To Wish For Something Unattainable
Another Gensomaden Saiyuki fanfiction by enervate

Author's Note :: Heya everyone! Firstly, I would like to wish Genjo Sanzo a Happy Birthday [his b-day is on the 29th of November]. This fanfiction is a little gift from me [as his fanatic fan] to him! =P To everyone else, read and review! This fanfic is divided into three parts. The last part will be posted exactly on Sanzo's birthday [29th November] so keep on checking for updates! =P

Oh yeah, this fanfic is NOT about Sanzo's birthday. Instead, it is about Goku's birthday [6th April].

[If Sanzo actually read this, I bet he would have dismissed it with a 'tsk' or maybe he would have held his spirit-ascending gun directly at my head.]

And oh yeah, if you are rich enough, buy a birthday cake for Sanzo. =P

Genre :: G, humor, romance

Disclaimer :: Minekura Kazuya owns G.Saiyuki. Me? I own nothing!

To Wish For Something Unattainable

Part One :: Birthday Reminders

Goku was nibbling happily away on his pork bun before a little prod from his elder friend, Gojyo, provoked him much enough to make him forget about his bun and started fighting away.

"Kono ero-kappa! [You, pervert water monster!] What the hell do you want now? Can't you leave me in peace to enjoy my food?" Goku yelled, glaring daggers at Gojyo. Gojyo smiled a smug grin, and pointed at his own empty plate. "Ooi, saru [monkey], before you go around continuing this little petty fight, look here." Gokyo picked up his plate and waved it in front of Goku. "That pork bun in your mouth belongs to me. If you actually forgot, you have finished yours."

"Really?" Goku peeked around. Sure enough, there was no more pork buns. Gojyo smothered a grin. "So??"

"Well,..." Goku gritted his teeth. As much as he hated losing out to Gojyo in a verbal fight, but he knew it was wrong to take someone's lunch away. Goku was about to apologize, but at the sight of a pork bun sticking out from Gojyo's pocket,...

"Ano baka! [You idiot!] You big liar!" Goku barked, and snatched the pork bun out of Gojyo's pocket. "What the hell do you call this if it is not YOUR own pork bun???" Goku gave a bite into the newfound bun, grinning triumphantly at Gojyo.

Gojyo's eyes widened, and he snapped back furiously. "Well, you greedy monkey! You had yours, and now you've eaten mine?? Return it!" Gojyo wrestled Goku onto the ground. Both of them were struggling to land a punch on the other's face.

"You stomach-brained monkey!"

"You horny water monster!"

"Stop calling me that, idiot!"

"You stop it first!"

"Who are you calling me to stop, you monkey???"

"I'm not a monkey! You stop it, water monster!"

"SHUT UP!" At the signal of their 'unofficial' referee, the reverend monk Genjo Sanzo firing his spirit-ascending gun, Gojyo and Goku stopped, but their hands were much tangled among one another, still struggling to land an unconscious attack on the latter. Sanzo, who noticed their still-on feud, fired several times into the air. "Do you all wish to die earlier??"

"Urm,... no." Goku answered, smiling weakly at Sanzo as he obediently got his hands off Gojyo. Gojyo grinned as he settled with a steamed dumpling.

"Kids..." muttered Sanzo as he slipped back his gun into its place. Goku pouted at Sanzo's statement. "I'm not a kid!"

"Oh yeah? You are one, aren't you?" Gojyo asked snidely.

"I'm not! I'm already 18, if you could actually remember with that pervert brain of yours!" retorted Goku, annoyed. "Oh, I could, you idiot monkey!" Gojyo replied, equally sarcastic. Gojyo turned around, quite expecting Sanzo to waste more bullets to stop the chaotic situation there. But Sanzo seems to be in deep thought...

Noticing the absurd silence, Gojyo, Goku and Hakkai stared at Sanzo. Sanzo seems to be frowning and staring into a distance, drifting away to outer space.

"Hello? Sanzo? Ooi, Sanzo..." Goku waved his hands in front of Sanzo. No response. Beads of perspiration adorned Hakkai's face. "Ah, this is unusual..." he stated, smiling.

"Sanzo?" Goku called again, waving his hands more wildly. Suddenly Sanzo swatted his hands away, frowning deeply. "What the hell, idiot. I am here, all right."

"Oh,... okay." Goku answered, his expression blank and confused. Suddenly Sanzo asked.

"Are you sure that you are 18, Goku?" Sanzo asked, quite sceptically.

"Yeah,... why?" Goku asked in return, quite surprised to hear such a question from his master.

"Well, you might have been 18, but you acted like an 8-year-old." Sanzo bluntly stated, folding his arms. As if on cue, Gojyo and Hakkai burst out laughing.

"...." Goku bit his lip, quite annoyed to hear that statement. 8-year-old? I'm much more than a mere kid!!!

Goku pouted for quite a moment, but as another thought crossed that brain of his, he brightened up. "Ne, Sanzo... you know what?"

"What is it?" Sanzo asked, lighting a cigarette as he speak.

"I'll be acting like a 9-year-old soon in a few more days!" Goku chirped. Gojyo and Hakkai stopped laughing, and stared at Goku, curious. "Why is it, Goku?" Hakkai asked good-naturedly.

"Well, Sanzo said that for an 18-year-old person I'm acting like an 8-year-old kid. So, in a few more days, it will be April the 6th, my birthday. Hmm, then I will be 19. So, I'll be much like a 9-year-old, right?"

Gojyo and Hakkai could not bear it any longer. Both of them laughed out loud. Goku stared at them, quite confused. Even Sanzo was smiling, trying to contain his own laughter inside. "Ne, Sanzo, what did I say? What is it so funny?" Goku asked, couldn't quite get the joke. Sanzo shook his head, took out his paper fan,... and...


"Ouch! Sanzo! Nani sun dai yo [What was that for?]" Goku complained as he rubbed his head. Sanzo stared down at Goku, kept his paper fan and remarked. "Well, that was for your stupidity."

"I am not stupid,... I'm already grown up!" Goku muttered, and pouted. Seconds later, he smiled, turned towards Sanzo, and asked. "Ne, Sanzo, can you get me a present for my birthday? Please????"

"..." Sanzo said nothing. Goku stared at him, eyes wide opened like a puppy's, and in his whiny voice he pleaded. "Please? Please? Please?"

"... fine." Sanzo agreed at last. "... but..."

"But?" Goku asked, staring curiously at Sanzo. Even Hakkai and Gojyo leaned closer, trying to know what this usually miserly monk would say about getting his apprentice a birthday gift.

"Your gift would have to be restricted to some rules and regulations." Sanzo said, looking pointedly at Goku. Goku did not like what he was hearing, but nodded in agreement.

"Your gift must not be anything related to food, must be inedible, and you must make up your mind before your birthday, or you will never get it." Sanzo stated clearly, a smug expression on his face.

"What about the price, oh 'generous' Sanzo-sama?" Gojyo mocked as he grinned. He could not simply imagine what Goku could have requested as his birthday gift, considering the strict 'conditions' applied by Sanzo. Even Hakkai smiled sympathetically at Goku. He could not help feeling sorry for Goku, who was clearly being 'played' of his own request.

"Money is no object. I'll just cash whatever the price is to the Sanbutushin [the Three Buddhas]'s account." Sanzo waved his gold and gleaming credit card. Everyone smothered a smirk. Sanzo always reminded them of how 'rich' he is by waving that 'miracle card' in front of them.

"... well, that is pretty unfair." Goku said, pouting and sinking into his chair. Sanzo cleared his throat. "Well, the rules are set. Think slowly. You have quite an amount of time to figure out what you want." With those words, he left the table and retreated into his own room.

The inn where they was staying for the day was packed and bustling with activity during the midday break. Many customers could be seen hurrying in and out of the restaurant in the inn. In one corner, contrasting to the hectic scene of the restaurant, sat Goku, solemn as he seldom was, deep in thought of what he wanted from Sanzo as his 19th birthday's gift.

"Hey, Goku, we'll help you figure something too, okay?" Hakkai said, smiling.

"Yeah, I want to see that corrupt monk eat up his own words." Gojyo said, smirking. He lit a cigarette, gave it a few puffs, and relaxed. Goku nodded, and uttered a weak thanks for their help.

"Goku, can I ask you something?" Hakkai inquired. Goku looked up. "Yeah. What is it, Hakkai?"

"Urm, what gift do you have in mind when you firstly requested a gift from Sanzo?"

"... well,..." Goku paused. Gojyo nudged him. "Go on, Goku. Just say it out."

"... I wanted a hundred pork buns." Goku admitted, grinning. Gojyo and Hakkai slapped their foreheads with their hand.

"Figures..." Gojyo muttered, shaking his head.

End Of Part One :: Birthday Reminders

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