A/N: This is an idea that struck me rather suddenly when I was looking through some pictures I have (meaning other people's fanart I picked up somewhere over the last year). So, from a pic of Wufei in an OZ uniform, a picture of Heero as an angel with far too much blood in it, and some mushy fluffy ones came the beginnings of this story. Should be angsty, romantic, and hopefully a little bit funny.

Pairings are a secret! ^_~ POV is Quatre. Sorta, anyway.

"Lover's Requiem"

I am so sick of living this solitary life, again and again and again. Where are you, darling? I know I can't remember you as you were; not really and truly, but if we met again, I'd know your face, your voice, your perfect body. They already tickle at the edges of my memory like a lover's breath; so close and so painfully sweet, yet never, never enough.

I have to find you, else I'll die again and have to start over once more in my so-long search. I worry about the timing now- it's been so long; we could be out of sync in the cycle. What if I find you, but I am too old for you? Or worse, what if I am too young, and you don't want me?

I'd kill myself. I swear to God, if you didn't want me for ANY reason, I'd kill myself.

Was I always so sad? So weak and lonely? Or was I even worse, once upon a time? I don't really recall. I only know as much as I do because of . . . I forget why I know so much, actually. Surely there's some reason.

Why can't I think of the reason?

Oh, my beloved . . .

I want to see you again, so I can find out who you are.

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