Okay, this occurs 4 years after the first Sherlock Girl story, by which point Sophia is an experienced Consulting detective. Sherlock has been back for 3 years now (if I have my own timeline straight, do you have any idea what series 3 did to it?!) and Sophia frequently works cases with him. Eve briefly moved into 221C, but moved out a few months prior to this story after being offered a job at NCIS.
Other notes: John and Mary are married, they married approximately a year ago and their daughter is named Isabella. that is better explained in another short story that should be uploaded in the next few days, but Mary and Isabella won't make an appearance just yet.

Anyway, enjoy the story and try to wrap your brain around the plot twist.

"You haven't been told yet" he asked the teen incredulously. He stood over her and shook his head in disgust. "The elder Holmes learned about this months ago, I thought he would have told you by now"

Sophia frowned. If Mycroft knew why wouldn't he tell me? I wonder if he told John and asked him to keep it a secret...
"What hasn't Mycroft told me?" she asked, keeping her voice quiet so he wouldn't hear it change with fear.

"You're the prodigy. You're the end of the Midnight line."

"I still don't understand" Sophia replied.

"Your DNA is a combination of the three..." her captor cut off and she was pulled to her feet. She felt cold metal placed against her throat as the front door was knocked off it's hinges.

Lestrade walked in first, followed by Donovan and other uniformed officers. Sherlock Holmes followed Lestrade, John Watson bumping into him as the consulting detective froze at the sight of the knife.

"Let her go" Lestrade ordered, fighting to keep his voice level.

"I don't think so, I want to walk out of here. If I let her go you'll shoot me the second you get the chance."

"I'll shoot you if you don't" Sherlock told him. Sophia shook her head as the blade was pressed closer to her throat, looking pleadingly in the consulting detective's direction. Sherlock lowered the gun, letting it hang uselessly by his side.

Sophia's captor twisted her around to face Lestrade. Sophia watched the DI's face change from one of control to anger, then horror as she felt the point of the blade break through her skin. She noticed movement out of the corner of her eye as John pulled the gun out of Sherlock's hand. Sherlock raised his eyebrows and shook his head, and John glared at him as if to say you think I would do it if I thought I'd miss.

Sherlock trusted John, whose marksmanship didn't fail. The gun sounded and Sophia's captor turned, not fast enough for him to dodge the bullet that impacted the hand holding the knife to Sophia's throat. The hand recoiled and dropped the knife, causing Lestrade to run forward and grab Sophia from her captor's grasp and hand her over to Sherlock, before the DI floored the kidnapper.

The consulting detective caught the teen before she fell and began to remove the electrical cable from her bound wrists. Sophia pulled her arms apart as soon as she could and threw them around Sherlock.

The consulting detective coughed uncomfortably and muttered "it was John that took the shot", so the teen released him and turned to John. Sophia grinned at the doctor and pulled him into a tight hug, her "thank you" almost lost in his jumper. John returned the hug, just happy that she was safe again after she had been taken a week ago.

Sophia pulled away, tears flowing freely down her cheeks and joining the blood pooling at the neckline of her shirt. John put a hand on her shoulder and walked her out of the empty apartment, towards an ambulance waiting outside the building.

Sophia sat patiently as the medical staff flitted around her, always checking that the ex-army doctor and the consulting detective were never too far away. Both men walked back over as the medical staff went to look at Sophia's kidnapper, whose hand was bleeding profusely from the bullet wound. She looked up at them expectantly, waiting for them to complain about making it so easy for them to take her or something like that, so she was surprised when the consulting detective asked

"Are you alright?"

Sophia blinked at him for a few seconds before shrugging her shoulders.

"Fine, I guess. Though I sense this is going to hurt for a while" she answered, self-consciously rubbing her neck.

"I meant mentally" Sherlock said.

"I don't have an answer for that yet, I'm waiting for my brain to realise that I'm safe again and out of the hands of that maniac." she lied. The truth was, she wasn't alright mentally. What that maniac had told her had scared her, but she didn't want to admit it.

"No you're not. What's on your mind?" John stated more than asked. Sophia sighed, knowing she had to tell them sooner or later.

"I'll tell you back at Baker Street. I can't tell you here" she told him. Sophia stood and walked with them to a waiting taxi.

"Where are you going?" Greg shouted to the trio as they were about to get in the taxi.

"Back to Baker Street" Sherlock answered, pulling the taxi door closed behind him. Lestrade sighed as he watched the taxi drive away, losing sight of it as the forensics truck arrived.


Two hours later Lestrade knocked on the front door of 221B, frowning as he heard raised voices from inside.

"And you didn't tell us this WHY?!" Sherlock was asking. The reply wasn't audible, but Sherlock's was.

"Because you didn't think it was important!" he shouted. It was followed by a snarl of rage and a crashing sound, which sounded suspiciously like a mug smashing against a wall. There were footsteps and the door was opened by Sophia.

"Enter at your own risk. We're all very pissed off at Mycroft and Sherlock is venting it by throwing things." she told them as they followed her up the stairs.

"Who the hell is it now?!" John shouted. Lestrade felt his eyebrows try to meet his hair. John shouting. That wasn't normal, meaning that he was past very pissed off.

"It's Lestrade" Sophia shouted back. She ducked as the door opened and an object flew towards the DI. Her hand moved out quickly and she caught Sherlock's skull just before it hit Lestrade in the face.

"Sherlock, focus your efforts on your brother, not the detective inspector. After all, no-one deserves having your skull thrown at them like Mycroft." Sophia told the consulting detective, placing the skull back in his outstretched hand and glaring at the man in question.

Mycroft Holmes was standing by the fireplace, nonchalantly contemplating the teen who was glaring at him with murder in her eyes.

"I wasn't going to tell you." he told her.

"Are you serious?" Lestrade turned to find the person behind the voice, only to find Eve on a computer screen on the coffee table in front of him. "You honestly weren't ever going to tell her that she's related to John, Sherlock and you."

"Yes" Mycroft replied, making Eve gawp at him.

"What did you just say Eve?" Lestrade asked the computer screen. Eve stopped gawping at the sound of the DI's voice, then she started to explain.

"Sophia is..." Eve cut off and muttered a quiet expletive as another voice became audible shouting her name. Sophia watched in dismay as Eve quickly shut her laptop, ending the Skype call. Lestrade turned to Mycroft.

"What was she about to say Mycroft?" he asked. It was John that answered

"Sophia was taken by the man you have in custody for her DNA. According to him and Mycroft, the Midnight family has managed to hop it's way through the Holmes genetic line, the Watson genetic line and at some point the Moriarty genetic line. This has come to a climax with her, apparently the last in the Midnight line due to several accidents and random killings."

"The man you have in custody took Sophia in order to make her disappear, so that she could change her surname and continue the Moriarty line." Sherlock finished. Lestrade stared at the girl in question, who was toying with her necklace absentmindedly.

"Remind me not to tell Sally" he muttered to himself.

"Sally Donovan already knows, she's the one who wanted the information in the first place." Mycroft told him.

"Are you saying that, after she first met me almost a four years ago, she went looking for my family history and found this?" Sophia's voice full of disbelief and mistrust.

"Yes. I am." the elder Holmes replied.

Sophia stared into space, leaving Lestrade stunned at the teen's change of mood. John frowned at the teen, that's when he noticed her hands.

Sophia, like Sherlock, had a type of Mind Palace which consists of her staring into space. What separates her from Sherlock is the fact that she moves her hands as if she has the information on screens in front of her, she slides the data backwards and forwards across the imaginary screen as she thinks. John watched as the theory formed, causing the teen to snap her head up.

"That's why" she muttered. "Donovan automatically called Eve a psychopath, but not me." she explained to the confused occupants if the room. She spun round dramatically as her laptop beeped, announcing Skype had started back up.

"Eve, just in time" she said to it before the young woman at the other end had even opened her mouth.
"Donovan constantly insisted that you were a psychopath, correct."

"Yeah, so?"

"What else did she call you?"

"She called me one of Sherlock's minions, as if there had been another..."

Eve stopped talking and grinned at the screen, catching her friend's train of thought. Eve disappeared from the screen and Sophia watched as keys could be heard, waiting for her friend to re-appear. She didn't have to wait long. Eve's red hair became visible at the edge if the screen first, followed by the laser glare aimed at the older Holmes brother. Sherlock released his rather savage growl at the sight of Eve's laser glare, automatically knowing Mycroft had hidden something else.

"What now little brother?" Mycroft asked, rolling his eyes.

"What else have you been hiding Mycroft?" Sherlock demanded through gritted teeth.

"That Eve's genetic line runs parallel ours Sherlock" Mycroft replied nonchalantly.

"And you didn't think that was important information!" Eve and Sophia shrieked as one.