to this site, you are either really lucky or then Hibiki. Congratulations in either case. Because it is really unlikely that you are just a random person who stumbled upon this place and managed to get in, I'll address you directly Hibiki. I know who you are even if you don't know it yet. We will be allies eventually once you come here. After watching these files I know you will. Why you wouldn't since the sister you have always known is here? – "

Lari had to stop reading. It was like that greeting a top of the page was directed right at him. And Jade indeed wasn't the same anymore. Not even after regaining the interest to her favorite fandom. He swallowed and continued reading.

" – And yes, I know exactly what you are thinking right now. Okiya Tsukiko is Jade. At least until they were separated by that transdimensional machine. Just read/watch these files and you understand more.

Ishikawa Kurosawa Yamato AKA Sanjuu"

Gulping, Lari opened the first file. It was dated on the same day than the change in Jade had happened.

Four hours later all the files including the two movies this far were watched. Lari pushed himself away from the computer and wiped his clammy hands to his jeans before running the left one through his back-combed hair. He had the answer now. He knew where his sister – his real sister – was and that she wasn't coming back.

"I need to help her…" Lari thought aloud as he got up to get some cold and fresh water to drink. His throat was dry. "To think she has gone through all that…"


And what was that word used on him? It sounded kind of cool and somewhat fitting but what was it actually?

Lari typed the word into a search engine.

"Japanese whisky? I should've known…" The boy chuckled before packing his laptop and some other useful stuff of his into his backpack. The best course of action right now would be to find the side street Jade had always used and where the 'change' had happened.

The sky was turning burning orange when Lari arrived to the place he was looking for. Wind picked on the fallen leaves around him and made him shiver in his shirt and sleeveless hoodie. It was the beginning of October and quite chilly.

The boy dug out his computer and opened the lid. The page had been left open and now it was opening yet another tab. This one was some complicated files about the dimensional travel and it working only one way.

"But I can see the timing can be altered anyways…" Lari sat down cross-legged and placed the electronic device atop of his knees. The fast-paced typing filled the silent area. No one was out anymore.

"This is Hibiki. I need an access to your territory." Was the message he sent to Yamato.

"You sure? There is no turning back then."

"I know. I'm ready."

More files appeared, asking information such as the exact time of arrival.

"Ten years… I need time to prepare. And I rather not face Jade – no, Tsukiko – immediately…"

Lari pressed 'Enter' and everything went silent. More so than before. The leaves froze in mid-flight. The temperature rose a bit due the lack of wind now. It was eerie. The screen of Lari's computer began to shine. Light enfulged the teen and he was gone from the park.

At the same time another Lari found himself asleep in front of his computer. He got up, shut it down and went to sleep. All memories of Moon Files were gone now as was the worry of his sister's behavior years back. All that was left was a boy with an interest to computers, fire department and Detective Conan.

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