One-Hour Challenge #85: Scene: One of your 'Couple' gets really sick with the flu and gets doped up on medication-which makes them think they're a Vampire looking for a Mate.


Title: Adventures in Flu Medicine

Author: Aisuru


Summary: Kagome's flu medicine does more than cure flu symptoms. Now she thinks she's a creature of the night, Shippou is a snack, and Inuyasha is prime mate material! What's an inu-hanyou to do? Take Miroku's advice, of course!

Rating: PG

Challenge: One hour challenge #85

Couple: Kagome and Inuyasha

Group: Inuyasha

Series: no

Chapter: ΒΌ

Date completed: 11/20/02 (posting one chapter a day; please review!)


"Are you sure you shouldn't go back to your world, Kagome-sama?" Miroku wanted to know. Kagome suffered through yet another coughing fit before she could answer the monk.

"No, Miroku-sama," she finally wheezed in reply, half sitting up in her sleeping bag. "There isn't a real cure for influenza in my time, either. I mean, there is a vaccination for it, but I spent so much time here that I missed the deadline to get it." Miroku, Sango, and Shippou gave her blank looks, she shook her head, indicating that what she had said wasn't that important. "The flu medicine in my bag will take care of some of the symptoms. Other than that, I just need lots of liquids and lots of rest." She sniffled, then looked over at Inuyasha, who was pawing through her yellow backpack of supplies. "You still can't find it?" she asked the inu- hanyou.

"Feh!" Inuyasha complained, tossing a bottle of shampoo over his shoulder. "Why do you always carry so much stuff? How clean does a person really need to be?"

Sango lunged for the bottle of shampoo, catching it before it hit the ground. "Inuyasha, be more careful!" she chided, cradling the bottle to her chest in a way that made Miroku wish he was a bottle of shampoo.

Kagome just rolled her eyes. "Inuyasha, did you try looking in the first aid supplies?" she finally asked.

Shippou jumped on the inu-hanyou's head, pushing Inuyasha face-first to the ground, before leaping into the bag. For a moment only his tail was visible. Inuyasha grabbed the little kitsune youkai by the tail, hauling him roughly out of the bag, and Shippou emerged, clutching the white and red first aid kit in his little clawed hands. "I found it!" he cheered triumphantly, his cry of joy becoming a squeal as Inuyasha dropped him.

Bouncing back as children do, Shippou ran the first aid kit to Kagome. "Here you go, Kagome," he said, proudly presenting the kit to the girl that he loved like a mother. "I could find it, even though Inuyasha couldn't!"

"Why you little brat!" Inuyasha exclaimed, rushing towards Shippou and Kagome, an angry glint in his amber eyes.

"Sit!" Kagome commanded. As Inuyasha was plunged face-first into the ground, this time by Kagome's subduing spell, Kagome herself was subdued by another coughing fit.

Still not releasing the bottle of shampoo, Sango approached the girl from the future and the baby kitsune youkai. She opened the first aid kit and pulled out a plastic bottle containing thick, green syrup. "Is this it?" she asked Kagome, finding the kanji oddly written and difficult to read.

Kagome nodded her reply, feeling too winded to speak for the moment. Sango handed the bottle to Kagome, who measured out the appropriate amount into the little measuring cup that was stored over the cap. She grimaced as she swallowed the vile tasting potion, and handed the bottle back to Sango. "Thanks," she muttered, curling back into her sleeping bag.

Inuyasha had long since pulled himself out of the ground, and he watched Kagome closely as she closed her eyes. "Now what?" he asked.

"Now what what?" Miroku asked back.

"Feh!" Inuyasha complained. "How long does she need to rest? There is a shard rumor that we should be following! We can't afford to just sit around all day!"

"Then you should go check it out," Miroku answered, his voice perfectly calm as always, "but Kagome will be staying here."

"We can't go without Kagome!" Inuyasha sputtered. "She's the only one that can see the shards! If I go after youkai with a shard, and she isn't there to tell me where the shard is, it'll just regenerate again and again! And even if it didn't, she has to purify the shards before I can carry them!"

"Then I guess you'll just have to wait here with us," Sango replied as she wandered off, collecting wood for that evening's fire. Kirara, her faithful cat youkai, and Miroku followed her, but whether he followed to help or to watch Sango's butt was anybody's guess.

"But it's hours until sunset," Inuyasha complained, sitting down next to Kagome. He looked over at the girl, who had already fallen asleep. Her face was flushed with fever, but knowing her futuristic medicines the fever wouldn't last too long. He brushed a lock of hair out of her face, the tenderness of his actions contradicting the harsher tones he had used just minutes before. "Why do humans have to be so frail?" he wondered. He noticed Shippou watching him curiously, so he bopped the kitsune on the head, lest he think the dog demon was too softhearted.

(END 26 MIN)