Disclaimer: All the characters belong to the author in South Korea, not me. Just writing it for fun and enjoyment purposes.

" So work with me, or else I will not let the lady return to the heaven! " threatened Gi Chul. Choi Young drew his sword in anger, and placed it against Gi Chul's neck. Little blood traces could be seen trickling down Gi Chul's neck, but he sneered and mocked Choi Young for not being courageous enough.

" If you kill me now, I will drag Eun Soo along! Try it if you dare! " laughed Gi Chul, not fearing for his safety at all.

" What have you done to her? Where is she now? " questioned a worried and anxious Choi Young. Gi Chul just laughed and didn't answer.

" Answer me! " forced Choi Young.

" Work with me to change the King, and I will let her go. I promise..." Said Gi Chul calmly, staring right into Choi Young's eyes. Choi Young looked away, lowering his sword, and falling to the chair behind him. Then, he looked at Gi Chul in hatred.

Choi Young returns to his campsite late at night. On his way back to his training ground, he had heard that Eun Soo was missing and he knew Gi Chul had her. At least Gi Chul won't dare to harm Eun Soo, since he wanted to go to the heaven too. Eun Soo was temporarily save in his hands.

No matter what, Choi Young couldn't break his promise. His mind was on the King, but his heart was with Eun Soo, wherever she went, he would follow. Choi Young packed his things and left in the wee hours, not letting anyone notice him.

The next morning, Lady Choi rushed into Queen Nogoog's room. Lady Choi bowed and presented the Queen a letter.

" What is this? " asked Queen Nogoog.

" Choi Young left early this morning. When I went to his room, I found this letter and it was addressed to you. I did not open the letter, so I do not know the contents. " reported Lady Choi.

Queen Nogoog opened the letter calmly, then she read line by line, word by word, scrutinising every single thing she saw on the letter.

" May I know what it is about? " asked Lady Choi. The queen gave no reply, but she read the letter again and again.

Lady Choi began to add on, " I heard that Eun Soo was missing since yesterday. Is Choi Young's disappearance related to her? "

Queen Nogoog gave a slight nod.

" Ah! That nephew of mine! Always so rash! " lamented Lady Choi.

" No, he is not. He is right. His decision is right. I will do what he says. " argued the queen.