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Quick Summary: What if Frodo never passed over the Sea with Bilbo, Gandalf and the Elves? What would have come of the 'I will not wish you health or long life, for you will have neither' that Saruman foretold?
Disclaimer: I wish I could write something sparklingly-interesting and witty here to illustrate my point, but I can't, so I'll just have to say simply that no characters/scenes/locations/anything-but-the-word-order belongs to me. It is all property of J.R.R. Tolkien.


A/N: This is a fic I have been working on off-and-on. I have a rough plan worked out, and some of the intermittant scenes written. It is slowly growing and hopefully it will not be too long until the first chapters are fully written. For now, here is a quick taster of what is to come! (It's watching all these Two Towers Trailers that does this!)


"My Lord?" Faramir stood at the door to the Great Hall. Aragorn looked up, and into the face of the Prince of Ithilien.

"Faramir! To what do I owe this visit?"

"It come to my ears, Sir, that you are to travel to the land of the Halflings, the hobbits." Aragorn nodded, thinking, not for the first time, how quickly news could fly in Gondor. "I came to ask to accompany you. I would see them again, unless it be that I am needed here."

"I go not for a reunion." The King Elessar answered. "The hobbit that bore the Enemy's Ring - Frodo - is ill, it may be that he is dying. I go to help him, if I can, or at the very least to say farewell."

"Then all the more I would come, my Lord." Faramir replied, a respectful but resolute set to his face. He had held the same look only a few years before, as he bid the Ringbearer on his way. Then he had gone against the laws of his people, perceiving in these two hobbits a doom that he could not deny. He was a man of good judgement, with a strong, fair will to match, and Aragorn discerned that he would not be swayed unless ordered.

"Arwen is to stay." Aragorn said, pondering the Steward's words, gazing down at the fine weave of his clothes. "She cannot travel the distance when with child. Gondor will still have its Queen when the King is away." He looked again into the eyes of Faramir. "I see no reason why you should not come, if Éowyn is in agreement."

"She is, my Lord. She understands, though I feel she wishes to see the hobbit Meriadoc again."

"If she will, she may join us. Her skills of healing may be very welcome before the end." Aragorn said, a half-hearted smile on his face. Faramir could see his King was fearful, and dreaded what might await him in the Shire. It smote the Steward's heart - after all the Ringbearer had done the Quest had still left its dreadful legacy.

"Thank you, Sir. I will put that to her. When are we to set out?"

"As soon as may be. For Frodo, I do not doubt that time is running out. I intend to leave the dawn after the next, if all can be prepared in time." Faramir nodded, and bowing, withdrew from the hall.


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