Summary: Where Sakura gets assigned to teach her own team and Kakashi becomes confused about everything. - A light story told in 100 word bits [KakaSaku]

What you need to know: As said in the summary, chapters will be 100 words long. I have no idea how long this story will continue for, but prepare for lots of little snippets. Cheers!

A note on format: These little chapters look best in the 1/2 page view.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor the title of the awesome Van Halen song.

Chapter 1: Where Kakashi Wakes


Kakashi opened his eyes to the blinding light above him.

Initially he thought he was dying for a second time. But no, it turned out to be just a regular light fixed above his sight. Groaning, Kakashi tried to move and found his entire body ached.

"Whoa there," he heard someone say before Shizune appeared at his side. "Sakura took such care to fix you up. It'd be a shame to pop all those pretty stitches."

"I would hate to get her angry. She did just help defeat a God with one of her punches."

"That's our Sakura," Shizune agreed.


Word Count: 100
Posted: 10.14.2014