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Bella POV Forks Washington 2014 Bella is 23

I remember the day the world turned on its axis, I remember when La Push Washington exploded with hurt and anger and how it all revolved around one boy, one imprint and many broken hearts. To tell this story I have to go into the past. To a time before I was born, to a time that many people now wish never was. But also a time which people couldn't no wouldn't regret because in that time one boy was brought into the world. A boy who was loved by all but who never knew his true heritage until the day he shifted into a wolf. My Name is Isabella Marie Swan and this is my story but it's also so much more

A/N this is just the prologue I'm going to start the actual first chapter right now and I hope to have it up tonight. So if you like what you see so far please review and keep on the lookout for the next chapter.