To Wish For Something Unattainable

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To Wish For Something Unattainable

Part Three : Unexpected Request

"Hey, Hakkai, I just have this sudden thought,... come here." Gojyo whispered, nudging his friend while eyeing Goku wryly. "???" Hakkai raised his eyebrow questioningly. He saw Gojyo's Now-Or-Never look, and sighed.

"Ah, Goku, excuse me and Gojyo for a while. We have something to do." Hakkai said. Goku looked up from his stack of dumplings. "Oh? Okay." Without much suspicion he continued his dinner, deep in thought. Hakkai shook his head, smiling. He must have been thinking about tonight,... hmm, honestly, I am wondering if ever Sanzo accept that request...

Ah, that is not a matter of concern. Now, why is Gojyo calling me? Hakkai followed Gojyo as they walked to a distance out of Goku's earshot. "Doushtano [What's the matter], Gojyo?" Hakkai's emerald eyes twinkled in concern. Gojyo tapped his foot impatiently. "Didn't you realize?"

"What is it?" Hakkai inquired, quite surprised. Gojyo frowned even deeper.

"Urm, I really don't know anything." Hakkai admitted, smiling. "Can you tell me?"

"That saru [monkey] asked something unexpected just now. Hmm, do you think he will actually follow our suggestion?" Gojyo asked. Hakkai pondered deeply. "Not sure..."

"Okay. If you are in his place, will you?"

"I guess, no." Hakkai admitted. Gojyo grinned. "See?"

"See what?" Hakkai said, smiling. He began to see logic in Gojyo's question.

"Something will certainly happen tonight. I bet. Something between the corrupt monk and the monkey." Gojyo exclaimed, grinning.

"But, what could possibly happen? I don't think both of them will ended up in bed, Gojyo." Hakkai said, understanding what Gojyo meant. Gojyo nodded. "I know it is impossible, considering the fact that the monk will kill anyone who came close within a 5 meter radius of him. But, hey, the monkey is his pet, after all."

"Gojyo, Gojyo." Hakkai said disapprovingly. "Even though Goku is Sanzo's so-called 'pet', you don't expect them to kiss or something, do you? And did you witness me kissing Hakuryu just because it is my pet?"

"What? You and Hakuryu, getting on together? Oh hell, you shouldn't have mentioned that. If those bunch of fanfiction writers out there caught hold of this statement, you'll be expecting many R-rated stories on you both, Hakkai." Gojyo grinned. Hakkai smiled good-naturedly. "I'll be waiting for the day I'll ever read something like that, Gojyo. Then, you'll be jealous." Hakkai teased lightly. Gojyo raised his eyebrow. "Jealous? Why?"

"Because it is no longer dominated by HakkaiXGojyo, but it will be HakkaiXHakuryu." grinned Hakkai. "Damn you!" Gojyo exclaimed, whacking Hakkai with his hand. Hakkai evaded just in time. "Ah, oyasumi nasai [Good Night], Gojyo!" Hakkai said, bowed, and quickly darted off the way. Gojyo gritted his teeth, and hollered. "You wait and see, damn you, Hakkai!"

Hakkai's only answer was a laugh as he ascended the stairs, echoed by the footsteps of Gojyo.

* * *

"Where the hell is that idiot..." muttered Gojyo as he wandered about in the corridors that led to many rooms. Hakkai's room was vacant, so Gojyo knew that Hakkai is hiding somewhere. "I swear that he will be dead if I ever get my hands on him..." Gojyo mumbled, scouting the area. Suddenly he saw Sanzo exiting his own room, with a smug expression on his face. Ah, time to disturb the monk.

"Eh, the corrupt monk is out, at last..." Gojyo commented wryly. Sanzo looked up. "Tch. The last person I would want to see now is you."

"Oh, of course. You are waiting for Goku, isn't it so?" Gojyo said, grinning. He leaned casually against the wall. "Let me tell you something, oh generous Sanzo-sama..."

"What is it?" Sanzo eyed Gojyo curiously. Gojyo, seeing that expression, broke into a bright smile. "Maybe, when you actually give Goku his present, you'll go broke by no means."

"What do you mean by that?" Sanzo said, frowning. Goku actually thought of something? This is not a very good news....

Gotcha! Gojyo grinned. "What do I mean? The present he wants is really valuable, oh generous and ever rich Sanzo-sama. Prepare for the worst." Gojyo bid Sanzo farewell and walked away, laughing.

Sanzo frowned. He did not like the idea of losing in this game, be it a stupid one or not. He watched Gojyo disappear at a turning, still deep in thought. As he turned around, he saw Hakkai walking quietly on the floors, as if to avoid someone.

"Ooi, Hakkai."

"What???" Hakkai literally jumped, but at the sight of Sanzo, he relaxed. "Oh, Sanzo...."

"You are suspicious... just like Gojyo." Sanzo commented, folding his arms. Hakkai smiled weakly. "Really? Oh, whatever, I guess."

"... what the hell is happening here?" Sanzo asked Hakkai, his eyebrow raised and his amethyst eyes glared in cynicism. Hakkai looked up, but as he look at Sanzo, he just couldn't help imagining Sanzo and Goku locking lips. Immediately he burst out laughing, unintentionally.

"Hakkai, you better tell or else..." Sanzo hissed threateningly, his eyes squinting sharply at Hakkai. Hakkai gulped, and smiled. "Urm, let's just say that Goku is about to find you for his present, ne? Or urm,... have you seen Gojyo?" Hakkai tried to change the subject, but to no avail. Sanzo still kept his deadly glare on, a sign that he is not going to let this slip of that easily.

"Urm,... urm,..." Hakkai gulped, laughing nervously. As if on cue, Gojyo appeared. He stormed towards Hakkai and Sanzo. "Hakkai, you idiot! Get here, or else..." Gojyo yelled, hands tightly clenched. Hakkai pointed at Gojyo, and said to Sanzo. "See what I mean? Oh, oyasumi nasai [Good Night], Sanzo, and have a nice day!" With those words, he dashed away, with Gojyo trailing behind him.

"Kids... I know Gojyo acts like that sometimes, but I never knew that Hakkai is one, too." Sanzo muttered. He walked further and descended the stairs, but as he did so, he saw Goku coming up.

"Ooi, saru [monkey]." Sanzo called out. Goku looked up, and almost fell downstairs at the sight of Sanzo. "Ah, oh,... urm, Sanzo... hehehe! Where were you the whole day?" Goku asked, trying to regain his balance. Sanzo frowned. "Why is everyone so weird today?"

"Weird?" Goku sniffed at the air. "Nothing. I don't notice anything." Goku said, confused. Sanzo slapped at his own forehead, and muttered "Baka [Stupid]." repeatedly. Remembering his purpose of coming out from the room, he turned and asked Goku. "So, have you decided?"

"Decide? What?" Goku asked, more confused than ever. Sanzo took out his paper fan and waved it threateningly at Goku. "Your present..." he muttered.

"Oh,... well,... urm,..." Goku stammered, grinning sheepishly at Sanzo. "I don't think here is the right place to say it."

"Fine. You want a good place? Come." Sanzo walked off in a huff, and directly entered his own room. What the hell is going on? First Gojyo, then Hakkai, now Goku. It seems like everyone is out of his mind.

Goku entered, and closed the door behind him. Sanzo was already there, seated on his bed, folding his arms, and frowning deeply. "Your choice better be good, or I'll kill you." Sanzo said, glaring at Goku. Goku gulped.

This is it...

* * *

"Gojyo!" Hakkai laughed as Gojyo pinned him onto his bed. Gojyo grinned as he messed up Hakkai's hair. "Don't repeat what you've said, or I won't hesitate to..." Gojyo said, letting his words trail. Hakkai laughed again. "Hesitate to what?"

"Hesitate to mess up your hair completely!" Gojyo finished it, and ran his fingers wildly through Hakkai's hair as the latter tried to fend him off. "Gojyo! Stop it! We'll better go and hear what Goku asked from Sanzo now..." exclaimed Hakkai. Gojyo frowned. "But I'm not done with you."

"Ah, forget about me. Come. You said you want to know everything, don't you?" Hakkai said, smiling. He ran his hand through his ruffled hair, trying to make it look not that untidy. "I guess I wouldn't want to miss out everything." admitted Gojyo. The both of them laughed as they positioned themselves outside Sanzo's room, ears pressed against the door.

"Ssshh,... they're starting." Gojyo whispered. Hakkai nodded, smiling.

* * *

"Urm,... well, I have been thinking for quite a while of what I wanted..." Goku began, but was being cut by Sanzo.

"Straight to the point." Sanzo ordered, whipping out his gold card from his robes. Goku's eyes widened at the sight of that card. "Now." Sanzo said.

"Urm,... can't I take my time? I'm getting nervous!" Goku whined. Sanzo decided between his paper fan and giving Goku more time.

"Fine. But if the time's up, you won't receive anything." Sanzo warned. He picked up the digital alarm clock by the bedside, and flashed it directly at Goku's direction. It read '10:30PM'. Goku sighed. So much more time, less worries. He could slowly talk his way into telling what he wanted then,...

"Okay... as you know, I've been spending much time thinking about the present. Even Gojyo and Hakkai offered assistance." Goku started slowly. Sanzo kept silent. Taking that as a sign to continue, Goku spoke.

"Well, I've had a lot of suggestions, you know? They even suggested much things that I can't think of, such as handphones, sports car and even PlayStation 2." Goku listed Gojyo and Hakkai's suggestions. Sanzo frowned. What rubbish,... Goku using handphones? Does he even understand? And a sports car? We have Hakuryu here,... what's the point? PS2? Whoever that think of that must have been pure idiot.

"The one who suggested the PS2 is surely incapable of thinking properly, or to be exact, pure stupid." Sanzo commented as he lighted a cigarette.

* * *

"What? He~" Gojyo was muffled by Hakkai as he frowned and waved his fists in the air. "Ssshhh!" Hakkai said. Releasing Gojyo, Hakkai sighed and pressed his ear to the door to hear more.

"I'm not stupid! That corrupt monk is more idiotic than anyone else!" Gojyo hissed as he resumed his position. Hakkai smiled empathically. "C'mon, let's continue listening..." Hakkai chided.

* * *

"Urm,... anyway, I have much good suggestions too, Sanzo. They are helpful indeed." Goku said, smiling. Sanzo raised one cynical eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yeah. They suggested me to ask for a permanent allowance, or money, or my own charge card, or even a bank account!" Goku exclaimed happily. "See? It is much more brilliant than what I could have think of."

"Agreed. So you want those?" Sanzo asked. Goku shook his head. "No."

* * *

"Hey! He didn't mention gold and diamonds. Don't tell me he is serious about it..." Gojyo said, quite disappointed. Meanwhile, Hakkai smiled. "Good. He finally get his wish of a hundred pork buns! I'm happy for him."

"But I'm not." Gojyo said, frowning. "Ah, Hakkai, do you think if I ask a present from the corrupt monk, will he give me something?"

"What do you want?" Hakkai asked. Knowing Sanzo, he wouldn't give me even if I ask him... what for more you? Furthermore, even with Goku asking him, he sets much rules... what for more us?

"Well, as said, I want a bar filled with gorgeous women and overflowing liquor." Gojyo said, grinning.

* * *

"Then, what do you want?" snapped Sanzo. Goku pouted. "I'm not done with my story!"

"Okay, fine. Talk to your heart's content." Sanzo said.

"Well, I couldn't quite decide on the gift at first. So, Hakkai taught us a nice game, you know? You ask a question to everyone in general, then everyone answers, and soon it will lead from one thing to another. That is when we got many ideas."

"Hmm, well, I am not good at the game though, so what I did is answering. Hehehe!"

"Figures..." Sanzo muttered.

"Hmm, but I did ask one question, though." Goku said defensively. Sanzo eyed him curiously. "Oh, what did you ask?"

"Well,... I ask what that they will give their loved ones... that's all." Goku answered. Sanzo frowned. He couldn't quite see the connection of that question with this thing. "Why that question?"

"Well, it was just a sudden thought. No relevance with everything." Goku said. Sanzo shook his head. Brainless monkeys with brainless questions... "So what did they answer?"

* * *

"If Goku is telling EVERYTHING, I'll kill him." Gojyo said, gritting his teeth.

* * *

"Well, Gojyo said that he will kiss the person, and then have~"

"Okay, I get it." Sanzo interrupted Goku. Now, I think I saw some relation between the question and what that might happen later...

"Well, Hakkai said he will either buy the person flowers, or maybe a walk in the park,.. or~"

Again, Goku was interrupted by Sanzo. The young one found himself looking at two glaring orbs.

"So, Goku, do you mean that you want a stroll in the park or something stupid like that? If yes, I'm telling you, I WON'T be caught dead walking in a park with some stupid umbrella like those movies." Sanzo said bluntly. Goku smiled.

"Well, I am not asking for a walk, Sanzo." Goku said, and smiled his ever-innocent smile. "I'm not asking for a kiss, or flowers, and definitely not to spend a night together."

Sanzo raised his eyebrow quizzically. He is still quite paranoid of what is coming on,...

"Sanzo,..." Goku started. Sanzo folded his hands. "You better say it now. I had a hunch that it will be bad."

"Not really..." Goku admitted. He got closer to Sanzo. "Well,... I,..." Goku swore that he could have choked when he asked. Without further hesitation, he closed his eyes and hugged Sanzo.

"What the~" Sanzo cursed, and almost fended Goku off if it weren't for Goku who said what he wanted before it is too late.

"I only wanted a hug, Sanzo. It is not edible and not a food either. Please, Sanzo." Goku pleaded. Sanzo gritted his teeth. "Fine." Okay, so he lost. But he is not going to give up this easily either.

"But a hug is not chargeable on a credit card, Goku. How are you to explain this?" Sanzo snapped. Goku pouted, his hands still clinging around Sanzo. "Does it even matter, Sanzo? It is really hard to think of this present, Sanzo. Even Gojyo and Hakkai did not help on this!"

"Well, all right. But only ONCE." Sanzo half-heartedly put his hands around Goku. Goku grinned, and nodded. "Thank you, Sanzo. This will be the best present I'll ever receive!" Goku hugged Sanzo closer, pressing his head against Sanzo's chest. He felt so happy, so blissful, so content. Well, even if it is for once,... but this is nice, definitely nice.... mmmm....

"Even better than a hundred pork buns?" Sanzo questioned, smiling. Goku nodded. Sanzo sighed. As much as he hate to admit it, he felt quite at ease with Goku in his arms. Slowly, he pulled Goku closer, and hugged the young one tightly. He made his fingers ran through Goku's hair slowly, feeling those soft strands melting in his hand. He placed his head onto Goku's, and sighed.

But only ONCE,... Sanzo's own words rang through his mind, breaking the surreal moment almost immediately. Sanzo got up, but Goku was fast asleep in his arms.

"Damn,..." Sanzo cursed. He wanted to wake Goku up, but on second thought,...

"Well, as I said, ONCE is enough. Happy birthday, baka saru [stupid monkey]." Sanzo hugged Goku and placed the monkey beside him in bed. Still locked in that embrace, Goku didn't realize that he had Sanzo hugging him the whole night through,... as an unexpected birthday gift from his beloved master.

* * *

"Wow,... Goku is bold enough to ask for a hug... and I'll kill him for saying it all." Gojyo said as he slumped there beside Hakkai. Hakkai smiled. "Well, case settled. So Sanzo kept to his promise. Now, are you happy?"

"Yeah, he did eat up his words, sort of. Hey, they are quiet now, Hakkai. I wonder what are they doing inside..." Gojyo said wickedly as he grinned at Hakkai. Hakkai shook his head. "Nothing dangerous, Gojyo. Now, why not let us take our own beauty sleep? We have much to travel tomorrow."

"Agreed. Hmm, Goku is not out yet,... I think something fishy is on,... Hakkai,... why not stay here longer,... Hakkai? Hakkai!" Gojyo saw no one beside him, and from a distance, Hakkai waved goodbye to him.

"Damn him..." Gojyo said as he retreated to his own room as weariness claimed the rest of the time away from him.

* * *

The next day...

The golden sun began its journey across the skies, setting the room with a soft glow of yellow. And in that soft radiance Goku found himself awake in Sanzo's arms.

Goku's eyes widened as he realized that he is still in Sanzo's room. Oh God,... what the hell happened yesterday? I was so tired,... and I just fell asleep...

Oh, so Sanzo kept me here... hmm,...

Today's my birthday! Yeah! I'm now 19! Too happy indeed, our young Goku is. Out of his sheer happiness he gave Sanzo an extremely tight hug, causing the sleeping priest to wake up and glare at Goku in the deadliest way possible. "Do you want to die???"

"Sorry, Sanzo. Hehehe! I'm 19 today!" Goku exclaimed, smiling brightly. Sanzo frowned. "Well, but you still acted like an 8-year-old."

"No, I am supposed to be acting like a 9-year-old!" Goku said indignantly. Sanzo only responded with a "Tch."

"Now, get your hands off me." Sanzo said as he realized that Goku was hugging him much tightly. Goku pouted. "I thought you agreed to my request!"

"I gave you a hug yesterday. Today one doesn't count." Sanzo snapped.

"'Ne, Sanzo,... please??????" Goku whined. Sanzo whacked him with a paper fan. "Look here. I hugged you the whole night, right? That is more than enough!"

"But I was sleeping! How am I supposed to know!!!" Goku retorted. Sanzo smiled smugly.

"It's your own problem. Deal with Life. It is cruel. You know it."

"Hmm,..." Goku pouted. No, Life is quite lenient to me, but the one who is cruel now is you!

"But if you want that hug again,..." Sanzo continued. Goku looked up, his eyes shining hopefully.

"... request it next year." Sanzo completed his sentence. Goku scowled. "I don't want a hug next year!"

"Then what are you planning to ask for? No food, no edible stuffs... are you going to enlist Hakkai and Gojyo's help again?" Sanzo said snidely. Goku looked up, grinning.

"No. I've planned what to ask for next year."

"What is it?" Sanzo asked, his eyes lit with curiosity.

"Hmm,... nothing bad, really." Goku said slyly. Sanzo did not really like the sound of this...

"Maybe a kiss or a night with you." Came Goku's naughty response. Sanzo frowned, his vein bulging from his temples. With an expertise move, he took out his fan and...


"Since when did you turn into such a pervert, you idiot monkey! Birthdays don't give you excuses to act in such disorderly fashion!!"

End Of 'To Wish For Something Unattainable'

Author's Notes :: Well, did you enjoy the story? Hope so. Now, will Goku keep up to his words, and ask for a kiss or something nasty on the next year?? If I get into the mood of writing by the time Goku's REAL birthday arrives, I'll do a sequel to this, okay? Watch out for 6th April 2003 if I ever plan to continue. What do you think? Should I?

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