Summary: Over thousands of years has passed, and he diligently watched over the prison he created for Kaguya. He never expected for someone to get pass the dimensional barrier he created. Refusing to let him stew in his loneliness, she visited as often as she could. For over a century she did this, and he was grateful to her. She prevented his fall to insanity, and he would love her to the end.

Author's note: Well, chapter two of this little one-shot turned two-shot is finally finished. I had fun writing this, and I hope you all have fun writing this. I don't have anything else to add really, so please, enjoy the second chapter. I know some of you have been dying for chapter two. So I won't distract from reading it any longer.

"Naru-tan is going to be your brother in law So-tan!"

Those words, that sentence... Fried the brain of Sona Sitri. Outside, she had a blank expression on her face as everyone else announced their shock quite vocally. Inwardly however was another story.

The gears in her head were moving at a never before seen pace, her brain trying and failing to comprehend the situation.

"Naru-tan is going to be your brother in law So-tan!"... Does not compute.

Does not compute.


Your brain is endangered of being fried.

Suggested action.

Shut down your brain for the cooling process.

Do you wish to proceed?

Confirmed, cooling process beginning momentarily.

Shutting down all brain functions.

Shut down beginning in three... Two... One...

Shut down commencing.




Reboot in progress, please wait...

Reboot complete. Replaying last known message. "Naru-tan is going to be your brother in law So-tan!" Computing... Computing...

Error! Error! Cannot properly compute!

Deleting all minor information to properly compute. Deleting. Names of new students who had recently joined the school being deleted, along with data containing paperwork that had been previously signed for the principle.

Delete process complete. Computing last known message... Message properly computed. Now activating proper response protocols.

Back in the outside world, Serafall still clung to Naruto's arm as she grinned happily in amusement at the others response. Mostly everyone resembled a fish out of water due to her quite literally dropping the bomb. The black haired Maou nearly busted a gut when she saw Rias's expression. The Gremory's facial expression showed her shock.

The redhead's eyes were wide, almost resembling sparkly white plates. Her pupils looking like small little dots. Her mouth was hanging from her jaw. Serafall was certain that it hanged off any lower, her jaw might have fallen off. Akeno had a similar expression, the only difference being that her smile seemed frozen on her face.

Rias's pawn Isan (Or was it Ikken?) seemed as if he was being repeatedly shocked with lightning magic. His eyes wide as they can go as his jaw literally hit the ground.

Tsubaki, her dear sister's queen, looked like a fish out of water, and Serafall nearly laughed when a bit of drool seeped from her lips. However, Serafall was more curious over Sona's reaction. Her little sister had yet to have a change in expression, instead having a blank expression.

She tilted her head slightly, wondering if she broke her sister in the process-Thud! Oh wait, her little sister just fainted. Thud! Oh, it looks like Rias joined her as well.

Serafall looked at the unconscious form of her sister and Rias for a moment, before she looked at Naruto. Naruto had mirth dancing in his eyes, and Serafall knew that he was trying very hard to not burst out laughing. The blond looked at her, one look into each other's eyes and that was all it took for the dam to burst.

Throwing their heads back, the duo laughed uncontrollably. Naruto fell on his back, laughing loudly as tears of mirth formed in his eyes. Moments later, Serafall fell on the blond's chest, laughing as she held her sides. Her pink hat slipping off as she let her staff lay on the floor.

After several moments of the two laughing, they finally calmed down. "To soon?" Serafall asked with a small grin, catching her breath.

"Much to soon. We should have eased them into it." Naruto replied, chuckling mirthfully. He and Serafall shared a joyful and childish chuckle before they shared a small kiss. With a small grin, Naruto stood, hoisting Serafall up as he did so. The black haired beauty yelped as she wrapped her legs around his waist to balance herself. Before Naruto set her on her feet, Serafall gave him a loving kiss.

"We need to find a private room in the school." She whispered naughtily in his ear once they separated lips, giving him a suggestive wink. Naruto gained a slight flush to his cheek, but chuckled.

"So daring." He whispered huskily, licking her lips before he set her on her feet. With her petite frame, Serafall had to look up at the blond, and she pouted cutely as he got the last tease. She crossed her arms over her breasts, unintentionally making appear larger as her purple eyes sparkled as she pouted. Naruto chuckled, taking her pink hat off the ground.

He dusted it off and placed it on her head. "You are so adorable when you pout like that Sera-chan." He told her, he gave her a loving kiss as he placed her staff back in her hands. Serafall smiled happily, bouncing on the balls of her feet joyfully as she hummed a childish tune. The human students (Females) recovered from their shock a little awhile ago, and they all squealed at the affectionate and loving display.

Once again, as Serafall heard the murmurs and awe filled whispers of the humans, she felt a burst of irritation and distaste. The bitter feeling at humans igniting in her heart once more. She subdued the feeling once more, telling herself that hating the current generation of humans would solve nothing. But... She didn't think she would ever be able to protect humans as eagerly as she did in the past.

Thankfully, her thought process was interrupted when Naruto spoke. "Well Sera-chan, I don't think we can leave Rias-chan and Sona-chan here in the hallway. What do you say we take them the council room until they wake up. That way we can answer their questions in a private setting." Naruto said.

Nodding, Serafall grinned happily. "Akeno-chan! Tsubaki-chan! Issen-chan! Carry Rias-chan and So-tan to the council room for us!" She ordered.

Akeno and Tsubaki, still in shock, complied with her orders without question. Issei however...

"My name is Issei!" He exclaimed.

Serafall ignored them, instead taking Naruto by the arm. "Naru-tan come on! I'll give you a small tour of the school!" She joyfully exclaimed. "And maybe find a nice empty room." She murmured to herself. Chuckling, Naruto allowed himself to be dragged along, ignoring Issei as he cried anime tears.

For a good while Serafall eagerly dragged along Naruto, giving him a tour of Kuoh. Eagerly pointing out things to him, the various classes and the many lessons each class gave. Naruto listened with rapt attention, interest dancing in his eyes. Back in his time, the only thing they taught in the academy was basic to advanced math, history, writing, and the Shinobi arts.

Naruto found it all so interesting that there were now classes for cooking, drawing, technology, and many other things he couldn't name. It made him smile, knowing that the children of the next generation were being taught so many useful skills. Currently, the couple were walking down an empty hall, Serafall smiling joyfully as she clung to his arm.

Naruto smiled down at her, before he was startled as she suddenly dragged him into the nurse's room. Which was currently empty as the nurse was out for the day. The blond was confused as Serafall set him down on one of the beds in the nurse's room.

"Wait here." Serafall told him, giggling at his confusion. She disappeared into the closet of room and Naruto decided to entertain himself by examining the room. In all honesty, the room reminded the blond of any other regular hospital room. The only difference being that it had a much more comfortable atmosphere and the walls were a light blue rather than white.

Hearing the closet door open, Naruto looked and his eyes widened. Leaning against the door's frame was Serafall, who was wearing a nurse's outfit that looked several sizes smaller on her. Despite the fact she was wearing clothes that were obviously not her size, she still looked absolutely stunning. Stunning and delectable.

With desire in her eyes, Serafall took sensual steps towards the stationary blonde, who could only stare at her. Reaching the bed, Serafall sensually crawled onto Naruto's lap. Her purple eyes sparked brightly with desire, love and lust. "Naru-tan looks sick." She whispered, licking her lips as she stared into the blond's eyes. "Good thing that Magical nurse Levia-tan is here to take care of you." She said suggestively. She gently blew her breath onto Naruto's neck, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

Smiling, Naruto played along. "I'll be in your care. Levia-chan." He murmured, gently placing his lips on her neck. Feeling her cheeks grow hot, Serafall allowed Naruto to kiss her neck. Moments later, she used her hand to lift Naruto's face towards her. They shared a soft kiss at first before it gradually became more heated. Feeling Naruto's tongue brush against her lips, Serafall opened her mouth. It wasn't long before their tongues began to play, the tender muscles wrapping around each other and exploring the other's mouth.

Moaning, Serafall began to remove Naruto's shirt, their lips separating temporarily before they were joined again. She idly noticed Naruto place a hand on the floor, and a sealing matrix enveloping the room. She was able to make out the Kanji for 'Silence' and she smiled into the kiss joyfully. Gently pushing his body so that he was laying on the bed, Serafall smiled at the blond lovingly as she once again connected their mouths. Naruto removed her nurse's shirt, and moments later, their pants, and skirts respectively joined the small pile of clothes on the floor.

It was very fortunate Naruto placed a seal that made the room sound proof. Otherwise many lessons would have been interrupted that day.

Sona Sitri released a groan as she regained consciousness. Her mind immediately began to think of reasons as to why she was unconscious. Dozens of thoughts entering and leaving her head within nano-seconds. Eventually, she found the memory of what led her to be in a unconscious state, and her eyes snapped open as she sat up in an instant.

"Well, looks like your finally awake." A male voice said to her left, amusement heavy in his tone.

"So-tan is up! Yay!" Slowly turning her head, Sona froze as her purple eyes caught the scene in front of her. Sitting in a chair was the same blond, Naruto Uzumaki as she recalled. Serafall, A Maou and her sister, was settled on Naruto's lap. Her arms wrapped around the blond's neck. Serafall bounced on Naruto's lap a few times before she jumped off, landing on her feet and enveloping her sister in a hug. "So-tan is awake!" She shouted cheerfully.

Sona felt the air in her lungs being crushed out of her. "Onee-sama... I... Need... Air!" Sona wheezed. Chuckling, Naruto placed a hand on Serafall's head, getting the black haired beauty's attention.

"Sera-chan, I'm pretty sure your sister needs air to live." He told her. Laughing sheepishly, Serafall let go of her sister, Sona gasping as her lungs took in greedy gulps of air. Once she regained herself, Sona looked at the smiling duo, before she sighed.

"... Can I get an explanation please? But before that, care to tell me why the council room is empty?" She said, rubbing her temples.

"Certainly." Naruto chuckled, Serafall taking her placed back on his lap. She snuggled into his warmth, sighing contently as she rubbed theirs cheeks together. Watching their interaction, Sona felt uncomfortable. "For starters, Rias woke up thirty minutes before you. She didn't really say anything, just left the room with a blank expression, murmuring that she was dreaming all the while." The blond began.

Sona nodded slightly, not surprised at Rias's actions. To be honest, she thought she was dreaming to.

"As to why the room is empty? Well, your peerage was causing quite the scene when me and Sera-chan came in unannounced. Eventually, Serafall whacked, what was his name again? Ah, Sanji on the head with her staff for being rude to her. After that, your peerage was pretty much ready to come to blows with us. Thus..." Naruto trailed off, looking behind Sona.

Sona turned, and blink owlishly as she bore witness to the sight of her Peerage all laying on the floor. Their mouths open as they drooled slightly. With her eyesight, Sona was able to spot seals made from ink embedded into the necks of her peerage. And she recognize the Kanji for sleep written within the seals.

"I had to put them to sleep." Naruto finished. Paying Serafall no mind as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Sona sighed as she turned back to the blond, rubbing her temples again. "Just finish your explanation as to how, and why you are in a relationship with me sister." She murmured tiredly.

Naruto shrugged slightly. "Fair enough. Me and Serafall met shortly after the great war ended..." From there, Naruto and Serafall told Sona of their first meeting. How Serafall accidentily found the barrier he had erected in the center of a clearing. How somehow she was able to bypass the barrier. (something Naruto was still trying to figure out)

How Serafall first found him asleep under a sakura tree, and how he awoke to find her sitting in front of him, humming a cheerful tone. They explained to Sona how wary Naruto was of her at first, but than they told her of how quickly Naruto warmed up to her after spending a few minutes with her.

The first day they spent together, and the amount of fun they had talking together, and sometimes the occasional spar. They told her of how at first, they were very close friends for a good long while for nearly three centuries. After the first century, Serafall's feelings for Naruto began to change into something more. Serafall told Sona that she didn't act on those feelings yet at the time because she was so busy as she had only recently gotten the position of a Maou.

She told her sister that after she had finally her position settled, she was actually contemplating on revealing her feelings to Naruto, but couldn't as once again, she was needed as it was one of her responsibilities to keep the fragile peace between the three fractions from the devils side. She told her again that she felt she was ready to reveal her feelings, but than she was born, and she had to focus on being the best elder sister she could be.

Finally, she told Sona that nearly a month ago she finally revealed her feelings, and she couldn't be any happier. Likewise, Naruto told his side, telling Sona that Serafall was a very fun person to be with, and she had very quickly became one of his best friends. He explained that after spending so much time together with her, he fell in love with her, but he never acted on those feelings. Believing that Serafall had enough stress as it was.

Finally, they wrapped up their story with how they got together.

Looking at the happy couple, Sona had a blank look on her face. However, Serafall and Naruto were able to see the quirk of Sona's lips as she gave a small smile.

"I see... I'm happy for you Onee-sama... And... O... Onii-sama." Sona said, blushing in embarrassment. Squealing, Serafall lunged at her sister, enveloping her into a tight hug as her body brimmed joyfully with unrestrained happiness. Sona sighed, but didn't resist her sister. Instead, she slowly rose her arms, and blushed in embarrassment as she briefly returned her sister's hug.

Releasing the hug, Serafall beamed, and Sona coughed in an attempt to save face. She failed as Naruto placed a hand on her head, ruffling her hair slightly. "Well, you know about me, now how about I learn more about you Imoutou?" Naruto warmly said as Serafall gave him a soft kiss to his cheek, beaming happily as gestured for Sona to comply.

That day, Sona learned what it was like to have a big brother.

And she had to say... She didn't see why Rias complained about her brother a lot.

The room was relatively peaceful as the occupants all awaited the final few members of their meeting. To the right of the large table, set in the middle of room, were two blonds, female and male respectively. Both had blue eyes, and they both had a peaceful aura about them.

seated in the middle of the table was a rather handsome man. He had neck length black hair with yellow highlights, his red eyes twinkling slightly as he gave a lazy grin. Seated next to him was a young man wearing an all black outfit. The young man had silverish grey hair, grey eyes with a blue tint twinkling slightly. He wore an nonchalant smile, but there was something dangerous in that smile.

To the left of the table, four other figures were seated. One had shoulder length crimson red hair, and torqoise colored eyes. Behind him stood a woman in a maid's uniform. She had silver hair, with matching silver eyes. Seated next to the red haired man was another male. This had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes that surveyed everyone in the room with caution. He had his arms folded, and he was lightly tapping his elbow.

The final occupant was another male. This had dark brown hair, almost black, reaching his neckline. His hair was messy if a bit untamed. His forest green were what stood out the most, his hand holding up his head as he light tapped on the table with his other hand.

Moments later, the door leading out of the room opened, and in entered Rias Gremory, along with her peerage. Followed by that, Sona entered, her peerage following behind her. "We're not late are we?" Rias asked worriedly.

The red haired man, who had a striking resemblance to Rias when the two were together, spoke. "No. Your not late littler sister, just take a seat anywhere you see."

"Thank, Ni-sama." She said with smile. Her older brother, Sirzechs, smiled happily at his younger sister.

Watching as Sona and Rias, along with their Peerages, took their seats. Ajuka spoke. "Looks like almost everyone is here. All we need now is Serafall." He looked at the empty chair next to Sirzechs, and than the other empty chair next to that one. "I still don't understand why she requested another chair. Especially on the condition that that chair is placed next to hers." He murmured in confusion.

Sirzechs hummed thoughtfully. "Maybe she wanted someplace to rest her legs?" He offered.

"Perhaps she is bringing a guest?" Grayfia inquired.

"Knowing her, she probably is bringing someone along." Falbium uttered casually.

Azazel chuckled, the sound echoing across the room. "Makes you wonder who she is bringing don't it?" He stated with a grin. "I must admit I'm rather curious."

"I also wonder what my rival is up to." The blonde woman, Gabriel, murmured to herself. Her brother, the Archangel and current leader of heaven, Michael, hummed slightly.

"To be honest, I stopped questioning Serafall's motives long ago. She's just so... Confusing to me." He admitted sheepishly. Ajuka snorted.

"You and me both. I stopped trying to understand her a long time ago. I haven't had a headache since." Falbium nodded in agreement of Ajuka's assessment.

Azazel laughed while the others chuckled briefly.

"Serafall-sama is still late. And that is unacceptable." Grayfia interrupted sternly. "I wonder where she could be." The silver haired maid murmured. Rias made to speak, but the red haired Gremory couldn't as Sona placed a firm hand on her shoulder.

Looking into each other's eyes, a silent conversation was spoken between the two.

"Don't say a word Rias."

"Why not?"

"My sister asked me to keep the subject of her and Naruto silent until she arrives."

"Really? Why?"

"She want's it to be a surprise. Besides, can you imagine the leaders of the three fractions having such dumbfounded expressions." There was a twinkle in Sona's eyes. A mischievous twinkle. And that made Rias blink in surprise. She thought about it, and realized that she would pay to see the shocked expressions everyone's face. A twinkle very much like Sona's appeared in Rias's eyes, and the red haired girl smirked as she leaned back in her chair.

Falbium noticed their exchange, and he raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

The leaders of their respective fractions continued making small talk. Speaking of mundane things until Serafall's arrival. After several more minutes of waiting, their small talk was halted as they heard two voices outside the room that were steadily getting closer.

"I still can't believe this is considered formal wear. I would have preferred a formal Kimono besides this restricting thing." An undoubtedly male voice said.

Another voice responded, one that the others recognized as Serafall. "But I think you look great in a tux!"

"I'm not saying that it doesn't look good..." The male responded. "Just saying that its restricting. I feel like I'm walking as stiff as a board."

"Its just for today Naru-tan. Please bear with it." Serafall asked.

"Alright. I just hope I don't have to wear something like this again in the future."

"Yay! Naru-tan is always so compromising!" Serafall cheered.

The male chuckled. "Is this the door Sera-chan?"

"Yep! Yep! I hope we're not late." With that, the door opened, and everyone's eyes honed in on the room's two new occupants. Serafall was wearing a suit and tie, and she still looked as beautiful as ever even in formal clothing.

The other person was someone that only a few in the room were familiar with. His spiky golden hair reminded a few of them of the Phenex clan, but they could tell he wasn't from the Phenex. His sapphire blue eyes sparkled with curiosity and warmth. The most curious was the three whisker marks on his cheeks. He wore a black tuxedo with an orange bowtie. He seemed a little uncomfortable, as evidenced by the fact that he was tugging the collar of his tux.

His arrival caused Rias's Peerage to tense slightly. Koneko being most affected as she looked at the blond with caution and a hint of awe. The Senjutsu she felt from him relaxing her even if she didn't want to be relaxed. Sona's peerage was unaffected, as the situation was explained to them by Sona when they regained consciousness.

"Sorry We're late everyone!" Serafall exclaimed cheerfully, grinning slightly.

"Serafall." Ajuka greeted. "Glad to see you made it. If I may ask, who is the man with you?" He asked.

Naruto stepped forward, bowing slightly as he spoke. "Greetings, its an honor to meet the esteemed leaders of the Three Fractions. I am Naruto Uzumaki."

"Naru-tan is my queen!" Serafall stated bluntly when Naruto finished his introduction.

Everyone blinked.

"What?" Sirzechs asked in surprise. Expressing everyone's surprise. Even Azazel was surprised, the black haired fallen angel blinking as he processed the information. The entire room fell silent when Serafall and Naruto shared a brief kiss. Everyone's slowly widened until they resembled nothing but plates.

"He's also my fiance!" Serafall continued joyfully, once again dropping the bomb at an unprepared audience.

The silence lasted for a full five seconds until it was broken by the sound of two soft thuds. Those two thuds were the sound of Gabriel and Grayfia fainting from shock.

Eyes wide, Ajuka opened and closed his mouth. For the first time in his life, he was truly speechless and he couldn't form a coherent thought. Sirzechs held a blank look on his face. As if he had just heard his little sister grew up and already had a child. He was numb all over, and he slowly slid out of his chair until he soon joined his wife on the ground.

Falbium's eyes were wide, his mouth hanging open as the sentence tried to remail itself into his head. Once it did, the only response he could come up with was random and incoherent gibberish.

Azazel blinked rapidly, before he gave a somewhat shaky grin as he leaned back, trying to regain his composure. He wasn't doing a very good job of it. Vali merely blinked, but you can clearly see the shock in his eyes. Finally, Michael... Let's just say he looked as if he just discovered one of his priests was a closet pervert.

Serafall and Naruto burst out laughing, holding each other as they laughed. Rias could only giggle, and the rest of her peerage could only stand in shock. (With the exception of Akeno and Issei who already knew.

Sona kept a straight face as her peerage laughed, but her shaking shoulders and the slight quirk of her lips gave her away.

Nearly, thirty minutes passed until everyone finally recovered. Serafall and Naruto content to sit next to each other, Serafall having her hand on top of Naruto's as they held them under the table. The first to speak was Ajuka.

"Serafall, this man is your... Fiance and Queen?" Ajuka asked, still trying to wrap his head around it. Serafall eagerly nodded.

"If you made him your Queen, than that means you finally used the evil piece set that I gave you." He stated. Again Serafall nodded.

"What's so special about the evil set you gave her?" Azazel asked.

Sighing, Ajuka mentally debated in his head, before he ultimately decided to explain. "As you all know, evil pieces all have a certain limit based on the value beings have. If the value is high, the more pieces are used. If a being proves to be to strong, than it is impossible for the evil piece to reincarnate them. Even if that piece is a mutated piece." He told them.

The others nodded, already having known that.

"However, the original evil piece sets I created, the first four I distributed to Sirzechs, myself, Falbium and Serafall... Have no limits." Everyone's eyes, besides the four Maou, and Naruto, widened in shock.

"W-Why do they have no limits?" Michael asked.

"When we needed to increase the devil population, and I set about creating the evil piece system, I didn't really have limits in mind when I designed them. When I distributed the first four sets Falbium was the one to point out the floor of distributing pieces with no limits to other devils. Devils, are naturally selfish beings. Also greedy, and arrogant as well. It was Falbium's concern that devils would seek beings far stronger than they were, and attempt to foolishly force them into their peerages. Such actions would immediately get them killed, thus, lowering the population of devils even more." Ajuka explained.

"It was another few weeks later did I correct the system, and pieces with certain limits were placed. The fact that only four evil piece sets with no limits existed was kept a tightly guarded secret between the Maou." Ajuka finished.

"I see." Michael murmured, Gabriel shivering slightly as she imagined less than savory devils gaining their hands on all powerful beings.

Azazel whistled in amazement. "Damn, you devils are full of surprises aren't you?" Beside him, Vali smirked.

Falbium shrugged, before he noticed Siizechs's intently staring at Naruto. "Something wrong Sirzechs?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. Everyone's attention turned to Sirzechs, and Naruto raised a brow as he saw Sirzechs staring at him.

Sirzechs waved Falbium off. "Its nothing really. Its just... I never took Sera to be the type to rob the cradle." He commented with amusement.

Azazel grinned, seeing where Sirzechs was going with this. "Yeah, she's like what? A little over three hundred or so years old? That's definitely robbing the cradle." He said with a teasing grin.

Everyone seemed to find some amusement in that sentence, but they all blinked in confusion when instead of Serafall pouting, or Naruto flushing, the couple laughed instead. The sudden burst of their laughter made everyone blink and frown in confusion.

When both Naruto and Serafall finished laughing, Sirzechs was the one that asked the question. "What's funny?" He asked.

"Sorry, but, what you just claimed is pretty funny." Naruto chuckled.

"If anyone is the cradle robber in this relationship its Naru-tan!" Serafall said.

"How can he be the cradle robber in this situation?" Ajuka asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm over millions of years old. I was alive before Angels, Devils and Fallen Angels came to be." Naruto answered with a smile.

... The room was dead silent. The younger devils trying to come to terms that someone could live that long. The older generation stared, their brains registering the fact that this man lived before their species time.

"I can definitely see how he's the cradle robber." Azazel murmured with a smirk.

"If you truly have been alive for so long, the stories you must have... Your practically a walking artifact." Falbium uttered, Ajuka's eyes twinkling slightly at the thought learning about a time before the three factions existed.

"Truly amazing." Sirzechs and Michael murmured.

"Is it possible to even live that long?" Gabriel wondered in awe, other's sharing her thought.

"What Naru-tan says is true!" Serafall confirmed, clinging onto the blond.

"As much as I would love to swap stories with all of you." Naruto said amused. "I believe you have a rather important meeting to hold." He hinted.

That made everyone sheepishly chuckled.

"He has a point. As the leader of the Angels, I am ready to begin." Michael spoke.

"I, as well, am ready to begin." Azazel easily followed up.

"And we, the four Maou of the underworld, are ready to begin." Sirzechs followed, the rest of the Maou nodding in agreement.

Naruto lean back in his chair, content with watching the meeting progress. He never really enjoyed politics that much. True, he desired to become Hokage when he was younger. However, during the centuries he spent guarding over Kaguya as she slept in the seal he could only really do two things. Train, and think. And that was what he did during those several million years.

He simply trained and thought. He trained until his body fell to exhaustion, and he thought until he fell to mental exhaustion. He created new techniques, and master them in time. He thought over all his faults, his past, present and sometimes future. After his first century of watching over Kaguya, he thought over his desire to become Hokage. And he eventually decided that the politics that would come with the job would be something he disliked immensely.

He was always the head on type of guy. Preferring to either talk sense into people, or beat sense into them, or both talk and beat sense into them. That was how he always went about things, and it worked out for him. He couldn't come up with complex plans like Shikamaru that would leave him ten to fifth-teen steps ahead of you. He much preferred to come up with plans on the fly. Making it up as he went along.

While being Hokage was about being the strongest Shinobi in the village, it was also about politics. And during his time as a Genin, he saw the problems that most politics caused, Doto being a prime example. So being Hokage was something he decided, while attainable, was something he wouldn't want to deal with. Thinking about it now, Naruto wondered. How did everything go after the mess with Kaguya was over?

He decided not to think about. It was all in the past now, and he can only look forward to the future. He looked at Serafall, who was taking part in the conversation between the faction leaders. He smiled slightly at the beautiful girl. As long as Serafall was with him, than he supposed that the future would be bright no matter what.

She was the one who found him, saved him from his loneliness. Her bright and carefree personality always uplifting his mood. It was virtually impossible to not be happy with Serafall around him.

He observed the others in the room. He examined the leaders of the three factions, and he saw something that made him smile. True, they were all warriors who have had a hand in taking lives, and partaking in war. But, the thing that made him smile was the look in their eyes. The look of determination. Determination for peace.

It was well hidden, and it took a moment for him to see it. But the desire was there. The desire for peace was strong in their eyes. It was in that moment, Naruto knew, that no matter what happened in this meeting. Peace would bear fruit. It made Naruto happy. However, the one next to Azazel, Vali... He concerned Naruto. The blond could tell that the silver haired boy loved fighting. Of that Naruto was absolutely sure. So Naruto was a bit concerned. Would his love of fighting prevent him from wanting peace? Only time would tell.

He looked at the younger occupants in the room. Rias and her peerage paying full attention to the meeting. Though, Issei had a bit of a confused look in his eyes. It made Naruto chuckle quietly.

Hearing his chuckle, Serafall turned her attention to him. A thin eyebrow raised in curiosity. Naruto flashed her a smile, squeezing her hand, silently conveying that everything was alright. The black haired girl gave him a bright and loving smile before she returned her focus to the meeting. Her face changing into a concentrated and serious expression.

With Serafall returning her attention to the meeting, Naruto looked at Sona and her peerage. Like Rias, Sona's full attention was situated on the meeting taking place. Her ears taking in every single word spoken, her eyes taking in every single detail. Naruto smiled. It seemed Shikamaru's excellent mind was inherited by the young Sitri. Her peerage were paying close attention to the meeting as well, though a few did shift uncomfortably.

"Why don't we ask the younger generation what they think." Naruto heard Sirzechs propose. Blinking, Naruto paid closer attention. It seems that Sirzechs wanted the opinion of the younger ones watching the meeting. As Naruto heard all of them give their answers, Naruto smiled, although when they got to Issei... Naruto rose an eyebrow.

"Well... I, uh, don't really know. I mean... Uh.. I'm sorry I can't really understand." He sheepishly chuckled.

"Think of it like this Issei-kun." Azazel began with an amused smirk. "If there's war, you can't have sex with Rias and have kids. If there's peace, you can have sex all you want." He explained in a rather... Unique way.

Rias's eyes were widened comically, and she had a full blown blush on her face. The others around chuckling at her misfortune.

"Peace! I want peace! That way I can have sex with Bouchou!" Issei hurriedly exclaimed.

Naruto blinked, and he looked up at the ceiling. 'Ero-Sensei... Your legacy lives on... Which is disturbing.' He thought, silently sending his prayers to Jiraiya. He idly wondered if Issei was going to writing books and call them the series, Icha Icha.

"What about you Vali?" Azazel asked. Naruto paid closer attention to this.

Vali shrugged. "I don't really care either way. As long as I have strong people to fight, I'm fine." He answered. Naruto narrowed his eyes. That response was much to vague to be an answer.

"What about you Naruto-san? What's your opinion?" Azazel asked. The other's turned towards the blond, awaiting his response. Of course, Serafall already knew his response, and she smiled at him.

"A rather useless question Azazel-san. I have and will always desire peace." Naruto answered with a smile.

"So its decided than." Sirzechs spoke. "Peace between our factions shall exist, and let us hope that it lasts for centuries to come." He said with a smile.

"Amen to that." Azazel agreed. Before the celebrations could take place, it seemed as if time froze, and everyone was frozen in place.

"W-What's going on!?" Issei wondered in panic.

"Could it be that Gasper's sacred gear activated?" Rias wondered, concern and surprise in her tone.

"How interesting." Naruto murmured, staying in his seat.

"How are we not affected?" Rias wondered in shock.

"I'm not sure why either. Can you explain Gasper's sacred gear to me?"

"It stops everything in his field of vision. But he can't control and it happens at random." Rias hurriedly explained.

"Hmm, perhaps Gasper did not want us to be affected by his scared gear." Naruto theorized. "I also sense over dozens of presences getting steadily closer here." Naruto added.

"How could they have converged so close to us without us knowing?" Rias wondered.

"I've sensed them gathering quite awhile ago." Naruto said, snapping his fingers in front of an unresponsive Azazel.

"Why didn't you say something before!?" Rias demanded.

"I was curious as to what they doing. If I had known what they were planning this, I would have confronted them."

"Why are you not worried!?" Issei snapped.

"Because the situation can easily be remedied." Naruto answered.

"How?" Rias asked in confusion. It happened in an instant. One moment, Naruto was sitting in his chair calmly, the next, Issei and Rias yelped as a sudden burst of wind blew through the room, the doors blasting open and closing. "W-What?" Rias murmured in shock, the blond no longer in the room.

The sudden burst of wind was back, and with its arrival, Naruto appeared again, the blond carefully setting down a shocked and somewhat frightened Gasper. Rias looked at Naruto with shock and disbelief. "J-Just how fast are you?" She asked numbly, Issei agreeing with her as he gaped.

"We have more pressing concerns." Naruto asserted. "Hello Gasper, I'm Naruto. Do you think you can reverse the affects of your sacred gear?" He asked kindly.

"Y-Yes." Gasper stuttered, anxious. The small blond's eyes flashed, and everyone blinked.

"What just happened? And why is Gasper here?" Sirzechs asked in confusion. The others shared their confusion.

"There's no time to explain! We're under attack." Rias grimly announced.

Everyone tensed. "Really by who?" Michael asked. "And why? Who would want to interfere with our peace conference?" He questioned.

"Those who do not wish for peace to exist." Naruto stated, mouth pressed into a thin line. "It appears the majority of the ones who are surrounding us are humans There are quite of few Devils, Angels, and Fallen as well. They are numbering in the hundreds now. their numbers have increased." He murmured.

Serafall felt a sting of hatred. Her mind automatically comparing them to the humans who mistreated her lover eons ago. Now humans were trying to prevent peace between between the three factions? Didn't they see that it worked for them as they wouldn't be in danger anymore? For the first time, Serafall wondered why God loved humans. Was it because they were his subjects? Was it because he was so loving? She didn't know, but this confirmed something for her.

This confirmed that the humans of today, were no better than the ones who hurt her Naru-tan.

"What's the plan?" Sona asked.

"We should-" Ajuka began, but he was cut off as Naruto placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'll deal with them." Naruto announced, moving towards the window, and gazing upon the few hundred magicians, and stray exorcists gathered around. There were a few devils as well, along with angels and fallen. Their eyes showing nothing but contempt and hatred.

"Are you crazy?" Issei asked in shock. He was the only one, as everyone else was curious as to what Naruto was capable of while Serafall had full confidence in Naruto, though she did worry.

Folding his arms, Naruto looked at Issei with a neutral expression. "I am positive that I am more than enough for them. To be honest its a bit unfair, for them anyway."

"Is it confidence, or arrogance from which you speak?" Grayfia asked neutrally.

"It is neither." Naruto answered. He placed his hands on the floor, and everyone blinked as they found themselves on the roof of the building, no longer in the room they were in. "Its fact." Naruto stated. With that said, Naruto jumped off the roof as everyone silently observed his actions.

When Naruto landed roughly on the ground, it startled many of the many exorcists, and magicians all around as smoke obscured his form ominously. When the smoke cleared, Naruto was standing straight, his lips drawn into a scowl as he glared neutrally at the gathered enemies in front of him. His once warm sapphire blue eyes were cold, shining like glaciers as he folded his arms.

"I'll give you all a single chance. Turn around and leave." He told them neutrally.

"Don't look down on us abomination!" An exorcist retorted loudly with a sneer. "We will destroy all you devils, and the rest of the devil lovers." The others around seemed to agree, as they all sneered in Naruto's direction.

"I tried." Naruto spoke softly, eyes shadowed by his bangs. "Perhaps this is why Madara lost faith in peace so long ago." He murmured.

"Lets kill this abomination, and all the other devil lovers in this town!" The same exorcists exclaimed. The others shouted their agreement.

"What makes you think, that any of you... Are going to live past today?" As Naruto spoke this, the magicians and rouge exorcists were alarmed to see the blond within their vicinity. The battle began when one exorcist tried to slash at the blond with his sword. His life was ended as Naruto promptly dodged, relieving the exorcist of his blade, and stabbing the man with his own weapon.

That was all it took.

Dozens of exorcists who carried bladed weapons charged, their battle cry crying out their bloodlust, and desire to avenge their comrade. With a scowl, Naruto leaped into action. He dodged, weaved, and avoided all of their swipes, and slashes. Each one not coming close to even hitting him. When Naruto dodged, he countered by giving the attacker a punch, and kick to their face's or torsos.

His strikes were so powerful, that when he hit them in the face, some of their necks were broken instantly, the sickening cracks echoing slightly. Dodging another sword strike, Naruto grabbed the offending exorcists arms and snapped them like a pair of chopsticks. The exorcists screamed in pain, but was silenced when Naruto beheaded the man with his own weapon.

Now having a weapon in his hands, Naruto used well by blocking and deflecting most strikes that came upon him. He slashed one in the back, severing the spine and making the man writhe in agony. He stabbed another, a woman, in the heart, killing her instantly as he pulled the blade out, and deflected another blade form piercing his back. The offender, caught off guard, could not react when Naruto took him by the neck, and broke it.

Using his blade, Naruto blocked another exorcists blade from ripping across his back. The blond's blade shattered upon impact. Quickly, Naruto caught the shattered blade, and drove it into the man's neck, the exorcists choking on his own blade as he fell to the ground. Not needing the handle any longer, Naruto threw it, and the handle flew flew at neck breaking speeds. The handle buried itself into the head of a exorcists who was preparing to fire his sniper rifle.

The rifle fired, and the bullet sped through several magicians and exorcists, the bullet speeding through their hearts. The bullet struck against a exorcist who was carrying around C4, therefore, when the bullet struck, it hit the explosives he was carrying. The resulting explosion killed several dozen mage's and exorcists via shrapnel, and blast radius.

"Grenade!" One exorcist yelled, throwing a Grenade towards the blond.

Naruto caught the grenade, he quickly looked at it, than promptly shoved it into the mouth of an exorcists closest to him. He quickly followed by kicking the exorcist away into another group of mage's and exorcist. When the grenade exploded, several exorcists and magicians died, their dying screams silencing. Naruto leaped through the smoke, diving straight into a large group.

He kicked one man in the face, and used the man's weapons to kill him, and three others who were to close.

"We have him!" One woman yelled in a frenzy. "Take him!" With a battle cry, the closet surrounding exorcists and battle magicians charged, their pointed weapons wanting a taste of Naruto's blood.

"Wind style: Vacuum blast." Naruto murmured. In an instant, a large ripple of wind surrounded the blond, and pushed outwards, sending the charging enemies flying away.

The other magicians and exorcists warily kept their distance now, uncertainty and fear now filling their minds. Naruto merely stood in the center, content with allowing them to gather their courage. He didn't like fighting others when they were to afraid, even if they were enemies, so he was okay with waiting for them to regain their courage.

Back on the roof, everyone could only stare in shock, amazement, and a hint of fear.

"How can anyone... Be so strong?" Issei murmured, eyes transfixed.

"Incredible." Rias uttered.

"I can see how he defeated Kokabiel." Sona murmured in shock.

"Amazing." Michael uttered, no other words coming to him. Beside him, Gabriel nodded in agreement.

"Such skill, and power." Azazel spoke. "I'm glad he's on our side." He added. Beside him, Sirzechs and Ajuka nodded in agreement.

Vali kept his eyes firmly on the blond, a small smirk of excitement on his lips. "He's so strong." He murmured to himself. "I definitely want to fight you... Naruto-san."

"Hey, where is Serafall?" Falbium asked. When that question was asked, everyone murmured in confusion as they looked for the childish Maou.

"There!" Sona pointed out. Her shout caught everyone's attention, and they looked upon the scene.

Down below, Naruto remained in his position as several magicians conjured up several powerful fireballs. "Fire!" The magicians released their fireballs, and the fiery balls of flames sped towards. Naruto remained unconcerned, even as a wall of ice materialized around him, and protected him from the flames.

Once the flames were doused, he sighed tiredly. "You didn't have to step in you know?" He said, Serafall smiling brightly at him as she stood beside him, twirling her magical girl wand.

"What kind of Queen and wife would I be if I let you do all the work?" She asked with a wink.

"Fair enough." Naruto shrugged. Around them, the remaining magicians and exorcists became unnerved.

"That's Serafall Leviathan!"

"What's she doing here? And why is she interfering?"

"One of the Maou!?"

"Did she just say wife? Does that mean, that him and her are...?"

Hearing them, Serafall stepped forward, a serious expression on her delicate face. "Listen up!" She shouted. "I have seen quite enough. I refuse to stand by any longer as you all try to harm my Queen and future husband!" She exclaimed with a pout.

Naruto stepped forward until he was standing next to Serafall. "We make quite the pair don't we Sera-chan? After all, Wind and Ice make a dangerous combination."

Serafall grinned cheerfully. "Yep! Yep! Naru-tan's wind will make my ice colder!"

As if hearing them, their respective elements sprang to life. Wind gusting around them, their hair and clothes swaying as the wind moved about. Ice began around them as well, the wind making the ice even colder than it originally was. The ice became so cold, that cold mist began forming around the slowly growing icicles. The frightened enemies before gulped, and they saw the fog of their breaths as they breathed.

A thin layer of purplish energy surrounded Serafall, her face still carrying a serious expression as her purple remained determined. Likewise, Naruto kept a serious look as well, his arms folded as a thin layer of bluish energy surrounded him.

Idly, Naruto thought this was a bit overkill. He was more than enough, as evidenced by the decimation he provided. Don't get Naruto wrong, he still desired peace more than anything and he hated killing more than anything. But during the years he lived, like he said, he thought a lot. One thing he decided was that the previous thinking he had when he was younger was much to naive, and optimistic.

But he still wanted to hold on to those beliefs. Eventually, he decided that he would combine both Hashirama's beliefs, and Tobirama's beliefs. Hashirama believed that peace could be attained by everyone being loving and accepting. Tobirama was a little similar, the difference was that the Nidaime Hokage believed that enemies that threatened peace should be eliminated with extreme prejudice. There was no room for being soft hearted.

Combine the two beliefs, and it makes a rather unique and dangerous combination. Like Hashirama, Naruto gave others second chances, and sometimes thirds as well. But like Tobirama, he would not hesitate to cut you down should you be unreasonable, and you spit those chances in his face.

Anyways, Naruto alone was enough to deal with exorcists and magicians. He proved that earlier. But, when you add Serafall to the mix... Its beyond overkill. It was beyond even slaughter at that point. And plus, with their strong love for one another, they WOULD make sure that they would protect each other's back. Fighting one of them was enough. Fighting the two together?

That was pure suicide.

The remaining exorcists and magicians seemed to understand this, and they backed away, fear in their eyes. The few spiritual beings that were with them mentally sighing in relief at the fact they didn't participate in the fight.

"Your all so useless!" A female voice suddenly rang out. A mere moment after that voice rang out, someone else entered the battlefield. The remaining rouge exorcists and magicians all looked upon with fear as she strode forward, the woman carrying a smirk upon her features. She had a generous bust, and her light brown hair held a wavy appearance, her blue-grey eyes narrowed in anger and hate. When Serafall saw her, the female Maou's eyes softened slightly, but hardened a moment later.

"Katerea... Leviathan." Serafall murmured, her grip on her staff tightening ever so tightly.

"Leviathan? Is she...?" Naruto trailed off in a murmur. Wordlessly, Serafall nodded.

"Yes, she is my predecessor, the previous holder of the title Leviathan."

"I see... I say you make a much better Leviathan, just looking at this woman makes my skin crawl." Naruto said, the last part being told quietly. Serafall, having heard, giggled slightly before her eyes hardened again.

"Katerea-sama." One of the rouge exorcists uttered.

"Silence! Your all so useless, you couldn't even cause a small amount of damage to them. Useless, I'll be sure to give you all proper discipline when this is over." She told them darkly, a small sneer on her face. Her smirk returned as she stared down at Serafall and Naruto.

"Serafall Leviathan." She began with a smirking sneer. "Its been a long time hasn't it? I can still remember quite well how you stole the title Leviathan from me. Today, I plan on regaining that title by killing you." She looked in Naruto's direction, and gave him an appraising look. "I might even take your lover for myself as well." She leered.

Naruto gave a blank glare, a seemingly neutral expression. A small hint of anger, and disgust passed through his eyes, but those were the only emotions that passed through.

Serafall was a different story entirely. Her head tilted down, her bangs overshadowing her eyes and blocking them from view. A deep scowl adorned her face, and her grip on her staff tightened to the point where small cracks formed. The ice around creaking and becoming colder as evidenced by how they became whiter, and the cold mist becoming larger.

"Oh did I hit a nerve?" Katerea smirked.

Serafall slowly tilted her head up, and when Katerea saw her face, she flinched. Serafall's neutral expression was gone, replaced with a visage of nothing but pure anger, rage and hate. On the rooftop, everyone else shivered at her look, having never seen Serafall this way.

When Serafall spoke, it made everyone shiver at the sheer amount of cold rage in her tone. "I don't care if you want your title Leviathan back... But no one threatens to take Naru-tan from me." Despite saying it lowly, everyone heard her clearly, and they all felt a bead of cold sweat drip down their brow. "Die." Serafall whispered.

Katerea reacted on instinct. She jumped back, the ground in front of her instantly crumbling as very sharp glaciers of ice took her place. The glaciers would have turned her into disfigured Dango if she hadn't jumped back. Katerea ducked her head, just in time as a pink staff was close to breaking her neck, and possibly caving in her skull. For Katerea, everything was in slow motion as she looked into Serafall's eyes.

Her purple eyes expressing nothing but cold rage, a sneer on her lips as she gave Katerea her undivided attention. It was in that moment that two thoughts went through Katerea's mind. The first was: 'Maybe I shouldn't have pissed off Serafall,' and her second was: 'I fucked up big time didn't I?'

Before any other thought could go through Katerea's mind, she spat out a glob of blood. The reason was because Serafall buried her knee into Katerea's gut, the sheer force was enough for a boulder to be turn into nothing but paste. Before Katerea could hope to recover, Serafall's wings sprouted from her back, and they gave Katerea a bone breaking slap to her face. Katerea was sent flying to ground and her face skid along the ground as she slowly stopped.

When she did stop, Katerea groaned as she picked herself. Holding her face as her healing factor kicked, healing her bruised stomach, and the injuries on her face. She let go of her face, and she snarled as the last of her injuries healed. "Serafall! You bitch!" She yelled in rage. She yelled out in pain however, as Naruto appeared in front of her, the blond burying a Rasengan into her torso. Katerea could only scream in agony as the Rasengan tore through her flesh. She looked into Naruto's angry eyes, and she wondered what she did to piss him off.

"No one calls Sera-chan a bitch." Naruto angrily spoke. A moment later, Katerea was launched from her position, spinning erratically as the Rasengan remained buried in her torso. As she spun, Katerea could only scream out in pain, but she was saved from her painful venture and introduced into a new one. A large ice boulder smashed her into the ground, shards of ice burying themselves into her body.

When all the debris cleared, Katerea laid on the ground, panting and groaning in pain as her injuries slowly healed. Hearing footsteps, she looked up, and she gulped as Serafall looked at her with cold eyes, Naruto joining in her cold stare.

Serafall raised her staff, preparing to finish Katerea, but she was startled when Vali appeared alongside Katerea, the wielder of Divine Dividing helping the former Leviathan to her feet. On the rooftop, everyone's eyes widened in shock at Vali's actions, while Azazel narrowed his eyes. 'I see... So that's how it is... Vali.' The leader of the Fallen Angels thought.

Back down below, Serafall narrowed her eyes in a threatening manner, and given the amount of coldness in her purple orbs, it was quite intimidating. "Traitor." She lowly growled.

"I knew I was correct in my first assumption of you." Naruto coldly, a scowl on his face. Vali seemed like he wanted to say something, but he couldn't as Katerea spoke.

"Vali, good, with you this fight will be a lot easier. Your Divine Dividing along with our master's gift will win us this farce." She hissed through grit teeth, her hand reaching into her clothes, and pulling out a jar where two black snakes. Naruto's eyes narrowed, recalling several bad experiences he's had with snakes. Why was it that almost everything that had to do with snakes always ended being a major problem? Naruto swore that she gained some type of power up from those things he was going to start sending curses Orochimaru's way.

Katerea opened the jar as Vali activated his scared gear, and Katerea smirked as she allowed the two snakes to bury themselves into her skin. Instantly, her injuries healed, and she grinned as she felt her powers triple. "Yes! Yes!" She shouted as she released the full might of her power. "This is what a true ultimate class devil is capable of!" She gleefully shouted.

A single thought went through Naruto's mind. 'Orochimaru you son of a bitch! Even now you cause me trouble!' Naruto could just imagine Orochimaru smirking in amusement. Smug bastard. He glanced at Serafall, noting the slight bead of sweat that formed due to Katerea's power up. Frowning, Naruto measured Katerea's power. She was definitely stronger than Kokabiel as of now. But she was not even close to what he can do.

Scowling, Naruto decided that he wanted to end this quickly, and he could only think of one way to truly do it. That, and he wanted to test just how much power Divine Dividing can divide. "Sera-chan." He spoke, gaining Serafall's attention. He offered her his hand, and he gave her a loving and warm smile. Returning the smile, Serafall placed her hand in his, their fingers intertwining as they held each other's hand.

Katerea laughed. "What's this!? Sharing one last moment together before you die!?" Beside her, Vali narrowed his eyes, no... No they were planning something.

Naruto didn't respond, instead his form became shrouded in pure energy. His clothing became like a second skin as a yellow flame energy overtook him, his eyes changing from blue to crimson red as a slit was in the place of his pupils. His whisker marks growing into large black bars. His bangs shooting up, resembling horns. His body was now covered in black tribal markings, and a yellow coat made from the energy engulfing him now adorned him. The back of the coat having tribal markings as well.

Serafall underwent a different transformation. Instead of the same transformation Naruto went through, a golden cloak of pure energy engulfed her. It took the shape of a fox, two tails of energy forming behind as the energy developed ears. The golden energy felt like a second skin, and transparent tribal markings adorned the energy cloak around her. Other than the energy cloak, she did not undergo any major change.

Everyone could only stare at the two in awe, the sheer power they all felt rolling off them in waves. It was hard to believe that any being could radiate the amount of power they were giving off, yet it was happening before them.

'So much power...! I don't think I can divide that much.' Despite those thoughts, Vali was grinning madly, anticipation welling up in him at the thought of fighting such a powerful being. Seemingly sensing Vali's anticipation, Naruto narrowed his eyes, and frowned slightly.

"Naru-tan! I feel like I'm about to start blasting away!" Serafall happily exclaimed. Naruto smirked slightly.

"I haven't adorned this mode in a very long while. Ready to test out your new power boost Sera-chan?" Serafall happily nodded.

"Yep! Yep! Levia-tan wants to know her new limits!"

"Than lets see just what we're capable of now."

Katerea and Vali blinked. One moment, the power couple were several feet away from them, the next, the two were right in front of them. It was instinct alone that allowed Vali to dodge the fist that was aiming to smash against his face. He wasn't so lucky on the next one however, as a knee buried itself within his torso. Katerea wasn't as fortunate as Vali the first time. She couldn't dodge, nor deflect the fist that Serafall slammed into her face. Nor could she react was Serafall jumped behind her, pulling her hair as she did so, and threw her across the field.

Katerea screamed as her face skidded across the hard ground, blood and grime mixing together, and leaving a trail. Her skidding movement was halted as Serafall descended, a large hammer made entirely of ice in her hands. The black haired beauty smashed the hammer against Katerea, burying the former Leviathan into the ground as specks of ice and dirt blew everywhere.

By all means, Katerea should have been unconscious, or dead. However, Serafall either felt that no mercy should be given, and that she should make sure that Katerea was dead. Serafall lifted her hands, and ice began swirling together above her. Finally, after several moments, a massive spear of ice hovered above her. The spear was large enough that one could see it from five or so miles away.

Serafall scowled down at the chasm she created. She quickly sent out a pulse of magic to determine if Katerea was alive. She sensed the former Leviathan's lifeforce, it was faint, very much so. It was all Serafall needed to know that she was either unconscious, or on the verge of death. Serafall was faced with two options. Finish off the former Leviathan, or let her slowly die. Serafall had already made her choice even before she thought of another option. Besides, that hussy tried to take her Naru-tan!

With a surprisingly bloodthirsty smirk, Serafall brought her hands down, and the ice spear followed soon after. A miniature earthquake erupted, and dust and debris was scatter along the air and ground. The ones watching the fight all had to shield their eyes as dust particles, fragments of ice, and concrete threatening to make a home in their eyes. Serafall held a neutral expression for a moment, and she extended her senses. Searching for Katerea's life-signs. She couldn't find it. Serafall knew that meant two things. That Katerea was dead, or she must have escaped.

Serafall was confident that Katerea was dead. She felt a small pang of guilt, but she quickly stomped it away. Katerea had spat in her face when she showed her kindness decades ago. Even worse, she threatened to take Naru-tan from her! That hussy got what she deserved!

Serafall could think no further on the matter as Vali flew past her, smashing into a building, a bit of debris falling on top of him. Naruto stopped beside her, giving a her a peck on the lips. "I'll be right back honey. Me and Vali are still bonding." With that said, Naruto proceeded to walk to the stack of rubble. Serafall giggled slightly, before she looked at the surviving hostiles surrounding her.

"You all have ten seconds to decide which is more important. Your lives, or your ignorant attempts to defeat me and my fiance." She stated darkly. Within seconds, they all back away and retreated. Nodding in a satisfied manner, Serafall tilted her head as Naruto once again stopped beside her. A frown on his face as his golden aura powered down. The golden cloak Serafall adorned also vanished. "Something wrong Naru-tan?" She asked him.

"Somehow Vali escaped. I am not sure how, but one second I was waiting for him to burst out of the rubble, the next, his energy signature completely vanished." Naruto explained. "I can't sense him anywhere near here."

Serafall frown for a moment, but a large smile quickly adorned her face as she leapt at the blond. Her legs wrapping around his waist and her arms hooking around his neck. "Who cares!? We won! That means we can finish the peace meeting! And the sooner we do that! The sooner we can snuggle in our bed!" She happily exclaimed.

Naruto smiled, idly caressing Serafall's hair as he stared into her eyes. "Yes, that does sound grand." The two kissed for several moments before they separated. Reluctantly, Serafall released her grip on him, but she adamantly refused to let go of his hand. Together, the power couple made their way back to the others. The others welcome them back with shocked, awed, and slightly fearful looks. However, that fear was vanished within an instant as seeing Serafall's child like personality, and Naruto's usual laid back attitude. That still change one fact however. Everyone was inwardly afraid of Serafall being angry, and the vast amount of power Naruto contained.

The peace meeting continued, and the three fractions agreed to a alliance. This alliance would last until the Khaos Brigade was dealt with, with a very large chance of it becoming permanent. The following months were peaceful. No sudden attacks, and the three factions quietly prepared themselves for a confrontation with the Khaos Brigade. They often shared information, and tactics to better work together.

It was also a time of surprise for many as well. Our favorite blond was one who received a surprised unlike any other.

"Please repeat that Sera-chan." Naruto murmured blankly, his voice soft, and dazed. Serafall gazed upon her love with bright purple eyes. Care and love flooding her eyes as she looked at him. Her hands softly caressing her stomach.

"I'm pregnant Naru-tan. The two of us are going to be a mother and father." Her voice was soft and loving. Confident in her loves reaction to the news. She was right to be confident. A large smile overcame Naruto's face as he wrapped his arms around Serafall's petite hands caressed her stomach, and he kissed her before holding his ear against her stomach.

Serafall giggled, "Naru-tan, the baby isn't gonna kick yet. I'm only a month along after all."

"I know. Its just, I'm so happy." Naruto responded, "I'm going to be a father! This is wonderful!" He lifted his gaze, staring into Serafall's eyes with such love and adoration that it made Serafall want to melt. "And I have you to thank for this Sera-chan." He gently pressed his forehead against Serafall's, pecking her on the lips. "I love you Sera-chan. I am so glad I met you."

Serafall smiled, pressing her body against the blond's as she maintained eye contact. "I know Naru-chan. And I love you to." They were about to share another kiss when they heard Lady Sitri sudden squeal down the hall.




Naruto sweatdropped, "Well, its safe to say that your parents know." Serafall nodded cheerfully. The following months of pregnancy was interesting to say the least. Serafall had been the talk of the entire society of devils. There wasn't a day that went by where devils weren't speaking and gossiping about Serafall's pregnancy. There was also the baby shower that Lady Sitri organized. The ordeal was interesting to say the least. what with eccentric characters that many attendants possessed.

Sona had been shocked to hear that her sister was pregnant, and that she was expected to be an aunt. She had initially fainted when she heard the news. In which she was delivered the news in the middle of class, Rias who heard it from Sirzechs. So it was safe to say that entire school knew that Sona was going to be an aunt. When Azazel heard, he quietly murmured to himself that a mini Serafall was gonna start wrecking havoc. He decided to have some contingency plans... Just in case.

When Michael, and Gabriel heard... Suffice to say, Gabriel had squealed, whilst Michael merely blinked. He was really surprised to be honest. He expected it happen really... Just not so soon... He promptly followed Azazel's lead. There was no way he was going to let a little mini Serafall on crack come within a mile of heaven. The other angels all felt a sense of relief within their chests. They didn't know why.

Soon, the time had finally come. The day Serafall went into labor.

Naruto nervously paced back and forth. Lips pursed, hands folded neatly behind his back. Sirzechs slept on a chair not to far away, while Ajuka read over some notes to some experiments he was working on. Both Lord and Lady Sitri drank cups of coffee. They didn't really feel anything from it, but they simply loved the taste of it.

Sona sat in front of Rias, a table between the two of them. The two Kings were playing chess, Sona winning as she recently captured Rias's queen. The short haired girl frowned as her queen was taken in return. An oversight on her part. One that she wouldn't make again. Moving her rook, she murmured "Check" and waited for Rias's move.

In response, Rias moved her pawn forward, preventing the rook from capturing her king. Frowning, Sona moved her bishop. "Check." Rias frowned, and she begrudgingly moved her king. Sona moved her knight, and folded her hands. "Checkmate." She stated. Blinking, Rias surveyed the board, and frowned as she notice that Sona's words bore true.

"Well played." The red haired girl murmured. "Rematch?" Wordlessly, Sona nodded, and the two went about resetting the board. They were denied another game as the door opened, and the doctor came out. Instantly, everyone's eyes honed on the doctor, making him uncomfortable. Nonetheless, he smiled at Naruto.

"Mr. Uzumaki. Congratulations, your wife has given birth to healthy triplets."

"T-Triplets!?" Sona murmured in disbelief. Lord and Lady Sitri both grinned excitedly. Rias shared Sona's reaction. Ajuka dropped his notes, whilst Sirzechs reaction was expected. The red haired Maou snored.

Naruto's eyes widened at the news, before a wide grin overtook his features. He dashed into the room, and his heart warmed at the sight of Serafall cradling three infants lovingly. Naruto slowly approached, Serafall's eyes honing in on his approaching form. She smiled, gesturing for Naruto to hold one of them. He took one, noticing that it was girl. In fact, two were girls, whilst the final one was a boy.

"Have you named them yet?" He murmured, gently cradling his daughter in his arms. Serafall nodded happily.

"This one." She began, gesturing to the girl in her left arm. Much like Serafall, their daughter possessed black hair. "Is Serarise."

"Serarise." Naruto murmured, "Named after you no doubt." He smiled. Serafall nodded.

"Yes, whilst fall is in my name, rise is in hers."

Naruto gestured to the boy in her right arm, who possessed the same type of blond hair he held. "What of his name?" Serafall smiled softly.

"This is one was born seconds before Serarise." She murmured lovingly. "Boruto. Named after you." Naruto smiled, and finally, he gestured to the daughter he held in his arms, who possessed blond hair, with black streaks and highlights.

"What of our daughter here?" Serafall's eyes expressed a deep love for all three children, and Naruto knew that his eyes expressed the same.

"She was born first. Our beautiful little Tsurara."

Smiling, Naruto leaned forward, pressing his lips against Serafall's, and later the foreheads of their children. "All wonderful names." He murmured.

The family ignore the squeal that no doubt came from Lady Sitri who peaked into the room. For them, nothing else mattered, or existed. There was no Devils, Angels, nor the Fallen. The entire ordeal with Khaos Brigade was the last thing on their minds as the outside world did not exist for them.

The only world that existed right now, was the small room they were. Which housed both them, and their three children.

Chapter end. Well, that's the end of this two-shot. I hope this is a satisfactory ending to the whole thing. I had fun writing this. If you ask me, there aren't enough Serafall x Naruto stories out there. Not in English anyway. I hope to see more in the future, but right now, I'm satisfied with the other thousand fanfics out there.

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