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I looked out of my wolf eyes at the man standing above me. At that moment I knew he had to be my father for if he wasn't then why would he come and find me.

"Sam you need to change back." Billy commanded. Try and think happy thoughts."

I scowled at him or at least tried can wolves scowl. Anyway how did he expect me to think happy thoughts when I was a giant wolf and just found out the Chief of the tribe was my father. Truthfully I wanted to bite him.

Happy thoughts how the fuck did he expect me to have happy thoughts when all that was running through my mind was that people must laugh about me behind my back. Oh look there goes that illegitimate son of the chief. How sad that he doesn't even know. But happy thoughts he wanted me to think happy. I tried I did. I tried to think of my life but really what was there to be happy about there. A mother who was always vacant. A mother who was heart broken obviously because of the man in front of me.

I tried to think of my friends but the friends I did have compared of Jared and Paul and Paul had a worse childhood then me and the things we did together usually happened so we could be away from the house. Questions were raging through my mind. Why?, Why?, Why?' that one word reverberated through me. Why me why now why was I one giant ass wolf. I looked at Billy who was standing above me.

"Happy thoughts." He whispered.

So I tried again I tried again to thin of something happy and finally it came to me. I remembered one day when Chief Swan had came around a few months ago. He'd had his daughter with him. Izzy was nine but man she could us boys a run for our money. I think she even beat Jared at a race once. Okay he may have let her win but still. I pictured the care free girl running through the field enjoying being a child enjoying life. and as I did I felt myself turning back into a human. Of course now I was a naked human.

"Sam." Billy cringed. "I forgot about this part.

"That's okay?" Harry came through the trees. "I have clothes." He held up a pile. "They will be big but they will work." I took them quickly and pulled them on.

"Thanks." I said nodding towards Harry.

"No problem." The older man said as a thick tension settled around us.

"So what the hell happened because I'm pretty sure I was a giant wolf?" I tried to keep my calm I really did because man I didn't want to be a giant wolf again.

"Well Sam as you know the legends right?" Billy said.

"Of course I know the legends but even if the legends are true that would mean an elder is my father." I looked Billy dead in the eye as I said that. "And there is no way an elder could be my father I mean that's just unfathomable."

"Well uh…." Billy stuttered.

Harry jumped in. "Sam as you know the legends you know the part about imprinting. When a wolf imprints they are their soul mates. When the last set of wolves phased it had been along time and the legends had been lost oh we had bits and pieces but nothing like we tell you kids now. We didn't know it would happen and most of use were older then you are now. Meaning we had girlfriends people we loved dearly but who happened not to be our imprints in some cases." He shot a look at Billy as I stood their my arms crossed and swimming in Harry's clothing.

"So you're saying my mother got her heart broken because of a stupid imprint well guess what if that's what being a wolf is about I don't want it so you can both screw your self's and before I forget I realize you're my father Billy thanks for nothing." And with that I was gone rushing back through the forest. Back towards home not caring what the men behind me thought only caring that I wanted nothing to do with them or their legends about werewolves and imprints.

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