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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Let us tell an old story anew. Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms. One with those like you and I, the other full of wonder and mystery. The two kingdoms were bitter enemies. In order to create harmony between the lands, it would take a mighty hero or perhaps a ruthless villain. However, our story does not begin with the history but with another story, one of a princess and a raven.

Let us begin...

It was a strange set of circumstances. He had noted the strange darkness that enveloped far off beyond the moors whilst perched high above an abandoned castle. He resided there, basically, with a powerful fae sitting on the broken throne. The fae's feelings were practically oozing off of her. He could only wonder what she had been thinking. He could also only wonder what had happened to such a beautiful place. He cawed gentle at the being, yet, was only sent away by a golden dust. He skillfully jumped, flapping his wings to avoid the dust. He had never trusted those from the moors with their magical powers, always using it for their petty needs. He was only a simple raven, deciding to let well enough be alone after all, what could he do for her?

The raven's stomach growled meaning that it must be time to feast. Deciding to treat himself as he deserves it for flying around all day doing his raveningly duties. Just beyond the edge of the Moors is a field of corn. By this season, the stocks should be fully grown and the worms should be ripe for the picking. With his mindset, the raven flew off passing the demolished castle from the other day. Unbeknownst to him, the wingless fae with horns noticed the shiny black bird and out of curiosity, she followed him.

You wouldn't believe the black bird's delight upon arriving at the field spotting some surfaced worms. Letting out an excited caw, he landed on the dirty ground and gobbled them up one by one. He was so enthralled by the big fat juicy meal that he didn't register the faint sound of barking in the background. Without warning, a net fell over him. He cawed and flapped his wings frantically. Dogs surrounded him and not long after followed the farmer. "I've GOT you!" the dirty farmer cries as he turned to grab a metal pipe. The raven cawed even more frantically. The inevitable would about to happen, nothing would stop, his short raven life would forever be...

...It was like being hit by a bus, not that he knew what that was like either, but the pain grew throughout his entire body. His luscious feathers disappeared, morphing into flesh. His beak grew smaller and replaced by what humans refer to as a nose and mouth. His wings turned into arms and his claws into feet. Turning he saw his tail was no more but a smooth-rounded thing in its place. There were no traces of his former raven self except for the midnight tresses known as hair. Scars and dirt covered his new pale complexion. He paid no attention to the calls of being a demon or watch the scared farmer scamper off in fear. He only shifted his gaze when the fae approached her.

"What have you've done to my beautiful self?" He questioned, raising his eyebrow, concerned that he may never see his glorious winged self again.

"Would you rather I let him beat you to death?" she responded quizzically. Glancing down at his buttock once again, it was a complicated situation.

"I'm not certain." He replied honestly.

"Stop complaining. I saved your life" his face lowered. It was the moral code of raven's and in general to owe a debt or a service for those who saved you.

"Forgive me," he spoke softly.

"What do I call you?"

"Diaval." It was the name he was given by his mother. One of the last remnants of her in fact. She would be the first to ever know it, other than his mother. It sounded strange saying his name with words instead of caws. "And in return for saving my life, I am your servant. Whatever you need."

"Wings. I need you to be my wings." It was a strange request surely but with a flick of the wrist, garments covered his body. Black, like his glorious feathers. He started to feel a little bit like himself although the shirt fitted tightly and left a rather large V-shaped gap down the center of his chest. "There is another castle, not too far off from the entrance of the moors. Go there. There is a man I wish to know about. Return to me with all that you come to know." And with a snap of her fingers, he was a raven once more.

It did not take long for Diaval to reach the castle. However, finding a place to settle was a more difficult task. From what he could tell there was a large gathering of people. Farmers and peasants were waiting outside, the guards refusing to allow them within the walls. Trying one more time from above Diaval circled the palace. With a stroke of luck, a window was left open! He noticed another large gathering of people, more appropriately. Women with cones on their heads and men tights. He averted his gaze to where everyone else's attention was. A short bearded man dressed in dark robes held high a golden crown above another man dressed in a robe of red. "I present to you the first of his line. His Royal Highness King Stefan." Slowly the man bowed smiling at all. Most clapped and stared in admiration to their newly appointed king. Diaval turned flying away into the sunset to tell his mistress of the news.

He reached the abandoned castle by nightfall. His Mistress waited patiently for his return. He hardly landed before she reversed him into a human once more. He fell flat onto his face rather ungracefully. "Well?" His Mistress was far from patiently and anxiously waited for him to return.

"I saw lots of people gathered at the castle. They have crowned a new king." He gulped rather loudly as his Mistress turned from him.

"He did this to me so he would be king." She whispered as a green glow began to encircle her hands and thrusting upwards as the fae let out a powerful screech.

"Now what Mistress?" he was rather frightened after the display of power. His Mistress marched back towards the Moors and upon entering the once beautiful land, nothing but darkness overcame the land. The clear sky was engulfed by dark clouds sending down lighting and the booming of thunder. He perched himself beside her. She stroke his magnificent feathers as the creatures kneeled before her.

"Two can play at this game Diaval."

Every day, Diaval was sent back to the castle. His duty was to inform her of any news, particularly anything involving the King. The sun shone brightly, the sky was crystal clear, birds sang, flowers bloomed. It was truly a beautiful sight, unlike what he has grown used to seeing in the moors. The window where he would normally perch on was not opened. How strange? Circling the castle Diaval found a few open windows, however, nothing special to report. Deciding to try one more window, the raven flew lower to the laundry room. There was always a window open there and those who worked there were such the gossips, just like the mockingbirds. One woman, in particular, ran inside announcing to the others that "It's a girl." All grew excited, leaving the spreading the news.

Diaval flew at great speed towards the Moors, not looking forward to delivering the news since he was unsure of how his Mistress would react. She waved her hand and suddenly he was human again. Luckily, Diaval had almost perfected his two-footed landing but he was slightly out of breath from the flight. "Well?" Her patient was wearing thin.

"Well, I saw nothing." Her face remained unimpressed. "But, there's been a… hmm..."

"What?" she demanded slightly raising her voice slightly at him.

"A child. King Stefan and the Queen have a child."

"Oh?" her face lowered, the sadness and pain clearly written across her features.

"There'll be a christening. They say it will be a grand celebration." Then he saw it. The ever intimidating smirk of Maleficent.

"A grand celebration for a baby?" Her voice laced with venom and hatred, yet she held the smirk. "How wonderful." Diaval could only nod in response fearing his Mistress' next move.

A/N: Lines taken from Maleficent.