Alright, alright, alright. New story. Multichapter. For Attack on Titan. Lots of Ereri too. Looks like fun right?

So this was a story idea I've had and been writing since March and I'm FINALLY putting it up for others to read. I already have up to 14 chapters written in advance so if anything you guys will get at least 14 chapters of this story before the possibility of me dropping it T^T

Also, as a side note, since this was thought up and written back in March (before I started the manga) there are no manga spoilers, AKA last names and new characters regarding certain newly revealed last names. Thus, there will also be a few OCs of my own creation. Try not to hate them too much.

Summary: There are a lot of struggles to be had when going through an arranged marriage, especially if your fiancé is one of the richest, most famous heirs of the modern age.

Pairings: Ereri (Eren and Levi) mainly. Then there are a few side ships including, but not limited to, JeanMarco and Yumikuri.

Rating: T and it will stay T because I can't for the life of me write sex scenes. At all. Don't ask me. It won't happen. I'm sorry. I'm a failure.

And so… without further ado… I give you… the story… -curtain rises-

Chapter 1: This is my Future

He couldn't do it.

There was absolutely no way he could do it.

Never in a million years and beyond would he ever be able to do it.

"I'm not kissing Jean," Eren Jaeger, a young man with brown hair and stunning sea green eyes, stated defiantly. He and a couple of his friends were waiting in the parking lot after school, as they did every day, while waiting for the rest of their group to show up so they could leave.

"Oh, come on!" another young man, Reiner Braun, exclaimed. This one had blond hair and was fairly buff.

The young woman next to him, Ymir, was equally dismayed. "Yeah! It'll be totally hysterical!" She had freckles and dark hair that was always tied up in a ponytail.

"I'm not kissing a horse so you guys can laugh!" At that point, two other guys from Eren's group of friends appeared. One had two-toned tan hair and a permanently conceited or pissed off look on his face. Right now he had the latter. That was Jean Kirstein. The other one, who had been trailing behind Jean, was Marco Bodt. He had freckles, dark hair, and was much, much nicer than Jean.

"Damn it, Jaeger! I'm not a fucking horse!" Jean yelled at Eren. Everyone there rolled their eyes. Jean and Eren fought all the time. They were the best of friends, and if one of them was in trouble the other wouldn't hesitate to help, but they also drove each other insane and showed their friendship through insults and flying fists.

"Could've fooled me," Eren said with a snide grin.

"You asshole!" Jean launched forward in an attempt to retaliate with violence, as what most of their fights usually came to, but was quickly stopped.

"Calm down, Jean!" Marco cried, pulling Jean back. He wrapped his arms around Jean and whispered soothing words coupled with little kisses. In case it wasn't obvious, Jean and Marco were dating. It had taken a long time for them to realize it too, mostly due to Jean's stubborn insistence that he was straight.

"Eren, why do you always have to start fights with Jean?" a girl with black hair and a bright red scarf that was always wrapped around her neck asked from beside Eren. She'd been there all along. That was Mikasa Ackerman, Eren's adopted sister. They were practically inseparable, much to Eren's dismay. While Mikasa had a strong sisterly love for brother that required her to take care of him, Eren saw it mostly as a nuisance and very annoying, regardless of how many times that devotion had saved him from getting the ever loving crap beaten out of him.

"Hey! It's not my fault! They started it!" Eren griped, pointing at Ymir and Reiner.

"You guys fight all the time, you don't need our help," Ymir laughed in a cheeky manner. She was nudged from the side by a small blonde, Christa Lenz, also known as a goddess, the sweetest and prettiest girl in school, and, most importantly, Ymir's girlfriend of three years.

"Well, they might not have fought if you hadn't provoked Eren, Ymir," she reprimanded in her sugar like voice. Ymir only laughed more, hugging her girlfriend tightly.

"Oh, those two idiots would have fought even without me and Reiner saying anything!" Ymir nuzzled the top of Christa's head. "You're just too sweet, Christa!"

"Ymir! Stop it!" Christa giggled, clutching her girlfriend back and clearly not truly meaning what she'd just said.

"Do you have to be so lovey dovey all the time?" Jean grumbled.

"You're one to talk." Why, Eren? Why provoke him even more? Jean glared.

"What was that?"

"How can you say anything about Ymir and Christa being "so lovey dovey" when you've still got Marco wrapped around you like a scarf." Jean sputtered out incoherent words, and Eren smirked.

"Speaking of lovey dovey and significant others, where the hell is Berthold?" Reiner asked. Berthold Hoover was Reiner's shy and tall boyfriend, though they kept quiet about it. Berthold, being as shy as he was, was still fairly uncomfortable with public displays of affection. Though, that didn't stop Reiner from teasing him every now and then. Marco, still hugging a stuttering Jean, answered him.

"Armin told me that he, Annie, and Berthold would be running a bit behind. They have a test last period and I heard Mr. Zackly's tests usually run a couple minutes over." Most of the group groaned at that.

"Man, I hated Mr. Zackly when I had him for history!" Eren flopped back on the hood of Ymir's truck in remembrance.

"Hah! If I remember correctly, he hated you just as much!" Reiner grinned, kicking Eren's leg lightly.

"Jean, too!"

"Hey! It was Eren's fault!"

"Now listen here, horseface-"

"So," Marco cut in before things got too heated. "Is everyone excited for our trip?"

For spring break this year, the group decided to spend the week at Christa's parent's lake house a couple of hours away. Christa's family was loaded. They owned a fairly successful jewelry business, made millions, and everyone knew. For a while after she came to Sina High School during freshman year, everyone talked to her and tried to be her friends for the sole purpose of either trying to get in her pants, since she was so pretty, or in hopes that they would have an expendable money source. It took months for Christa to be able to fully trust everyone that she now called her friends after they met.

"Hell yeah!" Reiner fist pumped the air in excitement. "This is gonna be sweet!"

"And better yet, no adult supervision." Ymir winked suggestively at Christa, who then blushed a bright red.

"Oh man! If I'm gonna have to listen to you two going at it-" Jean warned.

"Like you two aren't gonna have sex!" Ymir protested.

"Everyone who has a boyfriend or girlfriend is gonna sex there this week," Reiner informed gleefully. "Sorry, Mikasa!"

"Don't forget about Armin and Annie!" Marco reminded them.

"Oh yeah! Cuz poor little Armin would be far too shy!" Ymir cackled at the thought.

Armin and Annie Leonhart had only recently started dating. Annie was blonde with blue eyes, same as Armin, only she had a silent fierceness about her. Actually, within their group of friends, Eren and Mikasa were the only ones who were still single at that time. Even Connie had a girlfriend, Sasha, the last of their group of friends. She was slightly crazy and had an unnatural obsession with food of any kind.

"I really hope this place has soundproof walls," Mikasa bemoaned, shaking her head. Eren placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I feel sorry for you," he confessed. "After hearing that, part of me is glad I'm not going."

"Oh, that's right," Christa recalled sadly. "You can't go…"

"Man that sucks!"

"Why is that again? Something about your dad?" Eren sighed.

"My dad signed me up for some business camp thing at some Ivy League school in hopes that I'll decide to give up on my dreams of actually enjoying life." He rolled his eyes at the thought.

Although, that wasn't entirely true.

You see, Eren had a secret. And a very big one at that.

What his friends didn't know, what the world didn't know, was that Eren Jaeger was the secret heir to the largest and most successful medical business at the time, the Jaeger Medical Company. It dealt with everything from producing and shipping medical supplies to actually owning hospitals around the country. In 10 years, the company had gone from the very bottom as a new business to the very top as the best. And in 20 years, the company hadn't waivered the slightest. What his friends also didn't know was that he was lying about spring break. He wasn't actually going to a business camp. No.

He was meeting his fiancé.

That's right, Eren Jaeger was engaged. The only problem was, he didn't know who he was engaged to.

Several years ago, before Eren was born, his dad, Grisha Jaeger, made a deal with a very large corporation that was about to buy him out. The deal was that the corporation would refrain from buying the Jaeger Medical Company, and instead, in 20 or so years, the future first born of Grisha and the then newly born first born of the son of the head of the corporation would marry when both were at least 18 years old and merge the two companies together with all of the assets to be transferred to the corporation. The corporation agreed.

The agreement would work out for everyone in the end anyway. If the agreement worked, then Grisha would not only be able to run his company for at least a good 18 years and hopefully make plenty of money out of it, but he would also be associated with one of the most prestigious, wealthiest, and oldest corporation in the country, assuring his financial security.

The corporation, in turn, would also benefit as they would not have to spend money trying to buy out the Jaeger Medical Company and wouldn't have to worry about building it up and making it profitable; that would be Grisha's job over the next 18 years. Plus, the corporation had an 18 year window for if the Jaeger Medical Company ended up crashing and burning. If that happened, then the corporation could simply cut off the arrangement and either buy the Jaeger Medical Company for dirt cheap or let it burn on its own.

The only problem that could occur would be if Grisha could not produce an heir. Then, if the Jaeger Medical Company was successful, the corporation would either have to spend even more money to buy the company or give up on it all together. However, there wasn't a worry, because eight years after the agreement, Eren, the sole heir to the Jaeger Medical Company was born.

No one knew that Eren was the heir, though. Grisha had raised him away from any spotlight or excess money. Part of the reason was that Grisha didn't want his son to be spoiled. The other was to keep Eren and his fiancé from knowing who the other was. Because of the age difference, both parties thought it would be best to separate them until Eren became of age. There were far too many things that could go wrong otherwise, especially with the media.

So Eren was kept in the dark, away from the prying eyes of the media and any knowledge of who his intended might be. The only things Eren knew was that he was in an arranged marriage and that his intended was male also. Anything more and Grisha clammed up. Though, he had no problem constantly reminding Eren of his situation, especially when Eren wanted to start dating. No dating was allowed for Eren due to his engagement, much to Eren's displeasure.

And it wasn't just the dating issue that Eren hated. He hated everything about his arranged marriage. The fact that he had to get married to a stranger. The fact that he had to get married to a stranger for business reasons. The fact that his fiancé was a stranger. He was going to meet his fiancé tomorrow, and then in two months when he graduated, they would be officially announced as engaged. Then he had to spend the rest of his life legally bonded to that stranger, who may or may not be a complete and total asshole, douchebag extravaganza.

But, since his 18th birthday was just a couple days ago, meaning he'd finally come of age, it was decided that he and his fiancé would spend his spring break together.

Whether he liked it or not.

Eren, now finally home, collapsed onto his bed. He wasn't sure if he should be happy that he was out of school or wishing he could go back. Because if he wasn't home, then his dad couldn't drag him out to meet his fiancé.

Fiancé… God how he hated that word.

It was supposed to describe the person you loved. The one you wanted to spend the rest of eternity with. The one you chose. But to Eren, all it meant was prison. To be chained to someone for the sole purpose of business. Like a dispensable object that can be traded or sold.

There was a knock at his door. Eren lifted his head, calling out a 'come in'. Mikasa poked her head in.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, leaning against the door frame. Eren laid his head back down.

"I'm about to be sold to the highest bidder. How do you think I feel?"

"You better not let dad hear you say that. Again."

"Whatever!" Eren yelled, pushing himself up into a sitting position. "It's his own fault! I mean, did he really think that when he made the deal that I would be perfectly fine with it?!" He grabbed one of the pillows on his bed and threw it at the wall. "I'm not some robot!" He threw another pillow. "I've got feelings and opinions!" Another pillow. "I want to live my own life!"


He paused in throwing his last pillow to see his mother, Carla, walk past Mikasa and into his room. She sat down next him and gently removed the pillow from his grasp. Next, she pulled him into a hug.

"It'll be alright. I promise," she said soothingly. His mother was a kind person with her brown hair pulled into a loose, side ponytail and warm brown eyes. She was a stay at home mom that took care of the cooking and cleaning so that they didn't have to hire a maid. She probably could've gotten a job if she wanted, but she said often enough that raising Eren was a tough enough job on its own.

"How do you know?" Eren asked, a little too harshly.

"How do you know that it won't be?" He didn't answer. "Eren, you're focusing only on what could go wrong. Why not try and see what good might come of it?"

"What good could come of it?!" He pulled out of her embrace. "I'm being forced into a marriage with a stranger!" Carla only smiled.

"You're very intent on believing that you're going to hate whoever you're marrying simply because you didn't choose them. What if you end up liking them?" she asked, nudging him with her shoulder. Eren was unconvinced, and it showed on his face.

"You really think that the chances of me liking him are all that great?"

"And what if he doesn't like Eren?" Mikasa added. "He's not exactly the friendliest of people out there." Eren deadpanned.

"Thanks, Mikasa. I can always count on you to cheer me up," Eren said dryly. "But it's a valid point. What if the guy hates my guts? Even if I'm really nice and whatever, what if he still hates me?"

Carla pursed her lips slightly in thought for a couple moments, looking away from her son's pleading face. Finally, she sighed, looking Eren straight in the eyes.

"I'm going to give you some advice, Eren," she began gingerly. "Don't think about it. Go visit for the week, get to know him, and then decide if this marriage is really so bad. I don't think you two are going to hate each other as much as you think, my son." She smiled and pushed her son on the shoulder lightly. "You already have one thing in common," she informed him smugly.

"Huh?" Eren furrowed his brow in confusion. "What's that?"

"You're both required to marry each other. This wasn't his choice either, you know. He was only a baby when the deal was made. So please, try not to give him a hard time about it." She gave him one last firm hug before turning to Mikasa. "Now! Mikasa, would you mind coming down to the kitchen and help me with dinner for a bit? I'm sure Eren has plenty of packing to do."

Mikasa nodded, sent one last worried glance towards Eren, and left. Carla stood and was about to follow until she felt a tug at her shirt. Eren grasped her shirt, staring at his lap.


Carla sat back down. "Hmm?"

Eren released his grip on her shirt. "In this world, everyone gets to marry who they want, whoever they love. They can choose who they want to spend the rest of their life with. You always tell Mikasa to only marry someone that she truly loves… So" Eren stared at his mother, his eyes wet with unshed tears. "Why can't I? Why is it only me who can't choose for himself?"

"Oh, Eren…"

Carla quickly pulled her son in for another hug, her heart breaking. She wished she could give him an answer.

After a couple of minutes of comforting hugs, Carla left for the kitchen, leaving Eren to his thoughts. Well, really, she'd left him to pack, but he wasn't going to pack so early. He didn't have to leave until tomorrow afternoon, so like hell if he was going to pack any time before half an hour until they had to leave.

Eren was thinking about maybe playing some video games to keep his mind off things and pass the time when his phone began to vibrate. Armin was calling.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Eren! Have you seen the news recently?!" Armin was practically yelling through the phone, obviously way too excited.

"Huh? No, I just got home."

"Quick! Get on your computer! I need to talk to someone about this!"

Eren walked over to his computer on his desk and opened it up. After some searching, he finally found what he assumed Armin was so jittery about.

"Enlarge your penis using this one weird trick?"

"Eren, you jerk! No!" Eren chuckled, starting to feel a little better.

"Recon creators Levi Voclain and Erwin Smith rumored to be engaged?"

Levi Voclain and Erwin Smith were two names that every teenager and business person nowadays knew. They had recently created a social media website called Recon. If you want to know what Recon is, just imagine all of the best parts of Facebook, Tumblr, and any game app you can think of all rolled into one. Recon hit it off with the crowd instantly (because, let's be honest, unless it's Google+, any social media website will become popular). But it wasn't just because it was a social media website, it was because of the game that came exclusively with Recon: Attack on Titan. It had something to do with a post-apocalyptic society fighting off giant, naked cannibals, and the game could be played easily via computer or phone.

There were actually more people involved in the making of Recon, but Levi and Erwin were the two faces of the website, mostly because everyone thought they were drop dead gorgeous. Plus, Levi was already well known in the business world. He was the current heir to the Voclain Corporation, a very old mega company owned by a very prestigious family that made its money off of stock and taking over other businesses, building them up, and then selling the company for even more money. Erwin became famous from association since he was Levi's closest friend and they'd known each other since middle school.

And apparently, now they were rumored to be engaged.

"Can you believe that?! Do you think it's true? Has my beloved Erwin Smith found the love of his life?" Armin gushed. He was probably making a bunch of overdramatic gestures, too.

"Armin, is there something you need to tell Annie?" Eren asked playfully, looking over the article. It had a picture of the two billionaires side by side.

"Oh, ha ha. Quiet you. I just admire him, is all!"

"And obsess over him and worship him and stalk him…"

"I-I do not!" Eren could hear the blush through Armin's voice and couldn't help but snicker a bit.

"Admit it. You have a crush on him."

"I do not! I do not! Besides, I'm never going to actually meet him so what's the point in having a crush on him. Which I don't!"

"Can you at least admit you have a celebrity crush on him?" There was no sound from the other end. "Celebrity crushes are okay you know."

"… Maybe… But only because I admire him! I mean, he's smart… charismatic…"


"Yeah… hand- Eren!" Eren couldn't help it, he laughed. He loved Armin and all, but he was just too gullible sometimes.

"No, but seriously, you think he's handsome don't you? Come on! You can appreciate how good someone looks without having to like them."

"We-Well… I guess. Do you think he is?"

"Yeah." Eren responded with no hesitation. Looking over the picture the article had. Erwin Smith was tall, broad shouldered, and had an impressive jawline. His blond hair was perfectly combed into place and he had a bright smile that reached his glistening blue eyes. Very handsome. "He's really good looking. I bet all the girls, and some guys, drool all over him."

"What about Levi Voclain? Do you think he looks good?" Levi Voclain?

"Why? Don't tell me you've got a crush on him too!"

"No, no. I'm just curious."

Eren studied Levi. He was… significantly shorter than Erwin, by almost a full head. He was lithe, but still gave off the impression that he could easily kick your ass. And his expression only emphasized that impression. Not only was he not smiling, but his grey eyes were narrowed as if he was glaring at everyone around him. Eren decided that, yes, he was handsome, though a little too short for Eren's personal taste. He would look even better if he did something other than frown at the world.

"He's so grumpy… And short," Eren said in a deep, playful voice, like he was trying to imitate how he imagined Levi would speak in a serious manner but failing miserably from trying not to laugh. Armin was cracking up on the other end.

"If… If you ever meet him… you should tell him that… In that voice too," Armin managed between giggles.

"What? So I can die?" Eren asked, incredulous. "Just because you guys label me as a suicidal bastard doesn't mean I am."

There was another good round of laughter between the two of them before Armin spoke up again.

"Hey, you know what would be cool?"


"If your fiancé ended up being Erwin Smith." Armin was the only person outside of Eren's family who knew about the marriage and Eren's secret identity. And it took a lot of crying, whining, and temper tantrums to convince Eren's dad to let him in on the secret. "Oh! Or, even better, Levi Voclain."

"Oh, god. Don't tell me that!" Eren buried his face in his free hand. "It's bad enough thinking about how I'll have to spend the rest of my life with some rich, and most likely asshole, stranger, but having to spend my life with some famous, rich asshole who helped create the biggest social media website since Facebook? No fucking thank you. I'd prefer to stay out of the media's attention."

"Come to think of it… you still haven't gotten an account on Recon yet, have you?!" Oh no, Armin please don't.

"Ugh, no I haven't. And I don't plan to any time soon."

"Why?" You know how this works Armin! No matter how much you try, Eren isn't going to get an account on Recon.

"It's just another social media website. It's just like Facebook, MySpace, and Google+ only there's like one feature that's different or new."

"That is so not true!" And here we go…

The rest of their conversation consisted of Armin trying to convince Eren how Recon was amazing while Eren tried to convince Armin that he wasn't going to get an account no matter how hard he tried to convince him.

At half past five, Eren's dad came home. In order to avoid confrontation, Eren locked himself in his room. Thankfully, his mom kept Grisha from bothering him. She told him Eren was upset about the marriage and should probably be left alone for a while. That is, unless he wanted to get into a fight right after he came home from work and right before dinner. So, for just a little while, a rare blanket of peace settled over the Jaeger household. That it, until dinner, when it was carelessly thrown off.

"So, have you finished packing yet?" Grisha asked. Eren refrained from groaning. The tension was already building.

"… No," he answered with a slight pause.

"Have you even started packing?" Eren didn't answer that time, opting instead for picking at his food. "Figures. You better start soon. I don't want to be late."

"Yeah, I hear slave auctions are really picky about punctuality," Eren muttered, both hoping that his dad did and did not hear it. He heard it.

"You're meeting your fiancé," Grisha said, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "You're not even getting married yet."

"Yet," Eren mumbled under his breath.

"So you are not a slave."

"You traded me in a business deal. I kind of feel like a slave. But, then again, who gives a fuck what I think? Dad gets a business deal!" Eren sneered.

"You will not use that kind of language in this house!" Grisha reprimanded, pointing a finger at his son.

"Or what? You're gonna kick me out? Are you gonna disown me? Oh, wait! You can't! Because then who are you gonna barter away to fucking strangers?!" Eren was yelling at this point. He couldn't stop it.

"Eren, quiet. You don't know what you're talking about. And do not use that language in this house."

"You know what you could do? You could cancel my spring break. I hear a lot of parents like to do that," Eren said with fake innocence. "Only, I guess that wouldn't work for you since I'd actually want you to do that!"

Grisha slammed his hands on the table.

"Eren, so help me God, if you do not shut up I'm going to make you spend two weeks there." That shut Eren up good. He retreated to glaring spitefully at his dad while picking at his food. For a good couple of minutes, nothing but the sound of dinner filled the air through the thick tension. Then Grisha spoke again. "This agreement was made well before you were born. This benefits the entire family, including you."

"Me? How the hell does this benefit me?" Grisha only glared. Eren sighed bitterly and started again, this time without the dreaded curse words. "How does this benefit me?"

"Well." Grisha kept his voice stable and calm. "Not only will you not have to worry about your heart getting broken or deceived or trying to find someone worth marrying, but you will be much more financially stable than if you were to try and live off your… hobby."

Eren's eyes narrowed dangerously. Another very old argument started to surface.

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"You know very well what it means." Grisha evaded the question.

"No, I don't. I'm stupid, so, please, explain what you mean."

Grisha rolled his eyes. "You are not stupid. And I am just saying that those who write for a living, don't usually make enough to actually live comfortably. I don't care if you write. I don't care if you write a dozen or a hundred novels. But you need to admit that this hobby, is just that: a hobby. You won't get anywhere with it."

No one at the table moved, besides Grisha. Mikasa and Carla watched Eren frantically, but he hung his head so no one could see his expression. Neither one of them dared to interrupt, though. They found that interrupting or trying to stop one of Eren and Grisha's fights usually only made it worse.

Finally, Eren stood, keeping his face hidden.

"I'm done with dinner," Eren stated emotionlessly. He picked up his half-finished plate of food, walked into the kitchen, and dropped it in the sink carelessly. It made a loud sound but not loud enough to indicate that anything was broken.

He came back through the dining room, as it was the quickest way back to his room. Just as Eren was about to leave the dining room, he faced his dad, fists clenched, face red with anger, and eyes brimming with tears about to be shed.

"Oh, and Dad? Did you ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, I would actually want to find someone worth marrying? On my own? Even though I'd have to deal with broken hearts and people who want to deceive me? At least then, I'd know if chose the right person in the end. Instead of having my dad decide what I want and hoping for the best."

With that, Eren ran out of the room and up the stairs before slamming his door shut as hard as he could, Mikasa not far behind. The sound of things crashing, muffled screaming, and Mikasa banging on Eren's door wafted down into the dining room.

Carla hid her face in her hands.

"Grisha… Why?" she moaned. He sighed in response, looking as exhausted as he felt.

"He's going to get over eventually. Of that I'm sure," he replied softly. "But right now he's just too angry about it. I just don't want him to have any extra anger bottled up before he meets his fiancé. I hope that if I can get him to release some of his anger before, he won't be so bad." Carla lifted her head from her hands.

"It doesn't take much to set him off, Grisha. You know that," she countered, overcome with worry for her son. "Even if you let him blow off steam here, he'll still be just as angry."

"I know, but I don't know what else to do, Carla?" he pleaded. "I only want what's best for him." Carla sighed.

"So an arranged marriage." It wasn't a question, but Grisha took it like one anyway.

"We've had this conversation, Carla."

"I know," she said softly, staring down at her hands on the table. "I've stopped judging you for it. But the closer it gets, the more real it becomes."

Grisha reached out and held his wife's hands in his own. It was the only way he could comfort her at this point. They held each other quietly and the harsh screams and crashes from upstairs slowly faded.

Armed only with a backpack and a suitcase that he packed not thirty minutes before, Eren trudged down the stairs and through the front door where his father waited patiently against the car. He sighed dejectedly in defeat. He'd spent all of his life trying to fight this marriage, and nothing worked. Now he was walking straight into what he hated the most.

"Shall we?"

Eren said nothing, but placed his stuff in the backseat anyway. He slid into the passenger's seat just as his father started the car. As the car began its drive, Eren watched as his house faded away.

Goodbye, home. Hello, Hell.

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